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KHXRWBYXFT Chapter 8Welcome everyone to the next chapter of KHXRWBYXFT. And here’s my friend Kaizokuoniiorewanaru.Kaizoku: Hi there. Now then... who shall it be, who shall it be? This chapter's guest is this one! *points at the guest*Yang: “(Comes out) Thank you, thank you~ I’m glad I can come on to start this with chapter with a YANG~”Kaizoku: ...Yes, well. I'm sure you are.Not a fan of puns?Kaizoku: No, no, it's fine.Yang: “Soooo… What am I supposed to do again…?”The disclaimer.Yang: “Ah, well they don’t own anything, just changing up the story for adding fun.”Kaizoku: ...That was the fastest disclaimer I've heard. Ever. Of all time. Well, anyway, enjoy.Ah, RVB Wash’s line never gets old.______________________________________________________________________________Chapter 8: Welcome to the JungleThe group made it back to Traverse Town to drop Yang off and pick up supplies.“So this is where you guys ended up huh?” Yang asked."After Remnant, Fiore, and Destiny Islands disappeared? Yeah." Lucy answered."You wouldn't believe the people we met, Yang!" Ruby exclaimed as everyone walks to the Accessory Shop.“Welcome to the Accessory Shop,” Coco greeted. “What can we do for you toda-” She stopped when she saw Yang. “Well I’ll be, Yang, you made it out alive as well~”"Sup, Coco?" Yang greeted back."Ah, so you must be from Remnant~!" Mira exclaimed."Who're you?" Yang asked."I'm Mirajane Strauss. My friends call me Mira." Mira introduced. "And you must be Ruby's older sister, Yang Xiao Long, right?"“Well we aren’t just MIRA acquaintances’~” Yang punned, figure gunning Mira.Mira swore she had the smallest of aneurysms for an instant. "Yeah… She does that..." Ruby deadpanned."...I don't get it." Sora said.“Yang here likes to make puns…” Jaune told him. “She does it too much at times…”"Oh. ...What's a pun?" Sora asked."Uh, you're joking right?" Lucy asked."No, I'm serious. Tidus, Wakka, Selphie, Riku, and Kairi never told me anything about what puns are..." Sora answered.“Well then, allow me to introduce you to the wonderful art of pun making~” Yang started, smirking at him.Ruby and Jaune pull Sora away from her. “No way we’re letting you corrupt him with your pun making,” both stated firmly."Hey, no need to YANG onto Sora like a vice~" Yang punned again.Just then, Yang felt a hand on her shoulder. "Yang~" Called a creepy voice out of Mira. When Yang turned, she saw Mira sporting a smile that wasn't her usual smile. This was more... sinister. "I hope you don't build too much of a habit of your bad puns, little missy~ After all... I'd hate to sew your mouth shut~" She threatened.“Whoa, hey now,” Yang started, holding her hands out in surrender. “I’m just making harmless puns.”"Correction: You're causing small aneurysms~ And let's just say that they're quite... spiritually taxing~" Mira corrected."We should probably get out of here..." Ruby whispered to her group who nod and exit the shop. They all breathe a sigh of relief."Um, excuse me?" The voice of a boy called. Everyone looks around, but Fluttershy was the one who saw the source of the voice: A young man with dark green hair, a green heroic outfit, red shoes, and white wrist-length gloves."Oh my. Um. Hello." Fluttershy greeted.“Who are you!” Donald ordered, pointing his wand to the boy."Oh! Um, my name is Izuku Midoriya. I'm a Hero-In-Training." Izuku introduced. A long round of introductions later..."So how come you're not freaked out by all these talking animals?" Happy asked."Well, I live in a place where things like talking animals are commonplace. You see, this place I live in became known as a superhuman society. Where 80% of that place's population had some kind of powers or uncanny ability." Izuku answered.Ruby and Jaune were in front of Izuku, stars in their eyes. “Real Superheroes~?” they asked him in a fan boy/girl manner."R-Real Superheroes!" Izuku answered. "But the best of them all was a man who goes by the name All Might! He is the number 1 hero and is also known as the Symbol of Peace!" He fanboyed. "And I strive... to save people with a smile on my face, just like him!"