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DisneyDreamer's Secret Santa 2018! Last Call!

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 14, 2018, 9:45 PM

Merry christmas everybody Christmas La Snowy :merry christmas: Santa :la: Christmas Carol Two Eager xmassanta SnowDummy :slowsanta: :secretsanta: Christmas Rudolf the Red-Nosed Emoticon Reindeer La

DisneyDreamers Secret Santas 2015

It's that time again! BonzaiRen will be organizing Secret Santa again this year!  Make sure to pay attention to the dates, because THE DATES HAVE CHANGED FOR 2018!  You have more time for the entire project.  Send in Questionnaires by Nov. 15th!

Time for Secret Santa Sign-Ups!!!

What is a Secret Santa?

The modern tradition of Secret Santas is a gift exchange, where the person receiving the gift doesn't know who the giver is going to be and the giver gets to have fun going all out for the recipient.  For the group, this is a secular project - all are welcome to participate in the gift exchange.

How will it work?

At the bottom of the journal you will find a questionnaire. Please copy the questions and send your answers in a NOTE to BonzaiRen.  DO NOT SEND YOUR QUESTIONNAIRE TO THE GROUP! Title your note "Secret Santa Questionnaire".  Whenever I've received a significant number of participants, I will add a journal to my STASH with everyone's answers assigned a number (with the name removed, of course).  I will note each participant the link to the journal and participants will then reply with their first 5 choices. Assignments will be made (by note) on a first-come, first-serve basis.  When a number is assigned, it will be removed from the journal.  This will be explained in detail in the assignment note.

Do not send the group your questionnaire, as the admins may be participating and they all have access to group notes! Remember to send your note to BonzaiRen! Do not leave your questionnaire in a comment either! That wouldn't be very secret. =P

Who may participate?

Participation is open to anyone who watches DisneyDreamers, disney-parkhoppers, or Holidays.

We have absolutely no requirements on skill level or main artistic medium.  Everyone is welcome to participate.

What happens if someone doesn't complete their gift?

Over the last six years we've had issues with a small percentage of participants who never make a gift.  This does not make the admins happy elves, so we've settled on the following to discourage Art Mooching:

:bulletred: If you pull out of Secret Santas before you have received your gift, no harm done.  Your Santa will have the choice of still completing your gift or being reassigned to a swing position.  

:bulletred: If you pull out of Secret Santa after having received your gift but before the 25th of December (which allows time for the Santa to be reassigned to a swing), you will go onto the "Coal List" on the journal, so everyone will know you mooched art off of someone without giving any in return.

:bulletred: If by the 15th of January you have not completed your gift but have received yours, you will not only be added to the "Coal List", you forfeit your group membership and any art you have in our gallery will be removed. You will then be added to the group's blocked list for one year.

So in short - if you think that for any reason you may not be able to get a piece done by the 15th of January, do not sign up for this Project.

Info for our Santas: Dates and Requirements

1. Your gift must adhere to normal group rules: there must be a canon Disney character, place, or thing present.  All work must be your own.  If you use resources they must come from dA's resource gallery and be properly credited.  No screenshots, Disney promotional photographs, or any official Disney art may be used.

2. Your gift is due to your recipient by January 15th.  Post the deviation to your gallery and send both your recipient and me (BonzaiRen) a note with the thumb or link.  I will invite your gift into the Featured folder at DisneyDreamers.

3. If you find you are unable to complete your gift, please send me a note as soon as possible so I can reassign your recipient to one of our swings.  I really do not want to add anyone to the blocked list. :(

4. I reserve the right to reject a gift.   I will not ever reject a gift based on skill level, but if it's clear the deviation only took 15 minutes or other such shenanigans are going on I will be one unhappy reindeer.  I have had to reject gifts before. I don't like doing it. Do not add a holly berry to an old deviation and try to pass it off as a gift. I will figure it out.

5. You are in no way obligated to send a physical copy of your gift to your recipient, but you may do so if you wish.

6. As a recipient, if you feel that you have been given an inappropriate gift please note me personally.  Remember skill level will not be a consideration - if it is clear your Santa put thought and effort into their gift it will be accepted by the group.  If the gift is ultimately rejected by the group you will be assigned to one of our swings. :)

7. The selection journal will go out when we reach 50 Santas, or by November 15th, whichever comes first. Matches will be made on a rolling basis: those who sign up first will be the first allowed to choose their recipient.

