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Just figured out how to add stamps on to my profile; been trying to figure it out for a while, since I see a lot of really neat stamps all over this site like these:

Walt Disney. by Snuf-Stamps proud vegetarian stamp by Killa-Bunny   I love Boston Terriers by WishmasterAlchemist    Photography Is My Life Stamp by MyStamps   healthy teeth stamp by KawaiiUniverseStudio Lost in my imagination... by PixieRiot  
Me and my sister saw Lion King in 3D on Saturday night and we both loved it!!!!!! ☼ I think the 3D made the scenery look wonderful; I love the scenery in this movie!
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Listening to the cd "Bayou Boogie" that is inspired by the Princess and the Frog characters it's fantastic and I recommend it to all the fans of the movie!!!! ^___________^

My favorite songs are: Everyday Princess, Zippin' To The Zydeco, Do What I Wanna Do, Sing Away The Blues, When You're In Love You'll Understand, Live To See You Smile, Shadow Man, Night And Day, Play With The Band, Life In The Swamp, and Love Is Magical Mystery!!!!!!!!!!
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Me, my sister, and brother saw the midnight showing of Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides Friday morning which was super great!!!!  ^_____________________________________________^  

~~~Warning there be spoilers below~~~

I loved the beginning Disney logo of Cinderella's castle with the jolly roger that was so piratical!

I was writing a review it turned out more like a summary of the entire movie XD my fingers are getting tired; so I thought I would briefly say a few of my favorite scenes of the glorious movie instead: I love Hector Barbossa has a privateer and his peg leg which he kept rum in.

Love that scene where Jack and Barbossa where tied up to palm tree and Jack climbed up the tree and then used that rope that was tried around him like a lasso to get hold of another palm tree and then he fling himself away from there which was spiffy!!!

I like how Captain Jack Sparrow keep hearing about an imposter Captain Jack Sparrow and which he found in that London tavern where he and the imposter got into a sword fight around a cooking pig and the imposter did a move and Jack said that there's only one other person who knows that moves, he kisses the imposter knowing it's Angelica; then the King's navy gets there because they were still hunting down Jack, he and Angelica have a great fright scene with the navy, I liked it when Jack was drinking rum from a barrel he had hit with his sword.

Later Jack said "you lied to me by telling me the truth" to Angelica who told Jack this story about being Blackbeard's daughter, which ended up being true.

I liked Philip and Syrena as a couple. I was surprised when that glass coffin thing that Syrena was placed in by Blackbeard broke while they were all traveling out in the jungle and her mermaid tail turned into legs.

Love the Queen's Anne's Revenge and that cage hanging off the bow. I love Blackbeard's first appearance which took place right after Jack convinced the entire crew expect for Angelica, that since no one ever saw Blackbeard aboard the ship that he wasn't on it.
Love how Captain Blackbeard controlled the ropes upon his ship just by his sword that was fantastic! I did like that Jack voodoo doll that Blackbeard made of Jack, but didn't like it when Jack was hurt by it though. Later one of Blackbeard's men throws the voodoo doll down to a river and Jack screams which I thought was hilarious and then he jumps down to the river when Angelica was about to jump.

Love the mermaid scene where the crew where out on roll boats singing for the mermaids to surface and Jack sat the lighthouse on fire to scare them all away.

Jack and Barbossa were both in this old ship filled of treasure looking for the two chalices that is needed along with some of the Fountain of Youth water and a mermaid's tear to grant youth; I liked that because the pirate skeleton in bed holding a map reminded me of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.

The Fountain of Youth was so neat, loved how Jack saw all these moving water drops on a plant and he got one on his finger, that water drop on his finger showed him that symbol that Blackbeard had craved on the voodoo doll and thus Jack's own chest, which marked the entrance to the Fountain of Youth.
Once they all got in the cave and after Jack clanked the two chalices together and read the words that were engraved on the rims, all the water went to the ceiling of the cave and Jack climbed up from standing on a crew member up to the Fountain of Youth, loved that battle that ensued with Barbossa, Jack, Blackbeard, Angelica, and the Spaniards.

Really loved the ending where Mr. Gibbs is holding a bag of ships in a bottle that he stole off the Queen Anne's Revenge. I liked the bonus clip after the credits of Angelica picking up the Jack voodoo doll that washed up on shore.

My sister told me when we were talking about this movie together that she thinks "that my favorite part is every part" which is basically true ^_^!!!!

One reason the movie was rated PG-13 was for sensuality like the scene of Jack and Angelica on the deck of the Queen Anne's Revenge; I  think the new director Rob Marshall took this movie in that direction; he directed the musical movie of Chicago which I do love, but I just feel like that kind of content dose not belong in a Disney movie ever!!! I think if Gore Verbinski the director of the The Curse of the Black Pearl, Dead Man's Chest, and At World's End directed this movie it would have been a bit better and that sensuality stuff would not have been in the movie!