“I like him~” Pinkie stated, and then pulls out a cupcake from out of nowhere. “Cupcake~?”"Oh, uh, sure!" Izuku accepted the cupcake. "Where did you get this? Wait. Is it a Quirk you have?" He asked."Quirk?" Pinkie repeated."Yeah. A Quirk is like a superpower or uncanny ability like I just talked about." Izuku replied."Oh, like a Semblance!" Ruby exclaimed in realization."Wait. You have a different name for a Quirk?" Izuku raises his question.“We’re not from your world…” Lucy stated."...W-Wait. W-What?" Izuku hummed out in confusion."Darling, I am sorry to say this, but... your 'place', as you put it, is a world that fell to darkness. You see those stars, up at the night sky?" Rarity asked, looking up, making Izuku look up as well. "Each and every one of those stars is another world.""E-Even the planets that surround my world? Even the sun?" Izuku asked back."W-Well, let's not get crazy with our imagination here..." Rarity sweatdropped."IneverthoughtI'dactuallyseeanotherworldwithmyowneyes.Doesthismeanthatmyclassmatesareinotherworldstoo?Ifso,whichworldscouldtheybein?" Izuku asked himself in a quick, muttering tone. He keeps muttering to himself as he has the Japanese word for mutter start to surround him, like an aura of muttering. “WaitwouldthatmeanQuirksarealsonotofmyworld?Couldthismeanbeingsfromotherworldscametoourworld,andthat’swhatgaveusQuirks?Ifso,thiscouldbemajorinformation…”“… Why do I get the feeling this is normal for him?” Lucy asked the others."Don’t look at me..." Ruby replied, looking away.Dot pulls out an airhorn, and makes it go off next to Izuku."AGH, MY EARDRUMS!!!" Izuku shouted in pain "Oww..." He groaned then realized what he did. "Oh! I'm sorry! I do that sometimes..." He apologized, scratching the back of his head.“Ah, it happens,” Jaune said. “You should talk with someone to help you get settled in though.”"U-Um, actually, I'd like to go with you guys! If, um, if I save some worlds with you, then, maybe, I can get back to saving my own world eventually, right? S-So, I humbly request that you invite me to your party!" Izuku asked of, bowing in respect."I think I can help with that." Someone declared. Suddenly, a person in some kind of orange and red armored space suit appears. "Izuku Midoriya, you said your name was, right?" The person asked."Whoa, who's that? They look so cool!" Ruby gasped."Yes. That's my name. Who are you?" Izuku asked back."Noneofyour.""Noneofyour?" Izuku repeated."Noneofyour business." The person answered, arm cannon shooting at Izuku, making the group and Izuku dodge."What are you doing!?" Izuku exclaimed."You know, if you want to get out of this unscathed... you should hand over that Keyblade of yours." The person declared."Wait. Did that guy say...!?" Lucy gasped."Oh. Right. I'm supposed to fight the boy one-on-one. Can't have any of you interfering. Sorry." The person apologized as they pull out a device that teleported everyone, except for themselves and Izuku, out of the 1st District. "Right. Let's get started." The person said as they prepare to fight Izuku.“Uh… I’m not the only on confused right?” Jaune asked the others."You're not alone, Jaune... That guy... He said something about Izuku wielding a Keyblade..." Lucy declared.“Oh great… We need to go after him don’t we…?” Rainbow asked."Leave it to me!" Ruby exclaimed as she went to the door leading to the First District to open it, but it didn't budge. She tried harder, but it wouldn't even budge an inch."Whatever happened to 'leave it to me', Ruby?" Lucy deadpanned."Uh... guys? I can't get it open. I seriously can't! Open! This! Stupid! Door!" Ruby grunted with every shoulder bump she made on the door. "Ow... I think I made my shoulder sore now...""Wait a minute..." Jaune asked of Ruby. Ruby steps to the side as Jaune tries all he could to open it, but it was no good. "Oh no... Izuku's trapped there!" He exclaimed."Aw, c'mon guys. Don't be ridiculous." Applejack sighed as she walks to the door. "Maybe this'll open it!" She declared as she kicks the door, but that was a no go too. "Wha!?" Applejack gasped. "Not even my applebucking legs can get it open!?"