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Pull My String! Toy Story 5 is Coming? SIGN ME UP!Hey howdy hey, everyone!I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this before, but just like MANY generations of children and adults all over the world, I have always been a SUPER PASSIONATE MEGA FAN of Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story franchise. In fact, the Toy Story series is EASILY what I would consider to be my personal TOP favorite Pixar franchise, Disney franchise, AND MOVIE FRANCHISE of ALL TIME, as well as one of the BEST film franchises EVER MADE.Between the ages of 6-11, Toy Story and Toy Story 2 quickly became 2 of my most rewatched movies of all time, what with me CONSTANTLY watching the original 1995 movie with the 10th Anniversary Edition DVD, and Toy Story 2 STILL being my personal favorite Toy Story film in the series. In fact, I LOVED rewatching Toy Story 2 SO MUCH that ALL the scuffs and scratches on my old Toy Story 2 DVD (as a result of me “handling it too much, that it wasn’t gonna last”) fully prove it. As a result of this, I think I’ve watched the original Toy Story movie WAY MORE TIMES than I’ve even seen ANY OTHER MOVIE in my life! Overtime, I even got my hands on a simple blue Buzz Lightyear action figure (which I sadly ended up LOSING somehow) AND an old copy of the Toy Story Activity Center PC game (released in 1996), which consisted of 8 really simple minigames that somehow ALWAYS kept me and my younger sister entertained. Funny enough, that was OUR compromise for NOT being able to afford any high quality Toy Story toys at the time, but again, between the ages of 6-11, THIS was how much I ABSOLUTELY LOVED Toy Story. Whenever the road in life looked rough ahead (and I was miles and miles from my nice warm bed), I just remembered what my old pal Woody said back in 1999 (only 7 months after I was born): “Besides, when it all ends, I’ll have old Buzz Lightyear to keep me company, for INFINITY and BEYOND.” I think it’s MORE THAN OBVIOUS at this point that I absolutely LOVED the first 2 Toy Story films TO PIECES growing up, and just like every other passionate Toy Story fan out there, the entire Toy Story series has ALWAYS held a special place in my heart, for INFINITY and BEYOND.Smash cut to the summer of 2010, and after seeing PLENTY of trailers and promotion leading up to the movie’s release, Toy Story 3 was FINALLY HERE! Even at 11 years old, I could NOT believe that a 3rd Toy Story film was ACTUALLY HAPPENING! Toy Story 3 was probably one of the first movies I EVER got to watch in theaters TWICE (once with my family, and a 2nd time with a summer camp group), and having seen Toy Story 3 MORE TIMES THAN I CAN COUNT since getting it on Blu-Ray not too long after, I think I’d even go as far as to say that Toy Story 3 might just be my personal TOP favorite Disney film of ALL TIME. TO BE CLEAR, Toy Story 3 is NOT my top favorite Pixar film (which is probably still The Incredibles), Disney animated film (which is now a HARD three-way tie between Aladdin, Hercules, and Wreck-It Ralph), or even my top favorite Toy Story film (which, as I already said, is STILL Toy Story 2). However, in terms of ALL the essential ingredients, from story-telling, to visual fidelity, to maturity, to themes of togetherness, AND overall conclusiveness, I think I can confidently say now that Toy Story 3 is BY FAR my TOP FAVORITE DISNEY MOVIE (and maybe even JUST MOVIE, PERIOD) of ALL TIME. That and the fact that Toy Story 3 was ALSO set in a classic children’s daycare center (something that I can tell you, from 6 BRUTAL YEARS of experience, has WAY MORE COMMANDING ADULTS than the IGNORANT adults of Sunnyside Daycare) AND a TRULY NIGHTMARE-INDUCING GARBAGE LANDFILL (something I KNEW Pixar wouldn’t mess up 2 years after WALL-E, but DIDN’T expect to be made THIS EMOTIONALLY HEART-POUNDING and GRAND SCALE) was what EASILY made Toy Story 3 one of the BEST and MOST EMOTIONAL theater-going experiences in my ENTIRE LIFE. And hey, this is ALL coming from someone who LEGITIMATELY CRIED after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2’s ending only a year later (and NOT Toy Story 3’s ending)! With ALL THAT having been said though, as ultimately satisfying as Toy Story 3’s ending was (and this may REALLY surprise you)....................….. There has ALWAYS been a SMALL part of me (even TODAY) that IS STILL interested in seeing the alternate timeline where Woody ACTUALLY DOES go to college with Andy, Buzz and the gang actually stay together in the attic, and eventually MANY YEARS LATER…………….. Andy eventually DOES pass on all of his childhood toys to his own children. As soon as Woody brought up this idea at the beginning of Toy Story 3, that was MY personal fantasized endgame for the Toy Story series (especially after FINALLY reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows not too long before). But…………. as you already know.......... that alternate ending DID NOT HAPPEN. Instead, as HARD as it was for 11-year-old me to swallow........... Andy ultimately passed on ALL of his childhood toys, INCLUDING WOODY, to another bright young girl named Bonnie. I’ll admit that this was an EXTREMELY GUTSY writing decision that I HAVE come to accept as I’ve gotten older……………. because at the very least, Toy Story 3’s ending brought the franchise back FULL CIRCLE to where it had all started (i.e. The toys having another young child to love and take care of them), especially with the mutual love between children AND a huge collection of toys being on FULL DISPLAY here (both through Bonnie AND Andy).So, yeah, regardless of how I personally felt (and STILL feel) about Toy Story 3’s ending, as well as how much I’ve pushed the film away over the years (mainly due to thinking it was OVERRATED, when in ACTUALITY, I was just AFRAID to be rendered EMOTIONALLY VULNERABLE by it again)............... I’m not going to lie, I’ve ALWAYS considered Toy Story 3 to be one of Disney and Pixar’s GREATEST MOVIES EVER MADE (as well as, quite possibly, my UNAPOLOGETIC TOP FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME), both as a SPECTACULAR trilogy capper AND PURELY ON ITS OWN as a masterfully-crafted story for ALL AUDIENCES to enjoy! After enough rewatches, my family’s love of Toy Story had eventually become SO MUTUALLY STRONG that I was FINALLY allowed to have my own Sheriff Woody doll (amusingly named “Playtime Woody”) AND, much to my 11-year-old self’s delight, the Toy Story Collection’s OFFICIAL Buzz Lightyear action figure (both of which were made by Thinkway Toys, from whom I’d previously purchased their WALL-E toys)! By the end of 2010, one of my BIGGEST childhood dreams had FINALLY come true: I finally had my own Sheriff Woody doll and my own Buzz Lightyear action figure, both of which I actually STILL HAVE TODAY (as you can see in this journal’s cover photo)! At that point, I was decently satisfied with the Toy Story franchise as a whole, and in spite of ALL the additional short films and TV specials that continued the series up until 2014..........… I eventually found myself growing up VERY FAST just like Andy, and eventually discovering MANY OTHER passions along the way (some of which you need only browse the rest of my DeviantART account to find). Between the years of 2012-2018, the Toy Story franchise was………… sort of pushed to the back of my mind.............. for a VERY, VERY LONG TIME. In spite of somewhat moving on though, I NEVER forgot about my undying passion for Toy Story. In fact, in spite of me pushing the Toy Story series to the back of my mind for 6 VERY LONG YEARS…………… I think my passion for collecting toys from my other favorite franchises has only continued to GROW as I’ve gotten older (especially with the rise of Amiibo in 2014). And somehow, after YEARS of fighting my emotions and giving up a LOT of my older toys that I never played with anymore (NONE of them being video-game-related, of which I STILL HAVE FAR TOO MANY VIDEO GAME TOYS TO COUNT).............. I ALWAYS held on tight to Woody, Buzz, and the rest of my bigger and smaller Pixar toys (from both The Incredibles and WALL-E). Just like Andy, I’ve ALWAYS LOVED my favorite toys with ALL MY HEART, and as long as I’m living, I think I always WILL. That and I always knew that whenever I was feeling down in life, no matter how old I got, the Toy Story series and its movies would ALWAYS be there for me, no matter what, for INFINITY and BEYOND. But, eventually…… around the late 2010s…………. something REALLY INTERESTING happened. Something REALLY SURPRISING that even I thought was NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLE, whether the world actually WANTED to see this big surprise land on this Earth by the summer of 2019 or NOT..........…….Also, if you're interested in REALLY QUICKLY hearing my opinion on the “Toy Box” world in Kingdom Hearts III (inspired by the Toy Story franchise), ALL I can say about it is that A) Andy’s room and house were VERY NOSTALGIC for me to revisit, B) Galaxy Toys was KINDA COOL to explore (in spite of me STILL preferring other iconic Toy Story locations like Pizza Planet and Al’s Toy Barn more), and C) If Buzz was written SO CLUELESSLY in Toy Story 4, then WHY ON GOD’S EARTH did Kingdom Hearts III feel the NEED to write Buzz using the OTHER EXTREME (i.e. Buzz was WAY TOO SMART for his own good in Kingdom Hearts III, to the point where he was always EXTREMELY MEAN and CONDESCENDING towards Sora, Donald, and Goofy)?! Please…….. Disney and Square Enix, if you EVER consider bringing back “Toy Box” in ANY future Kingdom Hearts games…………… then PLEASE re-evaluate every Toy Story character’s personality MORE THOROUGHLY (throughout the original trilogy)…………….. And MAYBE consider adapting ANY of the original 3 Toy Story movies DIRECTLY if you can, ESPECIALLY Toy Story 3! Or, AT THE VERY LEAST.............. PLEASE consider featuring ANY of the original Toy Story trilogy’s iconic locations (like Pizza Planet, Al’s Toy Barn, or Sunnyside Daycare), as well as at least a FEW more iconic Toy Story characters (namely Slinky, Jessie, and Bullseye), in an original plot IF POSSIBLE!I’m not gonna sugarcoat my next tangent. In the summer of 2019, Toy Story 4 was eventually released, much to the pleasant surprise of me............ AND the unfortunate horror of every passionate Toy Story fan out there. And YES, in spite of me agreeing with most fans that Toy Story 3’s ending was in fact SATISFYING ENOUGH to end the Toy Story series as a whole................ I WAS still cautiously optimistic and EXCITED to see that the Toy Story series WASN’T OVER YET, especially with that alternate Toy Story 3 ending (of the toys remaining with Andy into his adulthood) STILL lingering in the back of my mind. Of course, I wasn’t really expecting that alternate ending to happen..........… but once I saw Toy Story 4’s teaser trailer and one story trailer featuring Bo Peep, I was HYPED, especially since the fate of Bo Peep was LEGITIMATELY one of the most intriguing plot points that Toy Story 3 decided to JUMP OVER with just 1-2 throwaway lines. Unfortunately.............. Once I actually went to see Toy Story 4 in theaters with my family (and in spite of having STUPIDLY SPOILED the movie’s ending by reading the Wikipedia plot summary prior).................... Let’s just say that I ended up walking out of the theater with the EXACT same expression that Buzz had when he first saw his very own toy commercial in the original Toy Story movie. At the time, I think the only SOLID conclusion I COULD come to once the movie was over……… was that Toy Story 4 felt like one of those Toy Story short films or TV specials (released between 2010-2014), but MERCILESSLY STRETCHED OUT just to fit an ENTIRE 1 hour and 40 minute runtime, and as a result, I was TOO CONFUSED to even WANT to THINK about Toy Story 4 again until almost a YEAR later. See, here’s the thing: Unlike a LOT of VERY passionate Toy Story 4 haters out there..........……… I’ve personally always had a VERY CONFLICTED LOVE-HATE RELATIONSHIP with Toy Story 4. It wasn’t until the pandemic broke out that I eventually found MORE THAN ENOUGH TIME to rewatch Toy Story 4 at least 50-100 times (just as I did with each movie in the original trilogy), and at the end of the day..........…. I don’t LOVE Toy Story 4 ALL THE WAY TO THE HEAVENS AND BACK the same way I do with the original trilogy, but unlike all the haters of this movie, I DO respect Toy Story 4’s existence AND all of its CLEAR ATTEMPTS at providing a BRAND-NEW perspective on the world of Toy Story. And again, this is ALL coming from someone who’s watched ALL 4 of these movies at least 100 TIMES EACH now.Just like a lot of people out there, I am NOT AT ALL IGNORANT of Toy Story 4’s EXCESSIVE amount of flaws, plot holes, inconsistencies, contrivances, character betrayals, hypocritical morals, obvious attempts at GASLIGHTING, AND the director Josh Cooley’s SURPRISINGLY IGNORANT ATTITUDE towards the original Toy Story trilogy AND its passionate fans (as he and producer Mark Nielson so KINDLY demonstrate in their Director’s Commentary on Toy Story 4)............ But at the same time, in spite of ALL of Toy Story 4’s IRREFUTABLE FLAWS…………… I DO think there’s ALWAYS been a SMALL PART OF ME that’s been ACTIVELY TRYING to imagine a better version of Toy Story 4’s plot with EVERY SINGLE REWATCH. As I’ve grown older, part of me HAS always been interested in seeing a Toy Story movie where toys are ACTIVELY FREE to live their own lives without a kid (just in the same way I ALWAYS WANTED to see the Avengers LOSE a big battle prior to Avengers: Infinity War, which ultimately DID happen and somehow STILL surprised me only a YEAR prior to Toy Story 4)! Of course, prior to Toy Story 4’s release….