The Questionnaire

The Pledge:
In filling out this Questionnaire and entering into the Secret Santa Project, I understand that I am expected to create a piece of art to the best of my ability and in a timely fashion for the person I am assigned, taking into consideration the information I receive in their Questionnaire. I understand that my Questionnaire may be assigned to someone with less artistic talent than myself; I will politely accept any art made for me no matter what the skill level of the artist. I understand that the art I receive may be in any medium and not in the medium I may most prefer. If for any reason I find I am unable to complete my gift, I will contact the group as soon as possible so my Santa may be reassigned.

Send this questionnaire in a note to BonzaiRen. Do not note the group - our admins may be participating and they all have access to group notes. To keep questionnaires private they need to go to Santa's [Substitute] Head Elf. ;)

1. First Name: (not required)

2. Favorite Disney Movies: (list as many as you like)

3. Favorite Disney Characters: (list as many as you like)

4. Favorite Disney Miscellanea (Places, Games, Shows, Music, etc.): (list as many as you like)

5. My Idea of a Perfect Gift:

6. Art Mediums I prefer to receive: (choose all that apply)

[ ] Traditional
[ ] Digital
[ ] Artisan Crafts
[ ] Sculpture
[ ] Animation
[ ] Photography
[ ] Literature
[ ] CSS or other Designs
[ ] Stock Series or Resources (like Custom Brushes or Tutorials)
[ ] I like them all. I'm not picky.

7. Other things I'd like to share with my Santa:

The following are questions the head elf would like to ask. These will not be shown to the Secret Santa.

8. I [can][cannot] be a Swing Santa if someone should not complete their gift. (A swing is someone who can make a second gift in a short period of time, in case one of the Santas cannot complete a gift.)

9. Other comments and questions for the head elf:

An Example:

1. First Name:


2. Favorite Disney Movies:

Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Tangled, WALL•E, Pirates of the Caribbean III, TRON, the Avengers, Something Wicked This Way Comes, Enchanted

3. Favorite Disney Characters:

Clopin, the Seagulls from Finding Nemo, Jafar, Figment, Maximus, Tigger, Aladdin, Belle, Maleficent, Eeyore, Dug, Elliot, Bashful, Br'er Fox, Heimlich, Big Al, Commander Norrington, Tony Stark, Loki

4. Favorite Disney Miscellanea (Places, Games, Shows, Music, etc.):

Walt Disney World, Spectromagic, Wishes, Cinderella Castle, the original Journey Into Imagination, Horizons, Disney Park music

5. My Idea of a Perfect Gift: (this will appear on the assignment journal)

Something funny happening between some of my favorite characters, especially if the seagulls are involved.

6. Art Mediums I prefer to receive: (choose all that apply) (this will appear on the assignment journal)

[ ] Traditional
[ ] Digital
[ ] Artisan Crafts
[ ] Sculpture
[ ] Flash Animation (don't hold your breath for this one)
[ ] Photography
[ ] Literature
[ ] CSS or other Designs
[ ] Film or Animation (don't hold your breath here either)
[ ] Stock Series or Resources (like Custom Brushes or Tutorials)
[X] I like them all. I'm not picky.

7. Other things I'd like to share with my Santa:

I prefer Disney guys. My favorite thing is the parks after dark.  

The following are questions the head elf would like to ask. These will not be shown to the Secret Santa.

8. I [can] be a Swing Santa if someone should not complete their gift.

9. Other comments and questions for the head elf: (This is for any questions for me about the Santa project itself.)

So to recap:
:bulletgreen: Answer the questionnaire by November 15th - SEND IT IN A NOTE TO BonzaiRen Try and get it in as soon as you can, I'll be cutting it off at 50 entries if that happens before the 15th
:bulletgreen: After I get all of the entries, I'll send out a journal so you can choose your top 5 choices
:bulletgreen: You'll get your assigned Secret Santa, and that's that!

As a final statement, because I have changed the dates and allowed nearly 2 full months to complete this project, there will absolutely be no extensions or exceptions to the rules, under any circumstances (I have given them in the past with no repercussions).  If you suddenly have an issue completing your gift, NOTE ME AS SOON AS YOU KNOW and we can work from there, but I will be less lenient if I’m getting excuses AFTER I send the reminder note on January 1st.  This is meant to be a fun holiday project, but sadly every year there are issues with lateness and it’s not at all fair to anyone involved.  So, as stated above, if your gift is not submitted by January 15th, your membership really will be terminated.

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This Box Scrolls in Order to Preview ALL the Group Information!