______________________________________________________________________________(With Izuku)"Hm. Looks like those guys are trying to get in the 1st District, but the device I'm using right now isn't giving them an inch. Good. Didn't want anyone to interrupt us." The person said."Who are you!?" Izuku asked."My name is Samus Aran. And you must be... Izuku Midoriya. A chosen wielder of the Keyblade." The person introduced. "Now. Hand over that Keyblade nice and easy, and you won't get hurt." They ordered."You want it? Come and get it yourself!" Izuku fired back, surging in green aura, his Keyblade in hand. Izuku then was in front of Samus in a second and hit them sending them flying back.The attack also sent their helmet flying off their head, revealing a blonde haired woman, catching Izuku off-guard."W-Wait. You're a woman!?" Izuku exclaimed in shock."You would be far from the first person to say that." Samus told as she charges up a shot then fires said shot at Izuku while he was still surprised.“Wow,youmustbeverytalentedinyourabliatytofoolpeoplelikethat,” Izuku started to mutter again. “Isitapower,orjusthertalentandshehasotherpowerswhichIdon’tknowaboutand…” He kept going.The shot landed next to Izuku, shocking him and stopping him from muttering."It's talent." Samus told. "You should be thankful. If I wanted to, I would've shot one of your arms off while you were nerding out. Because what pisses me off most in any world... is when guys become nice, generous, or have 'new epiphanies of life' when they find out I'm a girl. So. If you have any cakes or pies you want to give me, do me a favor: Shove them so far up your ass that they end up behind your eyes." She growled, angry before charging up another shot.Izuku gets serious, “I’m not like other, where I’m from, the number six hero is a woman and she has my respect for how strong she is, I also know other heroines that are like you.” He starts glowing again. “I think about who I’m fighting, analyze them,” he kicks her in the side, cracking her armor, “and use that to win! I’ll be you, and I won’t be holding back!” He then punched her in the gut, making he fly back. “That armor of yours is heavy, but doesn’t lack your movability, I’m only keeping up with you because of it. If you were to remove it, you’ll be faster and a lot more agile, but will lose you suit’s big guns. I’m not sure if you’ll have a blaster or something, but I can worry about that later.”Samus was very impressed by the boy and just getting her strengths and weaknesses in a few minutes of the fight. “Not bad kid, your intellect is something I shouldn’t underestimate.”Izuku then jumps into the air. "Five percent..." He trailed off."I'm gonna feel terrible for this... but it's time to go!" Samus exclaimed as she charges up something powerful in her arm cannon."DETROIT...!" Izuku growled before making his Keyblade appear. Samus fires a laser shot at Izuku who blocks it with his Keyblade. "SLASH!!!" He roared as he manages to get past the laser and Samus, but he is in bad shape. "That... did it..." He groaned as he falls. Samus' armor falls apart from this and she falls to her knees."Heh. Not bad at all... Izuku Midoriya." Samus said."Are you alright, Ms. Samus?" A young lady with blonde hair and a green dress asked as she appeared."Don't worry. He's in good hands. I can tell... by those guys." Samus declared as the people who were with Izuku before Samus teleported them appeared and see Izuku knocked out.“Izuku,” Ruby called, running to him with her Semblance."He's not dead." Samus told. "Carry him to the hotel. He'll recover there." She ordered as she walks away.Lucy and Ruby help carry Izuku."Okay, this was more of a surprise than I thought it'd be..." Ruby declared.