….. even I wasn’t stupid enough to assume that Woody would EVER IN A MILLION YEARS consider STRAIGHT-UP ABANDONING his friends OR his kid forever…….. but again, part of me DID always wonder what kind of lives OTHER TOYS in the Toy Story universe COULD be living if they DIDN’T leave their fates in the hands of ANY child. As for HOW Toy Story 4 actually decided to send Woody down this DARK and FRIGHTENINGLY ABSTRACT PATH though.................... Well, I KNOW you’ve ALL been waiting for me to say this, but............... just like EVERYONE ELSE out there, Toy Story 4’s ending left me with a LOT MORE CONCERN than the USUAL OPTIMISM that the entire series was ALWAYS good at providing me once the credits of each movie in the original trilogy began to roll.Let me just get this out of the way REAL QUICK: In the same way that 11-year-old me had INITIALLY felt about Toy Story 3’s ending back in 2010, and as CONTROVERSIAL, DARK, and HYPOCRITICAL as Toy Story 4’s ending STILL FEELS TODAY..................... I DO still think it was a VERY GUTSY writing decision to end Toy Story 4 with Woody consciously CHOOSING to remain with Bo Peep and pursue a new life as a lost toy (something that had ALREADY BEEN DONE in Ralph Breaks the Internet just a YEAR prior that at least fits Toy Story JUST A BIT BETTER than Wreck-It Ralph in my opinion). That and I’ll even give the writers BONUS POINTS for going out of their way to try and “redeem” Toy Story 4's villain, Gabby Gabby (even if she DID come off as somewhat manipulative at times, along with her convoluted morals in regards to her defective voice box). UNFORTUNATELY though, UNLIKE with Toy Story 3’s ending……….. and again, I KNOW you’ve ALL been waiting for me to say this, but.................................... I think I can speak for MOST if not ALL of Toy Story’s loyal fanbase when I say that Toy Story 4’s “new” ending DID NOT feel EARNED, BELIEVABLE, or SATISFYING AT ALL based on LITERALLY EVERYTHING leading up to it, BOTH in terms of Toy Story 4’s own CONVOLUTED and INCONSISTENT PLOT (i.e. Bonnie’s sudden ignorance towards Woody, Woody suddenly feeling sad over not being played with for ONLY 3 DAYS, Bo’s condescending portrayal, etc.) AND in terms of Toy Story 4 having POTENTIALLY been set up as THE ULTIMATE FINAL ENDING to the entire Toy Story franchise, which only became a LOT MORE PAINFUL to think about with EVERY SINGLE REWATCH of Toy Story 4 during quarantine (ON TOP of constant rewatches of GamingMagic13’s VERY ENTERTAINING 6-HOUR-LONG “How Toy Story 4 Destroyed Everything” video series). Keyword to note back there in one of my previous statements though: “POTENTIALLY”. YES, you heard me correctly. Toy Story 4’s ending could have POTENTIALLY been the ULTIMATE FINAL ENDING to the Toy Story franchise………….… because in case you haven’t heard the news just yet…………... SOMETHING REALLY INTERESTING happened VERY RECENTLY (in February of 2023). Something REALLY SURPRISING that (just like before) even I thought was NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLE…….. AGAIN.Also, if you want my opinion on 2022’s Lightyear (having only seen it ONCE)............ It was…… WATCHABLE. In spite of having ALREADY SEEN MANY MAJOR CONTRADICTIONS to the Toy Story series on my FIRST VIEWING of Lightyear ALONE (especially by the time the identity of a certain evil “Emperor” is revealed)................. I’ll admit that, ON ITS OWN, Lightyear IS a simple and somewhat thrilling action-adventure film (seemingly inspired by a LOT of recent hero stories, sci-fi movies, AND other Pixar movies) that at least held my attention up until the credits rolled. That and it at least had SOME HEART to it as well, what with Buzz Lightyear and some other misfit space rangers learning to see the DEEPER VALUE in other people’s lives (even if you missed out on being a part of those lives AND/OR still live with GUILT for changing those lives yourself), for better AND for worse. I DO have to say that Lightyear’s story MOST DEFINITELY SHOULD’VE been told with ANY OTHER CHARACTER besides Buzz Lightyear………………. because based on the MANY PLOT DEVIATIONS from Buzz’s own STATED backstory in the original Toy Story movie ALONE (again, in regards to a certain evil “Emperor”), I’m ALMOST 99.999999999% SURE that THIS MOVIE CANNOT BE what inspired Andy to ask his mom for a Buzz Lightyear action figure, ESPECIALLY when Buzz’s main space suit throughout Lightyear is NOTHING LIKE the Buzz Lightyear action figure we’ve ALL known and loved since Buzz Lightyear’s inception (at least until the last few minutes of the movie). Regardless of my own personal gripes with the movie though (AND everyone else’s), I personally still think that Lightyear (for EVERYTHING it was) was at least WATCHABLE. Nothing really as spectacular as EVERY OTHER superhero story I’ve seen……….. Nothing that I even REALLY wanted to see from Buzz Lightyear outside of the Toy Story movies……….. but just…….. WATCHABLE (and God knows if I’ll EVER WANT to watch it again).Again, I’m not gonna sugarcoat my next tangent here either. If you haven’t heard the news yet, what with just ONE TWEET from Tim Allen (Mr. Buzz Lightyear himself) having spread ALL ACROSS THE INTERNET within just a few days for EVERYONE to hear about EVERYWHERE..........……… The development of a bonafide TOY STORY 5 has been OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED! Yep, that’s right! And before you even ask me how I feel about this announcement, well............……… I just want you to know, Disney, Pixar, and Josh Cooley….. that even though you TRIED to terminate the Toy Story franchise with Toy Story 4.............. REVENGE by releasing YET ANOTHER Toy Story movie is NOT an idea I would’ve promoted back in 2019. But……… we’re no longer living in 2019, are we? No? Welp… Insert scene of Toy Story 5 absolutely MURDERING Toy Story 4 here. All joking aside though, I just want you to know that I am ABSOLUTELY NOT JOKING when I say that I am LEGITIMATELY OVER-THE-MOON ECSTATIC to hear that Toy Story 5 is ACTUALLY HAPPENING! That and in honor of MY OWN PERSONAL HYPE for Toy Story 5, I even FINALLY purchased my very own Jessie, Bullseye, Bo Peep (and her sheep), and Woody toys (i.e. My 2nd Woody doll now, NOT the one shown in the cover photo) from the Toy Story Signature Collection (by Thinkway Toys), with Jessie in particular having ALWAYS been my TOP FAVORITE Toy Story character (Why on EARTH did I wait THIS LONG to buy a Jessie doll?). In fact, outside of Disney CLEARLY choosing to MILK the Toy Story franchise DRIER THAN A DESERT YET AGAIN (this time in light of YET ANOTHER “corporate restructuring” that apparently resulted in the employment termination of 7000 Disney workers)........................ I personally DO believe that Toy Story 5 DOES have the potential to redeem AND PROPERLY CONCLUDE the ENTIRE Toy Story franchise ONCE AND FOR ALL, just in the same way we ALL thought Toy Story 3 had done so back in 2010. It MIGHT seem like Toy Story 5 is ONLY being made JUST for Disney to keep milking the Toy Story franchise even further (and for all we know, Disney and Pixar may NEVER STOP making unnecessary sequels until the end of time).......... But based on the “quality” of the VERY CLEARLY RUSHED and CONVOLUTED roller coaster ride that WAS Toy Story 4.......... Personally, I can only see a LOT of POTENTIAL GOOD coming out of Toy Story 5 at this point (especially compared to ANYTHING that COULD be considered WORSE than the DARKER implications of Woody’s final choice in Toy Story 4). Yep, you heard me right!So please, SADDLE UP and prepare for a ride like the WIND, because today, I’ll be sharing with you all MY VERY OWN PITCH for the ENTIRE OPENING SEQUENCE of TOY STORY 5 (in order to set a MATURE and SERIOUS TONE of what I PRAY TO GOD will be the VERY LAST FILM in this BELOVED franchise), as well as EVERY OTHER IDEA I currently have that COULD potentially help Toy Story 5 come out ON TOP as ANOTHER ONE of the GREATEST FILMS EVER MADE! And before I get started, let me just lay out MY OWN PERSONAL INTERPRETATION of the ENTIRE Toy Story timeline so far, just so that EVERYTHING I’m about to say in MY pitch of Toy Story 5’s entire opening sequence WILL MAKE SENSE to you:TOY STORY TIMELINE (i.e. My best Toy Story timeline deductions): - The Woody’s Roundup TV show ran from 1949-1957.- Andy Davis was born in 1992 and his sister Molly was born in 1998.- Toy Story took place in 1998 (presumably in August), when Andy was 6 and Molly was only 5-7 months old.- Toy Story 2 took place in August 1999 (despite the August 1994 calendar layouts), when Andy was 7 and Molly was 1.- Toy Story 3’s opening flashbacks took place in 2000, when Andy was 8 and Molly was 2.- Toy Story 4’s opening flashback took place in September 2003 (despite the September 1998 calendar layout), when Andy was 11 and Molly was 5.- Bonnie Anderson was born in 2007.- Toy Story 3 took place in August 2010 (just as Andy’s calendar’s layout AND the dates on his post-it board suggest), when Andy was almost 18, Molly was 12, and Bonnie was 3.- Toy Story 4 took place in 2012, when Bonnie was 5, and off-screen, Andy was 20 and Molly was 14.Please keep in mind that unlike Toy Story 4, I WILL be making my VERY BEST ATTEMPTS to COMPLETELY 100% AVOID GASLIGHTING YOU with this plot (as Toy Story 4 tried to do with SO MANY THINGS, especially with its characters). With this pitch of Toy Story 5, my ULTIMATE GOAL is to show you EXACTLY HOW MUCH POTENTIAL I believe the Toy Story series STILL HAS, because in spite of Toy Story 3 and 4’s emotional endings……………. I DO TRULY believe that Pixar CAN still create YET ANOTHER satisfying Toy Story tale for EVERYONE to enjoy. One that DOES properly build off of Toy Story 4’s ending, FULLY RESTORES the intelligence and relevance of ALL the old characters, AND finally CONCLUDES the Toy Story franchise ONCE AND FOR ALL! Anyway, let’s not waste anymore time! Now that the coast is clear for ONE MORE OUTING with Woody, Buzz, Jessie, and the rest of our favorite family of toys..........……. let’s dive right into my VERY OWN pitch for Toy Story 5’s entire opening sequence, and get this wagon train a-moving! YEE-HAW!MY Pitch for Toy Story 5’s OPENING SEQUENCE:Toy Story 5 opens up with Disney’s iconic castle-sweeping logo as usual (whether it’s the 2011 version OR Disney’s current 2023 version), immediately followed by the iconic Pixar Animation Studios logo..........……..… only NOW, with a NEW orchestral remix of the tune that played when Woody FIRST APPEARED ON-SCREEN in the original Toy Story movie, IMMEDIATELY followed by the iconic tune that played during the ORIGINAL COMPUTER-ANIMATED Walt Disney Pictures logo shown before every pre-2008 Pixar movie (In other words, I’d just like to hear a NEW orchestral remix of the Toy Story music track “Andy’s Birthday” during Toy Story 5’s opening logos, SPECIFICALLY 0:45-1:02, IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWED BY 0:00-0:17 in THIS VIDEO: This is done PURPOSELY to begin the (PRESUMABLY) FINAL Toy Story movie ever made with the EXACT SAME TUNE that originally started the ENTIRE Toy Story series (UNLIKE newer versions of the first 2 Toy Story movies that replace the ORIGINAL COMPUTER-ANIMATED Disney logo with the 2011 version). And for those of you who HATE nostalgia pandering, PLEASE DON’T WORRY! This opening logo will be the ONLY time that I’ll be encouraging the reuse of music tracks from previous movies. Not even a VERY ICONIC “friendly” Randy Newman song (that opens up the original, 3rd, and 4th Toy Story movies) will be heard in MY version of Toy Story 5 until the END CREDITS (similar to Toy Story 2).Anyway, onto the movie PROPER: The film opens up with a bright blue sky, filled with some very familiar looking clouds… only this time, they’re REAL clouds that are VERY SLOWLY moving left in a REAL SKY. In a very similar fashion to Toy Story 2 and 3, the following text appears on-screen: “Disney Presents”, followed by “A Pixar Animation Studios Film”............ And FINALLY, the VERY ICONIC “TOY STORY” movie logo (appearing in the frame by backing up through the O in “TOY”), followed by a great big number 5 being slapped on right at the bottom, ultimately creating the full title of “TOY STORY 5”. In essence, just like Toy Story 2 and 3, Toy Story 5’s title will drop RIGHT AT THE START OF THE FILM, all while a BRAND-NEW triumphant piece of music (that says “This REALLY IS the VERY LAST Toy Story movie”) plays! After this, the logo slowly zooms towards the camera (AGAIN, through the O in “TOY”, similar to almost EVERY Harry Potter movie’s opening logos), and the camera will slowly pan downwards from the bright blue sky before transitioning into a beautiful helicopter shot of the Tri-County Area………. in 1957.Also, FAIR WARNING, the following origin story that I’ll be using for the FIRST 5-10 MINUTES of MY Toy Story 5 pitch will be LOOSELY BASED on the late Pixar screenwriter Joe Ranft’s OWN stated origin story for Woody when he was asked about it by his friend Mike Mozart before Ranft’s death in 2006 (which SuperCarlinBrothers has their own YouTube video about: Unfortunately, Finding Nemo and WALL-E director Andrew Stanton has since DEBUNKED this theory being true, so after hearing this, I WILL be SLIGHTLY ALTERING and/or SIMPLIFYING certain parts of Ranft’s story to develop my own story. Also, in order for me to set the tone of this ENTIRE OPENING SEQUENCE, try and picture it similarly to the ENTIRE opening of Carl and Ellie’s life together in 2009’s Up, only this time with SOME voice acting AND a BRAND-NEW music track that has a similar vibe to Up’s iconic “Married Life” music. So anyway, let’s begin! In early November of 1957, a VERY PASSIONATE 3-year-old fan of Woody’s Roundup by the name of Andy Davis (NOT the Andy Davis you all know and love just yet, but someone related to him) walks into his local toy store with his mom (who is definitely NOT the same mother of the Andy you know, based on her bespectacled appearance). Having little to no money to pay for toys in the past, TODAY is the day that Andy will be buying 2 of his very first toys EVER with his very own allowance