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Brand New Attempt

I spent all morning looking at Disney bodies, real bodies of models, and I even took a few glimpses at comic book bodies.
This is what i got as a result and I actually feel good about it. Better than the last ones that is.

But I need a few opinions
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Height-wise it is quite proportionate and well-structured (although the head could have been bigger), but something does look off to me here... I have a few theories about what it might be:

1. The waist might be placed too low, which makes the hips look way too narrow. Or it might be too long, meaning it should broaden a bit higher than it does now - maybe slightly below her ribcage?

2. The hips might be actually too narrow. You gave her absolutely no "meat" layer on her hips - it's bone and then skin. Also, keep in mind that it's there where fat is stored in women's bodies (yes, even slender women have a thin layer of fat there, and it's only natural - in case a woman gets pregnant and will suddenly need extra energy for both her and the child).

3. Her breasts might be too big, making the upper half of the body look heavier than intended. Disney girls usually have these Barbie-doll-like torsos, but their breasts are relatively small, so it's not that visible.
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Ironically, that was kinda my body size before. Add about 1/2 inch on her waist (maybe relax the shoulders) and you can pull it off.
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The size of the tibia and fibula should not equal the size of the femur in her legs. Also, her ribcage is severely barreled, too thin for most and it would squish all her organs together.

You said you found superhero girls to be 8 heads in length? Well, if your are just trying for a "model" look, go with 7 and a half or seven, because supergirls all depend on the style of their artist and are not models. Most of their features are exaggerated.

Her "hourglass" figure is a nice idea and all, but the smallest part of her waist should NOT be the size of her head. That would indicate being MUCH too thin to the point she would not have an ounce of fat on her body.

I'll echo what others have said and tell you that if this is supposed to be female and not a hermaphrodite or a man, the hips need to be wider. The pelvic bones are wider, a bit wider than the rib cage. Babies need to go through that pelvis, and right now, it's crack the poor model in two.

Your proportions are close, it's an okay effort, but get a friend, stand them up and you'll notice their heads are not that small.

I know you are trying to emulate a Disney style, but even then, her bust would never be that big with that sized waist and those tiny hips. Her height would indicate thinness, but a proportional thinness and not the contrived one that is shown. There is little to no muscle on that model, and those bones are much to big for the skull. The frontal bone should be bigger and the temporal more pronounced.

Take some figure drawing lessons at a community college, do some figure drawings off of actual people and get realistic proportions down before delving into fantasy and make-believe that really only ruin outlooks on how bodies are meshed together.
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Besides, my newest picture of the front and back is most likely my final attempt and it's structure is different from this one
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I've looked at that one and it still has the same essential problems, just altered so slightly. I've overlapped them to see exactly what you changed and all it changed was the placement of the hands, fattened up the arms, changed the angle of the arms and the feet position.

It's almost the same sketch just without the skeleton under-layer.
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Please tell me what is different in structure with this?
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If most of their features are exaggerated, then why can't Marina's?
Her waist shape is based a little bit off of mine and a few underwear models with a small exaggeration.
I'm not going back to a college. I graduated, and I'm glad I'm done with it. And besides, I don't think I can afford to go back to school.
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Why don't you just get some stock images here on DA and sketch them?
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Yes, her's certainly can be exaggerated, but the exaggeration is still somewhat proportional to the rest of the body (with a few exceptions). Her waist shape, the severe point as to where her spleen and intestines would be is insanely emaciated, completely off to where her hips seem to be. Underwear models are usually edited and shopped so much they aren't real anyway.

If that is your waist shape, eat something. Please. I'm skinny and weak and gangly, my waist doesn't look like that. I've seen girls who look like that. most of them are starved.

I don't mean going back to college. You can take classes at a community college without going back and starting a major.
I'm not even out of school and I take classes at the community college. I suggested community college because it's relatively cheap, you don't have to be in the college and you still get adequate classes. Taking classes is not the same as being in school. For one, there is no grade and there is no expectation other than learning. Another, it's just a class, it's not a course. I'm sorry you didn't understand that.
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I eat. I eat a lot. Heck I can eat a whole pizza and still weigh the same.

I still don't think I can afford even a community college.
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Well then your metabolism is faster than a hummingbird's, sweet-pea, if you can eat a whole pizza and weigh the same and you don't have scars on your fingers from the purging. Good luck not look emaciated then, cause right now, the model that is based off of your waist line looks like she should be in a hospital.

If you can't afford classes, practice. Have people stand or sit for you. Draw them on observation, try and get as realistic as possible.

Do that over and over and over again. Some recreational centers will have figure drawing classes to take that are cheaper (with a bigger class and a bit different material) that you can take. If that is not even an option, draw figures around you, get people to be models just by asking them, heck you could do it for extra cash if you were any good at it.

Heck, I'm sixteen and can get people to sit for me if I ask. They usually don't mind if it isn't great, but get yourself to improve on realism and repeat the drawing of them over and over again. Soon, proportions will come much easier. Don't start out with exaggerated proportions, start out normally. Tweak it from there.

Don't just rush in going "I CAN DRAW DISNEY!!!!!1oneone1" because I'm pretty sure artists at Disney went through drawing realistic figures BEFORE doing the exaggeration too.
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DA has tones of stock photo resources.
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I don't think she's saying go back for another degree, just for maybe one anatomy class for a semester. Trust me, in my first figure drawing class, I improved more over that small period of time than I had in years. It's totally worth it. And if you're worried about the nudity, you totally forget they're naked after about five minutes. Now, there could be a naked person walking into a department store, and it would take me a moment to register that it was something out of the ordinary. lol!
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8 heads is the hight of a man in drawing, 7.5 is a woman. She's too tall and looks too masculine. I love the improvements, and you're doing a great job, she just needs to become a little more feminine and a little less... I don't know. But great improvements, I love that you put so much time into your drawings and you take the time to improve your artwork.
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I think it was a Marvel. I just googled 8 heads tall, and got results of some super hero girls.
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Ah. There's a hundred artists there and a million characters.
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Which is why I don't know who it was. I don't read comics.
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Makes sense, then. No biggie.
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I agree with those who say make the head bigger. I don't know who told you the 8 heads thing looked good, but it really doesn't. It makes her body look... almost masculine, in comparison to her head.

On a good note though, you're improving, slowly but surely you are improving and the fact that you're doing all these models shows that you have the desire to improve, which is fantastic.

So yes, you're getting there, but her head and maybe even her neck need to be a bit bigger. Not longer neck, but a little, very little bit thicker.
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If your going for Disney, your getting closer. The two things I think will make it really get there are to make the head a little bigger and the shoulders narrower and more dainty. [link]

A nice reference!
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Well, there's a lot of fat and muscle around the hip and butt area, and you've got her hip line following her pelvis, almost touching. And the way her knee tucks in almost to her knee bone is very strange, with that little notch. Her feet are still much too tiny and her ribcage still has that weird compressed egg shape.
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a lot of fat and muscle around the hip and butt?
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Yes. Your butt is made out of fat deposits and some large muscles. That's what makes your butt and the curve of your hip, not bone. You've left no room for gluts on her.

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