______________________________________________________________________________(Later...)Izuku wakes up in the hotel. “Ah… My head…” he said, holding his head in pain. “No bones broken again, that’s good…”"I sure hope not..." A brown haired young lady declared. "It took a lot to heal you back up. Those black creatures are after your Keyblade, but it's your heart they really want." She warned."Uraraka?" Izuku called out, confused."Who's Uraraka? My name is Atoli. It's nice to meet you." The young lady told before she fades away in place of the green dressed blonde haired young lady."Did you really have to go so far, Samus?" Atoli asked Samus who walks in with her armor, all repaired.“I couldn’t go easy on him,” Samus stated.Izuku sees his Keyblade lying upright on a wall. "The Keybalde!" Izuku gasped."Yes. We had to get it away from you to drive away those creatures." Atoli declared."That's how they track you down." Ruby told as she and everyone else in her group appeared. Ruby waves at Izuku.“Ah, it’s you guys,” Izuku said. “Wait you know what’s going on?”"Yeah. We had this talk before. With these guys." Lucy told, Leon, Maki, Yuri, and Magilou with them along with Noel, Artina, Estelle, and Yuffie."Might as well get some more exposition out of the way." Ruby declared as she and the others tell Izuku what they've been told.“Why do I find myself dreading what all of you are going to tell…?” Izuku asked, shaking in fear.“… This kid is an enigma…” Samus stated.Later, Izuku was told everything he needed to know. About Keyblades, about Heartless, and about other worlds.“Oh man that’s a lot to take in,” Izuku stated."Believe me, darling. There's even more, but there will be a time and a place for that later." Rarity declared."Seriously...!?" Izuku groaned. He sighs. "Okay. So, uh, I guess this means I'm going with you guys?" He asked.“Welcome to the team Izuku~” Ruby greeted with a smile.Izuku smiles back and takes her hand.______________________________________________________________________________(First District)Ruby and the others, their new member included, were about to leave. "Ruby!" Yang called as she ran to Ruby then hugs her when she got close. "Come back, okay...?" She asked, no, begged.“I’ll do my best sis,” Ruby told her, hugging her. “I know you worry about me, but I have to do this.”“I know, but you’re still my baby sister,” Yang stated."I'll come back. I promise." Ruby promised."Okay. Go on, Ruby." Yang asked of, letting her go.The groups head to the Gummi Ships and Izuku had stars in his eyes. “Whoa, these are cool~”"Hee~ Yep~!" Ruby giggled.Izuku pulled out a notebook from out of nowhere and started writing and muttering up a storm.“Where was he keeping that?” Lucy asked."I think it was in his pockets... Those look pretty big..." Happy tried to answer.“Enough nerding out there Izuku,” Jaune told him."Ah! R-Right! Sorry!" Izuku exclaimed as he hurries over to his new friends.“It’s alright,” Jaune told him. They all head off to the next world.______________________________________________________________________________(New world)Before they landed, everyone in the Gummi Ships were talking to each other.“Hey, guys,” Goofy started, “maybe King Mickey, Princess Twilight and Sir Bugs are down there.”"In a backwater plathe like that!? No way." Daffy denied."I agree with Daffy. Let's move along. There's nothing to see here." Rainbow put off."Wait! Weiss, Riku, and Juvia might be down there!" Ruby exclaimed."Pyrrha, Kairi, Gunvolt, and Natsu too!" Jaune added."Maybe even Kacchan, Todoroki, and Uraraka!" Izuku finished.“Or any of our friends,” Lucy added.“Let’s just check it out,” Sora added.“Forget it! We’re on an important mission!” Donald exclaimed.“Please! Just land!” Izuku asked of.“No!” Daffy denied.“Come on!” Jaune ordered.“Aw, phooey!” Donald grunted.“We’re landing!” Ruby argued as she and some of the Keyblade Wielders try to steer the ships towards the jungle.“Don’t touch that! Nooo!” Applejack screamed as the ships all crash towards the world.“Brace for impact!” Dot ordered, the party members getting separated.______________________________________________________________________________(Sora, Lucy, Ruby, Jaune and Izuku)The five Keybladers were falling to a tree house in the jungle, sreaming.“Owww… My head…” Sora groand, rubbing his head.“Not our best move…” Ruby groans.