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Chapter 2: The Black Baron Strikes Back intro
After a whole week of celebrating her return to the gang- and mine, Penelope decided to give us some information she picked up when she was by herself, and what a story it was. First, she talked about a place she stepped into, known as Clockwood, home of the infamous Clockwerk, long before he became mechanical. It was there she saw a mysterious figure heading towards the place. She wondered what the person was up to, so she snuck after him unnoticed. The nursemaid inside Clockwood Manor answered the door, talking to that figure, who said his name was Barnabas Von Trask, a relative from England. He was soon invited in the house, and moments later, he very briefly played the organ. Another one of the members of the small and broken Clockwerk Clan was in disbelief that Barnabas was there, in person.
Later, he went down to the basement and saw the portrait of the original Clockwerk, the one that I defeated years back. Barnabas was furious that Clockwerk was defeated by a Cooper every de
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School Daze part 2 Remake, part 2
Silverstream peeked over a cart before Smolder popped up behind her and heaved a pillow toward the puckwudgies, who wasted no time in shooting it full of holes.
Smolder flew back to her friends as she said, "Think, Ocellus! Did Professor Fluttershy say anything about how to beat puckwudgies in her lecture?"
After thinking hard, Ocellus sighed and replied, "I'm sorry, I can't remember!"
Looking concerned, Gallus said out loud, "I'm gonna go ahead and guess it's not pillows, apples..." The blue griffon grabbed a cupcake from the ground and held it up before the sound of quills launching was heard. Then when he pulled down the cupcake, the group saw that the treat was now bristling with quills as Gallus finished, "...or cupcakes."
"Wouldn't class have been about how to make friends with them?" Silverstream asked in worry.
"Uh, guys?" Sandbar asked in concern, They're getting really close." The green pony was right, the puckwudgies were nearing the helpless students.
"Yona not scared!" Yon
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Skyheart Blaze
This is Starry Charm's mother, Skyheart Blaze, before she was murdered by her now-former husband and Starry Charm's evil father, Dark Shield.

She was a VERY distant cousin of Princess Cadance.

Even though she was a hedonist, she was still a much better pony than her former husband (i.e. she NEVER committed any offense worse than adultery and even THEN, she ALWAYS made sure every one of her partners was fully consenting and WELL within the age of legal consent). 

Despite her flaws, she was still a genuinely loving mother and was honestly not aware of her former husband's corruption until it got publicly exposed.

As an alicorn, in life she had all of the best abilities of all three of the main tribes (unicorn telekinesis, Pegasus flight and weather control and Earth pony strength and durability). However, she was particularly gifted with fire and wind magic. Sadly, this was NOT enough to save her from her former husband's wrath.

She was actually born an Earth Pony, but was raised by a unicorn father and a Pegasus mother (the father being distantly related to Cadance's Earth pony adopted parents).

UPDATE: Skyheart Blaze first met Dark Shield at a party about five years before Luna's return. Dark Shield courted her not out of love, but out of a desire to get in a bit closer to the royals out of a lust for power. Unfortunately, Skyheart was easily fooled by Dark Shield's superficial charm and the two saw each other semi-regularly for a couple of years at lots of other parties before they started officially dating.

They were married in a private ceremony on Hearts and Hooves Day three months before Luna's return. It was partially through Skyheart's word of mouth that Dark Shield got into Luna's personal guard and got the chance to work his way through the ranks before his corruption was exposed.

Skyheart ascended to alicornhood as a teenager by calmly sweet-talking a rampaging dragon (who was rudely awakened from a nap by two idiot colts from a neighboring village who wanted to see a travelling magician named Jack Pot defeat it [this was before Jack Pot arrived and settled in Las Pegasus]) into leaving peacefully before anybody in her village was hurt. (paralleling how Cadance ascended by reforming an evil witch). However, her ascension into alicornhood also super-charged her sex drive, which made her more than a little hedonistic.

In the afterlife, she passed her powers onto Selena Sparkle, making her able to be as strong as her sister Nyx.

Used Shining Armor Cadence, made by :iconblah23z:as material for the character.
Silverstream peeked over a cart before Smolder popped up behind her and heaved a pillow toward the puckwudgies, who wasted no time in shooting it full of holes.

Smolder flew back to her friends as she said, "Think, Ocellus! Did Professor Fluttershy say anything about how to beat puckwudgies in her lecture?"

After thinking hard, Ocellus sighed and replied, "I'm sorry, I can't remember!"

Looking concerned, Gallus said out loud, "I'm gonna go ahead and guess it's not pillows, apples..." The blue griffon grabbed a cupcake from the ground and held it up before the sound of quills launching was heard. Then when he pulled down the cupcake, the group saw that the treat was now bristling with quills as Gallus finished, "...or cupcakes."

"Wouldn't class have been about how to make friends with them?" Silverstream asked in worry.

"Uh, guys?" Sandbar asked in concern, They're getting really close." The green pony was right, the puckwudgies were nearing the helpless students.

"Yona not scared!" Yona said in a determined tone before she put a hoof on Ocellus's shoulder as she said while smiling. "Yona have friends!"

She puts out one determined front hoof, each of the others piling on a hand/hoof/talon to show their support. All even face front resolutely as three puckwudgies begin hurling themselves from point-blank range—and then a rainbow contrail blasts across the screen to clear out this first wave. The students look over the carts, totally befuddled, and are treated to the sight of Rainbow streaking past to stick one by its quills onto each of three adjoining trees. She flips a salute toward the group as Gallus boggles up at her, shading his eyes.

"Is that Professor Egghead?" Gallus asked in surprise.

"Yes, it is! And that means everyone else is here!" Carrie exclaimed with a smile.

"Hang on, guys! We're coming!" Nyx called out as she charged along with Phobos.

"Get away from my niece!" Megan exclaimed as she used a pole to whack some of the enemies trying to get near Carrie and her friends.

Magic fields in two different colors seize many of the remaining puckwudgies and plow them away, courtesy of the arriving Twilight and Starlight. The mares backed this move up by touching the tips of their glowing horns together, generating a shockwave that radiated outward to clear away the rest of the attackers, after which they galloped off to continue the fight.

"Aunt Megan!" Carrie cried in delight.

Then Magic fields in two different colors seized many of the remaining puckwudgies and plow them away, courtesy of the arriving Twilight and Starlight. The mares backed this move up by touching the tips of their glowing horns together, generating a shockwave that radiated outward to clear away the rest of the attackers, after which they galloped off to continue the fight. Spike jumped up to nail one with a flying headbutt.

"Yeah!" Spike exclaimed in triumph, but his victory was short-lived, as he was forced to bug out ahead of two others that started chasing after him.

Soarin' quickly grabs some of the puckwudgies and drop them in a box held by Brian. He laughs, "Oh yeah! 2 points!"

"Box 'em up, way up!" Brian exclaims eagerly.

"Hey, Twiley! Need some help?" Ben ask as he fires an arrow to trap some of the puckwugies in a net.

"I think Starlight and I got it here!" Twilight exclaimed playfully. "But let us know if you need help, slowpoke."

"You leave Spike alone!" Barbara shouted as she attacked the puckwudgies chasing Spike, knocking them away with some martial arts.

At this moment, oddly enough, one is getting its quills telekinetically styled and tied with bows, then cut to Rarity on the job. The puckwudgie in question has resigned itself to this treatment, which is just about to include hairspray and makeup. A bit of thought, and she has finished her makeover as these assailants run back the other way, now good and scared. Applejack lassos two at once to bring them down, while a couple of nearby birds airlift the third up to a hovering Fluttershy.

"Oh! Don’t hurt them!" Fluttershy exclaimed. The birds drop it into her forelegs for a hug. "Just ask them to leave nicely."

"Right, be nice, very nice." Dexter said happily.

"All right, let's finish this up." Megan calls out with a grin.

"Yahoo! Ah'll stop those varmints!" A familiar voice yelled as another lasso rounded up a couple more puckwudgies. It was Pearjack, using her own lasso. She arrived with a few certain others who came to help also.

"Take that, you spiny beasts!" Nibble shouted as he fought off a bunch of puckwudgies like a ninja, using a stick like a bo staff to hit them.

"Leave my old and new friends alone!" A familiar voice shouted as what looked like a blue twittermite with green eyes flew at the puckwudgies and shot lightning at them.

"Is that all ya got, puckwudgies?!" Crashfire taunted the creatures as he kept dodging every quill shot easily with flash step.

