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Here’s my class letter that I had done on the idea of PMA. Even though it doesn’t directly apply to you it can be a very positive thing for everyone with the ideas. I encourage you to try to at least skim the letter - Thank you for reading in advance hopefully this helps someone or at least makes someones day a little brighter!

2018 class note american lit tri 3

Honestly I had no idea originally what i wanted to do the class letter on. No idea whatsoever. I went from idea to idea but I knew whatever I wrote for the letter I had wanted it to be something where people could take something away from it. I finally settled on doing a mini thing on Positive Mental Attitude (or as I like PMA) and a bunch of quotes that help make it through the week and are inspirational as well.

(As well as some side remarks…)

I’ve been through a bunch of rough spots this past year and know how important it is to keep up your mental health. Sometimes PMA isn’t staying always just about being positive it’s being kind to yourself and accepting that things are hard and that it’s okay to worry. “Not every day has to “count.” Some days, your purpose is to make it to the next one. That counts too. - courtney hammett” I love this quote simply because of how true it really is. Please know that everyday truly doesn’t have to be some spectacular event in your life it can be just as simple as getting out of bed that day - that’s an achievement no matter what anybody else may say. “[Positive Mental Attitude] is about trying your best every day. It’s not about forcing it out all the time. If you struggle now and then, that’s fine. You’re allowed to have vulnerable moments. As long as you never give up the fight of life and making it the best you can for yourself then you can handle your PMA however you want.”-Jacksepticeye

Another quote that i absolutely love to death by Jacksepticeye is - “Everything is going to be alright, Maybe not today, But eventually.” It just goes to show that maybe today wasn’t your day maybe not even tomorrow will be but eventually it will be and that is worth the wait. Even if you don’t know what tomorrow will bring keep an open mind and a positive attitude it’ll change your whole day around!

A quote by Robin Williams that i like is- “I think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy because they know what it’s like to be worthless and they don’t want anyone else to feel like that.” I feel like this quote could describe me as a person to be honest. This is all I ever really want is so that others won’t have to go through anything alone. I feel as though that was the worst part - the feeling that nobody could know and so you have to suffer alone. This is not the case! Please know there are always people you can talk to somewhere in your life there is at least 1 person who deeply cares about you and is willing to listen. “It is absolutely okay to feel down. It’s absolutely okay to feel sad. You don’t have to put up a front of happiness. You don’t have to put up a fake wall of doing fine. You can be real about your emotions. You can be honest with yourself and you can be honest with those around you. If it does bring you any solace, just know that I really, honestly, truly believe that you can get through it. I honestly believe that you’re strong enough to pursue your goals and to conquer your dreams and go farther than you ever thought possible.”-Markiplier. I can’t even try to say it enough that people really do care. Family cares, Friends care, Even strangers care and although it may be hard at times for you yourself to actually care about yourself just simply knowing that there are those 10 people, 5 people, 1 person - no matter how many there will always be at least someone to care, I always seem to care about everything and everyone. While you may or may not know me or even just because this is anonymous know that even strangers can care. It may seem as though they don’t even acknowledge you but some may and may find you side comments to be funny or just a nice distraction in their own little world. Basically know people care and that’s all I could ever want people to really know in their lowest times or even their highest - People care.

So whos emotional right about now? Completely not me *cough* … BACK TO IT!

Throughout the trimester I have been with everyone in the class and I wan’t each one of you to know - You count, You ARE important, You are unique. Everyone in the class is absolutely amazing and I want you to know it. Whether you hear things like this daily or never it still need to be said. “You will never not matter.”-Ethan Nestor. There are so many bright and wonderful people in our class. Throughout our class discussions it has been a blast and I’d like to thank you guys for this as well. “No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”-Robin Williams. Take your ideas and change the world, I know you can.

Positive Mental attitude has been a total change for me this past year and has helped me almost everyday - Sounds crazy I know and it is. But that doesn’t stop me. Don’t let it stop you either, Whatever make you happy do it! The way I really got into the whole PMA thing was through the Jacksepticeye community. Jack has made it his goal this year to make it his year and improve his mental health and I’ve decided that this was going to be my ultimate goal for the year as well. I’ve been doing great this year as opposed to my previous year when I really started going through some rough times. If you ever need a laugh or some encouraging words go look him up! (*COUGH* SORRY ABOUT THE NO ADVERTISING THING IT’S WORTH IT I SWEAR! AND IT’S NOT SELF PROMOTION *COUGH*) Also just a reminder take a break for yourself every now and then it really will help. Everybody needs a little them time. With the reminder of PMA every now and then and with the support from the people I call friends and family I have felt better than ever even with all sorts of shit going on in my own life. It just goes to show you need to “Just keep moving forward and don’t give a shit about what anybody thinks. Do what you have to do, for you.” -Johnny depp.

