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Follow the steps below to join our RP group, switch characters, or to apply for a secondary character:

1. Read our rules and FAQ to see if this group is right for you [ RULES | FAQ ]

2. Check our member list to see if your character is available [ MEMBER_LIST ]      -If your character isn't listed or says "OPEN," that means your character is available
    -We also list characters we would love to have on our main page
    -You are also allowed to role-play a character that is a different gender than you

3. Send a note to the group answering the application questions below

4. Once the application has been sent, please wait patiently for a response from the admin staff. We will review your application and will inform you of our decision as soon as possible (unfortunately we can't be online 24/7 no matter how hard we might try :giggle: ).
     :target: What we are looking for in an application: That the character/film fits our guidelines; the sample RP is not plagerized or a summary of the movie; and that you correctly represent the character's personality and expressions
     :target:What is involved in setting up the account: RP accounts take a while to set up so please be patient. Remember that the Admins are the only ones that make the accounts. We must create the account; add you to the chat rooms and the group; place you in the member list; have you +watch and friend all the other members; as well as other steps we need to take care of.

5. While waiting for a response, please look over our rules and FAQ again [ RULES | FAQ ]. This will help to avoid complications in the future.

6.If your join request is accepted, the admins will create your RP account and add you to the group.


:bulletred: *NOTE: If this is your first time applying for the group, only answer the questions with a blue bullet next to them. If you are a current RPer and are applying to switch or get a second account, please answer ALL questions.

:bulletblack: *What is/are your current RP account(s)? Are you applying for a switch or an additional character?
:bulletblue: Who do you want to role play as and why? What movie/show are they from?
:bulletblack: *If you are switching characters, what is the password to your current RP account?
:bulletblue: How often will you be on each week?
:bulletblue: If your application is accepted, what would you like the password to your RP account be? (Even if it's an existing account, you need to pick a new password. Also, please don't make the password related to the character. It makes it easy for others to hack.)
:bulletblue: Do you agree to follow our rules ? What's the codeword? (Do NOT skip this question. Answer can be found if you read the group rules)
:bulletblue: Write an ORIGINAL RP sample: 15 to 30 lines long / no stating common facts about the character or copying Disney scenes / have character interact with a Disney character from a different film / show that you can portray their personality.


:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:Click here to send an application!:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:

We appreciate it if you are patient while waiting for your response.


Oswald Application:

Who do you want to role play as and why?
I want to role-play as Oswald, because I just love his character, he's a lot of fun, and I think I have a good feel for his personality. :)

How often will you be on?
I can be on 1-3 times a week, depending on my schedule.

If your application is accepted, what would you like the password to your RP account be? (Even if it's an existing account, you need to pick a new password. Also, please don't make the password related to the character. It makes it easy for others to hack.)

Have you fully read our rules ? Do you agree to follow them?
Yes I have read the rules and I agree to follow them

What's the codeword?
((Please read through the rules to find the codeword. When you find it, please put it here in your application.))

Write an ORIGINAL RP sample, around 15 to 30 lines long, that proves you can portray the character's personality.
Mickey: *talking to Oswald about production of Epic Mickey 2* Yep, it sure was fun but I hated putting on that white makeup and those back eye contacts over and over again but it will be worth it.
Oswald: Aww, but I like your old style, Bro. It's the way Dad first created you!
Mickey: Yes, I know, I like it too but they changed me over the years so now I was told to put on paint makeup for it so they can make me look like my younger days. I just hate reapplying that stuff over and over again.
Oswald: Well, we've still got some more scenes to shoot, so get used to it. *gets an idea* ...So, want me to put it on for you this time?
Mickey: Sure.
Oswald: Okay! ...*applies the paint make-up to his face, but uses pink paint instead* There you are! ....*snickers*
Mickey: What's so funny?
Oswald: Pfft... nothing.....You look great, Little Bro!
Mickey: Then why is everyone looking at me and giggling?
Oswald: They're just impressed at the great job I did! ....*looks at him and bursts out laughing*
Mickey: Huh? I want a mirror!!!
Oswald: Okay... *hands him a mirror, and watches his reaction with an amused look*
Mickey: *gasps in surprise as he sees his face is painted entirely pink* OSWALD!!!! *tackles him*
Oswald: *laughing* What? Don't you like it?
Mickey: *takes off one of Oswald's ears and whacks him with it*
Oswald: Ahh! Hey! *keeps laughing*
Mickey: That wasn't funny! *goes to wash it off*
Oswald: Aww, can't ya take a joke, Mick? *snickers*
Mickey: Just you wait, I'll get you back!
Oswald: *mocking him* Suuuure, you will. *laughs*
Mickey: You know I will!
Oswald: Ahaha, sure! *sticks his tongue out and gives Mickey a noogie*

Thank you,
your DisneyRP-Old-and-New admin staff

© 2012 - 2021 DisneyRP-Old-and-New
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I wanna be a member.

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I'd like to join when acceptance is ready.
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Hey there, I wanted to join up with this group but I was wondering if an admin wouldn't mind having a quick chat with me over notes :heart:
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We're unfortunately not accepting new members at this time due to lack of staff. Sorry!))
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OH I see! Good luck on staff hunting, could you reply once it opens again? :heart:
I was apart of this group about 6 years ago and would love to see it keep going! :star:
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If it opens again they will notify you, but the group is unfortunately very dead. Sad dummy 
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Thank you very much! And noooo let’s hope it can come back to life!
felixthecatfan's avatar
Why can't non Disney characters like cartoon Network, Nickelodeon etc RP with Disney characters? Is it gonna ruin the club?
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It's a Disney club, so we want to focus on interactions between Disney characters. :)
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((Interestingly, the Wreck-it Ralph 2 movie and Disney INFINITY both include characters from Marvel and Star Wars. Are characters from those two franchises available?))
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I talked it over with the other admins and unfortunately we're going to have to say no Marvel or Star Wars characters allowed. 
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Is possible to roleplay with a non-Disney character, please?
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Good question! My apologies for the wait- this group is exclusively based around Disney characters, so we do not accept applications for characters from other media. 
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Aww....well, Disney character free to play?
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Of course! For more information on joining, please see our How To Join page. 
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Ah, I'm thinking about it..I am i won't have enough time for that, maybe if I could do that later....for the possible to follow the team as ''subscriber'' or something like that? o.o
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You can Watch the group to keep up with updates if you'd like! Just go to the group page and click "Watch" like you would with any other user.
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watching the team and that's all?
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Is it allowed to decorate the page yourself or will the admins do so?
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The RP accounts can be customised in any way by the RPer as long as you don't change the name, email or the password without telling us. :)
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Donald's cousin Fethry
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