“You think…” Izuku and Jaune grown."Ugh... Where are we...?" Lucy asked, looking around. Jaune looks outside."My guess? A treehouse.... with a really big tree." Jaune answered.“Uh, guys, where are the others?” Izuku asked, pointing out that the others are not with them.They all look around and see that no one else is around them. “They must have been separated from us during the crash...” Ruby said.“That’s just great…” Lucy said, slumping.Just then they heard a footstep above them.“Did you hear that?” Juane asked.“Up there!” Ruby alerted everyone as a buff cheetah appeared and attacked the Keyblade wielding quintet. The five summoned their Keyblades and dodged out of the way. It swiped at them, missing Lucy, Ruby and Jaune, but hitting Izuku and Sora.“Izuku! Sora!” Ruby, Jaune, and Lucy called.“We’re okay!” The two assured as they quickly get back up.“What kind of cheetah IS that to just knock away two human beings?” Izuku asked.“Don’t know, but I’m not standing around to find out!” Ruby answered as she goes to attack the cheetah.The cheetah then jumped over Ruby before she hit the cat, clawed at Lucy. Lucy tried to block the attack. She was sent skidding back. “This cheetah’s no joke.”“It’s fast AND strong...! But...” Izuku trailed before glowing in a green aura. “So am I! One For All... Full Cowling!” He growled as he charges at the cheetah. “5% Detroit SMASH!” He shouted as he punches the cheetah in the face before it could react to him in time. This made it confused and dazed.“Now’s our chance,” Sora stated. He then pointed the Keyblade at the cheetah and shouted, “Fire!” He sent a fire ball at it dealing more damage to it.Jaune goes and launches the cheetah into the air with his own Keyblade. “Freeze!” Lucy shouted as she shoots ice at the cheetah, dealing more damage to it. Ruby attacks the cheetah by slashing its back with her Keyblade, sending it into the ground.It looked like it wasn’t getting back up now. “Did we beat it?” Ruby asked the others.“Not sure,” Lucy answered, warry at the cheetah.“I’ll check,” Sora told then, slowly walking to the cheetah. Sora got close to it, but suddenly, the cheetah gets back up and roars at them. It went to attack them again, but then a brown hair man got in the way and blocked the cheetah with a handmade spear.“W-Who is that?” Izuku asked.“No idea, but they must be good,” Lucy stated.The man and the cheetah stare at each other or a bit, but the cheetah retreats. The man then looked to the group and said, “Sabor, danger.”“That must have been the cheetah that attacked us,” Izuku stated.“Thank you, sir...” Lucy sighed in relief.“Thank you.” The man replied.“So... what is this place?” Ruby asked.“This place, this place...” The man repeated, not answering the question.“Okaaaay…” Soar droned out. “Where did the others go?”“Look, we got separated from our friends,” Lucy stated. “Have you seen them?” The man looks at them, confused. Lucy puts her hands closed and on her chest. “Frrriiieeends.” Lucy slowed down her speaking.“Friends!” The man repeated, his fists close to his chest as well.“Right, our friends!” Sora exclaimed. “There’s quite a few of ‘em. The loud one are Dona-” Sora stopped himself, still made at Donald, Daffy and Rainbow.The man hummed in confusion. “You know what? Never mind. We’re looking for Riku, Kairi, Weiss, Pyrrha, Gunvolt, Juvia, Natsu, Bakugo, Todoroki, and Ochaco.” Sora said.“Look for Riku, Weiss, Juvia, Bakugo, and Todoroki. Friends?” The man asked.“Right!” Sora nodded as he looks behind the man, seeing Kairi. Lucy looks and sees Natsu, Ruby sees Gunvolt, Jaune sees Pyrrha, and Izuku sees Ochaco.“Kairi, Pyrrha, Gunvolt, Natsu, Ochaco. Friends?”“Uh... Right.” Sora nodded a bit more hesitantly.“Friends here.” The man declared.“Really!?” Lucy gasped in hope. The man then started speaking in grunts, making the five Keyblade Wielders huff in confusion. The man speaks in grunts again.“Friends. Here.”“Not sure we understand…” Jaune said, still a bit confused, “but please show us. Take us to Riku, Kairi, Weiss, Pyrrha, Gunvolt, Juvia, Natsu, Bakugo, Todoroki, and Ochaco.”“Tarzan.” The man introduced himself. “Tarzan go.”