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Disney Villains Wallpaper

This is an ongoing project to create the ultimate collection of Disney Villain Clip Art and therefore will change from time to time. Eventually all of Disney's great villains will find a home here.  These are villains from films produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios, no Pixar, no Comics, no sequels, and no tv villains will be added as it is already too crowded.  Also note that Oogie Boogie is not counted as he is from a Touchstone film, not a Disney film.  
Updated with Kakamora, Tomatoa, a better Chernabog, and a better Honest John and Gideon.
*Note* I did not draw any of these. These were all created by official Disney Artists. No Copyright infringement intended. All characters and backgrounds and images are owned by the Walt Disney Company. This is merely clipped and arranged by me.
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Probably a good thing the TV shows weren’t included. Some of them are way darker.

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Who's the guy with the hat and blue tie between Jafar & Gaston? He kind of looks like Percival C. McLeach to me, but the coloring is off and the face doesn't look quite right.

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Yes it is McLeach. It is taken from the back of the Rescuers Down Under VHS. It was extremely off model.

I LOVE this!😊💓
I get most of them, but why are the Black Cauldron and the magical Mirror here? They are not Villains. Sure, the Cauldron can be used for evil, but wouldn´t the Horned King fit better?
And the Mirror was never bad either-I dont even think it has a Morality.
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They are objects linked with villains. The Cauldron itself contains the soul of an evil king, and in the book Fairest of All, the mirror contains the soul of the Evil Queen’s wicked Father.
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DISNEY VILLAINS FTW!! BOW DOWN TO THEIR GREATNESS!! Nice work BTW!evil smile Jafar trollface Ursula's evil laugh Hades - Oh Yeah 
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well i only have one thing to say Gantu isnt realy a villain considering the fact that in the last movie towards the end, he decides to be a good guy with Lilo and Stitch. but other than that, THIS IS REALLY GOOD 😁
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Gantu is the main antagonist of the film (and series). 
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Very nice!  Who's that Evil Mickey near the cauldron?
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That is Julius in Mickey's body from the short Runaway Brain.  It is on youtube and I recommend it highly.
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My Disney heroes I love bad guys and girls,great job:hug:
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I've ever wanted to do something like that.
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nostalgia critic said it best DISNEY IS MESSED UP!!!
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How about Tamatoa from Moana, he was the real enemy not Te Ka?
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He will be added as soon as i can find a decent image.
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take your time, oh I also forgot the kakamora too
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No Oogie Boogie? And omg is the bat in the middle the vampire from that Scooby Doo movie with the rocker chicks? FLASHBACKS
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No, it's Chernabog from Fantasia.  See the description concerning Oogie Boogie.
No Judge Doom? Still nicely done.
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Since Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a Touchstone production, Judge Doom isn't included.  He also doesn't have any pictures of his animated form.
Well Touchstone is still Disney. Disney created Touchstone to show more mature stuff.
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