Then Snowcrystal used an ice wall to block the quills from hitting them. "No quill can penetrate through solid ice!" She said confidently.

"No puckwudgie is a match for an apple pony, a pear pony, or an orange pony!" Angie shouted as she knocked some puckwudgies aside with a garden hoe.

"Get your quills, claws and fangs off my little brother!" Zygon snarled as he attacked the puckwudgies that chased after Spike.

Pinkie wheels her party cannon into view past the animal lover, who carries her snarling little captive away, and points it skyward just in time for Rainbow to stuff several others down the barrel. A wipe of dust from the blue hooves, the fuse burns, and the whole lot of them get blasted into the stratosphere amid an explosion of confetti. In a long shot of the ruins, the irked puckwudgies descend safely to earth thanks to the parachutes that have been strapped to their backs. By this point, Fluttershy has discarded the one she was carrying.

"And that's about all of them!" Twilight exclaims with a proud look. "Good work, everyone!"

The blue twittermite then transformed back into a familiar Changeling that matches the same colors as the Twittermite, "And don't you dare come back!"

"Not bad!" Yona exclaimed with a smile before she said mock-dismissively, "For pony."

"Wow! They're amazing!" Ocellus exclaimed with a smile.

"I had no idea our teachers were actually cool." Gallus remarked in amazement.

"I've been trying to tell you!" Sandbar laughed.

"Oh, did you see that?" Silverstream asked excitedly. Then she started swooping back and forth, knocking the cart blockade away as she spoke, Rainbow Dash was like, zoooom, and then whoooaaa, the puckwudgies went flying! And then the birds came and—"

Smolder cut her off with a hand on her talons as she spoke dryly, "Yeah. We all just lived it." Then she said with a smile, "But you're right. That was pretty amazing—even by dragon standards."

"You were amazing!" Carrie exclaimed in amazement by what her aunt and her friends just did.

"Carrie Barbara Anderson! Why did you run off?" Megan scolded Carrie who looks down. "You got me worried sick."

"I'm sorry, Aunt Megan." Carrie said, tears in her eyes. "I didn't want to lose my friends."

Megan sighed then hugged Carrie, saying, "Thank goodness you're all right. Your mother would've thrown a fit if anything happened to you."

After Twilight, Ben, Rainbow, Soarin and Starlight ran the last few stragglers out of the joint, the Princess galloped back to the seven youths.

"Is everycreature all right?" Twilight asked.

The students mumbled assent as she gave Yona a once-over and the rest of the Ponyville contingent gathered in.

"You're lucky we got here in time!" Spike remarked, slightly out of breath.

"And so did we!" Nibble added, indicating himself, Zygon, Cobalt, Crashfire, Snowcrystal, Angie and Pearjack.

"Where were you guys since the beginning of the previous episode?" Nyx asked the others much to her disbelief.

"While you went to find the students, I had to get Nibble, Crashfire, Snowcrystal, Angie and Pearjack, who I figured were as bitter as you were about Neighsay's bigotry." Zygon explained, "Plus, at the same time you followed Sandbar here, we followed Carrie."

"You know, this probably isn't the safest place for a campout." Starlight said as Spike nodded.

"Does that mean you're going to send us back to our homes?" A deflated Ocellus ask sadly. The other students gave whimpering and pleading looks. They don't want to separate after being good friends.

"Not exactly. We have another option in mind." Twilight said, making smiles flick from one mare's face to another during a long silence.

"If you give us a chance and listen, we will explain what it is." Ben said calmly.

"We're listening." Gallus said neutrally.

"It's pretty clear you've already started learning friendship without your teachers, but we'd like to show you even more, if you'd come back to school?" Twilight suggested with a hopeful grin, which was met with rather less enthusiasm than she might have thought.

"Not much of a choice." Smolder remarked dryly.

"I don't know. Do we really want to go back to a school that isn't fun?" Carrie asked a bit worried.

"Let them continue. They aren't done yet." Pearjack assured Carrie with a smile.

"The truth is, the princess felt bad about not listening and making the school boring." Nibble explained.

Applejack removed her hat as she said, "To be honest, we felt exactly the same way when Twilight told us she was reopening the school."

"But this time, we guarantee it shall be different." Rarity said with a smile.

"Oh, yeah." Rainbow agreed as she hovered, "When class run my way, it'll be two hundred and twenty percent cooler."

Fluttershy tossed the EEA guidebook over her shoulder, which hit a puckwudgie as she added, "And without the EEA, it'll be much friendlier."

"Plus, all your nations won't go to war if you come back with us." Pinkie said with a grin, "Bonus!"

The update on international relations brings the pupils' brains to a screeching halt. They all looked shocked and speechless before Sandbar asked in confusion, "Wait. What's happening?"

"Well, when your friends ran off, the other species leaders blame each other and we managed to get them to give us 24 hours to find you." Megan explained seriously.

"Spike, send a letter!" Twilight said as Spike got a quill and pad out. "We got a school to reopen!"

"Right!" Spike confirmed before he started writing a letter.


A while later, after the letter was send, Twilight's group approach the sealed front doors. Nyx spoke, "How are we going to get in?"

"Fortunately, Neighsay's magic can be undone." Twilight said as she prepared to fire up her horn to blow the barrier apart. "Stand back!"

Then Twilight fired up her horn in preparation to blow the barrier apart.

"Twilight!" A familiar voice called out, causing Twilight to stand down at the sound of it. It was Celestia, arriving with the elders from the other nations. "I was so relieved to get your letter."

"As was Queen Novo." Seaspray added, "Oh, we're just glad you're all right, Silverstream."

Gruff whisked up to get in Gallus's face as he shouted, "Don't expect a welcome party from me, sonny! It's time you got home!

The old griffon clamped his beak onto the younger one's head plumage, ready to drag him off bodily if need be, but Gallus slapped free.

"I'm not leaving." Gallus said defiantly.

"Whaaaat?!" Gruff asked in shock.

"None of us are." Ocellus said before she huddled behind Smolder as she said timidly, "Sorry, Thorax."

Thorax quailed a bit before Ember's scowl. Rutherford confusedly spoke, "Yak not understand. This pony joke?"

"No! We're going back to school!" Smolder exclaimed in determination.

"How? You can't even get inside!" Ember pointed with a deep frown.

"Just watch!" Carrie said with a confident smirk as she pointed towards Twilight.

Any further discussion gave way to puzzled glances from the students, and smiles from the mares, as the sound of Twilight's energizing horn asserts itself. Once it reaches full, brilliant power, she lets rip with a beam that shatters Neighsay's seal and dispels the chains holding it on.

"School is back in session!" Twilight announced confidently.

Then everyone gave a chorus of overjoyed cheers, which, of course, did not last long, as Twilight, Ben and Nyx toward the doors to find a portal opening on their surface—the sort Neighsay used to visit the campus before.

"Not so fast, phony princess!" A mean-sounding young British voice snapped.

Four pale gray hooves stepped through and touched down on the doorstep, one by one. It was Neighsay along with Parzival and a white unicorn foal with a sharp and pointy horn, a blond mane and tail, green eyes, black hooves and a green dragon cutie mark. He wore a robe that is just like Neighsay's only dark green. The tall uptight unicorn picked up a shard of his seal only for it to crumble on his hoof.

"Who dared remove my seal?" Neighsay demanded angrily.

"And who dared smells funny?" Nyx joked, pretending to smell something. "I smell a bigoted jerk!"

"Don't talk about my father that way, you filthy little Mudblood!" The dirty blond maned foal snapped.

"'Mudblood'? This is My Little Pony, not Harry Potter! So who do you think you are?"

"That's Greenstone, my son you're making a wisecrack at, Nightmare Moon!" Neighsay snapped.

A gunshot is heard, startling the two. Megan, the one who fired her gun once more, puts it away as she spoke, "Ahem. Twilight?"

"I broke the seal, Chancellor Neighsay." Twilight said as she glared at Neighsay before she finished in a wisecracking tone, "And I respectfully ask you to step aside, or classes will start late."

"Classes won't start at all!" Neighsay shouted. He walked up to Twilight and faced her down as he continued, "The EEA has spoken, and none shall pass!"

Then he made a stomp, which generated a shockwave that shook the entire area briefly as it radiated outward.

"Yak pass if yak say! Hmph!" Yona shouted as she attempted to charge at Neighsay, but Sandbar held her back as he strained.