I do love this movie, just a bit less than the Pirates trilogy though. I give Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides 9.5 out of 10 stars. I do hope there is a part five some day!!!!!
Tomorrow morning I'm going to pick up a new bottom retainer I was fitted for on Monday from the orthodontist office, then I'm going to Walmart to pick up a copy of the Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides soundtrack, hope they have some of the new Pirate nail polish, and maybe get some candy for the movie; I can't wait to finally see Pirates on Friday ☼ ☺ ♥
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I checked my local theater website this morning and they finally posted the showtimes for Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides for this Friday May 20th. Me and my siblings are going to see the midnight showing ^____^: I can not wait to see what happens to Captain Jack Sparrow I have been waiting for this movie forever!!!!! Another plus to seeing the first showing is that since it will be so late there won't really be any traffic!

I am going to watch the Pirates of the Caribbean movie trilogy sometime again this week!!!!! I am so excited to see this new piratical adventure!!!! ☼

Keep a weather eye on the horizon for Friday!!!!
I can not wait until Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides sails into theaters next month!!!!!! ^_________^ I have been waiting years for this movie and can't believe it comes out in about 50 days!

During this week I have watched The Curse of the Black Pearl and Dead Man's Chest and I am going to watch At World's End later today :-D
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I just entered Pixi in a cute pet contest please vote for her:
I havn't been on the computer that much lately and I definitely need to catch up on a lot of websites XD

I finally got a copy of Ricky Martin's new cd "Musica + Alma + Sexo" on Thursday and I have listend to it many times already ♫♪♥♪♫♥!!!
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Yesterday I got my first package of lessons from the New York Institute of Photography for the professional photography course I am enrolled in. There were: 4 text books, five audio cds of the teachers going over what is in each text book, a dvd showing photography techniques, an audio cd talking about the business side of running a photo studio, a cd about how to find contest to enter, a book talking about how to find good freelancing opportunities, and a few more things. ☺

I have listened to the first audio cd lesson along with the long introduction to this course and read the first text book yesterday. Today I am going to read the freelancing opportunity book and see what I can do to find places that will want to buy my photos; excited about that!

So glad that I am finally starting something that I am so excited about and I am on my way of getting my photographer career started and can not wait until I get the degree in my hands!!!! ^__________^
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Yesterday afternoon I watched "Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas" I hadn't seen it since it first came out on video tape years ago. I remember the character Forte the composer who is an organ very well I never liked him and he takes up too much of the movie! My favorite part is when Belle is making that book for Beast's Christmas present and it is a great song too ♫!!!

During that scene where Beast is having a flash back to the Christmas night when he was turned into a beast by an enchantress: why didn't Beast like the book that Lumiere gave him? Obviously Beast likes reading or he would not have that huge libary in his castle; I think that was an error!
Last week I watched the newest Disneynature films: The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos and Oceans. I liked both of them, I always learn stuff from these movies, they are entertaing, great background music, and out of this world footage of animals!!!!!!!

I loved Crimson Wing because Flamingos are my favorite birds it was fantastic seeing everything about them ☺

I just wished they did'nt show violent stuff mainly like one animal cathing a smaller animal for a meal; I know that is the circle of life though.
I hope to start catching up on stuff that I havn't had time for in a while mainly taking photographs and drawing!!! ^________^
I was just reading about a lot of different stuff on Wikipeida and thougth there is a lot of good movies coming out in the next few years that I can't wait to see!!! ☺

up coming movies I'm looking forward to seeing:
Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides
Winnie the Pooh
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part two
Enchanted 2
Monster, Inc. 2
Haunted Mansion

upcoming books:
part of the Peter and the Starcathers series book #5: Bridge to Neverland

upcoming cds:
Ricky Martin's
Yesterday I found out about this contest here on devianart: Sony Calendar Contest. After reading all the rules I was so excited about everything about this contest, so this morning I have entered a dozen of my photographs in this contest. My little brother is always telling me that my pictures should be in a calender which I think is cute of him to say ☺!!!

This is a neat contest for many reasons; one being it is for pictures of the seasons and my favorite being that you can enter as many pictures as you like.
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I saw "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollow part one" last night; I like the Harry Potter movie series but usally I get pretty lost on some plot points XD.

My favorite scene was when Hermione and Harry were dancing ☺, I really liked when Hermione was reading the 'Deathly Hollows' fairy tale that was all neat, and it was a good entertaining movie! I can not wait for part two to come out because I have been wondering for years how the story will end!!!!!!!
With nature all you have to do is look closely at your surroundings to discover to new things every day! ☼
Over the weekend I drew with oil pastels for the very first time; I have to say I really like them, they are kind of like a coloring crayon but a million times easier to draw with and I love the way the colors blend in together when I smudged the picture with my finger. I drew seven pictures all ready and can't wait to draw more with the pastels so I will definitely keep on using these!!! ☺
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