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Rules and FAQs

Hey Guys and Gals! Welcome to the :icondisneycosplayers: group! We wanted to give all of you Disney lovers a great place to come and share your magnificant costumes! Submissions are easy and we hope you'll enjoy being a part of this group! Below are some rules and general FAQs so please make sure to go through them before you submit anything! :D Have a magical day!

Also check out our "Where in the World?" blog entry here… to see what members live in your area! Also send us a note and we'll add you to the list :)

Now onto the FAQs and Rules~

:bulletred::star:Questions That Are Asked Frequently (aka FAQs):star::bulletred:

:bulletyellow:Wow this group seems like a fun place to be part of how do I join?:bulletyellow:
Easy, just click the "Join Our Group" Icon at the top of the group page. You should be accepted within 48 hours typically.

:bulletyellow:Should I join as a Member or Contributor?:bulletyellow:

Either or. Depends if you want the special title of "Contributor" or not. Members can still post to the galleries :)

:bulletyellow:How do I submit to the gallery?:bulletyellow:
First of all, you have to be a member. After that's done you just select the "Submit to Gallery" button at the top of the group page or on the actual gallery page. But you have to follow the rules below when submitting! Also please make sure you submit to the right folder. Specifics on what's allowed can be found here ==>…

:bulletyellow:Wow I really like this group but I don't I still allowed to join?:bulletyellow:

Sure why not! Just make sure you don't put yourself as a Contributor. That's reserved for people who submit pictures and stuff. But we always love Members! :D

:bulletyellow:What type of stuff can I submit?:bulletyellow:

Wellll, seeing as this IS a cosplay group...costumes or props only please. See rules below for more details.

:bulletyellow:I cosplayed Giselle from Enchanted but the movie is both live action an animated...where should put my picture?:bulletyellow:

While we understand that the Pink dress is shown only in the beginning of the movie, in the attempt to keep things organized, and since 85% of the movie is Live Action, Please submit ALL Enchanted costumes in the 'Live Action' folder. This way poor Giselle can stay all in one place rather then be split between 2 folders.


:bulletgreen:This group is for Disney cosplays only. No Kingdom Hearts or Marvel characters please. The exception would be if a KH/Marvel character was with an originally Disney character i.e. Sora with Ariel, Spiderman and Flynn
:bulletgreen:The same rule applies for Disney parks characters
:bulletgreen:Please put your work into the correct folders. If you put your work into the incorrect folder, we will only move it for you the first time and give you a warning. If you put your work in the wrong folder again, it will be declined, but you are allowed to resubmit.
:bulletgreen:Submissions are limited to 5 per week per person. Week starts on Monday ends on Sunday.
:bulletgreen:Please limit how many pictures of the same costume you submit.
:bulletgreen: Please only submit photos of fully completed costumes. Though in the case of wigs, yes, you can post just the finished wig to showcase it (I know a lot of Rapunzel cosplayers out there that do this). Full costumes on dressforms are also acceptable but we would prefer seeing you in the costume!
:bulletgreen:ABSOLUTELY NO FLAMING, TROLLING, OR BASHING. If anyone is found doing those things, they will not be tolerated and they will be banned.
:bulletgreen:Submissions are currently limited to 3 per day per memeber, but that is subject to change.
:bulletgreen:Works above a PG rating will be declined. Keep it clean- no excessive gore, nudity, fetishes, or offensive material.

If you have any questions, just comment or send us a note and we'll get an answer for you! You never know, your question may end up in the FAQ.

Have a Magical Day~

~Sasha and Cait~
Wow, long time no journal, right?
Anyways, for those of you who don't know, I happen to run a Disney cosplay tumblr. We're also looking for submissions and original content to beef up the queue, so if you'd like to contribute, please don't be shy :). Feel free to submit as many photos of your cosplay as you'd like.
We would like to give a warm welcome to the two wonderful members that have stepped up in helping us run this group!  Please welcome :iconxbluexvanillax: and :iconmae-rye:!

Thank you both very much for stepping up!

Also with the upcoming New Year, I would love to start doing fun things like contests or whathaveyou but we need ideas! So please post below for contests and ideas for the group!

Hope you are all having a magical holiday season!

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Nightmare Before Christmas by NunnallyLol
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Will Vandom of WITCH by Taopiclov
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Elyon: Erase by ShaeUnderscore
Disney Channel
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Merida by Chastten
I'll not let you kill my mother! by galacticat
Merida of Clan DunBroch by Neko-Kaolla
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Original and Alternative Designs
Jane Jewel Dress Edition by Shira-Cosplay
Queen Snow White by Shira-Cosplay
Pure Joy!! by Rainbow-Pastel
Teen Jack Sparrow by Rainbow-Pastel
How Progressive
Little Town Belle - Disney's Beauty and the Beast by giusynuno
Mickey Mouse cosplay head by The-Katherinator
Maleficent cosplay make-up test by KiraTheUsagii
Elsa's icy snowflakes (W.I.P) by WinterRadiance
Crossovers and Mixed Characters
Elsa VS Jack Frost ~ Cosplay by LuXoN94
Elsa's jealousy ~ funny Jelsa Cosplay by LuXoN94
-Look me, I'm the cold, beauty and haughty Elsa! by LuXoN94
Rukia the Ice Queen [Frozen Crossover] by KiraTheUsagii
Video Games
Mickey Mouse cosplay by The-Katherinator
Cosplay Work in Progress: Sora (Kingdom Hearts) by SuperSonic096
SORA-4 by Qwaseer
Zelda - Impa by DJMurasaki



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Hey Colorado Disney Cosplayers!

I'm planning on applying for a Disney Cosplay Panel for Denver Comicon 2017.

Anyone interested, send me a link to any photos you have of yourself in the costume! Right now I plan to facilitate the panel as the Head Elf Bernard from "The Santa Clause" with my sister as Judy (same movie)

Animated Disney movie characters would be great, but I am also accepting live action movie characters as well (ie, Sky High, The Santa Clause, The Shaggy Dog, etc.). I will even accept Marvel/George Lucas characters, though it is a bit of stretch.

The application is due on Nov. 1, so send me those pics!
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