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A Better Version Of Tarzan and The Return of La epPost comments on this journal please. If anyone has any suggestions to make this new version better please let me know. The reason I ended it this way is because I’m hoping a scientist will invent a time machine so I can go back and change the episode to my version. That way it would draw more attention and keep the viewers interested on what will happen next with Queen La. For those who read my first reality warping idea, another thing I would do If reality-warping powers were real is change queen La’s fate in ”The Return of La” episode from Disney’s Legend of Tarzan tv series. The reason I’m saying this is because she was my favorite villain in the series and the best in my opinion. I really wish they would have given her more screen time and episodes in the series. It’s not fair what happened to La in this series. I was also really disappointed how things turned out in that episode, especially the part where La had no choice but to transfer her spirit into a rat when the statue warriors attacked her because they thought she was Tarzan after La took over Tarzan’s body and got captured by Usula and I really think that was unfair. Look I know La is a villain but she didn’t deserve to be trapped in a rat’s body. In my opinion, they could have done better. I think Disney should start showing respect for some of their villains. I also think that they should have given La more screen time and episodes before the leopard men rebellion episode. Here’s what should have happened In The Return of La episode. After La takes over Jane’s body, returns to Opar, reclaims her staff, and rebuilds Opar, she knows that she can not stay in Jane’s body. Not just because Jane’s body is weak and useless but Tarzan could easily knock her staff out of her hands and he would kill her and himself due to his love for Jane as shown in that episode. She realizes that she needs her body back but her magic staff doesn’t have the power to revive it. So she would travel to a secret magical chamber that’s underneath Opar. La created this chamber many years ago before she enslaved the leopard men. She created it by using all the Waziri magic and all the forbidden Waziri magic. Its magic powers are far more powerful than La’s staff powers and its magic can even bring back anyone from the dead. La kept it a secret even from the leopard men. The only way for it to work is by using La’s magic staff. La would use the magic chamber to create a new faster, stronger, younger and more powerful body since she believes her old one was too weak. Her new body would be even bigger and muscular than Tarzan’s body. She would then tell the magic chamber to immortalize her new body so she’ll never age . She also realizes that if Tarzan takes her staff and destroys it again her new body will be destroyed and she’ll be a spirit again and if Tarzan some how learns about the magic chamber and destroys it she won’t be able to create a third body. So she commands the magic chamber to transfer all her magic powers of her staff into her new body along with all the magic powers of the magic chamber. Once her new body is created and her staff’s powers along with the chamber’s powers are transferred into it, her staff breaks and turns to dust. Her spirit leaves Jane’s body and goes into her new body. Her spirit and her new body magically fuse into one. La’s life is completely restored. Not only does she have the magic powers of her staff but she also has the powers and abilities of the magic chamber. She has become her staff and the magic chamber herself. La can now use her magic powers by zapping it out of her hands. When La uses her magic, it is produces red and black just like in how Sabrina uses her magic in Sabrina the animated series. The magic chamber has given La new abilities. For example she has the ability of any type of animal that she can use while in her human form. For example leopard speed and jump. She has super strength, super agility, enhanced senses, and can also turn into a giant. She can even have her body parts turn into animal body parts, for example, leopard claws and multiple octopus arms that resembles the monster octopus arms from leopard men rebellion only these arms are red not green, and can transform into any full animal as well. She would also have elemental powers that would allow her to shoot any elemental out of her hands and transform her body into any elemental and control any elemental. La would even have healing abilities that would allow her to survive any injury that would maim or kill a normal human being. She would even have cell regeneration, This allows La to magically regrow certain body parts or cells that have been dismembered or destroyed and replace them with brand new cells, or simply regrouping all of her separated body parts back together. Her new body would almost look like her old one except bigger, muscular, younger, her hair is longer and her hair would be black instead of white and her eyes would be red instead of cyan. Tarzan fights La but he is no match for her due to her new powers and abilities. So the episode would end with Usula distracting La long enough for Tarzan, and Jane to escape but Usula is defeated by La. Instead of killing him, La turns Usula into a rat, traps him in a small cage and locks him away in a secret room in the palace as way to make him suffer the same way she suffered for being a spirit and stuck inside animal bodies for so many months. La then uses her magic to expand Opar and builds bigger walls to surround her new big city turning it into a fortress city. La trains her new body to prepare for her next encounter with Tarzan and creates an army of leopard men statue warriors that look like the leopard men. They are completely under her control and they are pure evil. Anything the leopard men could do they can do better.She orders them to guard the new Opar. These warriors are indestructible, the only way to destroy them is if Queen La destroys them herself or if Tarzan kills La. In the middle of the episode La would use her new magic to create a magical crystal ball that will allow her to see and hear everything in the jungle including Tarzan. Here’s what La would say before the episode would end. “ Run and hide all you want Tarzan but it will do you no good. For as you can see the queen of Opar is back and more powerful than ever, hahaha." Also, Renard Dumont would not appear in this episode where he helps La(in Jane's body) to get to Opar because I don’t see him well fit to be in this episode and I think it’s a waste of time. Also La while in Jane’s body wouldn’t try to ask Tarzan for help to get to Opar because that would draw too much suspicion for Tarzan as shown in the episode and I also a waste of time as well. Instead after La (in Jane’s body) fails to climb up the cliff, she decides to take a different way to get to Opar which would be following the dried up river that was at the bottom of the