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A Halloween Wedding
In the Toonatopian Chapel, Bowser Koopa- clad in the same tuxedo and top hat he wore when he attempted to marry Peach, and Elphaba Thropp- dressed in what looked like a black version of Peach's wedding dress, only with another tiara- were standing together at the altar. They looked lovingly at each other before the priest, Mickey Mouse, stepped up to the platform and opened the Bible before he spoke.
Mickey: Dearly Beloved, we're gathered here tonight in the sign of God – and in the face of this company – to join together (indicating the groom) this monster and (indicating the bride) this witch in holy matrimony, which is commended to be honorable among all men; and therefore – is not by any – to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly – but reverently, discreetly, advisedly and solemnly. Into this holy estate, these persons present now come to be joined as a pair. If any person can show just cause why they may not be joined together – let them speak
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Great Cartoon Caper chapter 3
Chapter 3: (Meeting Lady Yakumo?)
The next day, at a place called "Yakumo's Fashion Designs", a girl named Yakumo was talking to her workers.
Yakumo: (to the phone) This is Lady Yakumo. Milan speaking. Then put him on.
She turned as she continued.
Yakumo: Oh, yeah, my darling, fine. He-he. I had quite a scare.
She looked at the model with a girl named Zoycite as she fixed her dress.
Yakumo: Thank God I wasn't hurt.
Zoycite: Are you done yet?
Yakumo: (to the phone) Of course, my diamonds were valuable.
She then took the scissors as she cut a piece of hair to match the outfit Zoycite wore.
Yakumo: All my diamonds are valuable.
She placed the scissors down as she went to the drawing of the next fashion.
Yakumo: Now darling, I want you to call America and tell them they can't get photographs of the Spring line until the end of the show.
She then walked to the next model named Ann (From Sailor Moon, sister of Alan) as she continued.
Yakumo: I'm not too happy with some of the designs.
She lo
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Great Cartoon Caper chapter 2
Chapter 2: (The Happiness Hotel)
Sometime later, at a huge city called London, the group (Peter and Harry had to use a stall in the restroom to change back from their alter-egos) arrived in the bus.
Naruto: Hey, guys, this is London.
Roxas: (grins) Yeah, London! We made it! Oh boy!
Dan: Awesome!
Runo: Finally!
Donald: (looking) Is that the Eiffel Tower?
Roxas: Yes!
Naruto: No, that's in Paris.
Donald: Oh.
Roxas: Oh, yeah, that's right.
They looked at the red bus they were in as Roxas spoke.
Roxas: Hey, Naruto?
Naruto: Yeah?
Roxas: Are people allowed in those fountains?
Naruto: (bewildered) What?
Roxas: Are people allowed in those fountains?
Naruto: Uh, no, I don't think so.
Roxas: I need a drink.
Harry handed Roxas a water bottle as he spoke.
Harry: Here, take a water bottle.
Roxas: (smiles) Thanks, Harry.
Then he took a swig of water. As the group went through the London bridge, Dan grinned.
Dan: This is terrific. Wow, look at the scenery!
Naruto: Yeah.
Donald: It's very realistic. An
:icondisneybrony2012:DisneyBrony2012 5 4
Great Cartoon Caper chapter 1
Chapter 1: (To London)
That day, at the Daily Bugle, the paper with the same picture Donald took read "Identical Twins Join Chronicle Staff" was being read.
Donald: Well, Mr. Jameson?
The man groaned, placing down the paper. He has blue eyes with black hair with some stripes of white on each side of his head and on a bit of the top. He has a black mustache and is wearing a blue business suit with white nice shirt underneath complete with a red and black tie. His name is J. Jonah Jameson, their boss, and the editor of the Daily Bugle.
Jameson: How could you idiots miss a story like this?!
He slammed his hand down, making a pencil jump while the nine jumped.
Jameson: It was right under your noses. Practically bit you in the seat of your pants! There's just no excuse.
The nine looked stunned a bit before Dan spoke up in concern.
Dan: Actually, sir, there IS a good excuse. YOU specifically said no more pro-Spider-Man pictures and, well, HE was the reason it was an ATTEMPTED robbery instead
:icondisneybrony2012:DisneyBrony2012 5 0
Great Cartoon Caper Prologue
"Toonwriter Presents"
Somewhere, in what looked like the MGM opening scene for the lion, Degujiru looked until he roared.
Slam: AHHHH!
He then started to proceed eating the set. He continued biting the circle around himself until he saw a hot air balloon in the sky.
Slam: Ahh!
On the balloon, five boys, three girls and a humanoid animal looked around as they floated in the hot air balloon.
The first one was a twelve-year-old boy with blond spiky hair, and he wore a blue headband with a silver emblem with a drawing of a leaf engraved in it, an orange sweatshirt with a white collar, orange sweatpants, and blue footwear. His name is Naruto Uzumaki.
The second one was a well-built fifteen-year-old boy. His blond hair was a little spiky and partially standing up, and he also had piercing blue eyes. He wore a white short-sleeved jacket with hints of red and black with a black t-shirt underneath, dark green pants (of which the pants legs were white), and red, black, and gray sneaker
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Samara the Panda-Fox by DisneyBrony2012 Samara the Panda-Fox :icondisneybrony2012:DisneyBrony2012 9 12 18th DA Anniversary Pic by DisneyBrony2012 18th DA Anniversary Pic :icondisneybrony2012:DisneyBrony2012 12 8 Ben Valorheart by DisneyBrony2012 Ben Valorheart :icondisneybrony2012:DisneyBrony2012 15 5 Me at BronyCon 2018 by DisneyBrony2012 Me at BronyCon 2018 :icondisneybrony2012:DisneyBrony2012 8 20 Sash Zariah by DisneyBrony2012 Sash Zariah :icondisneybrony2012:DisneyBrony2012 13 35 Malveera Sapphire by DisneyBrony2012 Malveera Sapphire :icondisneybrony2012:DisneyBrony2012 11 8 Ratfink Connor by DisneyBrony2012 Ratfink Connor :icondisneybrony2012:DisneyBrony2012 5 2 T'Chaka Fury by DisneyBrony2012 T'Chaka Fury :icondisneybrony2012:DisneyBrony2012 11 12
Chapter 2: The Black Baron Strikes Back intro
After a whole week of celebrating her return to the gang- and mine, Penelope decided to give us some information she picked up when she was by herself, and what a story it was. First, she talked about a place she stepped into, known as Clockwood, home of the infamous Clockwerk, long before he became mechanical. It was there she saw a mysterious figure heading towards the place. She wondered what the person was up to, so she snuck after him unnoticed. The nursemaid inside Clockwood Manor answered the door, talking to that figure, who said his name was Barnabas Von Trask, a relative from England. He was soon invited in the house, and moments later, he very briefly played the organ. Another one of the members of the small and broken Clockwerk Clan was in disbelief that Barnabas was there, in person.
Later, he went down to the basement and saw the portrait of the original Clockwerk, the one that I defeated years back. Barnabas was fascinated that Clockwerk defeated a Cooper every decade
:icondisneybrony2012:DisneyBrony2012 8 5
Skyheart Blaze by DisneyBrony2012 Skyheart Blaze :icondisneybrony2012:DisneyBrony2012 20 8 Colden Ashrock by DisneyBrony2012 Colden Ashrock :icondisneybrony2012:DisneyBrony2012 5 35


