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DPMR 11: Toy Story 3Now it is time to talk about Toy Story 3 released in 2010.Spoilers Begin HereAndy Davis is now 17 years old and is prepping to go to college. Being 17, he hasn't played with his toys in years. In fact, he got rid of most of them. He still has some of them, but he has been ignoring them... and the toys noticed.One day, Woody and the gang tried to trick Andy into playing with them. It didn't work out. After Andy left the room, the rest of the remaining toys left the toy box to reflect on the past and wonder about the future. The three remaining army men left the house, knowing that they would be the first to be thrown out. Woody tried to calm down the rest of his friends by assuring them that Andy would simply put them in the attic and not throw them away. The rest of the toys aren't so convinced. After all, many of their fellow toys were given away, like RC, Wheezy... and Bo Peep (much to Woody's depression). The rest of the toys feared the worst, and not even Woody was sure of his claims.Mrs. Davis told Andy to clean his room and decide what to do with his old toys. She gave Andy three choices. One, throw them out. Two, put them in the attic. Three, throw them out. At first, Andy was going to throw his toys out... but when he got to Woody and Buzz, he had a change of heart. He decided to take Woody to college with him and throw Buzz in the garbage bag. Andy began to put the toys in the attic, but got distracted by his sister, Molly. Molly was donating her old toys to a nearby daycare, and Andy stopped what he was doing to help her out. Andy left the bag behind and when his mother came up, she found the bag and assumed it was trash. So, she put the bag on the curb.Woody witnessed the mistake and went out to rescue his friends. He tried to get Buster to help... but... Buster was too old to do anything helpful. So, Woody had to go to the rescue himself. He grabbed a pair of scissors and went out. The garbage man (who was actually a grownup Sid Phillips) made it to the curb first and threw the trash in the garbage truck. All looked lost... but then... Woody looked on and saw that his friends escaped.Buzz, Jessie and the rest of the toys decided to go into Molly's box to be donated to the daycare, so they entered and were greeted by a grieving Barbie. Woody entered the car to try to get them to come back. The toys refused to listen to Woody, believing that Andy wanted to throw them out. Woody tried to tell them that Andy wanted to put them in the attic, but to no avail. Then, Mrs. Davis closed the trunk and drove off to the daycare.The name of the daycare was called Sunnyside Daycare. The daycare looked very inviting and friendly. When the kids left the classroom for recess, Woody and the gang were greeted by the Sunnyside toys. One of the toys who greeted them was a seemingly friendly teddy bear named Lots-O'-Huggin'-Bear, or Lotso for short. Lotso informed the toys that Sunnyside was a great place for toys. They would never have to worry about abandonment because every year, the children would be replaced. Barbie even got over her abandonment by Molly when she saw the love of her life... a smooth talking Ken doll. After Lotso's tour of Sunnyside, the bear assigned them to work in the caterpillar room. Once the tour was complete and the gang were alone, Woody once again tried to tell his gang that they need to go back to Andy. Again, none of the other toys would listen. They fell in love with Sunnyside, and were convinced that Andy didn't want them anymore. Woody gave up on trying to and decided to leave the daycare himself. He managed to escape Sunnyside, but lost his hat in the process. Also, he was found by one of the daycare children... a little girl named Bonnie Anderson. Bonnie decided to take Woody to her house.After Woody left the daycare, the rest of the toys were excited to be played with for the first time in years. However, Buzz noticed something strange. All the resident toys were hiding as if they didn't want to be played with. Why? Then... Buzz's question was answered. As it turns out, the caterpillar room was designed specifically for toddlers who were to young to play with toys properly. They threw the toys, smashed them, painted with them, chewed on them and more atrocities. The day ended and Buzz and the gang regrouped. They knew that they could not survive another day in the caterpillar room. Buzz agreed to find Lotso and convince him to transfer them to the butterfly room.While this was happening, Bonnie was playing with Woody and her own toys properly. Woody was having a great time playing with Bonnie. He even made new friends with Bonnie's toys, including Dolly the doll, Trixie the triceratops, Mr. Pricklepants the hedgehog, Buttercup the unicorn... and Totoro. In spite having the time of his life in a long time, he knew he was needed with Andy. Buzz managed to escape the caterpillar room and found something strange about the toys there. They were going to a vending machine for a meeting. Buzz crashed the meeting and was captured. Lotso came to the meeting to see what the commotion was. When he saw that his men tied up Buzz, the bear ordered them to let Buzz go. After being released, Buzz demanded that he and his friends be moved to the butterfly room. Lotso agreed... but only Buzz. The rest of the toys would have to stay in the caterpillar room. Buzz refused to accept Lotso's offer. After Buzz's denial... Lotso showed his true colors. He ordered Buzz tied up