“And I’m… Sora, and they’re… Lucy… Ruby… Jaune… Izuku.” Sora introdude. “Tarzan go, Sora, Lucy, Ruby, Jaune, Izuku go go!”The entire group goes outside and looks at the jungle.World: Deep Jungle______________________________________________________________________________(With the others)The others had landed in an area that was cover with bamboo. “Gawrsh, where are we?” Goofy asked“I sure hope the others are okay,” Futtershy said, worried for Sora, Lucy, Ruby, Jaune and Izuku.“Gah, who needs them? We can find the King, Twilight, and Sir Bugs without them.” Rainbow boasted as she reaches for her weapon, but feels fur in its place. “Huh?” She huffed in confusion before she sees a small gorilla. The two of them scream.Just then the group heard rustling in behind them, gorilla ran off, but dropped something, Donald saw this. “You heard that?” Yakko asked.“It could- It could- It could- It might be another animal,” Porky stated. Porky was proven wrong as they see a man in a yellow rolled up sleeved shirt and he has a shotgun.______________________________________________________________________________(Back with Sora, Lucy, Ruby, Jaune and Izuku)Tazan started going on ahead of them. “Hey, wait for us,” Izuku called out, running after him. They all follow Tarzan. They all made to what looked like a giant hollowed out log.“Whoa... Hey, Tarzan, what do you think-” Jaune was about to ask Tarzan, but he dives through the log, interrupting Jaune. “H-Hey!” Jaune called as he follows Tarzan.The group were soon sliding down a huge tree. “Whoa! This is new!” Ruby stated.“Y-Yeah! I didn’t know we could do this!” Izuku pointed out.“Maybe it’s the magic of the Keyblades,” Jaune theorized. “Must be helping us.”“Wow...! Is there anything these Keyblades can’t do?” Ruby asked.“No idea,” Lucy stated. “We’re just learning to use them.”“She’s got a point there,” Sora agreed.“Well, right now, we need to focus on-” Izuku was about to point out, but he was interrupted by a tree branch hitting him in the face as he was sliding.“Watching were we’re sliding?” Lucy asked.“That... and getting back to our friends!” Izuku answered with a bloody nose.“Might want to get rid of the bloody nose first…” Lucy dead panned.“It’ll take more than that to slow a hero down!” Izuku declared, wiping the blood off his nose.Sora then sees something. “I think we’re near the end!”“Sora’s right! I can see it! A campsite!” Izuku exclaimed.The ground finally makes it from the tree and land at the campsite. “So, these is where are friends are?” Lucy asked.“Only one way to find out.” Izuku declared as he walks to the camp.“Should we go into the tent?” Sora asked.“Yeah.” Izuku answered. The group does so.When they do Tarzan called out, “Jane!” They then see a woman with long brown hair, a white tank top, and a long skirt.“Tarzan!” The woman known as Jane called back, her attention to him now. “Oh, and who are they?” She asked.“Uh, hi there. We’re-”“Oh, you speak English!” Jane interrupted Ruby’s introduction. “So then, none of you are related to Tarzan... Are you here to study the gorillas?” She raised her second question.“Highly doubtful,” a voice from behind them called.They look to see who said it and see the man with a shotgun along with their friends.“Sora!” Goofy called out.“Lucy! Izuku!” Pinkie shouted in joy.“Ruby! Jaune!” The Warners shout in happiness.“Goofy! Donald!” Sora shouted in relief.“Pinkie! Rainbow! Applejack! Sarlight!” Lucy shouted, same as Sora.“Rarity! Fluttershy! Trixie! Spike! Tama!” Izuku shouted.“Daffy! Porky! Yakko! Wakko! Dot! Fidgit!” Ruby and Jaune shouted.They all get to one another, but then Sora, Lucy, Jaune, Donald, Rainbow and Daffy looked away from each other.“Guessing they’re still mad…” Izuku stated, with a deadpan look.“Well Donald, Rainbow and Daffy did want to skip this world without looking…” Fidgit pointed out.“That the- true,” Tama agreed.“Hey Jane!” came a female voice from outside, three girls walking in. One was a silver har girl that looked like a small Mira, a girl with green har and in a frog theme hero outfit, and a brown hair girl with bunny ears. “Sorry we couldn’t-” The three girls stopped and saw Lucy, Ruby, Jaune and Izuku.