waterfall of Opar that flows throughout the jungle. But first La would find and follow the river that’s in Tarzan‘s part of the jungle that would lead to a confluence. When she reaches the confluence she sees one river dried up and the other is not. La (In Jane’s body) then follows the dried up river back to the spot where Opar’s waterfall was. La( while in Jane’s body) would climb up to Opar with a strong vine, Just like Jane did in the episode “The lost city of Opar.” This is how the episode should have happened and there might be a way to make this real. If Ron Mallett or any other scientist can invent a time machine I’ll go back in time and go to the studio that made the Legend of Tarzan series and show them this idea with my iPad. I’m sure they’ll listen to me and love this idea. I’would also change the name of the episode to the Resurrection and Return of La since La is coming back to life in this episode. I would even tell the creators of this show to make more episodes that have Queen La in it before the leopard rebellion episode and give her more screen time. In fact I would even tell them to make “The lost city of Opar the first episode in the series.” For those of you who don’t know who Queen La is in Disney Legend of Tarzan. Here’s a link to a wiki website that can tell you everything about her. https://disney.fandom.com/wiki/Queen_La Here’s what Queen La looks like in her human form., This is what she looks like in her spirit form.,I decided to rewrite the return of La my way with quotes for each different scene. I also add some quotes from the original episode along with original scenes. I’ll do my best with it and make it sound awesome and better than the original even though I have autism. But I promise all of you it will be a great episode and a better and improved version than the original. Hopefully someday Ron Mallett or any other scientist will invent a time machine because I really want to make this real. I’m also changing the name of the episode to the Resurrection and Return of La since La is coming back to life in my version. Show Title, Episode Title ,Opening SceneThe episode opens up with an antelope running through the jungle. Unknown to anyone it is possessed by the evil spirit of Queen La, the former Queen of Opar whose body was destroyed along with her city, Opar, and her magic power staff in the Leopard Men Rebellion episode. Or so Tarzan, Jane and their friends thought her powers were destroyed. Her magic staff fixed it self at the end of the episode. La has been wandering through the jungle for months in different animal bodies and is being hunted down by the Waziri elder, Usula. La has been trying to find a human body to possess in order for her to return to Opar and regain her powers. But she has had no luck finding any humans to possess , until today. Queen La‘s spirit in the Antelope’s body runs out of breath, stops running and lies down to rest.Queen La‘s spirit in the Antelope’s body talking to herself in her mind: I’m tired of running, this is no life for queen La. Look at me, I was once a whole woman, with an able body and a powerful magic staff that ruled a mighty city, Opar . Now I am nothing but a weak and wandering spirit force to possess animals in order to survive and that Waziri elder, Usula has been hunting me down and I have been on the run ever since. He’ll never stop hunting me until he finds and kills me. Oh, It’s been months since my body was destroyed along with my glorious city, Opar. Everyone will pay for what they did to me. The Waziri tribe who bandished me from my home after I used forbidden magic to immortalize my spirit. Kaj and the leopard men who rebelled against me, stole my magic staff, took over Opar and left me to die in the jungle. That miserable ape man Tarzan and his wife Jane who destroyed my staff, my body, my city and freed the leopard men from my control. Those fools haven’t seen the last of me. They don’t know that my magic staff fixed itself which means my powers can never be destroyed. Once I find a human to possess, I will return to Opar and regain my powers. Then I will kill all of those fools and have my revenge once and for all. But I have been wondering through the jungle for a long time and I haven’t seen a single human to possess and if Usula finds me in this antelope body I won’t be able to defend myself and I will surely be killed if there aren’t any other animals around to transfer my spirit into and escape. I’m sick and tired of animal bodies, I don’t know how much longer I can go on like this? I need a human one to possess, But I can’t find any humans and I’m tired of running. I won’t spend eternity in animal bodies. Is there no end to this suffering for Queen La? Suddenly She hears human voices. Queen La’s spirit in the antelope’s body: Wait, I hear something, I hear voices, human voices, But wait those voices sound familiar, can it be?Queen La’s spirit in the antelope’s body gets back up and runs to the location where she hears the voices. When she arrives at the location she sees the voices are none other than her enemies Tarzan, Jane, Terk and Tantor. She gasps. She has reached the part of the jungle where Tarzan’s treehouse is located. She hides behind two bushes and watches them. Queen La’s spirit in the antelope’s body: I don’t believe my eyes it’s Tarzan, Jane and their two animal friends Tantor and Terk. Queen La’s spirit in the antelope’s body looks up and sees Tarzan’s treehouse.,Queen La’s spirit in the antelope’s body: So this is where Tarzan and Jane live. Excellent, I finally found a human to possess. I’ll take over Jane’s body and use it to travel back to Opar to regain my powers. But first, I must get Jane far away enough from Tarzan so he won’t be able see me take over her body and stop me from going to Opar. There has to be a way to get Jane to go into the jungle by herself. I cannot wait, I better think of something fast because there’s no telling if Usula comes this part of the jungle and tells them that I’m not dead and that I can possess other bodies Jane will never leave her home. There must be a way to make Jane go into the jungle now but how? Queen La‘s spirit in the antelope’s body watches them watches them and says: what are they doing?Jane, Tarzan, Terk, and Tantor are setting up a surprise croquet tournament for Jane’s father in honor of the Anniversary of his Legendary Perfect Game. They are using coconuts instead of real balls since they don’t have any balls in the jungle.Jane: Oh Daddy is going to be so pleased when he finds out when we’re holding a croquet tournament especially today the anniversary of his legendary perfect game.Queen La’s spirit in the antelope’s body: And I will be pleased when I have taken over your body, Jane, hmm-hmm. Queen La(in the antelope’s body) laughs quietly.Terk: Legendary? And yet have you ever heard of it? She asks Tantor.Tantor: No but I’m not much of a sports fan. Too much competition.Jane: Play through Tarzan.Tarzan sniffs the coconut and then hits it with the Mallett. The