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Group FAQs and Rules and Information:

This FAQ can be found in Czech, Dutch, Italian, and Russian here:…
In French, German, Hungarian, Portuguese and Romanian here:…

An abridged FAQ in Greek, Hebrew, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish, and Swedish can be found here:…

How to Join
If you would like to be a member of the club, click the "Join our Group" link at the top of the page.
:bulletblack: The Group will DENY Membership to anyone whose gallery is full of art theft. If you use celebrity photos, coloring book pages, movie screenshots or other art that is not yours, we will not only deny your membership, we will report every instance of copyright infringement in your gallery.
:bulletblack: We do not want tracers in our group. We reserve the right to overlay vector or vexel art with its reference; if we find that these types of deviations are made exclusively by tracing, we will deny membership.

How to Submit to the Gallery
You must be a Member to submit to the Gallery. Click the "Contribute Art" at the top of the page or the "Contribute to the Gallery" on our Gallery page. On the pop-up picker, choose the thumb you'd like to submit making sure to submit to the correct folder and click 'Ok'. Your submission will be approved as long as it meets the following requirements:

:bulletblue: Two submissions per member per week.
:bulletblue: The deviation must include a canon Disney character, place, or thing.
:bulletblue: The deviation must not have the mature content tag, contain nudity or fetish material, or contain excessive violence/gore. No modern weapons; however, character swords are okay. Mild violence and innuendo will be approved on a case by case basis. If unsure, please do not submit but ask an admin instead via note.
:bulletblue: Since deviations created from various "Doll Maker" Programs are supposed to go into the deviants' scraps, they are not viable as submissions to the group's gallery.
:bulletblue: The deviation must not contain official Disney art or photographs. Anything made with screenshots, celebrity photos, coloring book pages, company logos, or any other type of art theft will not only be rejected, but will be reported to the Help Desk. Using official Disney art in a traditional piece (such as collage) is also not acceptable for the Group. We will hold our traditional artists to the same standards as our digital artists. Collages of one's own photos or drawings is perfectly acceptable.
:bulletblue: The deviation must be made by the submitter; do not try to submit other people's art to the Gallery.

How to Submit a Contest, Project, or Prompt Entry to the Gallery:
1. Click on the "Send a Note" link on our Profile or Blog tab.
2. In the text field, tell us what contest/project/prompt your deviation is for, and make sure to leave the thumb or link (thumbs are preferable).
3. We will send you a Gallery invite for that deviation. It will come into your message center at the bottom of the page under "Correspondence". Once you approve the invite, your entry will post to the Gallery.
:bulletwhite: Entries do not count towards the two deviations per member per week rule. :)
:bulletwhite: Only entries for currently open projects are eligible for this exemption.

Only Group Admins can add artwork to our favorites.

On Blogs:
Members blogs must be Group related. Acceptable topics are Reviews for new Disney movies and devMeet announcements. Personal contest announcements, asking for commissions, or other such information are not acceptable for the Group. Blogs must be in English and well written. We reserve the right to edit a blog for grammatical content or to post spoiler tags. All blogs will be reviewed and voted on by our admins.
:bulletpurple: Contest journals must be Disney related and have prizes.
:bulletpurple: For devMeet announcements please include the place, date, and time of the meet. Meets should be Disney related, such as meeting at one of the theme parks or as a cosplay Group at a convention.

What does "Disney" entail for this Group?
For Gallery Submissions:
:bulletwhite: Movies, Short Films, and Television Shows released under the Disney logo, Pixar Studios, and Touchtone Pictures.
:bulletwhite: All Disney Theme Parks, Disney Cruise Lines, Disney Vacation Club, Adventures by Disney, Disney on Ice, Disney on Broadway
:bulletwhite: TV shows owned and operated by The Disney Corporation
:bulletwhite: the Muppets
:bulletwhite: Kingdom Hearts
:bulletwhite: Walt Disney Internet Group video games and online games (screenshots are not permitted)
:bulletwhite: All media are welcome

:police: Be aware of Copyright - Stamp by gild-a-stock
The Big Question: Digital Darkroom or Photomanip?Darkroom Week
One of the most common questions I get about the darkroom gallery is "Is this piece darkroom or a photomanipulation?" And it's a good question - the line gets a bit blurry in places, and sometimes how we define it for ease of submitting and browsing isn't completely in line with what most people would assume. Today in a very special episode of Project Educate we've cancelled our morning appointments to bring a collaborative article wherein myself and Aeirmid discussed (in realtime, albeit earlier so we could make it pretty) the lines between photography and manipulation and what pieces belong where.
Except it totally is.
Now grab some popcorn and buckle in for:
THE GREAT DEBATE: What is Digital Darkroom, and Why Isn't It a Photomanipulation