"There is no way a smelly, disgusting yak like you could do a thing about it." Greenstone scoffed rudely.

"This is for the greater good." Neighsay said sternly, "The school was disorganized, the teachers unqualified! And those dangerous and unpredictable students put ponies' lives in danger!" As he said that last, he pointed to the tower the students trashed.

None of the those in the foreign delegation find those remarks amusing. Rutherford even goes as far as to growl softly.

"I'll show you unpredictable!" Ember snarls. One pony is going to get pounded and it sure as Tartartus gonna be Neighsay!

"Go ahead and bring it, Dragon Bitch." Greenstone taunted Ember. "You and all the other non-pony freaks of nature."

All five members begin to advance, hurling threats and invective and general unfriendly language at the administrator, but halt when Celestia puts out a hoof to bar the way, insisting, "Hold on, please! I’m sure Princess Twilight Sparkle has a good explanation for all of this."

"Chancellor Neighsay, my fillyfriend got more to say so if you..." Ben begins to speak before the chancellor butts in.

"I refuse to hear more from a school dropout!" Neighsay exclaimed sternly.

"I believe my son is trying to say...." Celestia began to say, then she boomed madly in the Royal Canterlot, "SHUT THY STINKING PIEHOLE AND THOU LISTEN TO TWILIGHT SPARKLE SPEAK! AND IF THOU CALL OUR SON A DROPOUT AGAIN, THOU SHALL BE PUNISHED! NOW SIT DOWN!!!"

Neighsay and Parzival were startled to hear Celestia yell that.

"Don't you DARE speak to my father that way, you fake Princess!" Greenstone shouted angrily, "All the Princess Haters were right to criticize you, and if you treat my father like this again, I'll report to them and you can kiss your bloody flank goodbye when you get dethroned!"

"AND WE SAY SIT DOWN!" Celestia ordered madly. Greenstone yelps as he and Neighsay sat right down. The princess calms down, smiles as she said, "Go ahead, Twilight."

"That's why you never tick off my mother especially around me." Ben said to the two cheerfully.

"Thank you, Princess Celestia." Twilight said, "It's true that my School of Friendship is EEA unaccredited."

"Look! She said it without doing the eye thing!" Spike exclaimed to Rarity in delight.

"Then it is not a school!" Neighsay shouted.

Twilight pushed him back as she said smugly, "It's not an EEA school, its a friendship school— —with its own rules. I should know. I wrote the book."

A bit of horn-power conjures up a hardback volume and drops it at Neighsay's hooves. It is at least three times as thick as the EEA guidebook, and its cover is purple, displaying her cutie mark within a gold laurel wreath and circle. Neighsay and Greenstone glower at its very existence.

The Princess of Friendship gestured towards the group as she continued, "These students reminded me that every friendship is special. So the way we teach it has to be just as unique. My school is going to do things differently.

Neighsay pushed the rulebook aside as he shouted, "Allowing all of these creatures to attend your school! Changing the rules for them! It simply won't work!"

Celestia flew in and landed on the doorstep before she asked Neighsay smugly, "I seem to recall something about earth ponies, unicorns, and pegasi doing something similar, don't you?"

"And allowing that criminal right there," Neighsay snarls as he (motions to Starlight, "to be guidance counselor?! I mean, have you not seen her criminal record?!"

"I have, and I chose to pardon her!" Twilight exclaimed sternly, keeping her ground.

"Mommy's right! She won't have to follow your rules!" Nyx shouted.

"Ditto!" Phobos agreed.

"You dare speak out of turn, Nightmare Brat?!" Neighsay asked in a threatening tone as he charged his horn. Nyx and Phobos gasped in fear as the angry Chancellor fired a Unicorn Blast at the two, only to be blocked by a shield cast by Twilight.

"That was uncalled for!" Ben shouted.

"Just the same as what your marefriend is doing, what you're doing is one big mistake, Mudblood!" Greenstone snapped.

"Don't talk about Mommy and Daddy that way!" Nyx shouted angrily.

"I can talk to her any way I want, Nightmare Mudblood!" Greenstone hissed, "And all who dares defy the EEA... MUST DIE!!" Then his horn emitted a green glow, "AVADA KEDAVRA!!!"

Then the foal launched a green beam of magic at Twilight, Ben, Nyx and Phobos. The beam hits the shield Twilight casted before, but to the heroes' horror, the shield started cracking!

"Twilight, no!!!" Spike cried in horror.

It looks like Greenstone would win...until suddenly, a book smacked him across the head, making him yell out and fall, causing his magic to cancel out, saving Twilight's group in time.

Everyone saw that the one who hit Greenstone was Carrie who was using a book. She frowned while remarking, "Excuse me, but the grown-ups are talking!"

"Filthy little brat!" Greenstone screamed angrily as he got up. "Why, I...."

"Objection, your honor!" Pinkie exclaimed as she appeared in a lawyer's suit. "I object to that comment, the previous comment and the attack! I also object to this meanie having further lines in this scene!"

"Wha?" Greenstone asked in confusion and yelped as Pinkie gave him a rocket.

"Better take this to a higher court! Ciao!"

Greenstone screamed as the rocket he was holding onto sent him flying away from the scene.

"And if it pleases the jury, I plead to insanity, because I am nuts about this filly!" Pinkie squeed as she gave Nyx a noogie, making her giggle from it.

"We all are!" Brian added before he gave Nyx a tummy buzz, making her squeal as she kicked while laughing.

"This doesn't change anything!" Neighsay exclaimed in annoyance. "Just the same as I feel about what you just did to my son, I refused to let this stand."

"Then let this stand, Neigh!" A voice spoke up sternly as a familiar pony come by.

"Who the hay are you?!"

"My godmother Yuko the Black Witch." Celestia said with a sly smile. "She support the idea of a Friendship School."

"Right. Benny Whinny told me what's going on." Yuko said, much to Ben's chagrin.

"Benny Whinny?" Gallus snickered.

"Yuko." Ben growled in embarrassment. He hates it when she does that!

"I promise you, Chancellor. My school will help protect Equestria." Twilight insisted Neighsay.

"Or destroy it!" Neighsay snapped. Then he turned to Parzival as he shouted, "Come, Parzival! We're leaving!"

Parzival looked at Twilight and her family for a moment before he closed his eyes as he spoke, "No."

"What did you say?!" Neighsay demanded in a threatening tone.

"I said 'no'!" Parzival shouted angrily, "For years, I've been mistreated by you and put up with your attitude because I had hopes that deep down, you wanted the best out of the schools, but now I see that you're nothing but a sad, pathetic, insecure bigot who looks down on other creatures!"

"How dare you?! I would never..." Neighsay started.

"And that's the thing, too! You don't deserve to wear that badge!" Then Parzival tore off Neighsay's badge and threw it in the lake, to the surprise and delight of everyone watching him. "And I've got two words to say to you: I...quit! I have a new place to work now."

"Is this your choice? To work at this place with those...things?!" Neighsay asked angrily, motioning to the creatures.

"I'm afraid so." Parzival replied before he said smugly, "And one more thing, once you get back, tell Mr. Waddles there that this school has an opening for him, too."

"Fine!" Neighsay snapped and then he attempted to jump back into the portal he came out of.

"Hey, Neighsnay!" Phobos called out.

"It's 'Neighsay'!" Neighsay shouted angrily.

"Whatever. Before you go, Nibble, Colbalt and I picked up a little goodbye gift for you." Then he held up a small box.

"Phobos, what are you doing?" Nyx asked in confusion.

"Surprise!" Phobos shouted as he threw off the lid, revealing what was inside the box... a puckwudgie.

"What the?!" Neighsay yelped in alarm.

The puckwudgie snarled and suddenly pounced onto the Chancellor's face! The little creature started scratching him relentlessly. Everypony and creature was shocked.

"Agh! Get it off me!" Neighsay shouted as he struggled with the puckwudgie.

"Did you know about this?" Twilight asked Ben.

"I didn't." Ben replied as he shook his head.

Then Neighsay suddenly tripped backwards and fell right into the portal, which vanished in a wash of blue flame. The students are quite vocal in their joy at his exit, but the elders are much more pensive about the way this showdown has ended.

"See you never again, Neighsay!" Phobos said tauntingly.

"You will also be pleased to be informed that I also overruled the EEA's unaccrediting of the school because of the authority school rules approved by myself and Celestia." Yuko said with a chuckle.