coconut makes it through each tunnel.Terk: Nice shooting Tarzan.Tarzan: Was that alright?Tarzan asking JaneJane: Not bad. For a beginner. Tantor: Watch me Tantor hits the coconut with his Mallett, the coconut hits two trees bounces back then falls off a cliff and into the water.Terk: My turn and let me show how it’s done Tantor.Terk hits the coconut with her Mallett but it hits a window in Tarzan’s treehouse.Everyone looks angry at Terk.Terk: Uh the sun was in my eyes. Um Guys I think I just used the last one.Jane: Then it would appear that we need more coconuts. I’ll go into the jungle and round some up. Queen La‘s spirit in the antelope body heard what Jane just said. Queen La‘s spirit in the antelope body: Yes luck has come at last. Alright this is it, it’s now or never no time to waste. I’ll hurry back into the jungle and pick a spot where Jane can see me and I will pretend to look sick so she will come close to me and to try to help me. Once she’s in my grasp I will take control of her body, hmm-hmm.Queen La‘s spirit in the antelope body runs back into the Jungle and puts her plan into action. She finds a spot lays on the ground and pretends to look sick and waits for Jane. Before Jane goes into the jungle she says to Tarzan Terk, and Tantor: Remember not a word to Daddy. This is a surprise. Tantor: I’m not entirely comfortable with surprises. They tend to sneak up on you.Tarzan laughs.Jane goes into the jungle to look for coconuts.Jane is walking through the jungle and picking up coconuts.Jane: I can’t way to see the look on Daddy’s face. Oh he will be so Huh. Jane sees the antelope that queen La’ spirit is possessing in pain. Little does she know La is faking it.Jane: Oh you poor thing. Now don’t be afraid. I just want to help.Jane walks towards the antelope that queen La’ spirit is possessing.Jane: There there it’s alright.Queen La‘s spirit in the antelope’s body: That’s right Jane, come closer and soon you’re body will be mine.Jane reaches the antelope. Jane: Now let’s find out what the problem is shall we.Jane places her hands on the antelope’s face.,Queen La’ spirit possessing the antelope: Now’s my chance.Queen La‘s spirit shoots out from the animal and into Jane, possessing her body. ,Queen La (in Jane’s body): Yes, your body is mine. Thank you Jane I owe you my life. Now that I have a human body I can finally return to Opar, reclaim my staff and rebuild my city.Queen La (in Jane’s body) looks at the antelope.,Queen La (in Jane’s body): Be gone beast I am done with you.The antelope runs offQueen La (in Jane’s body) smiles.Queen La(in Jane’s body): Now off to Opar to regain my powers and get my revenge on those fools, starting with Tarzan. Hahaha. Queen La(in Jane’s body) starts her journey to Opar. The screen turns black and theme song starts rolling., ,,,Once the Theme song is over the next scene opens up with Queen La (in Jane’s body) walking to Opar and approaches a cliff.Queen La(in Jane’s body): A mere cliff won’t keep me from Opar.She tries to climb it but Jane's body is too weak and frail to climb all the way up and she falls., Queen La (in Jane’s body): Jane’s body is weak and useless, I’ll never make the journey to Opar this way and I can’t ask for Tarzan’s help either he’ll surely get suspicious and try to stop me from going to Opar. I have no choice but travel to Opar alone. It will be hard being in Jane’s body and without my staff I’m defenseless. But I must find a way to get to Opar and quickly before Tarzan starts to worry about Jane and comes looking for her or if Usula finds me and realizes that I’m in Jane’s body, he won’t waste a second to kill me. I won’t let Tarzan or that Waziri elder stop this me time. There has got to be an easier way to get to Opar but how? Wait, if I remember correctly there was a river at the bottom of the waterfall at Opar that flowed through my part of the jungle to another part of the jungle where it merged with another to form a big river and flowed through this part of the jungle. It’s probably been dried up since Opar’s destruction. But The river should still be around here it’s probably smaller now. If I follow it, it should lead me to the confluence and then I will follow the dried up river. It should lead me back to Opar and I should make it there safely. Alright then that's what I'll do. Time to continue my journey.,Queen La(in Jane’s body) Walks through the jungle to look for the river. She passes bushes and trees. She feels very annoyed that she has to travel to Opar in Jane's body.Queen La(in Jane’s body): This is so infuriating. Making my way through the jungle to find the river in this flimsy body. Huh,La gasps when she hears water sounds and runs to the location where it is coming from . She runs out of the bushes and finds the river she then Smiles.Queen La (in Jane’s body): The river perfect, now to follow it back to the confluence and then dried up river will lead me back to OparQueen La( in Jane’s body) follows the river, she continues following it until she finally reaches the confluence. She then follows dried up river while while walking up a hill.Queen La (in Jane’s body): I’m almost to Opar.,When she reaches the end of it she sees a wall that’s part of a small mountain. She looks up and sees the ruined city of Opar. Queen La (in Jane’s body): I must find a way to climb up there. It will be hard to so in this body but there’s no other way I can reach my city. I’ve made it this far and I’m not stopping now. Queen La(in Jane’s body) sees a strong vine that leads all the way up to Opar.Queen La (in Jane’s body): This should help me get up there. Now to start climbing.Queen La (in Jane’s body) uses the vine to climb up all the way to Opar. She finally reaches the top of the mountain and walks towards the ruin city., Queen La (in Jane’s body): I did it, I have finally returned to Opar. Queen La (in Jane’s body) walks through her ruined city passing through one ruin area to another.Queen La (in Jane’s body): Ah,Opar. My once glorious city now in ruins thanks to Tarzan and Jane. You shall be resorted to your original glory once I find the missing pieces of my staff. If I remember correctly my staff was destroyed inside the palace which was right over there. Queen La (in Jane’s body) walks over to where the palace was.Queen La (in Jane’s body): Now to find those pieces, they must be around here somewhere it’ll be hard for me to find them under all this rubble and lift up these small rocks. Queen La(in Jane’s body) walks arounds the ruined palace in search of the missing pieces of her staff. She lifts up some small rocks and finds the first half of her staff (the leopard head handle). Queen La (in Jane’s body) The first piece of my staff, excellent the other half must be close. I can feel it.Queen La (in Jane’s body) Walks to another part of the ruined city. She then sees a light in a bush, she walks towards the bush and she sees that it’s the other half of her staff (the stem). Queen La (in Jane’s body) : There it is, now to put my staff back together