again, and Buzz be altered. Lotso got his hands on a Buzz Lightyear instruction manual, and reset him to factory setting.While this was happening, Mrs. Potatohead (who was missing one of her eyes) noticed something strange. She saw Andy in his room. Andy was looking for the toys. Now, the rest of the toys knew that Woody was telling the truth. They needed to get back to Andy... but then they got a visit. Lotso arrived in the caterpillar room. Jessie told Lotso they needed to leave... but Lotso had different plans. He introduced the gang to the new and improved Buzz Lightyear. Buzz is now in factory setting, and thinks he works for Lotso. Lotso showed them Woody's hat, convincing them that his escape attempt failed. The gang were locked up in cages for the night, and one of their closest friends was now one of their enemies. Worst of all, they turned down a friend when he was telling the truth.That night, as Bonnie was sleeping, Woody went off to find Andy's house. His new friend helped him and brought him to Mapquest. To Woody's joy, Andy lived right around the corner. He set off to go, and even mentioned how his friends were safe at Sunnyside. This made Bonnie's toys gasp. They told Woody that Sunnyside was a dictatorship run by an evil teddy bear that smelled like strawberries. Woody didn't know what they were talking about. He met Lotso, the bear seemed nice. That is when another one of toys spoke up about Lotso. This toy was Chuckles the Clown. Chuckles said that he was originally owned by a girl named Daisy, and one Christmas, Daisy got Lotso as a present. Lotso quickly became Daisy's favorite toy. Then, one day, Daisy and her family went on a picnic. Daisy brought along Lotso, Chuckls and one of her other toys, a toy baby. When Daisy fell asleep, her parents took her home... and they forgot the three toys. All three of them traveled back to Daisy's house... and was horrified to learn that he was replaced. His life changed that day. He convinced Big Baby that Daisy replaced all of them, even though Chuckle tried to put some sense in the bear. The three traveled for days... until they came to Sunnyside Daycare. Lotso took over the daycare and turned it into a prison for toys. Chuckles managed to get out by getting broken, where he was found by Bonnie. Big Baby stayed behind. Now Woody knew the truth. Before he could go back to Andy, he had to go back to Sunnyside.The next day, Woody snuck into Bonnie's backpack and returned to the daycare. When he managed to get to the caterpillar room, the first toy he met was a Chatter Telephone. Chatter told Woody that it was a mistake to return because Lotso increased his security... but escape wasn't impossible. Woody needed to get to the dumpster and get by the security. But if Woody wanted to escape... Woody would need to get rid of the security monkey, a cymbal playing monkey that monitored the security cameras. When the kids left for recess, Woody revealed himself to his friends. They were thrilled that he was fine, and apologized for not believing him. Woody apologized for leaving them behind. Woody told them that they were busting out... but then he was informed that Buzz was put into his factory setting. The plan was put into motion.That night, Mr. Potatohead distracted Buzz, Big Baby and Ken. They threw Potatohead in the sandbox, and Woody took this time to rescue Slink. The two went to the office, captured the monkey, and took the key. Meanwhile, Rex and Hamm faked having a fight, which caused Buzz to interfere. When this happened, Rex and Hamm piled up on Buzz and Jessie escaped. Barbie seduced Ken and got information on how to turn Buzz back to normal. With Buzz trapped and Barbie getting her hands on the instruction manual, they could fix Buzz once Woody returned. When Woody and Slink returned, they read the instruction manual and prepared to fix them. They stuck Rex's finger in the small reset hole... but Rex held it too long. Buzz was no longer their enemy... but he still thought he was a space ranger... and he was set to his Spanish mode.They got to the playground and regrouped. They were now ready to get to the dumpster. They snuck past the security lights and guards, and they made it to the dumpster. Everything looked like clear sailing... except for one thing. They were confronted by Lotso and his goons. As it turns out, they tortured Chatter Telephone into betraying them. Lotso tried to get the toys to join them, but Woody and the gang refused. Then, Ken came along. Ken had a change of heart and wanted to put an end to Lotso's tyranny. Woody even reminded Lotso and Big Baby of Daisy. Woody even told Big Baby that he was never replaced, just Lotso. Lotso got angry and called them a liar. Big Baby now knew the truth. He threw Lotso into the dumpster and closed the lid. Now, Woody could go back home.Unfortunately, one of the squeaky aliens got caught on the lid. Woody went to help, and got dragged into the dumpster by Lotso. His gang went to help... and then they were taken by the dump truck. They were taken to the Tri-County Landfill, where the squeaky aliens were distracted by a large crane and went to get close to it. Woody and the gang tried to get the aliens back, but they are dropped onto a conveyor belt. In the process, Buzz was crushed by a TV, and instead of dying, he got his memory back. The toys avoided the shredder by holding, but not without saving Lotso's life. Once they were past the shredders, they ran into another problem. They were heading to an incinerator. Lotso noticed a button