Mario and Luigi: The Mask SEASON 03 by TimeLordParadox Mario and Luigi: The Mask SEASON 03 :icontimelordparadox:TimeLordParadox 38 38 Devilman vs Venom by BeccaLupin Devilman vs Venom :iconbeccalupin:BeccaLupin 8 2 What if Athena is friends with Kairi? by NeoduelGX What if Athena is friends with Kairi? :iconneoduelgx:NeoduelGX 6 6 Thanksgiving 2018 by Fluttershy-ek Thanksgiving 2018 :iconfluttershy-ek:Fluttershy-ek 114 40 EQG-Fluttershy Cowgirl outfit 3D Model by Fluttershy-ek EQG-Fluttershy Cowgirl outfit 3D Model :iconfluttershy-ek:Fluttershy-ek 117 27 Commission #1 Fluttercat~ by Fluttershy-ek
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Commission #1 Fluttercat~ :iconfluttershy-ek:Fluttershy-ek 131 100
Point Commission Info by Fluttershy-ek
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Point Commission Info :iconfluttershy-ek:Fluttershy-ek 36 10
EQG Fluttershy - Winter Style 3D Model by Fluttershy-ek EQG Fluttershy - Winter Style 3D Model :iconfluttershy-ek:Fluttershy-ek 136 50 Mischievous Bunny! by Fluttershy-ek
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Mischievous Bunny! :iconfluttershy-ek:Fluttershy-ek 168 57
Trick or Treat! by Fluttershy-ek Trick or Treat! :iconfluttershy-ek:Fluttershy-ek 282 168 Power Rangers Friendship Force by BenJJedi Power Rangers Friendship Force :iconbenjjedi:BenJJedi 30 3 Madoka Ninfia by KurumiErika Madoka Ninfia :iconkurumierika:KurumiErika 165 16 Don't give into despair, Simipour Miki! by confusedkangaroo Don't give into despair, Simipour Miki! :iconconfusedkangaroo:confusedkangaroo 11 6 In Summer pt. 2 by halladelle In Summer pt. 2 :iconhalladelle:halladelle 4 0 In Summer by halladelle
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In Summer :iconhalladelle:halladelle 8 1
Stan Lee's Lightspeed - Lightspeed PNG by DavidBksAndrade Stan Lee's Lightspeed - Lightspeed PNG :icondavidbksandrade:DavidBksAndrade 11 0