and and restore Opar to its proper glory.Queen La (in Jane’s body) puts her staff back together and then the staff magically redresses Jane’s clothes into La's black top, sarong, and her golden jewelry, as well as undoing her hair. ,,,,,Queen La(in Jane’s body): It feels great to be wearing my own dress again. Jane’s dress sure was ugly and uncomfortable. Now to restore Opar to its original glory. Queen La(in Jane’s body) raises her staff Queen La(in Jane’s body): Rise my Opar.Queen La’s magic staff successfully rebuilds Opar and is resorted just the way it was before it was destroyed in Leopard men rebellion. Queen La( in Jane’s body) smiles. ,,,,, ,Queen La(in Jane’s body) Walks through the now restored Opar and enters the palace.,Queen La (in Jane’s body): I’ve finally done it. I have reclaimed my staff and restored Opar . Now lets see, some magic here a spell or two there then Opar is once again the jungle’s hidden treasure.Queen La(in Jane’s body) sees a rat and destroys it with her magic staff. ,Queen La(in Jane’s body): Of course there is the matter of pest control. My only real problem I have now is that I can’t rule Opar in Jane’s pathetic body. It’s too weak and she doesn’t have any agility. I’ll be easily defeated if I stay in Jane’s body. Especially when I face Tarzan again, he could easily knock my staff out of my hands and he would surely kill me in Jane’s body since he loves Jane so dearly. No I can’t let that happen, I won’t be defeated again. The only other humans that live in the jungle are the Waziri. But I can’t go to the Waziri village and try to possess a female Waziri it’s too risky. I could end up being killed. , Queen La(in Jane’s body) gets frustrated and then snaps.Queen La(in Jane’s body): Oh I’ve had enough, I’m through possessing people’s bodies and I’m tired of being a spirit. As I see it, as. long as I’m a spirit I will always be vulnerable and weak no matter whose body I possess. Even if I managed to possess a strong human body it would eventually grow old and I would have to try to possess another human. There’s only one solution to this problem, I must find a way to resurrect my body so I can be alive again. But my staff doesn’t have the power to revive it. There must be a way to restore my life, but how? , La thinks and then she remembers the magic chamber hidden underneath Opar that she created many years ago before she enslaved the leopard men. Queen La(in Jane’s body): The magic chamber of course, its powers are far more powerful than my staff’s powers. It will definitely be able to revive my body. But wait, why have it bring my old body back when I can have it create a faster, stronger, bigger, muscular, younger and more powerful one. After all my old body was too weak to fight the leopard men when they rebelled against me. I was also completely defenseless when that leopard attacked me in the jungle. It would have killed me if Tarzan hadn’t saved me. My body was even too weak to break through Tarzan’s grasp when he stopped me from trying to get my staff back from Jane before she destroyed it. If I do this, I will be the strongest woman in the world that anyone has ever seen. Yes what an excellent idea., I better get down to the Magic chamber quickly and activate it before Tarzan shows up or all of this will be for nothing . I can’t risk him finding me at the magic chamber while creating my new body. Queen La (in Jane’s body) uses her magic staff to teleport herself to the magic chamber underneath Opar. When she gets their she can’t see anything because it is dark.Queen La(in Jane’s body): It’s so dark I can’t see anything but that can be fixed. Queen La(in Jane’s body) raises her staff and lights up all the torches. After all the torches are lit, she sees the entrance to the magic chamber which are two giant doors with gold leopard door knockers. Queen La(in Jane’s body) uses her magic staff to open the doors. Queen La(in Jane’s body): Doors of the magic chamber, I command you to open.The doors open and La enters the magic chamber. She walks across a small gold stone bridge She then sees the magic chamber when she reaches it she makes an evil smile. Description of the magic chamber. The magic chamber is a circle room with a golden stone slab in the center of it. Surrounding the golden stone slab are four giant golden leopard warrior statues. All four of them have large red gems in their mouths just like La’s staff.Queen La (in Jane’s body): The magic chamber perfect!A flashback shows when Queen La created the magic chamber and two more flashbacks show the events from the lost city of Opar, leopard men rebellion, and two new scenes that we didn't see in the lost city of Opar leopard men rebellion episode where Kaj gets the idea to rebel queen La and in leopard men rebellion, La's spirit emerges from her magic staff after it fix itself and then her spirit possess a snake while she is saying some of the words underneath.Queen La (in Jane’s body): I remember when I created this chamber many years ago before I enslaved the leopard men. I had to use all of the Waziri magic including the forbidden magic in order to create it. It has magic powers that can allow it to do many things including the power to restore my life. The only way to activate it is by using my magic staff. To this day no one knows of its existence except me. I never thought I had to use it but I was foolish enough to think my leopard men would never betray me especially when they first met Tarzan and Jane. I should have realized that after they first saw Jane, Kaj and the other leopard men would get the idea of rebelling against me and , make Jane their new queen and have her destroy my staff to free them and destroy opar and my body along with it. Leaving me as a weak and wandering spirit. Flashback ends.But no matter, Once my life is restored I will finally have my revenge on those fools. Not only will my new body be far faster, stronger, bigger, younger and more powerful than my old one but it will also have all the magic powers of my staff and all the dark magic powers of the magic chamber as well. So that I Queen La will never be a spirit again nor will I lose a fight to anyone ever again especially Tarzan. I will also use the chamber’s magic powers to immortalize my new body so I will never age and live forever. I will also have it give me super agility, super enhanced senses and super strength. Now to begin the creation of my new body.Queen La (in Jane's body) raises her staff and says “Magic chamber of Opar I queen La command you to create me a new faster, stronger, bigger, younger, muscular and more powerful body, flesh and blood with super agility, super senses, super strength and immortalize it. All the red gems on the statues light up and then red-amber energy beams shoot out of them. They start creating La’s new body. Queen La (in Jane’s body) smiles while the magic chamber creates her new body.Queen La (in Jane’s body): Soon my new body will be complete and I Queen La shall rule Opar once again with a new and