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Please Read Before Proceeding!


We were the first official disney group on Deviantart to accept Digital AND Traditional. We have now moved up, and accept Digital, Traditional, Cosplay, and Photography of the park
Please join to help us become the best we can!

Since our original rules list is lost, we'll have to update this as the questions arise.

Major Rules

1) NO Original Characters

2) Please keep your pictures G-PG. This is a FAMILY FRIENDLY group.

3) Crossovers belong in the crossovers folder. That means any picture that has a character from one or more disney movie, OR a picture that has one (or more) disney character and a character from another movie such as shrek.

4) All pictures of friends, models, or you in costumes NEED to go to Cosplay. The only exception is pictures taken in official Disney parks.

5) At this time, we are NOT accepting written entries into the group.

6) We will not accept unfinished and finished versions of the same work. One or the other please.

7) We will no longer accept sketches. A sketch is a messy or unfinished piece. PLEASE NOTE: black and white drawings are allowed, but acceptance will be up to the discretion of the administrators.

8. Screen caps or manipulated screen cap images will no longer be accepted into the group.

9. Be respectful to other members and the admins.
No bad language or bullying, please.

Thank you ~ :heart:
Hello hello everyone. This is Casey, aka Imaginative-Light here.

borishu has noted me earlier this week that there has been a lack of activity of the cofounders her, as well as Borishu, who has been busy working hard at college. It's completely understandable. :) But she was wondering if I was able to take this group on, but I am in need of fellow contributers and co-founders to help out. This may or may not be a possibility on my end because I already have 8 groups I'm an admin in, and leading three (including here), so if anyone is interested, please let me know. We'll talk through it first.

Thanks for reading and I hope you're all having an awesome week!

~ Casey
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I want to contribute part of my Disney works. If you like, I will contribute more if I am admitted.

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What if it's art that's remaking a sceenshot of a film from Disney, but with your own designs?
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Can I join the group? :)
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