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


PPG: We three girls of Townsville are
Pounding bad guys near and far
Keep on beating and defeating
Raining down hearts and stars

Blossom: Oh, kicking Mojo
Punching Him
Bubbles: Knocking Fuzzy on the chin
Buttercup: Gangreen Gang; we're still haranguing
PPG: Proving that good always wins

RRB: We three boys of Townsville are
Smashing villains near and far
Keep on beating and defeating
Raining down hearts and stars

Brick: Oh, fighting crooks like Mr. Mime
Boomer: Powerpunk Girls from another time
Butch: Femme Fatale; we cleaned her bell
RRB: For justice triumphs over crime

Blossom: We three girls of Townsville fight
Beating Princess day and night
A girl so haughty, really naughty
Needs to learn wrong from right

Brick: We three boys were evil long ago
Fighting the Powerpuffs blow for blow
But now we're friends, we made amends
And we learned to reap what we sow

PPG: We three girls of Townsville say (RRB: Hey!)
Blossom: Evil will not have its way (Brick: No way!)
Bubbles: With our power, peace we shower (Boomer: Peace!)
Buttercup: Down upon on Earth each day (Butch: Each day!)

PPG and RRB: Oh, Powerpuffs/Rowdyruffs will save the town
Changing villains' smiles to frowns
We will fight with all our might
Till we take all the villains down!

Narrator: So, once again the day is saved
By those six kids strong and brave
Fighting crime, one at a time!
The roads of peace these kids shall pave!

PPG: Powerpuff!

RRB: Rowdyruff!

PPG: Powerpuff!

RRB: Rowdyruff!

PPG: Powerpuff!

RRB: Rowdyruff!

All: Powerpuff!

Happy Holidays from Powerpuff Z
I made up a Christmas song in honor of my to-be-revamped fanfic project; Powerpuff Z, only that I extended it with custom lyrics.

Hope you like it, folks!
Sasuke Vs. Lord Drakkon
By suggestion and idea of my brother, I gave Sasuke Uchiha another Power Rangers villain to be his nemesis; Lord Drakkon!

When Sasuke met Drakkon (also known as an evil Tommy Oliver from another universe), he was angered of what he did and what he became. For that, Sasuke swore to defeat this villain, which he calls the weak link. It would be the most intense fight yet.

The Lord Drakkon picture is made by batang_90s_art on Instagram.
Thanks to the Ryu Ranger, I decided that certain Street Fighter characters should be Power Rangers, too.

Cammy White
Rainbow Mika

Just imagine: The Street Fighter heroes would be in their own Power Ranger series, and the main villain would naturally be Bison and his Shadaloo organization.

Ryu's Zord is no doubt the Crimson Hawk, like his Morphing Call said in Street Fighter Showdown. So the rest of the Street Fighter Characters will need morphing calls and Zords, too. Any ideas?

Also, if you think there are any more good Street Fighter characters that deserve to be Power Rangers, too, let me know and I'll update the list.
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