immortal body.The Magic Chamber finally finishes creating Queen La’s new body and places it on the golden stone slab. La’s new body is positioned similar to how mummies are buried in their tombs. The magic chamber then immortalizes her new body. Queen La(in Jane’s body) looks at her new body and smiles.Queen La (In Jane’s body): It’s perfect, it looks so young, and look at those big muscles. My new body is even bigger and more muscular than Tarzan’s body and I really Love the black hair. My new hair is even longer.Queen La (In Jane’s body) notices her new body is naked.Queen La (In Jane’s body): Oh good gracious my new body is naked. I'd better fix that.She uses her staff magic to magically make a bigger size version of clothes and golden jewelry that she is wearing and puts them on to her new body.Queen La raises her staff again.Queen La (In Jane’s body): Now magic chamber I command you to transfer all your dark magic powers and all my staff’s powers into my new body. The magic chamber powers and La’s staff powers transfer into La’s new body. Queen La’s staff breaks and then it turns to dust. The red stones in the statues break and turn to dust as well. Queen La(in Jane’s body): Excellent, my new body is complete. But before I enter my new body I will access Jane’s mind search through her memories so I have information on how Tarzan thinks and fights. This way I’ll have a better chance of defeating him. Queen La(in Jane’s body) searches through Jane’s memories from her childhood straight up to the present. She only finds some of the information she needs.Queen La(in Jane’s body) Oh well, I suppose some of that information will do. I should have more information of Tarzan once he arrives. I’ll read his mind and incase he escapes from me again I’ll be fully prepared for the next encounter. Now then, time to enter my new body and leave this weak and useless one so I can wake up a new woman. Queen La’s spirit leaves Jane’s body and enters her new body. Jane falls unconscious and her clothes magically revert back to the clothes she was wearing at the beginning of the episode. La’s spirit and her new body magically fuse into one. La’s life is completely restored. Queen La wakes up in her new body, and when she opens her eyes they glow red for a few seconds and then stop glowing and we can see her new eyes which are red not cyan. She stands up, looks at her flesh and blood hands and makes a sinister smile. Queen La: At last, after all this time, I’m back, Queen La of Opar is back in the flesh. The queen‘s spirt now restored to a living human being with a new, younger and more powerful body fit for a queen. Hahaha. Queen La: Oh how I missed having a living human body, the sights, the smells and the sensation of a cool breeze. It greats to be alive again. Queen La: Time to test my new body.Queen La lifts up one of the giant statues and throws it.Queen La: Such strength. Queen La jumps very high(higher than anyone or anything can jump) and lands back on the ground without getting hurt.Queen La: Such agility, and my senses are so strong, I’m completely aware of my surroundings. My new body is more powerful than I hoped it would be. Now nothing can stop me nothing. Jane Wakes upJane: Where am I? What happened? Queen La: Ah your finally awake Jane.Jane: Queen La? Your alive? You look different,But I thought you were.Queen La interrupts Jane. Queen La: Dead? Destroyed? Gone forever? Sorry to disappoint you Jane but I have returned and more powerful than ever. Jane: But this is impossible when I destroyed your staff.Queen La interrupts Jane again.Queen La: My body turned to dust and Opar was destroyed yes I remember. I mean after all how could I forget the miserable pests who were responsible for my downfall. But little did you fools know that my staff magically fix itself. After that my spirit emerged from my staff and wandered through the jungle moving from one creature’s body to another until I found you. Once I took control of your body I used it to travel back to Opar, put my staff back together and used it to rebuild Opar. Then I traveled to this secret magic chamber underneath Opar that I created many years ago to create a new faster, stronger, bigger, muscular and more powerful body. I also had all of its magic powers and all of my staff powers transferred into my new body. Jane: Where is your staff?Queen La: My staff is now dust, which means I can’t be destroyed, never again and now Jane my dear, it’s finally time for me to have my revenge on you and Tarzan. Jane starts to run and tries to escape but Queen La shoots energy beams out of her hands and hits Jane and then has the magic energy turn into energy prison chains cuffs on Jane’s hands and legs. Queen La uses her magic to lift Jane up and brings her back towards her. Jane struggles to break free but the energy chains are too strong.Queen La: Did you really think you could get away, Jane? I will kill you Jane but first I’m going to kill Tarzan so I can make you suffer the same way I suffered.Queen La: I will use you to lure Tarzan into a trap. Jane: You’ll never get away with this La.Queen La: Haha, Oh yes I will my dear and now to put you to sleep. Queen La uses her new powers to summon dark smoke to knock Jane out.Queen La: I will use you Jane and set a trap for Tarzan. Queen La teleports Jane and herself inside the palace. La leaves Jane lying on floor.Queen La: To make sure that I know Tarzan is on his way here. I will create a magic crystal ball that will allow me to see and hear everything that‘s happening in the jungle. Queen La Uses her new magic powers to create a red magic crystal ball that lets her see and hear everything in the jungle. It also alerts La when intruders are coming towards her city by flashing and make flashing sounds. Queen La: While I wait for Tarzan to arrive I will train my new body to see what it can do and see what kind of new powers I have. So come and get your wife Tarzan. She’ll be waiting for you and so will I, HMM HMM. Back at Professor Porter‘s camp, Tarzan has been worrying about Jane and wonders why she hasn't come back.Tarzan: Somethings wrong, it's been so long since Jane went into the jungle hasn’t come back.Tantor: Maybe we should go look for her. Terk: Yeah let’s go.Tarzan: No I’ll go look for her. You two stay here with the professor.Tantor and Terk: OkTarzan takes his spear and goes into the jungle searching for Jane. ,,,Suddenly Tarzan hears a cry for help. Tarzan hurries to the location where the cry for help is coming from. When Tarzan reaches the spot, he sees an African native trying to defend himself with arrows against three hungry leopards. Tarzan jumps to the ground and fights the leopards. One of them scratches him on his left arm ,but Tarzan is still able to fight. He scratches one of them in the eye with his spear, he grabs another by its tail and spins it around and throws it at another Leopard. One of them tries to bite him but he jumps and dodges it. The other scratches him in the stomach. Tarzan climbs up a tree and