money: Slinky Dog and Mr. Potato Head. YES, the VERY SAME Slinky Dog and Mr. Potato Head that you’ve all known and LOVED since the original Toy Story movie (with my personal recommendation for Mr. Potato Head’s new voice actor, following the late Don Rickles, being the ALWAYS ENTERTAINING Danny DeVito). While paying for Andy’s new toys, his mom asks the toy store clerk if they have ANY of the newly-released Woody’s Roundup ragdolls in stock, which (after saying “No”) prompts the clerk to explain what he had heard about those dolls on the news recently. Back in September, Woody’s Roundup had reached its peak as one of the most popular children’s TV shows EVER, having been on the air for about 8 years since 1949 with TONS of merchandise being sold, OUTSIDE of ANY dolls just yet. The show’s 8-year success eventually inspired the show’s sponsors, Cowboy Crunchies, to sign a deal with WR Toys to FINALLY produce a fresh new toy line of high-quality pull-string ragdoll toys based on the Woody’s Roundup characters, those characters being Sheriff Woody Pride, Jessie the Yodelling Cowgirl, Bullseye the Horse, and Stinky Pete the Prospector. These dolls are the EXACT dolls Andy’s mom is asking about. Unfortunately, back in October of 1957, by the time the VERY FIRST prototypes of each doll were completed…….. The launch of Sputnik 1 happened, which ultimately resulted in the viewership of Woody’s Roundup DROPPING IMMENSELY within only a month, the show being canceled, and only 5% of the originally-intended amount of Woody’s Roundup dolls for worldwide release actually being produced (And FYI, the reason why I personally DON’T believe that OUR Sheriff Woody is the only doll of his kind is because in Toy Story 2, Stinky Pete says that he spent a LIFETIME never being sold himself, meaning that unless Cowboy Crunchies and WR Toys were CRUEL enough to mass produce dolls of EVERY Woody’s Roundup character EXCEPT “the MAN HIMSELF”, Woody should DEFINITELY NOT have been the only doll of his kind, even in the late 1950s). This ultimately results in the new Woody’s Roundup dolls having SOLD OUT VERY FAST all over the Tri-County Area due to their WORLDWIDE POPULARITY and RARITY within JUST A MONTH……………… which leaves Andy feeling VERY UPSET that he’ll most likely NEVER get his own Sheriff Woody doll of his own, mainly due to Andy’s family barely having enough money to afford one and/or even put good food on the table.And if Andy wasn’t ALREADY feeling sad enough………… just as he and his mom get into their car to drive home………… Andy briefly spots a bright young girl around his age in a bright red cowgirl hat (who SHOULD be familiar to ALL Toy Story 2 fans) walking into the local movie theater with her parents. Through the open window of their car, Andy notices that the girl has her very own Jessie the Yodelling Cowgirl doll from Woody’s Roundup clutched tightly in her hands (who MAY or may not be the VERY SAME Jessie that you’ve all known and LOVED since Toy Story 2). The girl gently pulls and releases Jessie’s pull-string, causing Jessie’s voice box to give a very loud yodel just before the theater’s door shuts, much to the girl’s delight. Seeing one of his favorite TV characters bring so much joy to another child his age only leaves Andy wondering if he’ll EVER have a Sheriff Woody doll from Woody’s Roundup to call HIS OWN………. but as they begin to drive home, Andy’s mom tells her son not to give up hope just yet.One month later, on the following Christmas Day of 1957 in a VERY FAMILIAR looking white house (a house that we ALL thought that we had “moved away from” in the original Toy Story movie), Andy FINALLY receives the VERY THING he’s always wanted with WARM LOVE his parents: His VERY OWN BRAND-NEW-IN-THE-BOX Sheriff Woody doll, a.k.a. The VERY SAME Sheriff Woody doll that you’ve known and LOVED since the original Toy Story movie! According to Andy’s parents, this brand-new Sheriff Woody doll had been sent DIRECTLY to them from Cowboy Crunchies upon a VERY DESPERATE but RESPECTFUL letter request from Andy’s parents…………….. which DOES leave Andy VERY SURPRISED, but still IMMENSELY OVERJOYED to hear that the sponsors of Woody’s Roundup themselves had actually answered his family’s prayers. Upon finally unboxing Woody, Andy gently pulls and releases Woody’s pull-string, causing Woody’s voice box to formally greet Andy with 4 words that nearly bring him to happy tears: “You’re my favorite deputy!” Hearing Woody talk brings immediate joy to Andy, who tightly hugs Woody and tells him that they’ll be best friends FOREVER.Over the course of the next 4 months in 1958, Woody very quickly becomes Andy’s favorite toy, as well as fairly good friends with Mr. Potato Head and Slinky. Unfortunately, as a result of living in a poor family and not always having access to proper health care.................Andy eventually develops an unfortunate case of polio (PLEASE KNOW that this plot point was Joe Ranft’s idea, NOT MINE), and is later informed that he will need to be hospitalized for special treatment, which will also require ALL of Andy’s possessions, including his 3 TOYS, to be BURNED. Hearing this nearly breaks Andy’s heart, but in a quick act of defiance out of his DEEP LOVE for his only 3 toys, Andy secretly takes Woody, Slinky, and Mr. Potato Head and places them in an empty trunk in the attic, which he seals tight with one of his dad’s padlocks under a combination based on his birthday (i.e. Some random date in 1954). Unfortunately, once Woody, Slinky, and Mr. Potato Head wake up inside the trunk as Andy leaves…………. The inside of this trunk is so dark and tightly shut that, after a short time of desperately struggling to get out, the trio of toys are all FORCED to revert back to their lifeless toy forms (possibly as a result of them losing consciousness in a tight space). And……….. unfortunately..........………. THIS is where these 3 toys will remain for the next 38 YEARS.38 years later in 1996 (about 2 YEARS BEFORE the original Toy Story movie takes place), Woody, Slinky, and Mr. Potato Head are abruptly woken up by the trunk (that they are STILL inside) suddenly being picked up, hauled out of the attic, and into Andy’s old bedroom, which now has new furniture, a sky blue wallpaper (with cute clouds on it), and MANY NEW TOYS littered throughout the room, those toys being Lenny the binoculars, Mr. Mike, a bobble clown, a pink-haired troll doll, a “See ‘n Say The Farmer Says” animal sound maker, and a collection of tikes with their own fire truck. The trunk from the attic is then unlocked and slowly opened up by a bespectacled man in his early 40s who happily presents Woody, Slinky, and Mr. Potato Head to his wife, a very familiar loving mother you might remember.............. AND his 4-year-old son, who’s name is ALSO revealed to be Andy, a.k.a. The VERY SAME Andy that you’ve ALL known and loved throughout the original Toy Story trilogy (who at this point is most likely a regular attendant of Sunnyside Daycare). At first, Woody wonders if Andy’s sickness may have caused him to lose his memory of them, as he believes this 4-year-old Andy is the very same Andy who locked him up in the trunk.......... but immediately after this, when the man talks to Andy about Woody..........…the man states that Woody, Slinky, and Mr. Potato Head are in fact HIS old childhood toys that he actively PROTECTED from being burned almost 40 years ago, which helps Woody finally realize that this 42-year-old man is actually the VERY SAME Andy they had known for only 4-5 months before he locked them up in the trunk all those years ago. Older Andy then slowly hands Woody over to his son and gently prompts him to pull and release Woody’s pull-string. Hesitantly, younger Andy does, and this causes Woody’s voice box to ONCE AGAIN formally greet younger Andy with the VERY SAME 4 words that nearly brought older Andy to happy tears almost 40 years ago: “You’re my favorite deputy!” Hearing Woody talk brings immediate delight to younger Andy, who even admits that he likes Woody already AND that they’ll be best friends FOREVER, much to older Andy’s own delight.Then, after suddenly hearing an EXPLOSION (Yeah, you heard me right) outside, prompting Andy’s mom to yell at their 11-year-old neighbor Sid Phillips to keep the noise level down before shutting the window (with Sid’s 4-year-old sister Hannah threatening to tell on Sid for playing with explosives again)......................... Older Andy then tells his wife and son that he hasn’t got much time left to live, as he is now looking in the face of post-polio syndrome threatening his life (AGAIN, this was Joe Ranft’s idea, NOT MINE), and that very soon, he will be joining his parents in Heaven. So now................ along with his old childhood home (a.k.a. The VERY SAME white house from the original Toy Story movie).............. older Andy will now be passing his ONLY 3 childhood toys on to his 4-year-old son (a.k.a. The Andy Davis that we’ve ALL been following since the original Toy Story movie). Andy and his mom are REALLY SAD to hear older Andy say all of these things, but despite his tears, 4-year-old Andy promises his father that he WILL take care of Woody, Slinky, and Mr. Potato Head, prompting Andy and his parents to all share a group hug together.Unfortunately..........………. once the camera pans up towards a nearby window with a VERY dark cloudy afternoon sky outside..........………… the camera then slowly pans downward towards a very somber and silent scene of 4-year-old Andy (Older Andy’s son) and his mother both attending his father’s funeral in a graveyard about a month later (R.I.P. Andy Davis Senior, 1954-1996), with Woody, Slinky, and Mr. Potato Head all sitting on a bench not too far away. When Andy turns away to cry into his mom’s shoulder, Woody and Mr. Potato Head slowly remove their hats, link their hands with Slinky’s, shut their eyes, and slowly bow their heads. Later, when Andy and his mom return home from the funeral, Andy holds onto his father’s toys tightly and promises his mother that he will take VERY GOOD CARE of EVERY SINGLE TOY he ever owns, just like his father did. And later that night, when Andy is sleeping, Woody, Slinky, and Mr. Potato Head ALL promise that they will take VERY GOOD CARE of Andy, as well as EACH OTHER and ALL of Andy’s other toys.Cue a NEW MONTAGE (similar to Up's iconic “Married Life” sequence) that may actually require some TRULY HEARTFELT Randy Newman music going forward. I’ll admit that a brand-new cover of “You Got a Friend in Me”, or even Toy Story 3’s final song “We Belong Together”, COULD work here………….. but AGAIN, in order to PROPERLY set the tone of Toy Story’s (presumably) ultimate final chapter, I’d prefer to hear a NEW music track during the following montage, whether it's a BRAND-NEW Randy Newman song or just triumphant-sounding music. Anyway, CUE THE MONTAGE:Over the next 2 years (1996-1998) leading up to Andy’s 6th birthday party (in ORIGINAL Toy Story movie), Andy receives MANY NEW TOYS over the course of his next 2 birthdays and Christmases, ALL of those new toys being Hamm the Piggy Bank (a.k.a. Evil Dr. Porkchop), Rex the Dinosaur, Rocky Gibraltar, “Etch” the Etch a Sketch, Mr. Spell, a set of 5 Troikas, a light-up toy Robot, a green and purple Snake, Mr. Shark, a walking hockey puck, RC the Remote Control Car, a Barrel of Monkeys, and Sarge and the bucket of soldiers, ALL of whom Woody, Slinky, and Mr. Potato Head form fast “co-worker-esque” friendships with. In between the quick introductions (or “reintroductions”) of all of these toy characters, Andy starts playing with Woody ALMOST EVERY DAY, to the point where (NOT TOO LONG after his father’s funeral) Andy decides to inscribe his own name on the bottom of Woody’s boot in permanent ink (a.k.a. The VERY SAME name with a backwards N that would remain there for the next 16 YEARS leading up to Toy Story 4). On top of this, Andy treasures his time with Woody SO MUCH that he starts taking Woody EVERYWHERE HE GOES, including the park, kindergarten class (both in secret AND for show-and-tell), the movies, on summer vacation trips with his mom, AND Woody’s new favorite summer tradition, COWBOY CAMP! Of course, the more toys that enter Andy’s room, the more JADED and CYNICAL Woody becomes as they CONSTANTLY WORRY about what new toys Andy will receive next, which prompts Mr. Potato Head, Hamm, and occasionally Slinky to mess around with Woody just for fun. Rex also develops a strong desire to prove that he CAN be scary in spite of his anxiety, but despite his best attempts, he finds himself coming off as annoying, especially much to Woody’s annoyance. By early 1998 (at least 6 months before the original Toy Story movie), Andy’s little sister Molly is born, and her frequent cries at night eventually convince Andy’s mom to buy a baby lamp that will comfort Molly at night. The lamp itself includes 2 porcelain figurines modeled after Little Bo Peep and her 3 sheep (Billy, Goat, and Gruff), both of which Andy starts to play with VERY FREQUENTLY. Overtime, Andy’s heroic portrayal of Woody and his “damsel-in-distress” portrayal of Bo (during Andy’s playtimes with both of them) results in Bo beginning to flirt with Woody, and Woody himself to become smitten with her. One fateful day however, Woody eventually learns that Andy’s family will be moving to a new house in about a month, causing all the other toys to worry immediately and Woody himself to take charge, as he believes he SHOULD take charge as Andy’s favorite toy. Around the same time, one of Andy’s playtimes is cut short when his school friends invite him to watch a new movie that was just released, Lightyear (Big surprise, huh? Though, if NOT THIS, maybe Andy could watch the original Buzz Lightyear cartoons at a friend’s house.). This ultimately results in Andy asking his mom for his very own Buzz Lightyear action figure, which OF COURSE ties DIRECTLY into the beginning of the original Toy Story movie NOT