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Prepare to Die

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Expect more Spaceballs jokes. 

Wander Over Yonder© Disney/Craig McCracken
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RM-Keyblade-MistressHobbyist General Artist
Tha'ts a good Spaceballs Reference! Plus I love this show!
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OMG I love Spaceball best Star Wars parody ever. Please sign the petition to have Wander Over Yonder saved from being cancel. All information can be found at the Save Wander Over Yonder deviantart. We love to have your support.
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FalconCheetahHobbyist Writer
Funnily enough, I just watched Spaceballs for the 1st time last night... then I happen upon this and it makes it even better! 
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TopHatBigPencilHobbyist General Artist
Love it! (^,^)
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Acid Lava Sharks : when regular sharks aren't hardcore enough !!
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LanydxStudent Writer
How ya gotta love Mel Brooks.
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Absolutely nothin' Double D
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MetaLatias5Hobbyist General Artist
perfect XDD
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SuperAbachiBroHobbyist Digital Artist
Do one with the Ludicrous Speed scene. :D It's my favorite part. That, or they end up watching themselves to find the heroes.
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Hang on. Wouldn't that mean that he was roommates with Wander?
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woy-bunny-hopHobbyist Traditional Artist
TELL US MORE ABOUT HIS FATHER!!!!What the heck does he means by roommates?Is this from the show?It should be...PLEASE CRAIG!!!!
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DisneyGirl52Student Filmographer
Haha nah this is just a quote from the movie, Spaceballs. 
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:D LOL, nice drawing and funny reference
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Part-TimeArtistHobbyist Traditional Artist
lol that's awesome
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lightyearpigHobbyist Artist
Peepers: There they are sir, and in about a few minutes Wander will be ours.
Hater: Cool. Prepare to attack!
Peepers: Prepare to attack!
Hater: On the count of three. 1.........2..........(Sylvia speeds off as the result of a sugar high) LATE! What happened, where did they go?!
Peepers: I don't know sir, they must've gone Ultra Sugar High!
Hater: And what do we have for engines, fire-breathing hamsters? We must capture them immediately!
Peepers: Right, prepare vessel for light speed!
Hater: Humbug, lightspeed's too slow! How about LUDICROUS SPEED?!
(if you've watched the movie, you can fill in the rest by replying)
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(all Watchdogs including Peepers gasp)

Peepers: Ludicrous speed? Sir, we've never gone that fast before. I don't know if the vessel or Watchdogs can take it!

Hater: Do it!

Peepers: Prepare vessel-- I'm gonna regret this decision-- prepare vessel for Ludicrous Speed! Fasten all seatbelts! Seal all entrances and exits! close all shops in the mall! Cancel the three-ring circus! Secure all animals in the zoo-!

Hater: Give me that, you petty excuse for a second-in-command! Now hear this! Ludicrous speed!

Peepers: Sir, had you better buckle up?

Hater: Ah, buckle THIS. Ludicrous speed! GO!

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bunk12bearHobbyist General Artist
"spaceball , 1 they've  gone to plaid"
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cherrymeringueHobbyist General Artist
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