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Submission Guidelines

DisneyLit wants to be the go-to place for anyone wanting a story from the Disneyverse. Crossovers outside of Disney are fine as long as the Disney characters are a significant part of the story, they need to do more then just have a walk-on cameo.

We need you to submit your stories so we can fill this place with wonder and adventure, love and hope, and the magic of Disney.

We need you to come, read and comment on the stories you enjoy. You find stories throughout deviantArt, and since there are more of you then there are of us, please feel free to recommend them for submission.

Submission policy:
We are going to keep thing simple:
If you have a one-shot story that is complete in itself, it goes in the Completed Stories folder.

If you have new chapter as part of an ongoing multi-chapter story, it goes in the In-Process Stories folder.

Once you have completed your Disney novel, create a deviation with a story blurb like on the back of a paperback and a table of contents and submit that to the Completed Stories folder. It would be a good idea to have a cover image too.
One of dA’s weaknesses is handling related deviations in a manner friendly to readers. Author’s need to manually link the chapter’s of your stories together in the description, so if a reader stumbles on the story they can find the next chapter.

If you have created FanArt for a particular story, you may submit it to the Art folder, make sure to link the story in the description so we can approve it. If we don’t see a link to the story, then we won’t be able to approve the artwork for the group, because no one would know it was related to a particular story.

The Featured folder is reserved for those completed stories we’ve found that are worthy of extra attention. Good spelling and grammar are a start but a good story is most important. Feel free to recommend stories to the group.

As an example I have created a deviation for Rapunzel Goes Home, with a cover image, story blurb, table of contents and a link to the gallery in the description.




Hello all! For anyone who has recently submitted (or submitting in the future) a completed story to the gallery, if you could create a Table of Contents deviation. It will be included in the featured group so that readers will have an easier time accessing the story.

For inspiration, check out the already featured entries.

You guys do great work so let us help you get your stories out there!
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