TOO LONG AFTER…From this point on, the opening montage KICKS INTO OVERDRIVE in its final minute or 2 by featuring MANY snippets of some VERY ICONIC Toy Story set pieces, while also interweaving a few NEW (off-screen) scenes that mainly feature Woody and his loyalty to both his best toy friends AND his kid (whether it’s Andy or Bonnie), all the while SOME VERY EMOTIONALLY POWERFUL (AND ORIGINAL) Randy Newman music BLESSES your ears. This emotional montage includes some VERY MEMORABLE and POWERFUL SCENES (both NEW and OLD), like Woody yelling at Buzz that HE IS A TOY, Woody scaring off Sid (with his own sentience and Sid’s mutant toys) to rescue Buzz, Buzz deploying his wings to release himself from Sid’s rocket (“The Big One”) before he FINALLY FLIES (and/or “falls with style”) with Woody in his arms, Bo Peep and the gang’s reaction to Buzz’s flight over the moving van with Woody, Woody and Buzz FINALLY reuniting with the other toys in Andy’s new room in their new house, Mr. Potato Head first meeting Mrs. Potato Head, Woody and the gang first meeting Wheezy and Andy’s new puppy Buster, the rescue of Wheezy from the yard sale, Woody finally meeting his Roundup Gang (Jessie, Bullseye, and Stinky Pete) at Al’s apartment, Mr. Potato Head saving the lives of the Aliens in the Pizza Planet truck, the daring rescue of Jessie at the airport, Woody and the gang’s immediate arrival home from the airport, Woody and Buzz’s promise to remain together “for infinity and beyond”, the “Operation Pull Toy” rescue of RC followed by Woody and Bo’s final goodbye before Bo’s departure from Andy’s house (whether it’s STILL on Toy Story 4’s SPONTANEOUS 2nd driveway OR on the well-established ORIGINAL driveway now), Woody and the gang’s reactions to the losses of Andy’s other toys (i.e. The ones absent in Toy Story 3) AND the news that Andy will be going to college, Woody and the gang falling out of the donation box into Sunnyside before meeting Lotso, 3-year-old Bonnie Anderson finding Woody hanging from a tree before taking him home and playing with him and her other toys (Dolly, Mr. Pricklepants, Buttercup, Trixie, Totoro, and the Peas in a Pod), Jessie and the gang happily hugging Woody upon his return followed by their escape (with Buzz) from Sunnyside in the garbage truck, Woody and the gang’s near-death experiences at the Tri-County Landfill (including the garbage shredder AND the incinerator before the Aliens save their lives with the claw) followed by their silent return home on another garbage truck (driven by a certain ex-murderer of toys 2 DAYS AFTER Garbage Day) following Lotso’s comeuppance, Woody and Buzz’s final handshake in Andy’s room, Andy donating Woody and the rest of his toys to Bonnie followed by their final playtime together, Woody saying “So long, partner” as he and his friends watch Andy drive away, Woody and the gang later reflecting on their lifetime spent with Andy the following night, Buzz and Jessie’s epic dance (with all of their friends watching), a few short playtimes that the toys have with Bonnie, the EXACT moment (following Toy Story That Time Forgot) that Bonnie chose to write her name down on Woody and Buzz’s boots (with INITIAL HESITANCE out of respect for Andy) followed by Woody and Buzz’s reactions, Woody accompanying Bonnie to kindergarten orientation and inspiring her to create Forky, Woody and Forky walking down the highway, Woody and Bo Peep reuniting in the Grand Basin park and later admiring the carnival from atop of the carousel, Woody surrendering his voice box to Gabby Gabby in exchange for Forky, Woody and the lost toys ziplining towards the carnival’s carousel....................….. and FINALLY (as CONTROVERSIAL but IMPORTANT of a scene as it has been since 2019), Woody’s final decision to remain with Bo at the carnival as a lost toy, which DOES include BIG MOMENTS like Woody and Bo’s tight hug in a spinning embrace, Woody giving Jessie his Sheriff badge, and ALL of Woody’s final goodbye hugs with Jessie, Bullseye, Slinky, Hamm, Rex, the Potato Heads, Buzz, and Forky (with Dolly, Buttercup, and Trixie ONLY WATCHING……………. and the Little Green Aliens, Mr. Pricklepants, Totoro, the Peas in a Pod, and Chuckles unfortunately MISSING OUT on this). This montage even concludes with Buzz and Woody’s EXACT final lines at the end of Toy Story 4 (“To infinity…” “And beyond.”), but THIS TIME with NEW SOMBER MUSIC playing and a slow fade to black once Woody says his final line. And by the way, this ENTIRE FINAL MONTAGE of the entire Toy Story franchise’s MAJOR events (both NEW and OLD) will ALL be RE-SHOT in Toy Story 5’s BRAND-NEW VISUAL STYLE, with only a FEW camera changes and re-used voice recordings from any of those iconic scenes IF NEED BE.............. AGAIN, all the while SOME VERY EMOTIONALLY POWERFUL (AND ORIGINAL) Randy Newman music is there to BLESS your ears, ALL in preparation for the ULTIMATE FINAL CHAPTER of the Toy Story franchise.And NOW, it's time for something you’ve probably ALL been waiting VERY PATIENTLY to see since you first saw Toy Story 4’s ending in theaters back in 2019: The IMMEDIATE AFTERMATH of Woody’s departure from the RV and Bonnie’s IMMEDIATE REACTION to his disappearance. Welp…………….. With ALL my intentions and purposes to REVITALIZE the importance and intelligence of ALL the older Toy Story characters in mind (especially Woody, Buzz, and Jessie).................... HERE GOES NOTHING. And similarly to my entire opening origin story of Woody being LOOSELY INSPIRED by Joe Ranft’s VERY OWN origin story of Woody, ALL of the following development of Bonnie AND her toys is loosely inspired by something that SOMEONE ELSE came up with to help me develop my very own interpretation (namely this post Toy Story 4 FanFiction: in late August of 2012, immediately following the main events of Toy Story 4..... once Bonnie’s family FINALLY arrives back home from the road trip, Bonnie begins to pack up her toys in a cardboard box her parents give her…………….. all before she slowly notices that Woody… is… MISSING. After a good 20 minutes of searching the RV............ Bonnie’s parents conclude that Woody may have gotten LOST somewhere on the road trip, which leaves Bonnie feeling DISTRAUGHT and VERY CONFUSED as her parents put her to bed, as she feels ABSOLUTELY SURE that she saw Woody in her bag alongside Forky. Before actually sleeping, Bonnie realizes that she forgot to write her name on Jessie’s boot after erasing Andy’s name on it a few days ago (either Bonnie OR Toy Story 4 itself forgot)................. and after FINALLY signing her name on Jessie’s boot............ Bonnie notices that Jessie is now wearing Woody’s Sheriff badge, much to her surprise. Still feeling distraught and confused over Woody’s disappearance, Bonnie wonders aloud if Jessie knows what happened to Woody, even directly asking her if Woody got mad at her for not playing with him as much as she used to. Of course, Jessie can’t respond to Bonnie in her toy form, which results in Bonnie tearfully dropping Jessie back into the box of toys, pushing the box into her bedroom closet, and crying herself to sleep, not even wanting to pull Forky out of the box after spending the ENTIRE DAY searching for him.Bonnie’s reaction to Woody’s disappearance, OF COURSE, leaves Buzz and the other toys feeling VERY SAD for Bonnie, and with Buzz having already told the other toys (on their way home) about Woody’s reasons for staying with Bo (i.e. Woody not having been played with by Bonnie as much as before, as well as encouraging Woody to follow his “inner voice”), this results in Buzz getting into A HEATED WHISPERING ARGUMENT with Dolly and Jessie about what Buzz was thinking at the time. Dolly arrogantly states that Woody should’ve remembered that Bonnie still cares about him, especially since Bonnie chose to bring Woody on the road trip in the first place............ but in spite of siding with Dolly about Buzz being wrong to encourage Woody to leave, Jessie counters Dolly’s argument by reminding her that she barely even listened to Woody’s initial concerns for Bonnie before her kindergarten orientation. Buzz then gently explains that in spite of their confusion over Forky’s sentience........... Woody was clearly the ONLY ONE who cared about Bonnie’s happiness enough to accompany Bonnie to kindergarten orientation, jump out the window immediately to rescue Forky, AND surrender his voice box to Gabby Gabby in order to ensure Forky’s safety (based on what Forky told them about his imprisonment in the cabinet of Second Chance Antiques), ON TOP of Woody STILL caring about Bonnie’s happiness ABOVE ALL ELSE in spite of his decreasing amount of playtime with her. Hearing Buzz say all of this results in ALL of the toys feeling GUILTY and wishing that they could apologize to Woody for not having listened to his pleas to protect Forky for the sake of Bonnie’s happiness, with Mr. Potato Head (much to EVERYONE’S SURPRISE) softly reminding Andy’s old toys how Woody NEVER gave up on any of them over the years (in the VERY SAME WAY Woody never gave up on Forky or Bonnie). Slinky and Hamm both agree and cite Woody’s daring escapes from Sid’s house, Al’s flight to Japan, Sunnyside Daycare, the Tri-County Landfill, and now (according to Buzz) Second Chance Antiques as LIVING PROOF of Woody’s undying loyalty to EVERYONE important to him. After glancing at Bonnie’s freshly-written name on her boot, Jessie also admits that she DEEPLY REGRETS not having joined Buzz on his mission to rescue both Woody and Forky, stating that their near-death experience in the Tri-County Landfill ALONE should have been enough for ALL OF THEM to NEVER DOUBT ANYTHING Woody tells them about loyalty to their kid EVER AGAIN. Concurrently, Dolly also wishes that she had listened to Woody’s suggestions about what was best for Bonnie when she had the chance, as she FINALLY understands now that Woody ALWAYS had Bonnie’s best interests at heart all along (when she herself had been so caught up in just wanting to “lead” and “threaten” the other toys). When Rex asks what they should do, now that Woody is no longer with them..................... Buzz regretfully admits that all they can do now is look after Bonnie WITHOUT Woody, but STILL choose to live by EVERYTHING that Woody taught them over the years about being loyal to their kid, because that’s EXACTLY what Woody would want. Dolly and Jessie agree…………… but Jessie decides to hold onto hope in her heart that Woody MIGHT consider returning home to Bonnie some day BEFORE she grows up (just like Emily and Andy), because the ONLY REASON Jessie IS where she is today is because Woody reminded her OVER A DECADE AGO just how special MUTUAL LOYALTY can be for both a toy AND their child, which has ultimately resulted in Jessie being BLESSED with the PRIVILEGE of being one of Bonnie’s new FAVORITE toys. All of the toys IMMEDIATELY AGREE with Buzz and Jessie, with Buzz even telling Jessie that they’ll make Woody PROUD before bashfully addressing her as “Sheriff Jessie” (much to Jessie’s embarrassment)................. and with ALL OF THAT, all of the toys turn in for the night.Unfortunately for Buzz, Jessie, Dolly, and all the other toys............... over the course of the following YEAR............... Bonnie DOES NOT get over Woody’s disappearance very easily. Throughout Bonnie’s kindergarten year, not even the presence of Forky and Jessie (at kindergarten and in Bonnie’s room respectively) is enough to cheer Bonnie up. Eventually, Trixie gets the bright idea to look up the carnival that Woody and Bo stayed at AND its location on the internet.......... But ON TOP of the carnival’s constant tendency to move locations based on its “3-days-in-one-location” schedule, its upcoming plans to take a tour of the west side of the country, AND the uncertainty as to how long it would take for the toys to find the carnival on foot..........…..… Buzz notes that Woody and Bo may not remain with the carnival for long, especially since the carnival season will be over by winter. About a WEEK after the road trip, Bonnie’s mom suggests that maybe they should just buy a BRAND-NEW Woody doll online, which IMMEDIATELY SCARES Buzz and the other toys. Just like with Forky though, in spite of Bonnie’s mom STILL trying to find a new Sheriff Woody doll online (and quickly discovering that Woody’s rarity makes him WAY TOO EXPENSIVE for Bonnie's family to afford right now).............. Bonnie STUBBORNLY REFUSES to replace Woody and adamantly states that there is ONLY ONE Woody. Only one cowboy doll whom Andy told her was brave (like a cowboy should be), and kind, and smart……….. and above all else, would ALWAYS BE THERE FOR HER, NO MATTER WHAT. These statements surprise Bonnie’s parents……….. but EVEN MORE SURPRISED than her parents…………. are ALL of Bonnie’s toys, ESPECIALLY one Buzz Lightyear. Around the same time, in spite of NOT wanting to annoy her parents about Woody anymore, Bonnie starts to keep her own sketchbook that she fills to the brim with drawings of her toys and other artistic pieces. More than ANY of her other toys though, Bonnie’s sketchbook is filled with vague sketches of her NOW slowly fading memories of Woody, as well as her very own cowgirl persona that she brings to life on Halloween. Eventually, after a few difficult months in kindergarten………….. with Bonnie NOW struggling to make ANY friends and/or talk to her teacher Ms. Wendy (as a result of her ONGOING DEPRESSION over losing Woody)........... Bonnie unfortunately finds herself a target of BULLIES during recess. One day during recess, one of the bullies meanly pushes Bonnie HARD onto the school yard pavement, causing Bonnie to skin her elbow (i.e. Something that actually happened to ME when I was kindergarten), which prompts her school principal to punish the bullies and call in Bonnie’s parents immediately while the school nurse patches up Bonnie’s elbow. Later that same night, when Bonnie’s mom is putting her to bed, Bonnie tells her mom that she NEVER wants to go back to kindergarten EVER AGAIN, much to the dismay of her mom and her toys...................