"Well, thanks for the help, Yuko." Twilight said with a proud grin.

"You should thank Benny Whinny for bringing it to my attention."


Yuko chuckled as she spoke, "I believe this is your show, Head Mare Sparkle."

"Hmph! How's this school gonna be any different from last time?" Gruff asked grumpily.

Twilight tipped him a smiling wink as Nyx happily spoke, "Cue the happy musical number!"

Then the doors to the school swuing open to admit the students and faculty as Twilight began to sing.

Twilight: This brand-new School of Friendship is home to everyone

(Ocellus, carrying a box of books, sang before she was spooked into dropping them when Gallus held the entrance hall's bust of Flash Magnus toward her.)

Ocellus: We're learning how to trust

(Both laughed over the prank with a few other students.)

Gallus: We're here to all have fun

(Rarity looped the ends of Yona's braids behind hers ears with her magic and secured them with bows as she sang.)

Rarity: With friendship ties that bind us

(Yona laid a big-league hug on her. Applejack and Rainbow raised apple cider mugs for a toast as a stallion chugged his down.)

Applejack: Tighter than the strongest bonds

(Fluttershy drew Twilight and Starlight together so they could join hooves.)

Fluttershy: We're hoof in hoof

(A chain quickly formed: Yona to Smolder to Sandbar to Silverstream to Twilight.)

All: In hand in hoof in wing or even claw

(A circle was formed in the hall, consisting of the following: The Mane Six, the Stallion Six, Spike, Barbara, Nyx, Phobos, Zygon, the Student Six, Megan, Carrie, Angie, Pearjack, Crashfire, Snowcrystal, Nibble and Cobalt. The next day, Gallus flew towards the school, emerging in its courtyard and zeroing in on his six new friends, happily waving to them. Twilight watched from an upper-story window as she sang.)

Twilight: There's a griffon in the garden

(She, Ben, Soarin, Rainbow, Spike and Barbara pass Silverstream talking with Seaspray.)

Rainbow: Hippogriffs hang in the hall

(Sandbar, Yona, and a filly barrel past, followed Smolder on the wing.)

Spike: And the door will be open to all creatures great and small

(Pinkie straightens up into view strumming a mandolin with a harmonica on an attached holder; a tuba coils around her midsection. Zoom out to frame her, the students, and three adult yaks in a gaily decorated classroom under a rain of confetti.)

Pinkie: And a yak or two or three

Yaks: Sing in perfect harmony

(Out in the hall, Fluttershy and Starlight walk past only to encounter a duplicate of the pegasus with Angel riding on her back.)

Starlight: That might have been a changeling

Fluttershy with Angel: But it kinda looks like me

(The bunny rubs his eyes in disbelief at the carbon copy—doubtless Ocellus in disguise—before the bough of an apple tree floats past the camera. Behind it, wipe to a barn-like workshop equipped with plenty of tables and tools, as well as a blackboard for teaching purposes. A fully loaded tree is rooted in the center of the floor. Applejack is leading the group in a wood shop class; Ocellus is herself again now.)

All: This School of Friendship is for all of us

(Yona climbs up on a countertop, puts her back to the others, and lets herself topple so they can catch her.)

A place where we belong, where we all learn to share and trust

(An opulently appointed room, not too far off from the theme of the Carousel Boutique, with a raised platform at its center. Clothing design sketches and racks of fabric bolts line the walls around the blackboard, and a pony-shaped mannequin in a badly charred dress stands alongside a very nervous Smolder. Rarity and the rest of her students laugh at the result of the dragon's wayward fire breath, and she comes to smile in time.)

The only rule here is to find your way

(She hefts a red kickball and takes flight confidently, the background behind her changing to a large gymnasium. A toss to Sandbar, who heads it up to a hovering Gallus so he can pitch it through a hoop; a pegasus tries and fails to block the shot. Rainbow flies up, wearing a cap and whistle and carrying a clipboard, and gives them a beaming nod.)

And friendship always wins at the end of the day

(Gallus circles down and surprises Sandbar and Smolder by pulling them both into a hug. They laugh at his change of attitude as Silverstream and other students gather around. Fade to black, against which a spotlight beam flicks on to frame Twilight holding a book as she sang.)

Twilight: Some things you just can't teach with books

(She floats it away; cut to a slow pan across her audience, all intently reading sheets of notes.)

Some things you only know

So trust your heart and let us lead

(Her horn fired up and a brilliant corona surrounded her as the camera zooms out. This lecture hall is filled with bookshelves, rows of padded amphitheater seats, and scientific equipment that includes model planets suspended from the ceiling. She stands facing the class on a small stage backed by a wall-mounted blackboard.)

And your friendship's sure to grow

(In another room, Fluttershy held a puckwudgie into view, unsettling Ocellus, Silverstream and Smolder considerably.)

Students: And once we master kindness

(She and all the students are in an outdoor classroom framed by a ring of trees whose branches have grown together to form natural arches. Animal toys and care supplies are laid around the perimeter. Ocellus breaks the tension by turning into a mouse.)

We will spread it 'cross this land

(Silverstream swooped past in the fore and away from the camera, the view behind her shifting to a tilt up to the peak of the tower she and her friends ruined. It has been fully rebuilt, and Gallus does a final bit of polishing as Silverstream plants the flag she carries, emblazoned with the school crest.)

All: And give the gift that's ours to share

(Twilight, Ben, Starlight, Celestia, Yoko, Megan and the other realms' elders observe from ground level.)

So others understand

(Copies of Twilight's backbreaker of a school rulebook tumble down past the camera; behind them, wipe to Starlight at the front of her own classroom—the most conventionally furnished of the lot. She paces with a book in her aura and is pleased to see one student after another raise a hoof—including an animated Angel and an excited Nyx and Phobos.)

All: This School of Friendship is for all of us

A place where we belong, where we all learn to share and trust

(Sandbar, Carrie and the five out-of-towners marvel over something they have found in a book. Rainbow, now without her cap/whistle/clipboard, and Gallus hoist a plank past the camera; behind them, wipe to a meadow in front of the school as they set it in place on two supports for a bench on a platform. Spike holds a copy of the crest upright in front.)

The only rule here is to find your way

(Students and teachers quickly form up in three rows, the rearmost on the bench.)

And friendship always wins at the end of the day

(The lens of a 'bellows' camera extends toward them; cut to Photo Finish behind it as she snapped a picture. The flashbulb glare subsided to yield a class photo in a wooden frame.)

"Now that was better!" Nyx exclaimed happily and proudly.

Ember was staring at the class photo as she was gripping it before she lowered it as she groaned loudly, "Fine!" She held her hands to her ears as she whined, "If you promise to stop singing, Smolder, Nibble and Barbara can stay!"

"Wahoo!" Smolder whooped.

"All right!" Nibble cheered.

"Yay!" Barbara cheered.

Rutherford grumbled a bit before he clapped Yona on the back as he said with a smile, "If dragon stay, yak stay." Yona looked up at him with a grin at this.

Thorax rubbed Ocellus's head as he said to her with a smile, "I know you will make the changelings proud, Ocellus." He turned to Cobalt as he said, "You too, Cobalt."

Seaspray turned to Silverstream as he said, "You belong here." This caused her to give him an energetic hug. "Now, can you show me those stair things you mentioned?"

Laughing excitedly, Silverstream replied, "Oh, yeah!" Then she whisked him away to take him to the stairs.

Gallus's self-satisfaction evaporated the instant he glanced skyward while Gruff flew in, as he said grumpily, "What? You belong at home! You think I care if you've made friends?"

"Pleeeease, Grandpa Gruff?" Gallus asked.

The curmudgeon flicked his eyes toward the ground and is stunned to find Gallus giving him both barrels of the 'big sad soulful eyes' treatment, with talons clasped beseechingly under his chin and a whimper thrown in for good measure.

"All right, all right! Stop doing that!"

His mission accomplished, Gallus turned away with an ecstatic grin and raced back toward the doors.

"Carrie? You don't need to give me cute eyes. You can stay." Megan said, hugging her niece. "I know you will do your family proud like how we did long ago."

"Thank you, Aunt Megan!" Carrie exclaimed happily as she hugged back. Then she ran off towards the doors, which Twilight held open as a cheering, laughing tide of future friendship scholars stampeded into the halls of learning, and Starlight stopped on the threshold to address her.

"Guess I make a pretty good guidance counselor, huh?" Starlight asked with a smile.

