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MORPH: Jack Russell Ninja

Jack Russell

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NJoD: Punny jokes


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Good Boy [Draw This in your Style]

Itsaaudraw Arcadia

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Rover by Jackie Carpenter

Miniature Schnauzer

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Balancer of Hearts

Kingdom Hearts

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'Mario+Luigi'' RPG Style: Pit (Kid Icarus)

Kid Icarus

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Meta Knight


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Malyck, the Oni Morgrem


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Spongebob Squarepants in 'Mario + Luigi' RPG Style


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'Mario and Luigi' RPG Style: Klonoa


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tutorial - lineless style (thanks for dd!!!!)

References and Poses

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Update on Crazymanlarry///LegendaryClassics

Stupid stash writer would update the previous journal, so now I had to make a new one just to put new info . . . . . . UPDATE: April 22, 2021 Since his old account got banned weeks ago, I'd like to bring up that he already made a new one and that was today :D Edit: April 30, 2021 His new account is called LegendaryClassics and his YouTube account is SatAM Sonic The Hedgehog and SONALLY FOREVER Rundown: Crazymanlarry or now known as LegendaryClassics here on DA, is a toxic user who is a Sonally/Sally/Classic Sonic fanbrat who harasses others within the Sonic fanbase. His main targets are you guessed it, SonAmy fans or just people who ship

Artist User Beware

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Mr. L [03] - Brobotics Expert


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Re-re-draw : Coraline


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Princess Mononoke

Studio Ghibli

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''Mario + Luigi'' RPG Style: Pauline


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Avatar the Last Airbender

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Helluva Boss Fanart episode six!

Helluva Boss

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[HazbinHotel] The TV Demon

Hazbin Hotel

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Tumblr P66hjzlbkj1uhkby9o1 640

Paris the Puppet

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Mother 3 - 15th anniversary celebration

Earthbound + Mother Series

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Josh and Logic


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Count Bleck Fan Button

Fan Buttons

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[hollyverse] 17. Mother Moon


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Fidget - Posable doll 6


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Autism Speaks can go fuck themselves


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Anti-Art Theft

Support Your Favourite Artists

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Whatcha Ponderin', Brain?


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Kingdom Hearts Commission Guide

Commision Info for Artists

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Pokemon Team Template

Forms and stuff

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Crash 4 - Dingodile [FanArt]

Crash Bandicoot

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Clippy AU


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Pokemon Team Template

Meme Templates

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get toazted n00b kek xDD


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Metal Minnie  (Comm)


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2020 Iconset

Sprites and Spriteart

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Pottermon: Ginny Weasley

Harry Potter

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tutorial - lineless style (thanks for dd!!!!)


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Goosebumps: Slappy On The Book Covers


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Among Flowers


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Ratchet And Clank X MediEvil!


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[COMM] Mega Man style mugshots


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Mini Metal Sonic

Sonic the Hedgehog

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Malyck, the Oni Morgrem


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Update Regarding Flash Animations on DeviantArt

In 2017, Adobe announced that their long-time animation program, Adobe Flash, would reach its end of life as a program at the conclusion of 2020, after over 20 years of prominence on the internet. Along with it, support for the animation viewer Flash Player was discontinued, and at this point modern web browsers have blocked the Flash plugin from running, as it is out of date. While the circumstances of Flash reaching its end of life are out of our control, it goes without saying that Flash animations were a significant part of DeviantArt’s past. Viral sensations like Line Rider and Animator vs. Animation were highlights of the internet as a whole during the early to mid-2000s. The impact Flash animation had — especially in the early years of its existence — is impossible to ignore. For many, the creativity that came from Flash artists around the globe shaped the way internet humor and conversation of the time happened, guided how internet humor would evolve, and encouraged many

Creator Games

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Slappy sitting on a grave

Slappy the Dummy

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Desktop2 1600x1200

Skulduggery Pleasant

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