reaches the top and stands on a strong tree branch with the leopards in pursuit. He jumps off kicks one of the leopards in the face causing it fall and crashes into the other two causing them to fall to the ground. He continues to fight them and manage to throw them one at a time into a fast river and they all fall off a waterfall. Tarzan then goes to see the native man to see if he’s alright. But Tarzan then falls to the ground due to the pain from the scratch in the stomach. The Waziri elder approaches him. He then makes a potion and rubs it around Tarzan’s scar to heal him. Tarzan looks at the native and recognizes him as Waziri elder. Tarzan: I’ve seen you before. Your a Waziri elder.Usula: Indeed I am. My name is Usula.Tarzan: What are you doing so far from home?Usula: I’ve been hunting down a spirit named La.Tarzan: Queen La? She’s dead.Usula: No La’s body maybe be dust. But her spirit still lives. Her spirit can move between two creatures in contact.Tarzan: How do you know so much about Queen La? Usula: La was once a Waziri long long ago. But she used forbidden magic to immortalize her spirit so we banished her from our village. Since that time the Waziri have battled La. With her magic staff broken, her leopard men freed from her control, and Opar in ruins. La is weak and we can defeat her now.Tarzan: I wish I could help you but I must find Jane. She went into the jungle and hasn’t come back home.Usula: I have a feeling that La’s spirit has possessed your Jane, Tarzan.Tarzan: If that’s true then we must find her and save Jane. Usula: La will try to return to Opar. We must get there before she does so that she can not regain her powers. Tarzan: And save Jane.Usula: If only it were that easy my friend. Tarzan: What do you mean?Usula: Tarzan, La will never release her, Jane is as good as dead. I have brought this bow and arrows to.Tarzan interrupts Usula Tarzan: Usula, whatever happens you mustn’t kill Jane even if she’s possessed by La.Usula: Then I assume you have a plan Tarzan?Tarzan: No but I’ll think of something. Now let’s hurry and get to Opar before La does.Usula: AgreedTarzan picks Usula up and carries him on his and starts jumping through trees until they reach a high cliff. The sun begins to set. Tarzan while carrying Usula climbs all the way up to the mountains and make it to Opar. Only to realize that they are too late.,Tarzan: We’re too late.Usula: This situation has grown more difficult.Tarzan: There’s still a chance. La doesn’t know that I’ve come looking for Jane. So let’s try to do a sneak attack and save Jane.Usula: I hope you know what you are doing Tarzan.As Tarzan and Usula enter Opar, queen La’s magic crystal ball alerts Queen La. She stops training and runs to the crystal ball. She looks through the crystal ball and she sees Tarzan and Usula walking through Opar.Queen La: There you are at last Tarzan and I see you brought Usula with you. Wonderful, I get destroy two of my enemies at the same time, hmmm. Queen La then heads to the palace room.Tarzan and Usula enter Opar and try to find La. It is now night time. They go into the palace and see Jane lying on the floor. Tarzan runs to Jane.Usula: Tarzan wait it could be a trap. Tarzan: I don’t care, Jane needs me.Tarzan runs to Jane and tries to wake her up.Tarzan: Jane wake up. It’s me Tarzan.Jane wakes up.Jane: Tarzan?Tarzan smiles.Tarzan: Yes Jane it’s me. I’m glad your alright.Usula: How do we know your not possessed by Queen La’s spirit. Jane: Queen La? I completely forgot, Tarzan, we have to get out of here we’re in danger.Usula: Stop playing with us La.Jane: I am not La. I’m Jane.Usula: Then prove it. Tell us something that only Jane would know. Jane: When I first met Tarzan he saved me from Baboons, and I kicked him in the head when he touched my clothes.Tarzan: It’s her Usula. That’s exactly what happened. Usula: But if Queen La’s spirit is not in Jane’s body then where is she?Jane: That’s what I’m trying to tell you. Queen La is not a spirit anymore, she’s.Queen La interrupts Jane and yells: Up here.Tarzan, Jane and Usula look up and see Queen La on the balcony. Tarzan and Usula are very horrified to see that La is no longer a spirit but human again flesh and blood with a new body. Queen La uses her magic to teleport herself down.Tarzan: Queen La your alive and you look completely different. Your body is bigger and muscular than mine.Queen La: Yes Tarzan, I am alive, and more powerful then ever and now Tarzan it's time to meet your doom and I will destroy you myself because my new body is more than a match for you.Tarzan: I faced bigger foes than you La.Queen La: My size is not what you should be afraid of Tarzan, it’s my new magic powers. You see not only do I have a new body but I have all my staff’s and the magic chamber’s powers in my new body as well. Let me show you a demonstration of my new powers by killing you. Tarzan: Magic Chamber? What’s that?Queen La: That’s not something you need to know you’ll be dead before you can find out. Queen La teleports to a column and lifts it up and throws it a Tarzan. Tarzan dodges it and jumps and towards La. Tarzan Scratches La’s stomach with his spear leaving a scar but to his surprise the scar heals itself and disappears.Queen La: Haha, let me show you another demonstration of my new powers Tarzan.Queen La shouts Leopard claws.Queen La hands turn into leopard claws and she roars like a leopard. She quickly scratches Tarzan in the chest. Tarzan then jumps high and tries to grab her but La jumps high too and kicks him in the stomach. Knocking him back on the ground. Usula shoots an arrow at her but she easily grabs it and throws it back at his bow and breaks it. He then throws another arrow at her but La transforms her body into stone and deflects the arrow.La turns her body into fire and then shoots fire blasts out of her hands and creates a fire circle around them which traps them. Queen La: You two will burn.Tarzan shouts: Jane, Usula. Tarzan gets back up and grabs La by the head. But La back jumps to a wall which hurts Tarzan and lets go of her. She then grabs Tarzan and throws over the fire circle lands by the palace doors. La jumps over the fire circle grabs Tarzan and throws him out of the palace. She runs out of the palace and confronts Tarzan.Queen La: This will great that I can finally make you pay for everything that you did to me Tarzan. With my new body and powers you don’t stand a chance of defeating me this tim. Tarzan: You’ll never get away with this La, I’ll stop you no matter how powerful you are.Queen La: Will see about that. Queen La magically transforms her body into liquid metal and her arms transform into metal swords and tries to stab Tarzan but Tarzan blocks them with his spear. The spear breaks and he jumps out of the way before La land her attack on him. Tarzan starts jumping from one roof top to another. Queen La: You can run Tarzan but you can’t hide. La chases Tarzan throughout Opar throwing metal spears at him from her liquid metal body.Back in the palace the fire