"Yes! Writing the rulebook was the most fun ever!" Twilight replied happily before she paced away from her a bit as she continued, "I can't wait to start working on the new lesson plans!" Applejack cleared her throat, snapping the princess back from reality, making her grin sheepishly and scratch the back of her neck as the other five mares stepped up with Barbara, the Stallion Six, Nyx, Phobos and Megan. "With some help from my friends."

"May as well, because we got an eighth season to go through here." Pinkie explained happily to her friends.

"Pinkie! You're so random!" Rainbow laughs with the others.

"Anypony still worried about Neighsay?" Nyx asked.

"Who cares?" Nibbles said, "That jerk won't bother us."

"Doubt it. He might be coming back for revenge soon." Phobos said in concern.

"Look, unless he got a major role later in the season, we got nothing to worry about." Nyx said calmly to the others.

"Yeah. Until then, let's just enjoy our school." Twilight said happily.

And so, Twilight let everyone into the school. The School of Friendship has truly begun. Students will learn, and teachers will teach.

And now you know....the rest of the story!


Neighsay and Greenstone were at their home, the former's face all scratched and bruised from the puckwudgie that had attacked him. Right now, he was fuming at a class photo of Twilight's new school.

"I can't believe it, Dad!" Greenstone complained, "It was bad enough your shutdown order was revoked by a witch, that your medallion was torn and thrown away by that traitor Parzival who joined those mudbloods, and that you were humiliated by Nightmare Mudblood's pet Moon Dragon! But on the bright side, at least you still got to keep your job as head of the EEA."

"That isn't important right now, son!" Neighsay snarled in rage, "This is the last straw!"

Then the still-current head of the EEA glared at the class photo in rage. "Mark my words, Twilight Sparkle." Neighsay said darkly, "I will be back soon. And when I return, I will find a way to shut your school down. And you will pay for what you have done!"

"And I'm with you on this, Dad!" Greenstone agreed angrily, "Everyone supporting her will pay! We'll do anything to get rid of ALL those other kinds who dare to befriend the ponies!"

Just then, Neighsay got an idea as he said, "Greenstone, are you pondering what I'm pondering?"

"I think so, Dad, but what spell do I have to learn if I want to learn to kill Twilight and her dumb friends?" Greenstone asked.

"No, Greenstone." Neighsay said, "I have something even better in mind. It may be bad for Equestria by the views of many, but it will have to be done for the sake of world peace, and bring an end to other species. When the time is right, we will be ready to unleash our secret plan, and Twilight Sparkle and her family... will be history!"

"Oh, wait! I have something better!" Greenstone exclaimed, "And I know just the pony who can help us in our time of need."

Then he levitated a photo and gave a sinister snicker. In the photo was a little Pegasus filly with pinkish gray fur color, rolled up style mane and tail that was pale, light arctic bluish gray. She had a light tan-yellow ribbon tied around her mane and on her tail. On her flank was a chess piece rook as her Cutie Mark.

"Hm... interesting." Neighsay said in interest before he nodded his head.

Then his son took out a quill and ink and began writing a letter. "'Dear Cozy...'" Greenstone said as he started.

While he was writing, his eyes glowed green and his shadow forming eyes that glowed green also. Greenstone is loving what he and his father have in mind, as long as it will mean getting rid of Twilight and her friends forever.

The End

Cast list
Tara Strong: Twilight Sparkle, Barbara the Dragon
Jason Marsden: Ben Valorheart
Andrea Libman: Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie
Ashleigh Ball: Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pearjack
Tabitha St. Germain: Rarity
Kelly Sheridan: Starlight Glimmer
Cathy Weseluck: Spike the Dragon
Daveigh Chase: Nyx
Chris Sanders: Phobos the Moon Dragon
Kath Soucie: Megan Richards
Frankie Muntz: Nibble
Johnny Young Bosch: Zygon the Dragon
Janyse Jaud: Angie Orange
Greg Ayers: Crashfire
Kate Higgins: Snowcrystal
Gavin Langelo: Gallus
Lauren Jackson: Silverstream
Shannon Chan-Kent: Smolder
Vincent Tong: Sandbar
Katrina Salisbury: Yona
James Arnold Taylor: Cobalt
Emily Bauer: Carrie Anderson
Nicole Oliver: Princess Celestia
Kyle Rideout: Thorax
Garry Chalk: Prince Rutherford
Ali Milner: Ember
Richard Cox: Grandpa Gruff
Devyn Dalton: Ocellus
Christopher Gaze: Seaspray
Rob Paulsen: Parzival
Colleen Clinkenbeard: Yuko the Black Witch
Maurice LaMarche: Neighsay
Tom Felton: Greenstone
Ben Valorheart
I hope you don't mind if I take from both deviations and combine them for almost a complete info, JusSonic and VISION-KING . ;)

Name: Ben Valorheart ‘The Triforce Destine Hero’

Voice Actor: Jason Marsden

Appearance: A light brown Earth stallion with tan dark gold color mane & tail, emerald color eyes. Appears physically well fit, built, & looks quite handsome. On his flank is a three golden triangle pattern forming a large triangle, symbolizing it as his Cutie Mark & for what his true talent lies in.

Personality: A brave, caring, compassionate pony who thinks of others.

Backstory: The boyfriend and true love of Twilight Sparkle (and later on, adopted father of Nyx), he is Princess Celestia's adopted son who disappeared for a while after a mean prank by his childhood rival Boris. He is now living in the library with Twilight Sparkle and Nyx, before it was destroyed by Tirek, and then they are living in the Friendship Rainbow Castle.

Transformed Appearance: Ben Valorheart still appears to be an Earth pony stallion with his same Cutie Mark, but with lighter brown color for his coat, his mane & tail gain a golden & yellow mix color line, and his emerald eyes are a bit more lighter. The only other extra thing different would be that the TriForce it’s self is glowing extra brighter, as a sign that Ben Valorheart has awaken it’s deep slumber state before he transformed.

SKILL STATUS: While in this transformed state of an element, the user gains a form that will be nearly related to being a Mystic Pony, which means in gaining many abilities they have as powerful beings. As such, the user's body are enhanced farther then ever before. Having things for example for Attribute Enhancements: Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed, Flight, Enhanced Endurance, Enhanced Athleticism, Enhanced Agility, Enhance Durability, Enhanced Reflexes, Enhanced Flexibility, Enhanced Balance, Enhanced Dexterity, Enhanced Stamina, Enhanced Marksmanship, Enhanced Senses; (Enhanced Vision, Enhanced Hearing, Enhanced Smell, Enhanced Taste), Enhanced Intelligence, Enhanced Combat, Weapon Improvisation, Magical Enhanced Physiology, & so much more. For each different user, they either acquire few, some or all, but it verifies to their character & action performance.

-Magically Enhanced Physiology: Users of the power are empowered by magical energies, forces, items or beings.

-Powers Via Object: User gaining access to an Element that grants them supernatural powers.

ABILITIES: Much of the powers of the Triforce of Wisdom, Courage, and Power, begin to awaken their full extent when as one. While the three each give something on their own to the user, legends say when one holds all three, they could change the world. Not only that, but since he's a Descendant of Epona, Link's Horse Companion, he's awakened a bloodline that hased unlock more physical strength, skill, and magic to where he's now about even stronger then being his current Earth Stallion self. And once Ben Valorheart has awaken his Element Evolution form, he’ll gain the abilities from which makes him three times as strong from three combined elements as one. 

WEAPONRY/OBJECT ITEMS: From Ben’s Triforce, he can summon objects that were linked to it and the Hero of Time, by concentrating, he can summon them and make them vanish by his will.

-The Master Sword: A double-edged longsword with a ricasso and no fuller shape, with a purple grip and blue guard. Interesting enough, the Triforce mark can be seen engraved in the lower part of the blade and a yellow gemstone is embedded in the crossguard.

Note: The sword was said to have more power than just cutting off any evil, henceforth, it's known as the Blade of Evil's Bane. It's mentioned that perhaps it hasn't fully awakened, the gem in the crossguard is still dark and the guard is still retracted towards the grip. Ben managed to call it forth in the first form, & when he restores the blade to full power, the crossguard will regain its winged form and the gem gain it's more yellow color. So it's noted that the Master Sword Ben Valorheart is able to wield, is but the first form that hasn't awaken yet to display its fullest of powers, however, time will tell when that comes of age when it's needed.