(You know I’m starting to wonder if this paper is too serious… I mean honestly? Eh oh well I guess that’s why there are other letters which are probably more funny to lighten the mood!)

Now for a few more inspirational quotes! (Because why not? Who doesn’t love quotes? )

Robin Williams- “You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.

Markiplier- “Tell the person next to you that they look nice today. If you’re alone, tell yourself.”

Johnny Depp- “I think everybody’s weird. We should all celebrate our individuality and not be embarrassed or ashamed of it.”

Johnny Depp- “People cry, not because they’re weak. It’s because they’ve been strong for too long.”

Snow White, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs-“When there’s too much to do, don’t let it bother you. Forget your troubles.”

Christopher Robin, Winnie the Pooh-“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

Eeyore, Winnie the Pooh- “A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference.”

Jacksepticeye- “Be yourself. Be happy with who you are and stop trying to please everybody else. Be happy.”

Timothy Mouse, Dumbo- "The very things that hold you down are going to lift you up.”

I’ve probably put way too many quotes but i love them all to death and there are still many others I couldn’t fit onto the page. Now you are probably reading this letter and going what the heck is this… And I completely agree! In all honesty though it feels great writing this knowing that it’s possible to lighten up somebody’s day! Whenever i have a pretty shit day it’s nice to walk into the classroom and have our before we start conversations. It’s nice to hear about what people enjoy and are excited for no matter what it may be. Please keep it up never stop being you! That is what i love about the class it’s that we are so unique yet have similar interests and completely different interests and are willing to accept that - which I thank you guys for! Be proud of your oddities. Be proud of your strangeness. Be proud of what makes you stand out, and be proud of what makes you yourself. Be proud of your strange hobbies, your funny interests, your weird obsessions. It’s what makes you you so don’t ever let somebody else take that joy and happiness and excitement away from you!

Now I know not everybody has problems but there is a good chance you may know somebody who has gone through or is going through some rough times no matter what it may be about- family, work, school, mental problems, any type of stress. It’s important to know that many people need many different types of help- Some may want to talk about their problems others may not. It’s finding a balance where you can still be supportive but not shrugging it off as no big deal yet also not making a huge fuss about it if it’s not going to help. For some just a simple reminder that “I’m here for you” is enough to keep them going - This is only the case for some and I know for a fact that I can’t say what’s good or bad to do for everyone since we are all unique. If someone shoves it off saying they really don’t want to talk about it don’t take offence to this it’s just one of the many ways to react.

For those of us who are going through or have been through difficult times we all know some of the dos and don’ts for our own care. If you are comfortable with sharing these with at least 1 person who you can trust I would suggest doing so that way you can get the comfort you want when you want it and to be left alone when you want. I found this to be an extremely hard task to do but it has been so worth it in the long run.

A few basic tips I can give (Which may or may not help always depends on the person) is to always attempt to keep a positive attitude and if you can’t one day try for the next day. If all else fails think of the people who adore you - Its always uplifting to me to know there are people who truly care even when I am in the dark. Remind yourself that today is only 1 day out of many. Shit happens. It happens to all of us at some point. YOU ARE NOT EVER ALONE IN THIS. People care. These are the key points to always try to remember and are the points which help me.

So at this point you have probably quit reading, Don’t care or are probably emotional…Yeah sorry about that probably should have done a mini letter on puppies or something…Honestly I didn’t really mean to make it to the halfway point of the limit but here we are!

In all honesty though I seriously hope you guys know that you are all amazing and unique people. I am able to look around the room and think that we are all going to do amazing things someday. And thank you to Mr. Krueger for being an amazing teacher among the many here at north. I am glad to call you an amazing teacher as I don’t think of that of just any teacher.

On a last minute ending side note please remember to keep that positive mental attitude up! Even if you attempt and don’t succeed all that matters is you made an attempt that day. Try again tomorrow. That is all I can ever ask and hope from anyone is they try again tomorrow.

Stay positive and reach for the stars! ~Anonymous
So to start this off I'd like to say hi and thank you to everyone who has decided to watch me and favorite my drawings even though they are very random and have no schedule but it means a lot anyways and blows my mind!Markiplier mind blown (F2U) 

Another thing I'd like to ask is if anybody has any sort of ideas that they might like to see me attempt to draw now people aren't really my thing but I can still maybe attempt but no guarantees haha but seriously though I do like to take random things and turn them into sketches so I'm open to suggestions! I have no idea when I'd get to the suggestions so I'm sort if I don't actually do yours if you suggest anything it just may not be turning out right or it may be a bit to much for me to handle but I'll take the suggestion anyway :3

Anyways thank you everybody for taking the time to read this and maybe even leave a suggestion I'll see ya in the next deviation!Markiplier clapping (F2U) 


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