… But instead of immediately responding to her daughter’s comment, Bonnie’s mom takes one look at her daughter’s sketchbook and sees Bonnie’s very FIRST drawing of Woody (from the ending of Toy Story 3) taped inside, followed by EVEN MORE rough sketches of the VERY SAME IRREPLACEABLE COWBOY DOLL that Bonnie STILL misses with EVERY passing day. Bonnie is too tired to even look at her mom, indirectly telling her to get out by turning away from her.............. but before kissing her daughter goodnight and leaving her room............ Bonnie’s mom asks ONE VERY EFFECTIVE QUESTION that NEVER leaves Bonnie’s mind from THIS NIGHT on: “What would Woody do?” And fortunately………. having remembered EXACTLY how Andy had described Woody, with remarkable traits of bravery, kindness, intelligence, and LOYALTY.............. Bonnie IS eventually able to return to kindergarten the next day and FINALLY STAND UP to the bullies, using the EXACT traits of bravery that she believes Woody would use, which impresses EVERYONE, including her parents, her toys, and HERSELF (based on her previously-established shy behavior). From this day forward, throughout EVERY playtime and EVERY OTHER challenging moment in her life, Bonnie begins REGULARLY asking herself “What would Woody do?”, which quickly becomes Bonnie’s VERY OWN SELF-MOTIVATING MESSAGE to TRY HER ABSOLUTE BEST at EVERYTHING. And, as you might expect........... ALL of this visible growth in Bonnie (PURELY inspired by Woody, despite his absence) REALLY IMPRESSES Buzz, Jessie, and all of the other toys. At one point, when Jessie and Buzz are set aside by Bonnie during playtime, Jessie asks Buzz if they should MAYBE LEGITIMATELY CONSIDER going out to look for Woody themselves and BRING HIM HOME..........…. but as much as Buzz ALSO wants to go out to look for Woody................ unlike their journey to save Woody from Al, they don’t exactly have the means of tracking Woody down WITHOUT getting themselves lost, ON TOP of having NO WAY of preventing Bonnie’s ALREADY-FRAGILE mental state from deteriorating any further if THEY or ANY of Bonnie’s other toys go missing next. With all of these VERY DIFFICULT reminders…………….. Jessie reluctantly agrees with Buzz before Bonnie picks them up again.About a YEAR after Woody’s departure, in the summer of 2013 (before Bonnie’s 1st grade year), Bonnie is playing in the front yard with all of her toys while both of her parents are doing separate yard work.............. when a very familiar blue car rolls up in front of Bonnie’s house. Much to Bonnie’s horror, but also to the pleasant surprise of the audience (i.e. YOU)...........…….. 21-year-old Andy Davis has FINALLY returned home, having finally graduated college AND just HAPPENING to stop by Bonnie’s house on his way home with his mom, his 15-year-old sister Molly, AND his new girlfriend Milly, who ALSO had (and STILL HAS) a MASSIVE LOVE for toys growing up (my TOP CHOICES for her voice actress being Hayden Panettiere OR Mae Whitman). As expected, Andy’s toys are ALL very pleasantly surprised to see Andy again…… with Mr. Potato Head and Hamm having bet in the past that Andy would NEVER find a girlfriend, and Dolly also wondering aloud if Bonnie will grow up to be just as successful in life as Andy....................… but of course, as YOU might expect................ Andy’s toys in particular are ALL dreading the VERY SAME INEVITABLE MOMENT that Bonnie herself is dreading, now that Andy has returned. Much to EVERYONE’S SURPRISE, Andy is ALSO planning on moving to New York City to live with Milly in a new apartment, as Andy is now planning to start working in New York as a toy designer at Milly’s grandfather’s toy company, Cloudy Day Toys (which is a plot set-up that you MIGHT recognize as a subtle nod to Josh Baskin’s job in the 1988 movie BIG, which starred Tom Hanks about 7 years before he starred in Toy Story). When Andy finally greets Bonnie, Bonnie nervously asks Andy if he wants his old toys back………. but as happy as his toys made him as a kid, Andy kindly states that if his old toys STILL make her happy, then she is allowed to keep them for as long as she wants, as he’ll probably start designing EVEN MORE TOYS for her to play with in the future. And then……….. after another awkward moment of silence passes................ The moment you’ve ALL been waiting for (a.k.a. The VERY SAME MOMENT that’s been MEMED INTO OBLIVION in YouTube comments on ANY Toy Story 4 related video) FINALLY HAPPENS, but STILL in the most HEARTFELT and BELIEVABLE WAY I could make it. After awkwardly clearing his throat and regaining his friendly composure…………. Andy looks around and gently asks Bonnie how his old toys, namely one Sheriff Woody, are all doing. Bonnie softly gasps and slowly looks away from Andy as she begins to tear up, much to the fear of Bonnie’s parents, as they ALL know how much she misses Woody…….......... and then, when Andy kindly asks her what’s wrong..........… Bonnie FINALLY breaks down in tears and admits that she lost Woody almost a YEAR ago on a road trip. Before Andy can even say anything, Bonnie apologizes VERY SINCERELY, and also admits that she was VERY SCARED to tell him, as she thought he would be mad at her. Of course, Andy and his family are initially speechless, especially based on how IMPORTANT Woody had been to Andy’s father prior to his death and ESPECIALLY Andy himself.............. but……….. Andy gently takes Bonnie by her shoulders and tells her that the loss of Woody is NOT her fault. Having lost Woody throughout his childhood COUNTLESS TIMES, Andy tells Bonnie, for Woody, to keep her chin up and TIGHTLY HOLD ON TO HOPE that one day, Woody WILL eventually return home to her someday, just as Woody had ALWAYS done for Andy throughout his childhood. Bonnie, with tears still in her eyes, is initially surprised to hear such kind works from Andy, with her having failed to take care of Woody for Andy while he was gone (even after only owning him for 2 YEARS prior to losing him)..................... but after looking at Andy’s gentle almost-tearful smile…………… Bonnie embraces Andy tightly and softly promises that she will NEVER give up on Woody, as she STILL believes that Woody would NEVER give up on her, just as he had NEVER given up on Andy throughout his childhood.As Andy and Bonnie continue to hug, Buzz and the other toys (still lying down in their toy forms on the lawn of the front yard) are ALL HEART-MELTED by EVERYTHING they’ve just heard and witnessed. Slinky and Rex are still impressed that Andy actually graduated college, while Hamm and the Potato Heads are still impressed that Andy has a girlfriend now............…… But just like the WORTHY SHERIFF that Woody, Buzz, and Bonnie ALL believed her to be (with the name of her child on the bottom of her boot to prove it).......... Jessie slowly looks over at Buzz and softly states VERBATIM that “No matter HOW LONG it takes…………….. No matter WHAT it takes………….. We ABSOLUTELY NEED to find Woody and BRING HIM HOME”. And NOW, having ACTIVELY WITNESSED the HUGE YEAR-LONG IMPACT that Woody’s absence has had on EVERYONE currently in Bonnie’s front yard (i.e. Bonnie’s family, Andy’s family, AND ALL of Woody’s old toy friends whom he had left behind for about FULL YEAR now)............. Without ANY HINT of hesitation, Buzz and ALL of the other toys FIRMLY AGREE that they WILL find Woody someday and bring him home, no matter LONG or DIFFICULT their future may be. And with this……….. the screen cuts to black.The following text will slowly appear on-screen to close out the film’s opening: “SIX YEARS LATER”. THAT’S RIGHT! In MY pitch, this will ultimately place Toy Story 5’s main events in 2019, when Bonnie is 12 years old, Molly is 21 years old, and Andy is 27 years old. CUE THE REST OF THE MOVIE (TOY STORY 5). END OF PITCH.So… yeah. That is my personal pitch for ENTIRE OPENING SEQUENCE of Toy Story 5. And for those of you who are interested in what kind of MAIN PLOT IDEAS I have in mind for Toy Story 5 (in order to TRULY CONCLUDE the Toy Story series ONCE AND FOR ALL), PLEASE DON’T WORRY, because I’ll be VERY HAPPY to explain EVERYTHING ELSE that I’d ABSOLUTELY LOVE to see in Toy Story 5.First of all, YES, you DID read those last 3 ALL-CAPS words in quotations correctly. I personally DO BELIEVE that one of the FIRST and BEST things that Toy Story 5 should ABSOLUTELY CONSIDER DOING (in order to TRULY JUSTIFY its existence AND set a TRULY SERIOUS TONE for the ultimate final chapter of the Toy Story series)…………… is set Toy Story 5 as CLOSE TO THE PRESENT DAY as possible. There ARE a lot of MAJOR REASONS why I want this to happen, mainly related to MY PERSONAL VISION of Toy Story 5’s PLOT STRUCTURE (which I will explain shortly)............... but one of the BIGGEST reasons why I believe that a MAJOR TIME JUMP following Toy Story 4’s ending is ALMOST CRUCIAL at this point is because (as much of a REPEAT it WOULD BE of Toy Story 3’s plot set-up).............. I think a major time jump WOULD act as a BALANCED COMPROMISE for ALL audience members who either LOVED or OUTRIGHT HATED Woody’s final decision to leave Bonnie and his friends at the end of Toy Story 4, while also having a SIMILARLY SUSPENSEFUL plot set-up to Avengers: Endgame. For those of you who ACTIVELY HATE Woody’s final decision at the end of Toy Story 4 (MYSELF INCLUDED, in spite of me STILL believing that it DID have some potential, if circumstances were written differently).......... That ending basically left ALL OF US feeling JUST AS FLOORED and SCARED for Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the toys as we ALL WERE back in 2018 when Thanos SNAPPED HALF THE UNIVERSE OUT OF EXISTENCE at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, ESPECIALLY those of us who remembered EXACTLY who Woody was in the original Toy Story trilogy, those of us who KNEW Andy’s toys should NO LONGER NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING Woody says about loyalty to their kid AFTER Toy Story 3’s ending, AND those of us who were OBSERVANT enough to realize that Toy Story 4 was ACTIVELY SINNING the UNDYING LOYALTY that the entire Toy Story series was originally known for. I’m pretty sure even THE MOST PASSIONATE Toy Story 4 fans HAVE to admit that even THEY had to have been JUST AS INITIALLY SPEECHLESS by the end of Toy Story 4 as Captain America and ALL the Avengers were at the end of Avengers: Infinity War..........….. But, if the writers of Toy Story 5 WERE to apply a MAJOR TIME JUMP before the movie’s main events........... I personally think that would be ANOTHER VERY GUTSY WRITING DECISION that would actually give Woody PLENTY OF TIME to be a lost toy (in order to satisfy Toy Story 4 LOVERS), while ALSO giving Woody plenty of time to LEGITIMATELY REFLECT on whether or not he SHOULD consider returning back to Bonnie and his old toy friends YEARS LATER (in order to address the ongoing concerns of Toy Story 4 HATERS).This is WHY I am personally DOWNRIGHT OVER-THE-MOON ECSTATIC that Toy Story 5 is even happening at all, because in a VERY SIMILAR FASHION to Avengers: Endgame (AND in response to the “haters” of Toy Story 4)............ Toy Story 5 DOES still have a chance to FINALLY ADDRESS many of the DARKER IMPLICATIONS of Woody’s final decision to become a lost toy, while SIMULTANEOUSLY (in response to “lovers” of Toy Story 4) allowing Woody to ACTUALLY FACE the darker implications of being a lost toy over the course of SEVERAL YEARS, which will ultimately result in Woody NEEDING to decide for himself whether or not the life of a lost toy is TRULY RIGHT for him, especially if Woody’s window of time to actually STILL BE THERE for Bonnie (AND his old friends) is VERY QUICKLY CLOSING. So now............ in order for me to make Woody’s lingering decision to return home to Bonnie and his friends EVEN MORE CHALLENGING, outside of things like Bonnie’s age and/or Bo NOT wanting Woody to leave..................... It’s FINALLY time for me to start talking about my TOP 5 BIG IDEAS for Toy Story 5’s main plot (ALL of which can be done SEPARATELY and/or TOGETHER, ALL IN ONE PLOT). Fortunately for you, this is YET ANOTHER secret mission in UNCHARTED SPACE, so LET’S GO!MY TOP 5 BIGGEST TOY STORY 5 PLOT IDEAS:#5. Bonnie’s NEW Life (of Potential Depression) Without Woody AND Her Refusal to Give Up on Him!I think it should be OBVIOUS based on the ending of my pitch (what with me actively MAKING Bonnie notice Woody’s disappearance from the MINUTE that they arrive home that night from the carnival) that I was NOT happy with Bonnie being COMPLETELY OBLIVIOUS to Woody’s disappearance at the end of Toy Story 4. And what makes this treatment of Bonnie at the end even WORSE is that Bonnie was NEVER COMPLETELY OBLIVIOUS to Woody’s existence throughout Toy Story 4’s main events, especially since she actively BROUGHT Woody on the road trip in the first place AND actively PLAYED with both HIM and Forky at one point (during the “Forky wants to throw himself away” montage), which was LITERALLY ONLY A DAY before Woody decided to leave Bonnie and his friends behind. So………….. Yeah. In general, I’ve always considered Bonnie’s portrayal in Toy Story 4 to be a VERY MIXED BAG (at least in comparison to her loving portrayals in Toy Story 3 AND all of the Toy Story shorts and TV specials). So.......... if there’s ONE POTENTIAL PLOT LINE that Toy Story 5 COULD DEFINITELY CONSIDER focusing on (PURELY based on the IRREFUTABLE evidence that Bonnie CLEARLY DOES still care about Woody in Toy Story 4)..................... I think it COULD BE the GENUINE POSSIBILITY of Bonnie falling into a DEEP DEPRESSION over Woody’s disappearance as she grows older, especially since Andy told Bonnie that Woody would be the ONE TOY in his collection that would ALWAYS BE THERE FOR HER, NO MATTER WHAT (i.e. PLEASE STOP pretending that Bonnie doesn’t care about Woody anymore, Pixar)! It might be a bit of a STRETCH to say that Bonnie would be SO ACTIVELY DEPRESSED over losing Woody for SEVERAL YEARS OF HER LIFE, to the point where that loss would BRUTALLY DEFINE her entire existence (similar to Violet Parr’s BRUTALLY ANGSTY OBSESSION with Tony Rydinger in Incredibles 2)....................... but if an older Bonnie was FORCED to see SO MANY SUBTLE REMINDERS of Woody in her everyday life (mainly as a result of ANOTHER BRILLIANT PLOT IDEA that I’ll talk about later), MAYBE to a point where Bonnie isn't playing with ANY of her toys as often as she used to.......... I think this would be a VERY GOOD OPPORTUNITY to visibly demonstrate just how IMPORTANT a child’s reciprocated loyalty to a toy can ALSO be (similar to Andy in the original trilogy), ON TOP of reinforcing the VERY SAME LOYALTY that the original Toy Story trilogy has lived by, ESPECIALLY if the ONE PERSON who originally preached those messages of loyalty in the FIRST PLACE………… turns out to be EXACTLY what Buzz and the gang NEED to prove THEIR LOYALTY to Bonnie (possibly over the course of SEVERAL YEARS following Woody’s departure)! That and if Toy Story 5 is at least willing to show ME, through some kind of NEW character development for Bonnie (based on her ACTUALLY NOTICING Woody’s disappearance), that she is JUST AS EASY TO ROOT FOR as Andy was in the original trilogy, no matter how old she gets (at least in terms of how much Bonnie values ALL of HER toys, including Woody)............ I think this would at least prove to ME (and possibly MANY OTHERS) that Pixar is at least TRYING to learn from their past mistakes when it comes to writing classic characters in modern sequels.#4. Andy Davis’s NEW Life (AND His Old Toys Secretly Looking Out For Him During a MAJOR TIME in His Life)!In light of Toy Story 5’s announcement, a LOT of people are understandably pessimistic about a 5th Toy Story movie even existing...........… but for the VERY FEW people that ARE legitimately optimistic about Toy Story 5…….. Impressively enough, I HAVE seen a VERY SMALL amount of people suggesting that Andy (the VERY SAME Andy that we’ve ALL watched grow up throughout the original Toy Story trilogy) SHOULD INDEED make a return in Toy Story 5 SOMEHOW, which IS something that I believe is MAYBE worth considering. Like a LOT of people out there, I’ll admit that I ALSO would’ve been 100% CONTENT if Toy Story 4 or 5 were NEVER MADE, as I DO think that Toy Story 3 DID properly conclude a VERY HEARTWARMING STORY about a group of sentient toys who dedicated their LIVES to ensuring the happiness of one very special kid (One who actively shared HIS life with the toys IN RETURN without EVER ONCE discovering they were alive). However.............. I think the ONE MAJOR PLOT THREAD that I’ll ALWAYS be interested in learning more about whenever ANOTHER new Toy Story movie is announced (as I’m sure you can ALREADY TELL based on the ENTIRE FIRST HALF my opening pitch)......... HAS to be the MAJOR REVEAL of how Woody even got into the possession of Andy Davis in the first place, almost 40 YEARS after Woody was first made in the late 1950s (meaning that Woody SOMEHOW NEVER learned to share his undying loyalty to a kid with ANOTHER TOY, prior to Buzz Lightyear, for almost 40 YEARS)! And of course…….. on top of learning EXACTLY how Woody’s history with Andy even BEGAN............... I DO agree with some of the most CASUAL Toy Story fans that............... it WOULD be nice to MAYBE see how Andy (AND his family) are doing in the present day IF POSSIBLE, especially if ANOTHER major time jump DOES occur in Toy Story 5, which COULD result in Andy possibly already having a wife and kids who ALL love toys just as much as he did (and hopefully STILL DOES)! Some of you may think that the return of Andy in a newer Toy Story movie in the PRESENT DAY is NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLE..........…….…. But if you like Toy Story AT ALL and/or even just LOVE TOYS in general................ Then I feel VERY CONFIDENT when I say that you and I may ALL have JUST A TINY BIT of Andy Davis and/or Bonnie Anderson within ALL OF US. That and alongside hopefully FINALLY seeing Bonnie grow up just a LITTLE BIT too (depending on the length of a potential time jump)..............… I’ll admit that I am REALLY CURIOUS to see what our boy Andy is presently up to IF POSSIBLE (ON TOP of seeing ANY flashbacks of Andy’s EARLIEST DAYS of owning Woody), as I’m sure that a LOT of Toy Story fans out there are ALSO still curious about (even AFTER Toy Story 3’s heartfelt final goodbye scene between Andy and his toys).#3. An ALL-NEW New York City Adventure, with an Underground Lost Toy Metropolis!When it comes to the sheer SIZE and SCALE of ALL LOCATIONS in the Toy Story universe………… there’s just NO BEATING the most creative and spectacular places a toy can possibly find themselves in, such as Pizza Planet, Sid’s house, Al’s Toy Barn AND Apartment with Woody’s Roundup merchandise, the Airport, Sunnyside Daycare, the Tri-County Landfill, Second Chance Antiques, and the Carnival. However…………… outside of traveling LITERALLY ANYWHERE ELSE outside of North America (which is something that Woody and Bo CAN very easily do, now that Woody is as a lost toy)...................... There is literally only ONE MAJOR PLACE left in North America that I’d be SUPER INTERESTED in seeing ALL of the main Toy Story characters end up in that is quite literally 50 TIMES BIGGER than EVERY other Toy Story location COMBINED (as well as THE location that can EASILY be considered EVERY TOY’S BIGGEST PARADISE and/or WORSE NIGHTMARE): NEW YORK CITY! I know, I know…………….. Literally EVERY big adventure series just HAS to resort to using NYC as its backdrop if they completely run out of ideas (and for all we know, that may VERY WELL be TRUE for MANY FRANCHISES)............... but if you really stop and think about it, New York City is practically an ENDLESS GOLD MINE of plot potential for a Toy Story movie, ESPECIALLY in terms EVERY kind of TRULY DANGEROUS mission you could EVER imagine the Toy Story characters embarking on in their ultimate final chapter. Also, even though the Toy Story series doesn’t make it EXPLICITLY CLEAR where the Tri-County Area is………. Personally, my money is on the Tri-County Area being somewhere within the north eastern side of the U.S. (in relation to Toy Story 4’s Grand Basin being somewhere IN or NEAR the state of Illinois), which most likely means that the entire Toy Story franchise could ALREADY HAVE BEEN set WITHIN the state of New York (just ALWAYS OUTSIDE the big city of Manhattan itself)! Yeah, I know.......... It may NOT be reality………… and for all I know, the Toy Story series could’ve been set in California (which I’m STILL having my doubts about, as there have been ZERO desert-like backdrops AND/OR beaches within proximity of Andy and Bonnie’s neighborhood, on top of SNOWY WEATHER in the original Toy Story movie, Hawaiian Vacation, and Toy Story That Time Forgot)................. but hey, I can still dream about ANY future Toy Story movie being set in NYC! That and I would actively CAMP OUTSIDE my local theater before opening night if Toy Story 5’s theatrical poster features ALL of our favorite Toy Story characters (or at the very least, Woody, Buzz, Jessie, and Bo) ALL looking down at New York City from the VERY TOP of the Empire State building.As for HOW or WHY Buzz and the rest of the toys would even WANT to go to New York City in the first place though (WITHOUT the plot feeling FORCED, CONTRIVED, or COINCIDENTAL)..................... I’m really NOT SO SURE. I think it’s REALLY EASY to say that maybe Woody and Bo would just RANDOMLY DECIDE to venture to New York City by themselves as lost toys (Maybe a toy that Andy designed in New York got REALLY POPULAR, Woody finds out Andy was the one who made it, and he REALLY wants to see Andy again in NYC), but considering the INSANE AMOUNT of NEAR-IMPOSSIBLE COINCIDENCES Toy Story 4 already had.......... I would REALLY HOPE that a hypothetical “Sentient Toys in NYC” would at least TRY to avoid ANY coincidences AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE (which is IRONIC, since New York City is literally THE place where ANY coincidence you can dream up is possible). That and maybe Toy Story 5 could also introduce quicker methods of transportation, like sentient Remote Control helicopters and/or DRONES to assist Woody and Bo in getting to NYC (if they’re somehow unable to catch a travel bus)........................... but as far as Buzz, Jessie, and the rest of the toys are concerned (maybe not ALL of them, but at very least Buzz, Jessie, Slinky, Bullseye, Hamm, Rex, Mr. Potato Head, Dolly, Trixie, and maybe even Forky)............... I still can’t think of ANY REASONABLE WAY for all of them to even find their way to New York City WITHOUT straight-up rehashing Toy Story 4’s annoying RV set-up again, let alone even provide them with ANY LOGICAL REAL REASON to go there (outside of my idea of Andy living and working there, as well as them SOMEHOW finding out Woody will be also be there). And this isn’t even accounting for what the plot should do with Bonnie and her family if the toys ultimately DO leave for New York City (over the course of at least 2 WEEKS) to finally track down Woody and bring him home! Ultimately though........... I REALLY just want ALL of these ambitious plot details to line up LOGICALLY within my Toy Story 5 pitch, ALL with the LEAST amount of contrivances and coincidences as possible after Toy Story 4....................……..…. So, if any of YOU HARDCORE Toy Story fans out there can SOMEHOW come up with any REASONABLE METHODS for Buzz and the gang to go to New York City (WITHOUT repeating Toy Story 4’s annoying RV plot) in order for them to find Woody and bring him home, as well as any LOGICAL REASONS and METHODS for Buzz and the gang to ACTUALLY DISCOVER that Woody and Bo are even in New York (WITHOUT ANYTHING feeling as CONTRIVED and/or as COINCIDENTAL as Woody and Bo’s reunion in Toy Story 4).......... then PLEASE LET ME KNOW in the comments, because I’m DYING to hear ANY REASONABLE SOLUTIONS you might have!As for the POSSIBILITIES of WHAT EXACTLY Woody, Buzz, and the rest of toys would ALL encounter in New York City, well..........… The possibilities are quite literally ENDLESS, because again, NYC is quite possibly the size of EVERY SINGLE Toy Story location ever created COMBINED and MULTIPLIED by 50! And even OUTSIDE of being one of the biggest and most populated cities in the world..........…. It'd be REALLY interesting for Woody and the gang to see if any other lost toys in New York have managed to develop their very own underground networks or ENTIRE CIVILIZATIONS for our favorite Toy Story characters to discover. That and the potential for MIND-BLOWING toy-related set pieces taking place in NYC is ALSO ENDLESS. It’d be EXTREMELY CHALLENGING for both the toys to get through them AND the filmmakers to make CONVINCING..............… but with the same DEEP THOUGHT and CHOREOGRAPHY that went into previous city-oriented Toy Story set pieces (such as the moving van chase, the traffic cone crossing to Al’s Toy Barn, AND the Pizza Planet truck drive to the airport)..........… I’m pretty sure that ANY big citywide set pieces could MOST DEFINITELY end up being some of the BEST Toy Story set pieces in the series! Some brand-new NYC-based set pieces that I can suggest right off the bat include a BRAND-NEW RC car chase out on the open streets (maybe to catch a new human villain’s car with new toy villains on other RC cars and helicopters chasing our heroes), perilous navigation of the NYC subway and sewer tunnels (with help from other lost toys and occasional SWIMMING, which is something I’ve ALWAYS WANTED TO SEE in Toy Story), and FINALLY (if there even IS one anywhere in NYC OR anywhere outside of it), some kind of BIG CONFRONTATION in a TOY FACTORY (a.k.a. The place where ALL toys are BORN). That and if Toy Story 5 can SOMEHOW find a way to include a VERY IMPRESSIVE “Toys are the only ones who can save a massive human populace from TRULY DANGEROUS CONSEQUENCES” kind of plot (such as an entire toy company being threatened by human AND toy villains that only Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Bo, and ALL of the other toys can find a way to stop, possibly Home Alone style)............ Then I will probably DIE VERY HAPPY, no matter how Toy Story 5 turns out (MAYBE, maybe not………… but WHO REALLY KNOWS?)!As COOL as a New York City setting AND its set pieces would be to FINALLY see in a new Toy Story movie though............ Even I get the feeling that this idea will 99.999999999% NEVER HAPPEN (at least based on how COMPLICATED it may seem for Pixar and their current track record with sequels at the moment). Despite that though, I STILL REALLY WANT to at least TRY to get this “New York scale” Toy Story plot idea out there for EVERYONE to think about..........… because BELIEVE ME, if ANYONE OUT THERE is STILL DOUBTFUL that Toy Story 3’s Sunnyside Daycare AND Tri-County Landfill settings can NEVER be TOPPED..........…… then I personally believe that the toys taking on a BIG CITY (that’s maybe even HALF the size of New York City) might be Pixar’s ONLY OPTION LEFT! ABOVE ALL ELSE though.......... Even if Toy Story 5 STILL lacks the sheer SIZE, SCALE, and AMBITION in its settings that Toy Story 3 had with Sunnyside Daycare AND the Tri-County Landfill....................…. I personally think that, REGARDLESS of wherever the toys will find themselves in Toy Story 5...................