-The Hylian Shield: An adult-sized metal heater shield of silver outlines and inner blue surface, it bears the emblem of the Triforce in it's golden coloring as well that of a red bird below the Triforce. Used by knights of old & the Hero of Time himself, but over the courses, the shield may possess more than the strongest & unbreakable shield of such durability, but gain a trait to block fire, electricity, even curse attacks. And to have the ability of the Mirror Shield to deflect sunlight, magic & attacks.

-The Hero’s Bow: A bow object with some gray silver bottom and top in the middle and decorative bottom and top edges with a string attached. It can create unlimited enchanted arrows, with that, the user can fire arrows of FireIce, and even Light arrows. And the last one, the Light Arrows, are said to smite evil with the light of justice, a few average creatures of darkness would instantly be defeated by those while giving harm to the stronger ones. Ben has learn he can now gain access to using the bow to fire off some arrows of a different element to serve him, even one to cause the most hurt on evil creatures.

-Ocarina Of Time: A light-tan blue ocarina with seven holes & around it's base hold…was a gray band with the symbol mark of the golden Triforce.

Note: A sacred instrument secretly passed down for generations within the Royal Family of Hyrule, kept it safe from those that would exploit its power to cause others harm. This treasured heirloom of the Royal Family was only given to the one who will open the Door Of Time to retrieve the Master Sword and that person was…the Hero of Time; Link. Through the Triforce of Wisdom, Ben has lean red the knowledge to which he learns to play the ocarina & the songs. Songs one can use to solve puzzles, affect the weather, communication, calling allies, warping to certain locations around Equestria, healing tormented souls, awakening those from deep slumber, makes listeners fall asleep, invigorates singing voices, create a replica, slow down or fast forward time, & other song melodies that were so overwhelming.

-The Golden Gauntlets: Metallic gloves that are brown, but had a golden metal plate on the front & with a red triangle in the bottom center of the hoof. To Ben’s mind, the red triangle seem to almost remind him…of the Triforce of Power, and what he felt from these gloves are like the behemoths of strength-inducing objects. When worn, they grant Ben immense strength, that’s what allows him to lift something like dark rock pillars so easily, even when one would weigh several tons, and then throw them away. Ben could probably even lift & throw the normal gray stone pillars too.

-The Megaton Hammer: It looks like a steel war-hammer that is gray, very smooth silver structure and a brown handle at the bottom.

Note: Forged out of the finest steel available, was once a mighty hammer once wielded by the Hero of the Gorons to slay an evil dragon named Volvagia living in their volcanic mountain. That dragon was very scary because it ate Gorons. This hammer seems like it can be used in the same fashion as Ben's sword, like he can excite swings & jump them to attack. My need both Ben's hooves to brandish it. It’s power in it’s primary field seem like the use against knocking away certain statues that impede progress, flipping over certain enemies & destroying certain types of boulders. It has quite a bit of power to do some interesting things. Ben can use it for about the same purpose bombs are used for, like uncovering entrances & such to damage enemies. This weapon was once used by the Hero of Time, & that’s why Ben's Triforce brought it out when it felt he was strong enough to lift it. Ben once thought up a theory about how he finally gain this, the Megaton Hammer seems like it would be very heavy, might be slow with it’s reach being short, but it’s power & toughness far exceeds that of any normal sword, giving more offensive boost. Ben may need the Golden Gauntlets to help him balance out to wield this weapon with better ease to not be given the disadvantage.

-Gale Boomerang: It’s appearance was a boomerang with wing feather edges and a bronze custard bottom edge & mid sections styled for combat & a turquoise diamond center piece. Like any boomerang, it’s use for both combat & puzzle solving, is useful to stun enemies, although a single hit will kill frail enemies, however, it’s more commonly used to retrieve items that are out of Ben’s reach or to solve puzzles. It’s a special boomerang that’s magical, allows Ben to summon small gales in order to attack or retrieve objects. Can be used to transport objects from one area to another, solve puzzles, & put out torches. As it is magical, it will fly twice as far when thrown, and it will have a longer reach & speed out of Ben’s hoof faster. The biggest difference is the mini-tornado that is produced when the Boomerang is launched. Ben focuses his option to lock onto up to five targets. Note: Ben awakened this weapon after some training with Chase to hone in his Tiger & Aura Instincts which later Courage & Wisdom granted him this item.

-Clawshots: They are a pair of interchangeable steel claw shots that function together inside bronze & golden gauntlet containers, like grasping talons for anyone that sees them on first sight. Enables Ben to grapple onto two targets by hanging off one & using the second Clawshot to grapple another target. Commonly used to grapple far away objects so that Ben can reach previously inaccessible areas, and attack enemies. In most cases, attacking the enemy with this will only stun them if the three claws stay in a close single point of contact, but some weaker enemies will die when hit with this. And when opened will use it’s three claws to grab things to pull them closer to Ben or pull Ben to them (be it object or enemy). If Ben is in a hanging position, he can raise or lower himself, allowing him to fire the other Clawshot from a better angle. It has been magical constructed to latch onto any surface made of wood, including trees, bridges, rooftops & rafters, as well as designated targets & climbable surfaces. Even to attach in grasping objects like a typical form of grating or vines, the ability to cling to grates & use the second Clawshot to reach other areas, and the ability to move up and down along the Clawshot’s chain is also useful (and from the right weight amount, can lift up a heavy object while Ben is using something on him to pull himself downward). With a longer chain in both Clawshots, allows Ben to reach areas & items that are out of reach, even enemies further away. Note: Ben awakened this weapon after some training with Chase to hone in his Tiger & Aura Instincts which Wisdom & Power granted him this weapon balance of many usage.

-Special Kokiri Boots: These appear as simple brown leather boots, acting as foot or hoof protectors for the wear. In truth, these are said to have been the main footwear for link, but are now split into a four instead of two for a pony stallion then a two-foot elf. (Note: Ben awakened this unique ability from his practice training with Flash Sentry. It’s also noted that since Ben Valorheart has connections with Epona who was Link’s riding stallion, that he received specially crafted boots of the elf friend that holds all the other boot-wears the Hero of Time wore.)

*Special Ability: What makes these boots special is that unlike in the past, the Hero of Time; Link, could switch to wear different boots he acquired in his adventures. This new day of age is different, many of the different boot crafts are all magically merge to be instantly used during Ben’s choice. Course while the boots can do some parts of any feats, Ben can summoned or switch to gain the full effect of the boots he wants per his choice. The boot list are these: 

*Iron Boots*: Iron clad silver, tan-yellow bronze style boots. Although they do not seem like very intuitive item, they have a variety of uses, as they can make Ben extremely heavy, enabling him to walk along lake bottoms (provided he magically cast a spell to breath underwater), force his way through tough wind currents, hurt enemies &, walk along walls & ceilings using magnetic forces (if there is a magnetic surface). Course however, the boots impede movement on land, but from training, can help Ben out, especially when using one’s own weight to throw around to hurt enemies (and causing massive damage when used with the Megaton Hammer). 

*Hover Boots*: What looks like brown leather boots, actually have been fitted with gold work & features small, decorative wings on the heels, similar to the sandals of Hermes, the Greek messaged god. This allow Ben to hover across gaps, to let the stallion walk on thin air & hover over water. Thereby letting him cross otherwise impassible pitfalls. Once equip, they seemingly deny friction & provide little traction, making running quite a task. Any wind magic performance techniques will blow Ben easily when he has these boots equip only. The boots reduce Ben’s weight, which they can prevent Ben from sinking into quicksands, weight-sensitive platforms and, in rare cases, allows him to foil certain pressure-sensitive traps. Note: These boots are said to look like the Pegasus Boots.

*Pegasus Boots*: What looks like brown leather boots, actually have been fitted with silver work & features small, along the decorative wings on the heels, they are similar to the sandals of Hermes, the Greek messaged god. These allow Ben to dash at high speeds, the increased speed allows the wear to bash into various objects like trees in order to knock out their contents, and greater speed can be to jump distances. Why Ben can even run across dangerous ground, like quicksand. So along with dashing at incredible speeds, one can even perform ‘Dash Attacks’: A result in a headlong forward cash, with a sword drawn & held out in front, ready to skewer foes in Ben’s path. Note: It was said this item was lost & replaced with the Hover Boots, but from acquiring a fast pegasus feather to the boots magically reactive them to make the wear have the fast speed of the fastest pegasus in Equestria, or be even faster.