circle starts closing in on Usula and Jane.Usula: This task has grown far more difficult.Jane: Usula what are we going to do? Will be burned alive.Usula: Don’t worry I will make a potion that will put this fire out.Usula finishes the potion and throws it into one of the spots of the fire circle. The fire circle then disappears. Usula: We must find Tarzan and escape this place.Jane: I just sure hope La hasn’t killed him already.Usula: Let’s hope so my friend.Queen La continues chasing Tarzan and throwing metal spears at him. She then has one arm transform into a bow and makes a metal arrow with her other arm and aims it at Tarzan. She shoots and it hits Tarzan in the back causing him to fall off the roof and land on the ground. Tarzan lands safely on the ground but his back is injured and can barely stand. He manages to pull the metal arrow out of his back. La arrives and smiles.Queen La: What’s the matter Tarzan? Your body can’t handle the pain from my metal arrow? Too bad for you. Let me show you another power.Queen La arm’s transform into multiple octopus arms and grabs Tarzan hitting him to one wall to another. (Note these arms strongly resemble the octopus monster arms from the leopard men rebellion episode only her octopus arms are red not green.) La then touches Tarzan’s head and reads his mind and sees all of Tarzan’s memories. She then throws him to the ground. Queen La: If you think those powers were terrifying wait until you see this power. Queen La uses her magic to transform herself into a giant. She then grabs Tarzan with both hands.Queen La: I’ve waited a long time for this. I’m finally going to kill you Tarzan and I’ll do it with my bare hands hahaha. She begins to squeeze Tarzan with her hands.Tarzan yells in pain.Jane and Usula arrive.Jane: Oh no. La’s going to continue to squeeze Tarzan until she breaks him. We have to do something.Usula: I will create a explosion potion and throw it at La When it explodes it will be very bright and it will blind La for a few seconds. Hopefully she will drop Tarzan. If she does then we can all escape.Usula creates the potion and runs to the tallest building in Opar that is closest to La.Usula: La over here.Queen La turns around sees Usula.Usula: Usula then throws the potion at La right in her eyes and it explodes blinding her temporarily.Queen La drops Tarzan.Jane shouts: Tarzan.Tarzan lands safely in a pile of soft bushes.Jane runs to Tarzan Jane: Tarzan, she’s too powerful, you can’t win this time. Usula arrivesUsula: She’s right my friend. Queen La is far too powerful.Tarzan: But she must be stopped.Usula: I know Tarzan but not today.Tarzan: But?Jane: Tarzan Listen to him.Tarzan: Alright let’s get out of here. Tarzan stands up but falls to the ground again due to the pain caused by the metal arrow.Tarzan:I can’t get up that metal arrow has wounded me.Usula: Fear not my friend I create a healing potion that will heal in no time. I had better due it quickly before La gets her eye sight back.Usula creates the healing potion and rubs on Tarzan’s back. Tarzan is fully healed.Tarzan: That’s better now let’s hurry get out of here.Usula: There is an entrance to Opar this way that will take us back to the jungle. Tarzan, Jane and Usula start running to one of the entrances to Opar. Queen La rubs her eyes and is able to see again and spots her three enemies running to one of the exits of Opar. She makes an angry look and teleports to the entrance and blocks them.Queen La in her giant form: You fools aren’t going anywhere. Queen La then transforms into her fire form.Queen La in her fire giant form: You will not leave this city alive. Hahaha.Queen La shoots a heat beam out of her mouth at the three but Tarzan grabs Jane and Usula dodges the heat beam. Tarzan continues to run and carry the two until he finds a hiding spot in another building in Opar. Tarzan puts Jane and Usula down.Tarzan: There has to be another out of here.Usula: We better find one fast La will soon find us here.Jane thinks and gets an idea.Jane: I have an idea but it’s risky.Tarzan: What is it Jane?Jane: We have to reach the waterfall and jump. I know it’s a big risk but we have to take it.Usula: As terrible as the situation is. We have no other choice.Tarzan: Ok let’s hurry and get to the waterfall before.Suddenly the room begins to shake and the roof is torn off by Queen La.Queen La in her giant form: There you are, you miserable pests.Queen La shoots lava out of her hands and lava heads towards Tarzan, Jane and Usula very fast. But Tarzan grabs Jane and Usula and jumps out a big window in the room right before the lava hits them. Tarzan jumps on top of a roof on another building while holding onto Jane and Usula. La sees them makes a fist to smash and smashes the roof but before she does Tarzan while holding onto Jane and Usula, Jumps to another roof. Queen yells in anger.Queen La in her giant form: You fools won’t escape the wrath of queen La.Queen La chases after them.As Tarzan continues jumping from roof to another while trying his best not to let go of Jane and Usula, La smashes the roofs each one Tarzan jumps throughout the city.Usula reaches into his pocket and takes out magic dust. When Tarzan jumps into the air to reach the next roof, Usula throws the magic dust right in her face and then it explodes blinding her again for a few seconds and falls to the ground.Tarzan jumps to the ground and puts Jane and Usula down and they start running . The trio continue to run. They are almost near the waterfall but La wipes the magic dust off her eyes and gets back up and continues to chase the three. She is hot on their tail. Jane is running out of breath she then stops.Jane: It’s not use we’ll never make it to the waterfall with La on our tail. Tarzan: We have to make it otherwise La will kill all of us.Usula worrying about his friends lives, makes the hardest decision.Usula: You two must hurry and get to the waterfall. I will try to hold La off enough for you to escape.Tarzan: Usula, you can’t she’ll kill you.Usula: Tarzan there is no other way. We all must make sacrifices my friend. Now go.Tarzan: Goodbye my friend.Usula smiles and nods.Tarzan and Jane run to the waterfall as Queen La approaches them.Usula quickly makes three potions and throws them at La’s feet. They start exploding and cause smoke to appear but La can still see Usula due to her new ability to see through smoke. She then turns her giant body into wimd and gets rid of the smoke. She then transforms back into a regular giant. Queen La in her giant form yells: Enough of this. Queen La zaps Usula with her magic and transforms him into a rat.Usula yells while he is being transformed.Tarzan and Jane hear his yell. They both make a sad look. Believing La killed Usula. They continue running towards the waterfall.Usula(now a rat) tries to run away Queen La in her giant form: Ah Ah Usula.La then uses her magic to trap Usula in a small cage. So small he can’t move.Queen La in her giant form: You are going no where. Now to find Tarzan and Jane and kill them.Tarzan