that would stop the conveyor belt and convinced Woody to help him up the ladder. When Lotso got up to the button... he betrayed them and left them to be incinerated. All was lost for our heroes. They did the only thing they could do... hold hands. If they were to die... they were to die together. However, it wasn't time for them to die. The aliens took control of the crane and they saved the gang. Once they were safe, they wondered where Lotso went. They didn't care. He wasn't worth the trouble. As it turns out, Lotso was found by a garbageman and was tied to the grille of the garbage truck. The toys had more important issues. They needed to quickly get back to Andy's house. Then, a miracle happened. They found Sid and his garbage truck. They hitched a ride on the truck, got back to Andy, cleaned themselves off and went to his room.In Andy's room, the toys bid farewell to Woody as he went off to college with Andy. However, Woody had a different idea. He didn't want his friends to spend their days in an attic. He wrote something on a sticky note and put it on their box. Andy entered his room and found the box and the toys. He also saw the sticky note... and decided to donate his toys. He donated the toys... to Bonnie Anderson. He gave Bonnie the toys one by one. When Bonnie got the toys, she looked in the box and found that Woody was in there. Andy didn't know how Woody got in the box, but decided that Woody should be with Bonnie. Andy played with his toys one last time with Bonnie and then left for college. The toys looked on as Andy left for college. That chapter in their life was over.Spoiler End HereHow does this movie hold up? It was great.... BUT... I don't love it as much as other people do. I still think Toy Story 2 was the superior sequel. Also... I did not cry at the end of the movie.There are a few new characters that have development. For example, Barbie started off as someone who was insecure about change and being abandoned by her owner. Then, she learned to move on. My problem is, unlike the rest of the toys in Woody's gang, she was introduced in this movie. We didn't grow up with her like we did the rest of the gang. Ken is also an important character. He started off being on board with Lotso, but after experiencing Barbie and how she would do anything to help her friends, he realized that Lotso was not a great leader. The only real new character I can talk about is Lotso. He was a greatly written villain. He has a sympathetic backstory, being loved by a girl, only to be replaced. However, he himself was not a sympathetic character. He has done atrocious things throughout the movie and never tried to improve himself. There is a difference between sympathetic villains (like Mr. Freeze in Batman: The Animated Series, I will not acknowledge Batman & Robin) and villains with sympathetic backstories (like Ransik from Power Rangers: Time Force). Lotso falls under the ladder.The real star of the movie is the story. The movie was all about the uncertainty of the future and the importance of togetherness. Nobody knows for sure what the future holds for them, but with the support of friends and family, it is possible for it to be a bright future. That is an important message for anyone to remember, whether you are a kid or an adult. The most powerful scene in the entire movie was the scene in the incinerator. The animation in this movie is wonderful. It really came a long way from the horribly dated animation from the first Toy Story movie. Randy Newman is back with the soundtrack, and even gave us the Oscar winning We Belong Together.I do have some unpopular opinions of this movie. For example... I think Slink should have been one of the toys who was given away. Jim Varney was the original voice for Slink... and he died of lung cancer shortly after the release of Toy Story 2. Don't get me wrong, Blake Clark did a good job matching Varney's voice, but I just find it hard to picture anybody voicing Slinky Dog... except for Ernest P. Worrell. Also, I agree with my oldest brother. I think it was more weird that Andy donated his toys to Bonnie than charming. Andy barely knew the girl, so why would he be willing to donate them to her? Go ahead, call me a heartless bastard, it's just what I feel.Overall, this is a great movie. I don't like it as much as Toy Story 2 but Toy Story 3 was a perfect end to a timeless trilogy... or so we thought. Not only did this movie win the Oscar for Best Animated Feature... it was also nominated for Best Picture (though unlike Beauty and the Beast and Up, I don't think the nomination was warranted). It teaches a valuable message, delves in emotion, and does everything a good Pixar movie should do. Pixar is at the top. Unfortunately, Newton's law of gravity says that what goes up must come down. Boy, did Pixar go down for the next movie. Join me next time as we witness the car accident that is Cars 2.







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Welcome to the place for all Disney fans! Whether you are a fan of the classics, such as the little mermaid or Tarzan or maybe one of the other Disney movies like the action packed film pirates of the Caribbean. Or maybe you play one of the many Disney games like kingdom hearts. Or even if you like the Disney channel on TV. Maybe you enjoy going shopping at the Disney store, or are a fan of one of the newer Disney films that have been in the cinema like the princess and the frog! Then this is the place for you!
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