-Hawkeye Mask: An object shaped like the face of a hawk mask of bronze, silver and gold color designs. It acts like a pair of binoculars when used by itself, but when in conjunction with the Hero’s Bow, the Hawkeye acts as a scope, turning the Bow into a potent & long-ranged sniping weapon. The combined bow/Hawkeye is effective at targeting & dispatching enemies, even some type of archers mounted atop towers, and is very useful when Ben has to protect Ponyville from the top of a building to take careful aim. (Note: Ben awakened this unique ability from his practice training with Flash Sentry.)

-Mogma Mitts:
 They appear as tan white gloves with brown leather under the palm, gray patch work around the entry edge, & tan dark emerald & orange pattern line symbols on the front white part. And around the base looks like a steel shovel on the four finger area and a thumb of the same design. This item has the potential to dig through dirt, they can almost act like a shovel to allow the wielder to find treasures buried in the ground. And even greater skill is they allow one to burrow underground through patches of soft sand and/or soil to access underground tunnels. While digging underground, Ben can break rocks, set off bombs, and hit switches. (Note: It seem Ben uncover this ability during a day he needed to dig the dirt or dig deeper, and his Triforce answered his call and gave him such a gift. May appear in Total Drama Equestria, unsure at this point?)

-Razor Sword: A double bladed sword, crafted to appear like a heavy front and a lightweight back and three blade connectors to look like a Swiss army knife blade, as the base is bronze with gray likening work. It offers increased range which is considerably longer reach, and double the strength (maybe almost giving his attack to go up to 125% while his defense stays the same). Ben awakens this new weapon when he battles Halon Blade, the Wielder of the Element Of Swords. Also, like the Master Sword, it too has a final form when unlocked to reach further, the Gilded Sword, but that won’t happen until Ben has achieve his Elemental Form.

-Lens Of Truth: It looks like a magnifier that is violet color, gold base bottom & three red spikes off the top. And the lens is crystal clear, except for what looks like a red diamond shape eye in the center, making it look like the lens is an eye. This magical lens crafted by the Sheikah can allow one to see through any illusion, such as hidden doors, pits & other things: like objects that are fake, invisible ladders, platforms, enemies & ghost. It may also be used to ascertain the contents of any large treasure chest before opening it, thus allowing one to avoid trapped chests. The artifact is referred to as the ‘eye of truth’ that detects illusions & invisible objects. Ben finally awakens this item, which is the key to help expose illusions and hidden enemies (even Shadow Dragon disguise as Chase The Warrior fears Ben gaining this item, for it would expose him as a Dark Mystic, and would need to take measures to help keep the truth from being revealed), it happened during (NOTE: DUE APPEARANCE HAS NOT OCCURED YET OR WHAT EVENT IT PLAYS OUT?).

* Additional Things: These are those that Ben has received by those outside the Triforce or related to Link, the Hero of Time. Items and/or weapons of a different purpose.

-Triforce Hidden Blades of Truth: The ancient yet modernized Hidden Blade, with the symbol of golden Triforce Elements: with three symbols on each triangles: Red Sun, Nay Crescent and Golden Triskal Yin-Yang. Given to Ben by a spiritual version of Mystic Avatar, he can magically call upon it on his left hoof. They'll make a hidden blade come out, and with a good thrust jab, will help in defeating an enemy in one blow in contact to their body.


TECHNIQUES: The moves the user has slowly been developing, and will be enhanced or improvised once gone under the transformation.

*Magical Moves:

-Triforce: Tri-Reversal: Ben's Cutie Mark glows and then in front of the stallion will be a golden line in the shape of a triangle pyramid with the point facing against the attacker. The attack the enemy unleashed will slowly start to shrink and its power being contained by Ben's spell. Once contained in the golden magical line form of the triangle, any attack will be trapped inside. The spell even changes all enemy's attacks into it's own power by changing it into a bright yellow sphere. Then wit the use of the Cutie Mark TriForce, Ben can have the golden ray of light become brighter once firing the contain attack towards the direction of it's old user.

-TriForce-Charge Strike: By glowing a bright golden aura around his body and surrounding himself by floating triangle forms, can the stallion help owe himself up. When running, his Triforce Mark glows more and his speed will increase infinitely well. That the speed will happen in a blink of an eye, that the stallion will have charged himself to impact on any foe he tackles. The sudden impact will end up causing a 'sonic boom' air wave effect that scatters across, even from afar, a few big and loud explosive force would be seen from the user of this charge tackle. Ben can also perform this move with his Master Sword, doubling the effect of the attack.

-Four Sword Mode: A unique power in which Ben's sword unleashes the power of another blade; The Four Sword. Giving him the power to create three identical copies of Ben's soul, resulting in three identical copies of himself. The action is done by Ben holding the Master Sword up, then creating a Triforce symbol on the ground with him in the center, and after announcing this move, the three triangle spots glow to have three replicas of Ben emerge that wield the Four Sword. The only difference between these replicas is the color of their fur coats, Brown is the original Ben Valorheart, Green Ben is Ben who is representing Courage, Red Ben is Ben representing Power, and Blue Ben is Ben representing Wisdom, they might behave differently then the original, but they all work together for the same common goal to defeat evil. As far as going with each of their Personalities: while the original Ben who's Brown can be Aggressive with his usual behavioral traits, Green Ben is Optimistic which fits for his Courage & Determination, Red Ben is Short-Tempered & Overconfident which fits his Power & Gutsy Attitude, & Blue Ben is Calm & Self-Possessed which fits his Wisdom & Smarts, to which they each are one in the same Ben Valorheart. When in formation, the four generally stay close to one another and attack in unison. There are four different formations. The first is the box where the four are arranged side to side, back to back. Closely related are the long and wide formations, where everyone is located side to side in a single line. The diamond formation is done when all four are lined up back to back facing away from each other, and is useful for when surrounded. Finally there is one unnamed formation where one is in the front attacking, while the others merely follow in his footsteps. The four Ben ponies each have the power to repel evil, life curses, seals away evil, even work together to fire a 'Quadruple' Sword Beam type attack, that's four times stronger that will be four times as hard to block & stop and four times the inflicted damage on targets. Noted Fact: Ben obtains this secret ability from....(Noted Fact: After Defeating Majora's Mask with the aid of Shadow Link's final effort of redeeming himself, as he began to fad away, he bestowed upon Ben Valorheart the ability of where his sword in hoof, would function like the Four Swords, thereby turning one into four.)

-TriForce Aura Forms: A special ability that Ben learns to awaken suddenly that gives him an aura color of the type over his body. But also from this comes a little addition, Ben’s mane & tail turn into a color theme base around the mode he’s in. As another stunning feat, it turns out this maybe a related stage mode of transformation that connects to Mystic Ponies going in their ’Super’, ‘Hyper’, ’Supreme’ & ‘Ultimate’ Forms with the ‘Mega’ already is a class dub as Element Evolution. Even without his Element Form, Ben has learn about his newfound ability to which while it maybe related to Mystic Evolution, he has a different name & use for what he’s unlock to fit in the Equestrian style era. (This is to relate with nigel's form change modes for Ben. Site Link:… )

*Bronze Mode: This mode gives Ben’s mane & tail a tan orange color during the matter of staying in this mode. As shocking as it may sound, when Ben is this stage of letting his magic aura cover him, he becomes stronger than Mystic Ponies, as well as increasing his strength & powers. It’s the first sighting of where Ben is capable of performing super level of Mystic Ponies caliber under a different name by Equestrian standards from those of the Mystic Realm. First Awakening After Facing Whisper, but had hard times controlling, and later on got the hang of it when he was under training by Ultra Magnum.

*Silver Mode: This mode gives Ben’s mane & tail a silver color during the matter of staying in this mode. From this he goes over the Bronze Mode to where his power and strength gets a power up. It’s a case where it’s a second level, yet stronger then what is judge from his last form being like Super Mystic Form. First Awakening After Facing The Hole, when he fought the inner core foe from within the belly of the black hole.

*Gold Mode: This mode gives Ben’s mane & tail a gold color during the matter of staying in this mode. From this his powers increase and are strength then he was from Silver Mode. As judge to be stated, this form is more powerful & by near supreme level of what would have been related as two Mystic Evolution Forms. First Awakening (Pre-Equestria Universe - After Facing against Shadow Dragon & Dark Ben during a Mystic Showdown (nigel's story: Dark Triforce Awakening - chapter 9) Current-Equestria Universe - Fighting to defeat Black Unity while saving her life by removing the dark corruption inside her.