Photomanipulation involves the combination of ELEMENTS of two different photographic images
Copyright Resources CompilationFan Art
When we talk about Fan Art, the question of copyright tends to come up.  There have been a lot of resources posted on the subject on DA over the years and sometimes they can be tricky to find.  So this is a comprehensive compilation on the topic posted by staff, who have had legal consultation.  I have left out older articles that are similar to the ones I included as the more recent ones would have the most accurate information.
DA's Copyright Policy
<- This is the big one, specific to Fan Art and it comes with video. 
(and more specifically ,  and )
While I have shared official articles and FAQs here, I know there are a lot of unofficial articles on the topic.
Fan Art
Art Theft DiscussionTopicsStealingTakingCopyrightPermissionFan ArtMoral RightsProtectionResolving Disputes

Fan Art and Fan Fiction are amazing ways
How to properly report art theftAbout copyright infringement and DA rules
When it comes to digital files, an "art theft" is called copyright infringement. It's better to know the right term when you have to find information about it. You can find the DeviantArt's Copyright Policy on the bottom of your profile page or notification center. 
You can also find in the help section more info about the subject:
How to properly report a copyright infringement
DeviantArt will only take reports from the owner of the stolen art. If you are not the owner of the stolen art, just send a private note to the original owner to let them know their art was stolen. You can also link them this journal so they can have all the information needed to report the infringement. If you don't know the original owner of a piece of art, or if it

Walt Disney World (Gift) by daniya-ART Welcome to WDW (Gift) by daniya-ART
Stock and Resources: Policy ClarificationThe Stock and Resources community is an integral part of deviantART, both for having an active community of its own as well as providing high quality stock to all deviants. 
As this community has grown so much over the years, so has the amount of invalid stock and resources that have been provided by some deviants. The Stock and Resources community feels like this reflects negatively on them, the volunteers have a hard time trying to teach people about valid stock and how to use it correctly, and it gives an appearance that deviantART Staff tolerate so-called “art theft” or copyright infringement.
In this article our aim is to reinforce our policies regarding stock and stock use and clear up some misconceptions.
Stock and Resource submissions to deviantART:
What are Invalid Stock and Resources?
In short, invalid stock or resources are anything which you do not have full permission to upload. This incl

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Disney Dreamers
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Group Members ~ Please Note!

Member Etiquette

Please do not argue with the administrators when a submission has been declined due to breaking DA's TOS, ©/™ policies or by not complying with the rules at DisneyDreamers ~ When the rules are broken multiple times that member will be kicked from the group.

The Following Rules' Journals are Posted at DisneyDreamers and Are in the Featured Folder in the Group's Gallery:
Disney Dreamers Rules
:iconDisneyDreamers: DisneyDreamers 

angle bracket r Members: Please Take Note and Follow the Rules!
angle bracket r Redacted and New Rules, so Please Take Heed.
Orb-teal Remember: This is a PG Group! That means nothing with a mature tag, anything remotely related to a fetish, violence, modern weapons or overt hate will be accepted into the group's gallery.
angle bracket r DisneyDreamers now accepts (2) two Deviations per member per week.

Pixel Rose Divider 3 - Turquoise - Top RightALL submissions must be submitted to the most applicable folder. Submitting to the wrong folder will mean having your submissions declined, so pay attention to the folder name when submitting!
Disney Dreamers Rules and RevampsDisneyDreamers :icondisneydreamers: DisneyDreamers 

DisneyDreamers has now reopened submissions to the group's gallery.
 The Group has been revamped, so now ALL submissions must be submitted to the most applicable folder. Submitting to the wrong folder will mean having your submissions declined, so pay attention to the folder name when submitting!

:bulletred: Please be sure to check through the gallery's folders and subfolders, as well as the subfolders to the subfolders, in order to become familiar of the available folders to submit to.
:bulletred: DisneyDreamers allows one submission per week per member. Members must submit their own work, so please do not submit the work of others.
:bulletred: Favorites are at the discretion of the Administrators. Members may not suggest favorites.
:bulletred: DisneyDreamers only accepts art that does not violate DA's ©/™ policies. This in

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Group Info

We are a club devoted to all things Disney. Disney Animated Movies, Disney Live Action Films, the Disney Channel, ABC, Disney Theme Parks, Disney Video Games, Pixar, and more! All artists and art media are welcome.
Super Group
Until Jan 30, 2019

Founded 14 Years ago
May 30, 2005


Group Focus
Fan Club

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Earlier this year than previous years.  Watch for the journal :)
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:blush: After discussing it with the admins the image has been removed. I didn't realize it was fetish art. I have no idea what some of those abbreviations even mean in the descritpion. I must have led a sheltered life. Thank you for bringing this to the attention of the group admins.
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