… All I PERSONALLY WANT is to see our good old pal Buzz Lightyear FINALLY TAKE FLIGHT (and/or “fall with style”) ONE LAST TIME before the Toy Story series OFFICIALLY ENDS (for a good 20-30 seconds at least), THIS TIME with BOTH Woody (Buzz’s best friend for infinity and beyond) and Jessie (quite possibly the love of Buzz’s life) safely secured in Buzz’s arms while soaring HIGH ABOVE a brightly lit city while bathed in BRIGHT MOONLIGHT.And even if NONE of my setting ideas are EVEN CLOSE to your final script for Toy Story 5, Pixar……………. ALL I ask is that you PLEASE RESIST ANY AND ALL TEMPTATION TO EVER BREAK ANY RULES AND/OR BEND LOGIC (i.e. Defy physics, Cheat with shots, and/or Magically teleport characters where you need them be) EVER AGAIN! Especially in ANY new Toy Story setting that even comes CLOSE to the size of New York!#2. Alongside FULLY-RESTORED Character Intelligence, Maturity, and Self-Awareness (from the original Toy Story trilogy).......... A CLEVER REVERSAL of Well-Established Toy Story Character Dynamics and Arcs (Similar to Toy Story 2 and Shrek Forever After)!I think the MAJORITY of us HARDCORE Toy Story fans can ALL AGREE that the WELL-ESTABLISHED intelligence levels of our favorite Toy Story characters throughout the original Toy Story trilogy were…………… SEVERELY FORGOTTEN, TARNISHED, and STRAIGHT-UP FORSAKEN in Toy Story 4, to the point where you LEGITIMATELY HAVE TO WONDER whether or not the writers actually CARED about the original Toy Story trilogy. Something that I kept telling myself during my EARLIEST REWATCHES of Toy Story 4 (throughout early quarantine) was that the film had also squandered a HUGE OPPORTUNITY for Andy’s old toys to FINALLY PROVE that they had ACTUALLY LEARNED SOMETHING from Woody’s undying loyalty over the years (a.k.a. The VERY SAME LOYALTY that THEY ALL NEEDED to survive the Tri-County Landfill)! Heck, some of the BEST examples of Andy’s toys actually enforcing THEIR LOYALTY (for Andy and each other) have ALREADY BEEN DONE in Toy Story 2 (e.g. Buzz and the gang consciously CHOOSING to look for Woody themselves AND Buzz later reminding Woody that a toy’s life is only worth living with love from a child) and ESPECIALLY in Toy Story 3 (e.g. Jessie and Mr. Potato Head admit that “they” were wrong to leave Andy AND later remind Woody that they all belong to Andy).......................… but in Toy Story 4 (outside of Woody’s MAJOR FOCUS and development)..........…….….… I think it’s VERY CLEAR to ALL Toy Story fans out there that the writers NEVER prioritized FURTHER DEVELOPING ANY of the previously-established fan-favorite Toy Story characters AT ALL, LET ALONE even wanted to feature MOST of them in Toy Story 4’s plot (including Jessie, my TOP FAVORITE Toy Story character). These were probably some of the most BAFFLING writing decisions that ANYONE could make following Toy Story 3’s UNANIMOUSLY WELL-RECEIVED ending. That and I probably DON’T need to remind you just how FRUSTRATING and/or ANNOYING most of Toy Story 4’s character portrayals could be at times (i.e. Dolly and Bo’s arbitrary condescension towards Woody, Forky and Duke Caboom’s identity struggles being portrayed as JOKES, Jessie and the other toys being sidelined in the RV, Buzz being ROCK BOTTOM CLUELESS without his “inner voice”, Woody feeling “ABANDONED” by Bonnie in spite of being included on the road trip while simultaneously FORGETTING about his old toy friends, etc.). With ALL OF THIS having been said though..........… all I CAN say in regards to Toy Story 5’s potential writing structure is that I REALLY HOPE Toy Story 5’s script will be just as SOLID, SMART, THOUGHTFUL, MATURE, SELF-AWARE, and FAITHFUL to the original Toy Story trilogy as POSSIBLE (ESPECIALLY Toy Story 3). That and I’d also like to suggest something that I think Toy Story 5 SHOULD TRY DOING (a.k.a. Something that I’m LEGITIMATELY SURPRISED Toy Story 4 DIDN’T EVEN TRY DOING): A CLEVER REVERSAL of WELL-ESTABLISHED CHARACTER DYNAMICS and ARCS (in a similar way to Toy Story 2 and Shrek Forever After)!Before we even THINK about discussing ANY brand-new development for Toy Story’s iconic characters, I DO think it’s important to note that ALL 4 main Toy Story films so far have ALL shared the same basic story formula: One or more toy characters get separated from the group, said separated characters go on a journey that challenges their beliefs, another one or more toy characters set out to rescue the separated characters, and finally, ALL of the characters come to a mutual understanding in order to make things right and finally return home. EVERY Toy Story film’s plot has followed this formula, with Woody most often being on HIS OWN SIDE (regardless of his position) before finally coming to an understanding with the other toys by the end..........…………… but in terms of TRULY FORCING Woody to re-evaluate his UNDYING LOYALTIES to both his friends and his kid (regardless of how YOU personally feel about its execution)............ Toy Story 4’s ending was the one that FINALLY managed to BREAK THE MOLD of the standard Toy Story movie plot, both for BETTER and for WORSE. Instead of Woody just returning home to his friends as he ALWAYS does……… whether you like it or not, our Sheriff Woody is NO LONGER with his friends OR in a child’s bedroom anymore, meaning that BRAND-NEW character development on BOTH SIDES (i.e. Woody and the lost toys AND Buzz and the rest of Bonnie’s toys) is PRACTICALLY INEVITABLE in Toy Story 5! The thing is................ considering how CONVOLUTED and CONTRIVED Toy Story 4’s plot writing HAD TO BE in order for the film to achieve its ending..............… I ALSO think that it’s WAY BEYOND CRUCIAL at this point for Disney and Pixar to REMIND THEMSELVES EXACTLY WHO Toy Story’s iconic characters USED TO BE (PRIOR to Toy Story 4)............. because even I KNOW that writing Toy Story’s iconic (near 30-YEAR-OLD) characters ISN’T as simple as JUST rewatching the original trilogy over and over again. On top of that, there’s ALSO the MAJOR CONCERN over whether or not Toy Story 5’s writers will FINALLY THINK about how these characters would REALISTICALLY BEHAVE following their MIRACULOUS SURVIVAL of the Tri-County Landfill (something Toy Story 4 VISIBLY SQUANDERED), as well as how they would REALISTICALLY FEEL after Woody’s departure at the end of Toy Story 4. At this point..........… I TRULY BELIEVE that REALISTIC CHARACTER PORTRAYALS (following MAJOR CHARACTER DEVELOPMENTS in EVERY previous Toy Story movie, with ABSOLUTELY ZERO ATTEMPTS AT GASLIGHTING) are CRUCIAL this late in the series............... and if Toy Story 5 can FINALLY portray the characters with DEEP MATURITY and DEVELOPMENT that rivals Toy Story 3’s BEAUTIFUL THEMES of family and togetherness.......... Then there IS a very small chance Toy Story 5 will FINALLY start turning even the MOST PESSIMISTIC OF HEADS in its direction.As for the aforementioned “CLEVER REVERSAL of WELL-ESTABLISHED CHARACTER DYNAMICS and ARCS (in a similar way to Toy Story 2 and Shrek Forever After)”, let’s FINALLY discuss that. If you’ve seen Toy Story 2 (and why WOULDN’T you if you’re reading this), you’ll remember that Woody and Buzz had QUITE LITERALLY switched perspectives on toy life by the time Buzz and the gang finally tracked Woody down at Al’s apartment. And if you’ve seen Shrek Forever After, you’ll know that Shrek blindly signed his life away to the evil Rumpelstilskin in order to experience a day in which he was feared again, but at the cost of being transported to an alternate timeline in which he had NEVER EXISTED, which resulted in the king and queen blindly signing their lives away to “have their problems disappear”. If not for Buzz and the gang’s intervention in Toy Story 2, Woody would have completely given up his loyalty to Andy in order to remain trapped behind Japanese glass forever, which thankfully DIDN’T HAPPEN..........… but of course.............. about a DECADE later in Toy Story 4, Woody would eventually find himself faced with a VERY SIMILAR CHOICE to remain with Bo Peep as a lost toy............... which was something that Buzz and the gang WOULD ultimately give their (rather arbitrary) blessing for Woody to do. I won’t lie when I say that it was NICE of Woody’s friends to at least HINT that he kind of EARNED a new life of freedom with Bo (after YEARS of being loyal to them AND their kids)..........……… but as heartwarming as that final goodbye scene was..................... I’m also NOT LYING when I say that Woody’s departure, in hindsight, feels EXTREMELY SIMILAR to Shrek BLINDLY signing his life away to Rumpelstilskin at the beginning of Shrek Forever After, but on a MUCH LARGER NEAR-IRREVERSIBLE SCALE. Regardless of how you feel about Woody’s departure at the end of Toy Story 4 though..........……. it DID ACTUALLY HAPPEN, and Toy Story 5 CAN’T JUST IGNORE IT. I believe that Woody’s departure at the end of Toy Story 4 HAS to be what WILL ultimately set up the character development on BOTH SIDES (i.e. Woody AND Buzz’s sides) of Toy Story 5……… and AGAIN, when setting up such an AMBIGUOUS FUTURE for the franchise that ANY post Toy Story 4 sequel CANNOT IGNORE............... I’m REALLY hoping that Woody, Buzz, Jessie, and the rest of our favorite toys will FINALLY be at their MAXIMUM LEVELS of INTELLIGENCE, COMPASSION, and LOYALTY in Toy Story 5.............. ESPECIALLY if Toy Story 5’s plot DOES revolve around Woody’s old friends (upon their inevitable reunion with him) ACTIVELY REMINDING HIM about the UNDYING LOYALTY that brought them all together in the first place (with Jessie most likely taking CHARGE of these confrontations with Woody alongside Buzz as Woody’s newly-appointed Sheriff)!If Pixar does NOTHING ELSE that I’ve mentioned here..........… all I want to see in Toy Story 5’s character writing is NATURAL and BELIEVABLE DEVELOPMENT for Woody, Buzz, Jessie, and ALL of our favorite Toy Story characters, ESPECIALLY in the IMMEDIATE AFTERMATH of Toy Story 4 (which AGAIN, I’ve made EXTREMELY CLEAR in my opening pitch). In Woody’s case, NO MORE forgetting and/or DENYING that your old friends exist! In Jessie’s and every other toy’s case, NO MORE sitting around in an RV OR ANYWHERE ELSE when there are ADVENTURES to be had (AGAIN, particularly in Jessie’s case, as Woody’s newly-appointed Sheriff)! And ESPECIALLY in Buzz’s case, NO MORE BUTTON-PRESSING to have your “inner voice” guide you through the movie (because Buzz is NOT STUPID, Pixar)! At the VERY LEAST, by the time Toy Story 5 comes out..............… I’d just like to be able to say “THERE’S the roughest toughest cowgirl in the whole west!” OR “There’s the sweetest and most intelligent space toy we’ve ever met!” OR even “There’s the high-ridin'-est, rootin'-tootin'-est cowboy hero of all time!” when I finally watch Toy Story 5 in theaters. That’s literally ALL I want to see in Toy Story 5, OUTSIDE of any personal desires I have: TOLERABLE and BELIEVABLE CHARACTER WRITING, REGARDLESS of the overall quality of Toy Story 5’s storytelling. And, as DIFFICULT as it would be……………. if maintaining the INTEGRITY and RELEVANCE of older Toy Story characters ALSO means finding NEW VOICE ACTORS to fill in for the late Don Rickles and Estelle Harris as Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head respectively (as well as ANY OTHER Toy Story actors who are no longer with us)..........…… PLEASE MAKE IT SO, Pixar, since NOT ONLY was Slinky’s original voice actor Jim Varney replaced by his friend Blake Clark from Toy Story 3 onward (following Varney’s passing in 2000)............ but I’d ALSO like to believe that if Don Rickles and Estelle Harris were STILL ALIVE today……………………… they would BOTH WANT the legacy of the Potato Heads to LIVE ON in ALL future Toy Story movies going forward (especially Estelle Harris, who literally CAME OUT OF RETIREMENT to reprise her role as our favorite “Sweet Potato” in Toy Story 4, making THAT her LAST film role before her passing in 2022). In the words of Andy, you GOTTA keep the Potato Heads (and ALL of our favorite Toy Story characters) TOGETHER in ALL future Toy Story media going forward, because THEY’RE MADLY IN LOVE (AGAIN, with ONE suggestion that I have for Mr. Potato Head’s new voice actor being the GREAT Philoctetes AND Lorax himself, Danny DeVito)!So now.............. Let’s FINALLY talk about my BIGGEST and POSSIBLY BEST IDEA for Toy Story 5’s potential plot (probably the BIGGEST and BEST IDEA that I’m REALLY SURPRISED NO ONE ELSE is even suggesting)! Let’s ALL just hold hands, pretend that it’s the final episode of a certain UNFORTUNATELY-CANCELED TV show, and FIND OUT TOGETHER exactly what this BIG NEW IDEA is..........