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Testing Hot Sun

When Sunset fails the test, she must redo it next week, only a tutor with a strong learning experience can tutor her.

Cousin Rocket: What do you mean you failed?
Sunset: [sighs, groans] Ms Keane said I didn't have enough experience to pass the history test at school. I have a retest on Monday, but it's my last chance for me to go up another year of school, and she wants me to tutor with somepony more experienced.
June: Oh, pfft. Darling, is that all? I can take you any time you like.
Quincy: Don't fret about it.
Cousin Rocket: We could study in the forest.
Sunset: Well, I guess I'll go with...
(Jeopardy thinking music plays)

(Choose June's Ending)
Sunset: Huh?
June: Isn't this study room fabulous? I rented it for the day. If you're going to study, you must do it in style. I call it "study chic".
[door closes]
June: Now, just a few things that you absolutely must know. Always have both sparkling and still water. You never know which one you will prefer. Never play the music too loud or too soft. It has to be just enough that their heads bob but not so much that they cover their ears. And finally, always have your lights on the ready in case of an impromptu party breaking out.
Sunset: Your headlights?
[dance music playing]
Sunset: June, this isn't for fun. I'm just trying to pass my driving test.
June: Darling, can't we do both?

June: Just a little bit— Oh! No, an inch to the left. Now—ooh, careful! The shoulder! Watch the shoulder! Ooh, testing can be stressful, darling.

(Sunset does the test)
Sunset: Done.
Ms Keane: Not bad, and a perfect grade. Where did you learn to do that?
Sunset: Mmm, I just had to... stretch my talents.
Ms Keane: I don't get it. Eh.

(Choose Quincy's Ending)
Sunset: Thanks for helping me out, Quincy.
Quincy: Think nothing of it. I've been looking for a reason to study at the farm.
Sunset: [coughing]
Grandma Rocket: This place is fresh.
Quincy: Whew. I can't believe it's still in such good condition.
Sunset: Uh, it's something, all right.
Grandma Rocket: You ponies ready for the study of your lives?

Grandma Rocket: Now, the first thing you ought to know is be prepared.
Sunset: To fail?
Grandma Rocket: For anything.
Quincy: [grunts] All right, Sunset. Use that book to study girl.
Sunset: Heh. And what if I don't have you and Grandma Rocket around?
Quincy: Well...

Ms Keane: Oh, this is unfortunate. Of course I know that's true, but, uh, I wouldn't want you waiting around. So I guess, uh... you fail? Is that fair? Hmm?
Sunset: Not to worry. I know exactly what we need.
Ms Keane: You do?
Sunset: A Musician. [chuckles]

(Choose Cousin Rocket's Ending)
Cousin Rocket: Sunset, over here!
Sunset: Nice place, Cousin Rocket.
Cousin Rocket: In you go, Miss Kitty.
[cat meows]
Sunset: All right! I'm ready to study! Let's do this!
Cousin Rocket: [rhythmically] It's the testing rhyme. Start your history by the past. Manehattan is where you'll be. Glass is made to see things clearer. Check your inventions to see it's all right. The coolest composers will admire—
Sunset: All right!
Cousin Rocket: ...properly make music.
Sunset: So, what are we learning first?
Cousin Rocket: Oh! Funny you should ask. I actually have a rhyme for that, too.

Ms Keane: Now, Sunset, I know all this test might seem boring to you – and it is – but it's also... [groans] ...important. Tell me when Equestria was born.
Sunset: By fighting— Oh, not that. [rhythmically] It's harmony that brought together. Start the history in the past. Manehattan is where you'll be. Glass is made to see things clearer.
Ms Keane: Very nice. If your testing's as good as your rhymings, I'm sure you'll do just fine...-ings.
Sunset : [rhythmically] I had some help from the best. Now it's time to pass this test.
Ms Keane: Just start the test.

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