“Lisanna~!” Lucy called in joy, hugging her.“Tsuyu!” Izuku called out, shock and happy one of his classmates was okay.“Velvet~!” Ruby, Jaune cried out, hugging the bunny girl.“Lucy!?”“Midoriya!?”“Ruby!? Jaune!?” Lisanna, Tsuyu, and Velvet respectively gasped.“When did YOU get here? And I thought I told you a while ago to call me Tsu! Ribbit.” Tsuyu asked then croaked.Izuku rubbed the back of his head, smiling sheepishly. “S-Sorry, I was just so glad to so someone I know and is safe.” He answered her.“Well, I guess I can let it slide this time,” Tsy stated, putting a figure to her face.“A circus of clowns. Not much use for hunting gorillas.” The man with a shotgun insulted as he leaves.“Mr. Clayton, we’re studying them, not hunting them. This is research!” Jane exclaimed at Clayton, to no avail. She sighs. “Well, the more the merrier. Do make yourselves at home.” She asked of everyone who didn’t leave.“Well anyways,” Sora, Lucy, and Jaune started.“We’re staying,” Donald, Daffy and Rainbow finished with Sora, Lucy, and Jaune. This made them look at the other three in confusion.“Sora, Lucy, Ruby, Jaune, Izuku, look what we found. Look at this.” Goofy told them. Him, Pinkie and Wakko showed them the strange blocks.“What’s that?” Ruby asked.“A gummi block. It’s the same stuff used to build our ships.” Rarity answered.“So that means...” Izuku started.“The king, the princess, and Sir Bugs could be here.” Daffy continued.“So, we’ve got to work together to look for them,” Rainbow stated. “For now.”“Fine,” Lucy stated, huffing. “We’ll let you tag along. For now.”“Uh… Did we miss something, kero?” Tsu asked the others.“W-Well...” Izuku explained the situation.“Oh dear... Now that won’t do...” Velvet sighed.Ruby went over to Jane and asked, “Hey Jane, do you think you can help us?”“I suppose there’s something I could do in exchange for your own help. Apparently, Tarzan was raised in the jungle by the gorillas. Communicating with him still isn’t easy, but he’s learning.” Jane answered.“So he was speaking in ‘gorilla’ back there...” Izuku thought back.“Ah, that’s right. You’re looking for your friends?” Jane remembered.“He said Riku, Kairi, Kacchan, Ochaco, Gunvolt, Pyrrha, Weiss, Juvia, and Natsu are here. And one word we couldn’t understand...” Jaune said.“Why don’t we try this?” Jane asked, showing a camera. “We’ll show Tarzan some slides and see if any of them match that word. Oh, but what happened to the slides...?” She sighed.“Let’s go look around the camp sight guys,” Izuku suggested, “They may be around here somewhere.”“Good idea,” Lisanna agreed. “Do you mind if we join you as well?”“We don’t mind at all.” Izuku declared.The group head outside the tent and look for the slides. They manage to find five. “Did we find them all?” Ruby asked the others.“Well, only one way to find out.” Jaune declared. They go and give the slides to Jane.“Is that all of them Jane?” Ruby asked Jane.“Well, let’s see.” Jane said as she puts the slides in. The group first sees a castle of some kind. Izuku, Lucy, Ruby, Jaune, and Sora, for some reason or another, were suddenly staring soullessly at the picture.“You guys okay?” Applejack asked them.“Huh? Oh. Yeah. We are.” Izuku answered for the Keyblade Wielders who nod in agreement.“You were also thinking that place looked familiar…?” Lucy asked in a whisper to the other Keyblade Wielders.They all nod. “Do you guys know why?” Jaune asked them, still whispering. All four of them shake their head no. After that, the five slides show romantic flower giving, a lady sitting, a gorilla, a ship and two sword fighters.“Well, Tarzan?” Jane asked, looking to him.“Where are our friends, Riku, Kairi, Weiss, Pyrrha, Gunvolt, Juvia, Natsu, Bakugo, Todoroki, and Ochaco?” Izuku asked. Tarzan looks at them and shakes his head no. “H-Hey, I thought-”“That leaves only one place,” Clayton told them, walking back in. “Young ones, we’ve been in this jungle for some time now. The only friends we found are Lisanna, Tsuyu and Velvet here, and yet to encounter any other of your friends of yours. I’d wager they’re with the gorillas. But Tarzan refuses to take us to them.”