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Read this if you want to RP!

Name: DisneySonic1991 (I also go by Krystal the Hedgehog)


Hi. My name is DisneySonic1991, also known as Krystal the Hedgehog. I'm just a girl that likes to write stories and shit.

Don't expect me to post much art here. I don’t do commisions so please, don't ask. I generally like writing stories and articles talking about subjects I enjoy, like movies and books. Please note, constructive criticism is very much appreciated! But please, no flames.

Most of the art you see on my page is done usually with the help of guides which I'll gladly post in the descriptions of my art, when applicable.

Please note, I don't like stories/art that is incredibly sexy. In other words, NSFW. It's just not my cup of tea.


In terms of shipping I'm honestly pretty indifferent tbh. 🤷‍♀️ I'm not going to get mad if you ship a character I like (let's say, Slappy the Dummy for example) with another character, I'm not going to hate you for it.

For a quick example, I primarily ship Slappy with Jillian from Bride of the Living Dummy. Does that mean I hate the shipping of him w/ Amy from Night of the Living Dummy II? No, I enjoy that ship myself, I just prefer shipping him with Jillian instead. So no, you wont get hate comments from me saying "Ugh, Slappy should only be shipped with Jillian!"

UNLESS you're an incest/pedo shipper, I hate them. RAGE If you ship incest or pedophilia and say "it's okay because it's fictional" kindly leave my page.

However, please do not ship my oc Krystal the Hedgehog. If you do wish to ship her, note me, I'd appreciate it. I already have her shipped with another character, being Zero from MegaMan X. You can't lewd her either, or age her down for that lolicon shite.

Also, I don't do anything NSFW. That means I don't do roleplay, art or fanfiction that is NSFW. Please do not pester me about this!

Rules if you want to ship/draw my oc: I have two ocs, Krystal the Hedgehog and Lyra Cricket. If you want to do fanart of these two, please keep the following things in mind:

  • Please do not draw them in a NSFW style.

  • No hate art.

  • Do not lewd her. She's an adult, but I won't allow lewd art of her.

  • Do not age her down for lolicon art, it's literal CP.

  • Keep the art PG, no sex.

I don't mind if you draw them for Pride Month or with Pride Colours (so long as it's not MAPs) I'm a supporter of LGBT+ people and would be more than happy to see them with pride flags.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I appreciate it! :D

Krystal the Hedgehog DA

Favourite Visual Artist
Tracey Yardley!, Tom Percival, Tim Jacobus, Hitoshi Ariga
Favourite Movies
Goosebumps, Beauty and the Beast, Disney's Pinocchio, The Young Offenders
Favourite TV Shows
Goosebumps, The Haunting Hour, The Chase, Avatar: The Last Airbender
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Meatloaf, The Megas, Tim Follin, Yasunori Mistuda, Crush40, Yoko Shimomura (I prefer videogame music tbh)
Favourite Books
Goosebumps, Skulduggery Pleasant, Console Wars, Harry Potter
Favourite Writers
Derek Landy, R.L Stine
Favourite Games
Spyro series, Ókami, Ókamiden, Chrono Trigger, Ristar, Shining Force, Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, Pokémon series, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky, Animal Crossing series, Kingdom Hearts series, MediEvil series, Undertale.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, PS4
Tools of the Trade
Sketch pad, pens, pencils, Samsung Tablet
Other Interests
Writing articles & fanfiction
Commission Status: CLOSED Request Status: CLOSED Art Trades: CLOSED **************************************************************************************************************** READ THE ENTIRE JOURNAL BEFORE ASKING FOR REQUESTS/TRADES/COMMISSIONS! What I will draw Characters from just about any series Characters with a simple design Characters that are LGBT What I won't draw WARNING! ASKING FOR THINGS I WON'T DRAW WILL RESULT IN A BLOCK Fetish pieces i.e inflation, vore, feet, diapers etc NSFW Super complex characters that are highly detailed (I'm still learning after all) Hate art Excessive violence/gore Sexual stuff; poses and such. Suggestive poses Pedophilia Lolicon, shotacon or toddlercon. It borders on CP, and I won't draw it. Incest. For example, I won't draw SlappyxStine in a romantic way. Slappy refers to Stine as "papa" in the Goosebumps movies so it would be considered incestuous. Same goes for SlappyxMr Wood, they're brothers. And don't give me the
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Apparently at some point I watched SuicideSquadArchives. I just fixed the issue. I don't follow them. At all. Mostly bc they requested fetish art from me, when my requests were closed. I'm not blocking them. But if you do follow them, and are watching me, please, unwatch me.
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(I still need to add images for Jiminy and Will which I'll add at a later point.) Hello. This is just a small update regarding which characters I RP as. Please read this journal if you wish to RP with me, For a few notes; I don't do any RPs that are NSFW. I don't mind blood and violence, or relationships but if it starts going into what I affectionately refer to as "The 50 Shades Category" I'll be leaving that RP. If you try that stuff with me, you will be blocked. This also means no sexual comments. Yes, even if this I'm in a Hazbin Hotel RP, please don;t make sexual comments if you RP with me. This journal will be updated whenever I start RPing as other characters. Anywho, here are my characters that RP as: Name: Krystal the Hedgehog Gender: female Age: 25 Species: hedgehog Height: 5"7 Abilities: Shape-shifting Series of Origin: Sonic the Hedgehog Extra Notes: Krystal is a shape-shifter. No-one knows how she got her abilities. She has a fiery personality, but has a kind
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Fan Buttons and Stamps

Made in the '90s
Slappy Fan  Stamp
Count Bleck Fan Button
Ristar Fan Button
Assurance Stamp :READ:
Art Theft
Hufflepuff Stamp
Religion Stamp
Art Theft is a Crime
Artist Rights
Shut Up About Your Fetish
Shipping War are Stupid
Shipping Stamp

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Thank you so much for the watch :3

You're more than welcome!

Glitter You're Welcome


If you want to RP, please read this journal:

There's a full literature version of this too!

I just read your journal. Just to be sure, do you plan to update it then have more characters from Sonic games in the future?

I'll be adding Shard at some point but these are who I generally RP as.

I see. Thanks for making that journal, it's handy to know.

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Hello, I see you like to RolePlay. Do you do Sonic related RPs?