*Shining Mode: This mode gives Ben’s mane & tail gold & silver color mix style during the matter of staying in this mode. From here this allows him to be more powerful, stronger & be as ultimate than from Gold Mode. It’s been said it’s appearance & abilities that Ben has achieve thus far with this knew ability he’s dubbed, could be link to being second highest powerful evolution in Mystic Evolution by Mystic Ponies standards. First Awakening After Facing Battling & Over coming Shadow Ben before the final battle against The Superior.

*Weapons Moves: The Master Sword

-Sword Beam: Ben will charge his sword weapon after positioning himself, then move to slash his sword outwards that unleashes a crescent beam wave similar to a sword. The attack is very strong depending on how long a charge Ben holds it, he can even fire off a few strikes to hit targets close or even mid or far off spots.

-Triforce Slash: Ben's Triforce mark on his body will glow in showing the symbol, as his entire body will glow with a powerful aura. Then without warning, a ray of light will stun an opponent that will be horizontally in front of Ben. The trapped opponent will notice two images of the Triforce, and by then Ben will dash at the stun opponent by the beam he unleashed before striking the trapped target with a fury of slashes for an immense amount of damage. Then Ben pauses to charge a final blow while giving a mighty battle cry, deliver a one strike to launch his target off from enough power to about KO'd the opponent.

-Triforce X-Strike: Like the Triforce Slash technique, but with a new twist. Ben's Triforce mark on his body glows in showing the symbol, and his entire body glows with a powerful aura. And at that same time, Ben wields both the Master Sword & a second sword (either loan by an ally or another sword he can magically summon), both blades admit a stronger white & golden light. Ben then crosses them across his chest, then he dashes like rivaling the speed of light, and delivers an 'X' slash motion across the target with both blades facing the open direction. The damage inflicted is about double the power to be severely immense even for those with strong defense & are strong fights (just about ranking with those that are stronger then average opponents).

-Swords Spin Force: A move Ben created in using two swords he owns, the Master Sword & Razor Edge. Ben shall hold his swords in a cross against his chest, and begin to spin in taking the form of a cyclone form. What this ends up doing is increasing Ben’s attack power followed by his speed, and his fighting spirit to go greatly on the offensive with an even sharpen form to attack. And then in a tiny flash, both swords will fire off Sword Beams that catches the opponent off guard to deal with two sets of damage, but is left defenseless against the third strike where Ben dashes to cross-slash his opponent with two swords close together to make like a single big blade to deliver extra damage count. First Performed: After Shadow Dragon’s secret of being Chase & destroying the Mystic Shield happened, Ben felt like he couldn’t believe a lie someone he believed in, and as the two fought, Ben got a sudden boost of fighting spirit and delivered a strong critical blow on Shadow Dragon before he decided to leave in knowing his objective was completed.

-Four Swords Cross: After going into Four Sword Mode, Ben and his three other selves, can perform a perfect combo move where they each strike in a vertical & horizontal strike with their swords. Their strikes will glow off like a mark of a star symbol or a 't' shape, but more or less that of a cross. The quadrople effort makes the attack be four times as damaging onto any target, inflicting a vast amounts of injury even to a strong opponent rank near Ultimate Warrior Class.

-Four Sword Strikes: Once in Four Sword Mode, Ben and his other selves can perform a Sword Beam technique all at once. But once they do, they unleash it at the same time, as they conjoin together to create an even more powerfully wide beam sword that can strike and inflict so much enormous damage steps to even bring down a giant. Even those from Mystics & Dark Mystics would need to trend carefully when facing such a powerful move.

*Weapon Moves: Hylian Shield

-Mirror Shield Force: Ben performs his Hylian Shield's special ability from what the Hero of Time; Link once wielded, the Mirror Force Shield. This move lets Ben absorb a large amount of magic thrown at him by an adversary. Once's it's fully charge, will allow him to fire back a blast beam from the front of the shield to injury and daze the target. It's absorption of magic can be from Fire, Ice, Electricity, Light or Darkness, anything that isn't a solid matter and more a source of magic and energy can be stopped and once charged, repel back nearly twice to triple the power.

*Weapon Moves: Hero’s Bow

-Fire Arrow: Fires arrows of magical fire abilities to lit up places or burn targets.

-Ice Arrows: Fires arrows of magical ice abilities to freeze targets or objects.

-Light Arrow: Fires arrows of magical light to pierce ice & hurt creatures of the dark.

-Bomb Arrow: Fires arrows that act like explosives that an impact on the target will blow it up. The more blows with this, the greater damage & breaking even hard defenses.

*Rapid Lock-on Mode: Ben uses the Hawkeye Mask with the Hero's Bow to perform an ability of locking onto multiple targets or readjusting his targeting to find a fast moving target. Then once locked on, will fire off almost a dozen shots a round, either by one type for effect, or all arrow types to cause different damage works.

*Weapon Moves: Megaton Hammer

-Megaton Quaker: Ben uses the Megaton Hammer to hit the ground with all he's got, creating a seismic quake that unleashes a shockwave pulse burst attack. This allows him to attack all nearby enemies that surround him & shatter nearby rubble if made of Earth boulder or Ice blocks. When he uses his Golden Gauntlets, he'll increase the strength of the attack by triple the capacity to break through iron material objects.


Fairy Allies: They are glowing sphere creatures that leave magical pixie trail and having fairy wings off their bodies of the top ones looking bigger while below them were the smaller wings. They each have different colors, yellow, red and blue. They help Ben target objects & enemies, and can provide information about enemies. And as all fairies have it, they can help heal Bens' wounds, even revive him on the near brink of death. When the three work together, they form a big golden triangle, that acts like a shield barrier to withstand a powerful attack if it comes near to harm Ben or his allies. Note Fact: The Great Fairy came to Ben in his dream, and gave him three fairies that represent the Triforce, Courage, Power & Wisdom, as they shall help guide & watch over him, they can even be called upon from his Triforce mark on his flank or they can come out if all is clear or those that know about the fairies will be alright to appear.

*Ciela: She is a yellow spirit fairy, she is the Spirit Of Courage, & can help double the width of Ben's Sword Beam. 

*Leaf: He is a red spirit fairy, he is the Spirit Of Power, & he can help ignite Ben's sword with flames that double his attack strength, and even quadruples it when needed.

*Neri: She is a blue spirit fairy, she is the Spirit Of Wisdom, & will half all damage he takes, and the damage taken will be cut down to a fourth. Even Ben's shield can deflect stronger attacks as well.

Company Companion: Ben has his wolf cub so far as it is related to the Triforce and the history with Link, the Hero Of Time

Koga, ‘The Divine Beast’:
 A grayish wolf cub with black eyes & white spots on his fur. At first, he was just Ben Valorheart’s simple pet wolf cub, but even he has a connection to the Triforce & of Link, involving a heritage that involves….the Twilight Realm. A tale of when Link turn into a wolf, and had to fight as a wolf breed. Now it seems Koga may soon awaken his own hidden abilities after learning some history of being an abandon pup before Ben took him in. His transformation begins as symbol marks show up on his forehead & most of his body by white fur, and then exhibiting Twilight Magical Energies, he will grow into a full form adult wolf. Gaining abilities of heightened senses and speed, along with many other unique abilities: While running, he is able to DASH; allow him to briefly run more quickly. He can balance himself carefully & walking slowly across tightropes which needs to be crossed to reach other areas. In other specific areas without ropes, Koga’s new form lets him able to use a LONG-DISTANCE JUMP; he can extend this into a chain of up to a dozen jumps which must be performed in rapid succession in order to reach the other side, sometimes avoiding enemies or failing objects. Another useful ability is that COMMUNICATING WITH ANIMALS; Koga can understand & speak to all types of animals, even be able to glean useful information & hints from the animals. He can also produce a HOWL, either summoning any animal or his friends respectively, or even produce a sonic blast attack to impact enemies. His other attack methods include using his fang & claws, and his tail to deal some melee damages.

Transformation Trigger Moment: Event of Ben awakening his Element Evolution may happen in the future, where he will face & defeat one of Grimmore’s Elite Warlords that controls time it’s self (by the name; Deltimeca), during the situation where Equestria is nearing it’s greatest fall of all times against the Overlord King’s power of completely control.



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