and Jane have made it to the waterfall.Jane: Now what?Tarzan: Jane grab on to my back and then we'll jump.Jane: Ok.Jane grabs on to Tarzan's back.Queen La spots Tarzan and Jane at the Waterfall.Queen La in her giant form: There you are.Tarzan and Jane gasp. Queen La in her giant form: No where to run Tarzan, Jane. You two are trapped just like a pair of rats.Queen La shoots her heat beam out of her mouth again at Tarzan and Jane.Tarzan and Jane jump off the waterfall just before the heat beam hits them. They land in the water and swim under it. They try to hold their breath under water long enough so La doesn’t see them. La approaches the waterfall looks down and doesn’t see anything. She turns away.Tarzan and Jane then swim up to the surface and exit the river and sit down on solid ground to catch their breath. Tarzan and Jane are sad about the loss of Usula. Unfortunately they don’t know that La didn’t kill him.Jane: Oh Tarzan, Usula is dead, how could La do such a horrible thing?Jane starts crying in Tarzan’s arms. Tarzan: I’m sorry Jane. But we will avenge Usula. We better head back to the treehouse and tell the others.Jane: Your right let’s go.Tarzan and Jane head back to the treehouse.Back at Opar La uses her magic to summon a rain storm to put out the fire caused by her heat beams. She also uses her magic to restore the damage that she and Tarzan caused during their fight. La then turns back her normal size and She walks towards the cage that Usula is trapped and picks up the cage and smiles. Queen La: I’m going to put you somewhere in Opar where nobody can find you, Usula. La takes Usula to a secret room inside the palace. She puts his cage down.Queen La: This is to make you suffer the same way I suffered for being a spirit and possessing animal bodies for many months and for banishing me from my home. Soon you’ll get hungry and will eventually die from starvation. Goodbye Usula, Hahahaha. Queen La leaves the room and seals the entrance and returns to the throne room.Queen La: I have a feeling Tarzan and Jane are still alive since Jane survived the waterfall when my leopard men threw her off it . If they are still alive I will deal with them the next time I encounter them and kill them for good.Queen La: I think it’s time I expand Opar, I will make it bigger and longer and turn it into a fortress city. La walks outside of the palace and uses her magic powers to create more buildings and entrances for her city. While doing so she destroys parts of the jungle. She then uses her magic to create bigger walls and have them surround the city.Queen La then reenters the palace and teleports to the balcony.Queen La: Now for the next phase as my return of Queen of Opar. I need to create an army that will protect my city and will help me fight my enemies because I can't fight the Waziri and Tarzan. Also I can’t be a queen if there aren’t any subjects to rule. I may be more powerful but fighting so many enemies could tire me out and who knows how long I could go on fighting. But I just don’t know what type of warriors to create. I need to create warriors that will be completely under my control, warriors that are pure evil, warriors that will never betray me and warriors who will never get tired. Queen La: But all living things get tired and sometimes due betray their rulers. The only way my warriors will be completely under my control, never betray me and never get tired is that they would have to beQueen La pauses for a moment, an idea pops in her mind and makes an evil smile.Queen La: Yes, those are the perfect warriors.Queen La uses her magic to make lots of clay. She then uses the clay to create an army of thousands of leopard men stone warriors. Queen La: These warriors will be indestructible nothing can destroy them except me. They can do anything the real leopard men could only better.Queen La has finished creating her leopard men stone warriors army. She then uses her magic to bring them to life.When They are brought to life they open their eyes and roar like real leopards. They then bow down to Queen La. Here’s a Description of the leopard men stone warriors. They look like almost like the leopard men only their bodies are stone and they have glowing red eyes with slit black pupils.Queen La then gives their first command: Go forth my leopard men stone warriors defend my city from any intruders that dare set their foot in it.La sees another rat and zaps it with her magic to destroy it. Queen La yells : And kill all the rats in the city while your at it.The stone warriors leave the throne room and stand and guard by each different entrance to the new Opar. They also kill all the rats they see. Queen La: I better continue training my new body for my next encounter with Tarzan. He will be easier to defeat especially now that I have all of his memories and I know where he lives. I also know how he thinks and fights. I’ll have to be smarter.But before I continue training, let’s see if he and his wife Jane are still alive to see if I even need to be prepared for the next encounter.La goes to the room where she put the crystal ball in and looks in the crystal and she sees that Tarzan and Jane are still alive.Back at Tarzan’s treehouse, everyone is worried about Tarzan and Jane. But they suddenly arrive and tells the others everything that has happened.Professor Porter: I can’t believe it. Queen La has returned? Oh my, I thought we were rid of that wicked woman.Tantor shakes in fear.Tantor: So did I.Terk: Me too.Tarzan: We all did. Jane: Yes and her new body is nothing like her old one it’s bigger, stronger, faster, and more muscular than Tarzan’s I’m afraid. She even has all of the powers of her staff and the magic chamber that she told me about.Professor Porter: Oh dear.Terk: Great not only is La back, but she’s more powerful than ever. Jane: It’s really sad that Usula is gone.Tarzan: Jane I have a feeling that La didn’t kill him. I think he’s still alive.Jane: If that’s true then we must go back there and rescue him.Tarzan: Your right Jane. But now we need a plan to defeat La and someday we will go back to Opar and rescue Usula. Professor Porter: But we can’t go back there, we could all be killed. Who knows if Usula is still alive.Jane: We have to daddy, whether or not he’s alive we must end La’s evil.Tarzan: She’s right we must defeat La once and for all. Ia probably thinks that Jane and are dead so that should give us an advantage.Unknown to them Queen la is watching them through her red crystal ball and has heard every word they said.Queen La: That’s what you think Tarzan, whether choose to fight me, run or hide from me will do you no good. For as you can see the queen of Opar is back and more powerful than ever, hahaha.The screen turns black and the episode ends.So what do all of you think of my new and improved version of the return of La? If you have any suggestions to make this any better please let me know.More photos of Queen La ,,,,,Queen La in Jane’s body, ,
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