“Really, Mr. Clayton, Tarzan wouldn’t hide-““Then take us there. Take us to see the gorillas. Go. Rill. Las.” Clayton emphasized. Tarzan looks at the Keyblade Wielders then nods.“Tarzan… are you sure?” Jane asked him.“Tarzan go see Kerchak,” Tarazn told them.“Kerchak?” Jane asked.“He must be the leader. Perfect. I’ll go along as an escort. After all, the jungle is a dangerous place.” Clayton declared, hiding a sinister smirk.“… I don’t trust him…” Lisanna whispered to others.“You’re not the only one who seems suspicious of him, ribbit.” Tsu pointed out.“Same here.” Velvet told.“We’ll be coming with as well,” Lisanna told the others. “They are our friends.” She then whispers to the Keybladers. “He’s not trustworthy.”“Yeah, I can tell... A ‘researcher’ who brings a shotgun? That’s setting up some red flags...” Izuku pointed out, whispering back to Lisanna.“Guess we need to keep an eye on him…” Lucy whispered as well, getting a nod from their three friends.“We’ll let’s going,” Sora stated, being his happy go lucky self, trying not to get Clayton suspicious of them.“R-Right!” Izuku stuttered out.They start heading out. “So where do we go?” Jaune asked.“The Vine Jungle.” Tarzan answered. “Tarzan go up from the forest.”“Lead the way,” Ruby gestured.Tarzan nods and takes them to where they need to go. The group had made it to the location.They see a black furred gorilla paired with a brown furred gorilla. “That black furred gorilla... Could that be... Kerchak?” Izuku asked.“That’s what the gorillas said,” Fluttershy told them. The ones who didn’t know about her powers looked at her.“Wait, you can talk to animals?” Ruby asked.“Yes.” Fluttershy nodded.“So she’s like Koda...” Tsu whispered to Izuku.“I guess so,” Izuku whispered back to her. “Different worlds will have powers that are the same.”“Kerchak, please listen to me. I know the nesting grounds are secret, but I trust them. You see, I want to help them because... because... well, they need us.” Tarzan told Kerchak.“Uh, did you get that?” Goofy asked the others.“I did,” Fluttershy said, raising her hand.“Kerchak!” Tarzan called.Kerchak looked up and walked away.“Kerchak...” Tarzan sighed in sadness.“He seemed concerned about something.” Izuku pointed out. “He’s going to the treehouse. Guys, let’s...” He was about to lead, but notices something wrong. “...Where’s Clayton?” He suddenly asked.“Oh no, you don’t think…?” Sora started.“Oh, he would,” Daffy stated.“We need to stop him before he screws up the trust with the gorillas!” Lisanna shouted.“Let’s move out!” Jaune ordered.“Right!” Everyone responded.They all go to the treehouse and Donald sees Clayton about to shoot the small gorilla with his shotgun. Donald runs at Clayton and yells in his ear, throwing off his aim as he fired, making him miss and making the small gorilla run away.“What’s the big idea!?” Donald, Daffy and Rainbow shouted at Clayton after everyone caught up.Tarzan walks forward as Kerchak saw what happened. “Kerchak! Please!” Tarzan begged. Kerchak just walked away, as the other gorilla did the same after looking at Donald.All of them looked at Clayton, looking really upset at him for what he did. “You don’t understand,” he tried to explain/lie to them. “I was only trying to… Ah. A snale slithered by, you see. I saved that poor gorilla’s life.” Tarzan just shook his head, not believing him.Lisanna and Fulltershy pulled Clayton’s ears, hard. “We are talking about this back at camp…” The stated in a tone that spoke no arguments.To be continued______________________________________________________________________________And that’s the chapter people.Yang: “Glad to see more of our friends are safe.”Kaizoku: Hey, you’re not supposed to know that.Yang: “I took the script when you weren’t looking.”… Really Kai…?Kaizoku: Not my fault I had to be focused on the story.(Sigh) Let’s just end this now.Kaizoku: Only you can.Right, well anyways, we hope you all enjoy, and we’ll see you all next time.Please R&R
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