…………#1. A MODERN and MIRACULOUS IN-UNIVERSE REVIVAL (to Celebrate the 70th ANNIVERSARY) of WOODY’S ROUNDUP! I PROMISE YOU that if I worked at Pixar RIGHT NOW........... and someone asked me what I PERSONALLY BELIEVE would be a TRULY FRESH PLOT IDEA that YET ANOTHER new Toy Story movie COULD TACKLE (OR IN GENERAL, if someone just asked me “What kind of plot do YOU think would be legitimately interesting enough to keep the Toy Story franchise going, regardless of HOW FAR APART Woody and Buzz are from each other?”).......................... Welp, as a HUGE FAN of Toy Story 2 for as LONG as I can remember.................... I think THIS would be my IMMEDIATE ANSWER WITHOUT HESITATION: A MIRACULOUS IN-UNIVERSE MODERN REVIVAL of the VERY SAME 1950s television show that FULLY-INSPIRED the creation and (once upon a time) MASSIVE IN-UNIVERSE POPULARITY of Bullseye the Horse, Jessie the Yodelling Cowgirl, maybe Stinky Pete the Prospector………. and OF COURSE…… one Sheriff Woody Pride himself: WOODY’S ROUNDUP! Again, if you like Toy Story AT ALL…………….. it really SHOULDN’T SURPRISE YOU as to why Sheriff Woody himself has EASILY become such a MASSIVE ICON since his INITIAL DEBUT in the original Toy Story movie in 1995. To me, Woody has ALWAYS been someone who’s ALWAYS cared about the safety AND HAPPINESS of EVERYONE important to him, NO MATTER HOW INSURMOUNTABLE the odds in his life may seem. Again, it’s ALWAYS been a LEGITIMATE QUESTION as to HOW Woody only JUST learned about sharing loyalties with other toys (namely Buzz Lightyear in the original Toy Story movie) about 40 YEARS after his initial creation in the late 1950s............ but REGARDLESS of whether or not Pixar ever FINALLY ANSWERS that question (and IN SPITE of how much Toy Story 4 seems to HATE Woody, even when that movie CLEARLY UNDERSTANDS how much the AUDIENCE still LOVES Woody).............................. then I TRULY think it’s TIME for the writers of Toy Story 5 to FINALLY put ALL THAT REMAINS of Woody’s loyalty (both to children AND his closest friends) to the ULTIMATE TEST…………….. MAINLY with the idea that something REALLY SPECIAL that Woody has ALWAYS WANTED (both in the original Toy Story movie AND Toy Story 4) could NOW, VERY EASILY, become a MASSIVE NIGHTMARE for him in the PRESENT: MASSIVE IN-UNIVERSE WORLDWIDE RECOGNITION OF SHERIFF WOODY PRIDE’S LOYALTY. REGARDLESS of WHERE IN THE WORLD our Sheriff Woody might currently be, following Toy Story 4’s ending..................... I TRULY BELIEVE that the ONE THING that will FINALLY give Woody NO CHOICE but to LEGITIMATELY RECONSIDER his loyalty to his friends and his kid again………. REALLY HAS to be a WORLDWIDE IN-UNIVERSE REMINDER that WOODY EVEN EXISTS, and he will INDEED ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU IF YOU NEED HIM! Also, if you’re wondering why I decided to set the main events of my Toy Story 5 pitch about 6-7 years after Toy Story 4 in 2019 SPECIFICALLY (when Bonnie is about 12 years old), well................. Based on Woody’s Roundup apparently having started back in 1949, the year 2019 will mark the 70th anniversary of Woody’s Roundup, which COULD MAYBE prompt ANY surviving creators of the show (or anyone RELATED to them) to try REVIVING the show in the modern age (something Disney in particular will NEVER STOP DOING with all of THEIR most popular older properties)! That and alongside creating some REALLY INTERESTING DILEMMAS for EVERY Toy Story character again (such as Bonnie, Andy, Buzz, Jessie, Bullseye, the other toys, AND the leading Sheriff of the Roundup Gang himself)................ I also think that an in-universe modern revival of Woody’s Roundup ALSO has the potential to spread a LOT of TRULY INTERESTING REAL-LIFE MESSAGES about being UNIQUE among MILLIONS of people (similar to the original Toy Story movie), as well as other messages about WHY remakes, revivals, and sequels (ESPECIALLY those made by Disney) have become such an INSANELY OVER-USED money-making strategy in our current society. Let’s discuss ALL OF IT:Firstly, I’ll talk about the DEEP POTENTIAL that a modern in-universe revival of Woody’s Roundup COULD HAVE on the entire Toy Story universe in its CURRENT (post Toy Story 4) state. The BIGGEST thing that we ALL need to remember when walking into the theater (once Toy Story 5 comes out) is that Woody is no longer living his life in a kid’s room anymore, and is instead living a NEW life of helping other lost toys find new owners. I’ll admit that there are a LOT of potential directions that this new lifestyle could go in (both for better AND for worse) over the course of 7 years or more.......... But if there IS at least SOME UNDYING LOYALTY to his old friends and kid that STILL remains DEEP within Woody’s heart..........… then I’m almost certain that Toy Story 5 is about to put Woody through an INVERTED version of his “character arc” in Toy Story 4, as well as an AMPLIFIED version of his character arc in Toy Story 2, where……… instead of feeling left out in Bonnie’s closet and wondering if he’ll ever be played with (which apparently only happened 3 times in ONE WEEK prior to Toy Story 4’s main events)........... Woody instead gradually begins to MISS the love of a child (the longer he spends his life as a lost toy), and even privately wonders if he’ll EVER see Bonnie, Buzz, and the rest of his old friends EVER AGAIN. Also, if Woody is written to be ANY SMARTER in Toy Story 5………. unlike how he WASN’T willing to let Buzz help him look after Forky (most likely due to his EGO, which Toy Story 4’s writers had CLEARLY FORGOTTEN that Woody ALREADY OVERCAME in the original Toy Story movie).............. this time, Woody would most likely have the decency to be HONEST and actually TELL Bo about this, REGARDLESS of how the writers have Bo choose to react (hopefully, with at least a LITTLE COMPASSION that makes Bo at least a LITTLE BIT MORE “LIKABLE” than she was in Toy Story 4). Regardless of how Bo and the other lost toys would react to Woody’s potential desire to reunite with Bonnie and friends again (as well as whether or not Bo and the lost toys would actually WANT to help Woody get home AND/OR try to convince/manipulate Woody to stay with them)............................ This would be the EXACT MOMENT IN TIME that a modern in-universe revival of Woody’s Roundup (as BIG of COINCIDENCE as it might be) would FINALLY STEP IN, in order to A) REAFFIRM the UNDYING LOYALTY that Woody has always stood for (both in the Woody’s Roundup show AND to Bonnie, Buzz, and all of his old friends), B) COMPLETELY BREAK DOWN any lingering walls of DENIAL that Woody has about his former desire to be loyal to a child, and C) ACTIVELY FORCE Woody to see NEWER dolls of himself, Jessie, and Bullseye being played with by TONS of children EVERYWHERE he looks.......... which, of course, may VERY WELL be EXACTLY what forces Woody to reach his BREAKING POINT when he is FORCED to consider the REALISTIC POSSIBILITY that Bonnie (and maybe even Andy) may actually want REPLACE him now with a newer Woody doll (just like Lotso was FORCED to experience with his ex-owner Daisy). As I said before in my opening pitch though............ if the writers of this kind of plot set-up (i.e. Facing the likelihood that someone very important to you WILL EVENTUALLY REPLACE YOU) TRULY WANT to write Bonnie in VERY RESPECTFUL and BELIEVABLE WAY............ then I personally HOPE that the writers of Toy Story 5 will take FULL ADVANTAGE Bonnie’s RECENTLY-ESTABLISHED REFUSAL to replace her toys (namely Forky in Toy Story 4), and have THAT ADAMANT REFUSAL serve as the ULTIMATE STAKES of Woody’s mission to FINALLY return home to Bonnie at least 7 YEARS after leaving her (Heck, for all we know, maybe Bonnie’s grandparents were fans of Woody’s Roundup back in the 1950s). In other words, after at least 5-7 YEARS of being a lost toy............... it would be VERY INTERESTING to see Woody FINALLY CONFRONT his own personal feelings about Bonnie potentially REPLACING him now with a NEW Sheriff Woody doll. I don’t mean to BRAG..........……….. but in my opinion, I don’t think ANY final Toy Story movie plot set-up (ON TOP of ANY DESIRE to STRAIGHT-UP RESURRECT Woody’s former GLORY DAYS in the PRESENT DAY) can get ANY BETTER than the LINGERING REMAINS of our Sheriff Woody’s former loyalty to children FINALLY being put to the ULTIMATE TEST MANY YEARS LATER (after leaving Bonnie, Buzz, and all of his old friends)! That and if Toy Story 5’s final plot set-up has ANY IDEAS that are even REMOTELY SIMILAR to MINE (while ALSO taking place MANY YEARS after Toy Story 4)................... I will be ABSOLUTELY AMAZED.On top of the GREAT IN-UNIVERSE PLOT POTENTIAL that a modern Woody’s Roundup revival has for Toy Story 5’s plot and characters............ there’s ALSO the matter of LIMITLESS POTENTIAL for DEEPER life lessons, morals, and real-life parallels to discuss (HOPEFULLY WITHOUT the unintentional effect of spreading any POTENTIALLY HARMFUL messages, like Toy Story 4 did with Forky’s existential crisis and Gabby Gabby’s defective voice box). To be fair…………. the implementation of a modern Woody’s Roundup revival show WITHIN the Toy Story universe (a NEARLY-3-DECADE-OLD movie franchise that people ALREADY DON’T WANT to see anymore movies from) might appear to be EXTREMELY IRONIC coming from Pixar and ESPECIALLY Disney (both of whom have ALREADY become INFAMOUS in the last decade for producing COUNTLESS sequels, revivals, and remakes with varying degrees of success).................... but if Pixar’s writers were to FINALLY WISEN UP and SOMEHOW PROPERLY WRITE a modern in-universe Woody’s Roundup revival WITHIN a new Toy Story movie, with the SAME AMOUNT of respect, maturity, faithfulness, and SELF-AWARENESS that both Toy Story 2 and 3 had when THEY BOLDLY CHOSE to continue the story of the original Toy Story movie (unlike Toy Story 4 or Lightyear)........... then JUST LIKE with Toy Story 2 and 3 in REAL LIFE, the miraculous revival of Woody’s Roundup WITHIN the Toy Story universe would most likely spark a MASSIVE MODERN FOLLOWING (potentially with a few NEW characters and settings) that ALL of the characters in-universe (toys AND humans alike) would be FORCED to deal with. Concurrently, I think a PROPER PORTRAYAL of a revival show within the Toy Story universe (as well as REALISTIC REACTIONS to it) would ALSO show modern audiences IN REAL LIFE that both Disney and Pixar are at least FULLY AWARE of how modern audiences perceive their CONSTANT REUSE of older franchises (as UNCLEAR as THAT currently is), rather than JUST coming off as DESPERATE to make EVEN MORE MONEY off of their older audience’s nostalgia. Regardless of HOW a newer Toy Story movie would even CONSIDER portraying classic franchise revivals (AND their apparent “importance”) to modern audiences, which is something that I think the Toy Story franchise MIGHT have the BEST ADVANTAGE WITH OVER ANY OTHER FRANCHISE................................ There IS a VERY SMALL CHANCE that an in-universe modern revival of Woody’s Roundup COULD make Toy Story 5, AND the ENTIRE Toy Story series for that matter, JUST AS SPECTACULARLY POPULAR AGAIN in REAL LIFE (EVEN MORE SO than it currently is now), which would ultimately result in EVERY Toy Story 4 hater’s faith in the franchise FINALLY BEING RESTORED, as well as additional toys based on NEWER Woody’s Roundup characters being sold ALONGSIDE ALL of the classic Toy Story characters once again. And........... I’ll just go ahead and say it: If the plot of Toy Story 5 is ANYWHERE CLOSE to being as AMBITIOUS, MATURE, HEARTFELT, and OVERALL CLIMATIC for its characters as Toy Story 3’s plot was back in 2010 (hopefully on a MUCH LARGER SCALE now, over a DECADE later)..........………… Then I TRULY DO believe that Toy Story 5’s INEVITABLE cultural impact COULD POTENTIALLY RIVAL Toy Story 3’s cultural impact (which was essentially the “REBIRTH” of Toy Story) back in 2010!Oh, and just before I finish up here.............. HERE is a LONG LIST of ALL of the OLD and NEW Toy Story characters that I’d like to see included in Toy Story 5 via major roles in the plot OR even just split-second CAMEO appearances in flashbacks (each character listed with short codes explaining their Installment Introduction, Species, and Gender), as well as a LONG LIST of ACTORS whom I’d be VERY INTERESTED in seeing join the Toy Story cast someday! Please keep in mind that I DON’T expect to see ALL of these old and/or new characters or actors in Toy Story 5…………….. but PLEASE BELIEVE ME when I say that the inclusions of ALMOST ANY AMOUNT of older and/or newer characters in Toy Story 5 is WAY MORE THAN POSSIBLE at this point (ESPECIALLY when you remember that Toy Story 3 was able to include OVER 300 ANIMATED TOY CHARACTERS in ONE computer-animated movie back in 2010, via cameos and/or major roles)!(POTENTIAL) TOY STORY 5 CHARACTER CAST:CASTING CLASSIC TOY STORY CHARACTERS:PRE-ESTABLISHED TOYS: MAIN:1=>T-M - Woody, voiced by Tom Hanks1=>T-M - Buzz Lightyear, voiced by Tim Allen2=>T-F - Jessie, voiced by Joan Cusack1=>T-F - Bo Peep, voiced by Annie Potts3=>T-F - Dolly, voiced by Bonnie Hunt4=>T-M - Forky, voiced by Tony Hale4=>T-F - Giggle McDimples, voiced by Ally Maki1=>T-M - Mr. Potato Head, voiced by old recordings of Don Rickles (NEW VOICE LINES NEED A NEW ACTOR, my top candidate being Danny DeVito)1=>T-M - Slinky Dog, voiced by Blake Clark1=>T-M - Hamm, voiced by John Ratzenburger1=>T-M - Rex, voiced by Wallace Shawn2=>T-M - Bullseye3=>T-F - Trixie, voiced by Kristen Schaal1=>T-F - Bo Peep’s Sheep (Billy, Goat, and Gruff), voiced by Emily Davis2=>T-F - Mrs. Potato Head, voiced by old recordings of Estelle Harris (NEW VOICE LINES NEED A NEW ACTOR)2=>T-M - Little Green Aliens (a.k.a. The Potato Heads’s “Babies”), voiced by Jeff Pidgeon3=>T-M - Mr. Pricklepants, voiced by Timothy Dalton3=>T-M - Buttercup, voiced by Jeff Garlin3=>T-M - Totoro3=>T-? - Peas in a Pod (Peatey, Peanelope, and Peatrice) (NEW VOICE LINES NEED A NEW ACTOR OR MORE)3=>T-M - Chuckles (NEW VOICE LINES NEED A NEW ACTOR, my top candidate being Jonathan Banks)4=>T-F - Karen Beverly, a.k.a. “Knifey”, voiced by Melissa VillaseñorPRE-ESTABLISHED HUMANS AND ANIMALS: MAIN:1=>H-M - Andy Davis, voiced by John Morris (YOUNGER VOICE LINES NEED A NEW ACTOR)1=>H-F - Jennifer Davis (Andy’s Mother), voiced by Laurie Metcalf1=>H-F - Molly Davis, voiced by Bea Miller (YOUNGER VOICE LINES NEED A NEW ACTOR)2=>A-M - Buster (Andy’s Dog)3=>H-F - Bonnie Anderson, voiced by Emily Hahn and/or Madeleine McGraw (YOUNGER VOICE LINES NEED A NEW ACTOR)3=>H-F - Bonnie’s Mother, voiced by Lori Alan3=>H-M - Bonnie’s Father, voiced by Jay HernandezPRE-ESTABLISHED TOYS: CAMEOS:1=>T-M - Sarge and the Bucket of Soldiers, voiced by old recordings of R. Lee Ermey (NEW VOICE LINES NEED A NEW ACTOR)1=>T-M - Mr. Spell, voiced by Jeff Pidgeon1=>T-M - Robot, voiced by Jeff Pidgeon1=>T-M - Mr. Shark (NEW VOICE LINES NEED A NEW ACTOR)1=>T-M - Lenny, voiced by old recordings of Joe Ranft (NEW VOICE LINES NEED A NEW ACTOR, my top candidate being Jerome Ranft)1=>T-M - Mr. Mike1=>T-M - Bobble Clown1=>T-? - Pink-Haired Troll Doll1=>T-? - “See ‘n Say The Farmer Says” Animal Sound Maker1=>T-M - Tikes and their Fire Truck1=>T-M - Rocky Gibraltar1=>T-? - “Etch” the Etch a Sketch1=>T-M - Troikas1=>T-M - Snake1=>T-? - Walking Hockey Puck1=>T-M - RC1=>T-M - Barrel of Monkeys1=>T-M - Pizza Planet’s Little Green Aliens1=>T-M - Babyface1=>T-? - Legs1=>T-M - Hand-in-the-Box1=>T-M - Roller Bob1=>T-M - Rock Mobile1=>T-M - Pump Boy1=>T-M - Sid’s Frog1=>T-M - Sid's Ducky1=>T-M - Jingle Joe1=>T-F - Janie1=>T-M - Pterodactyl2=>T-M - Wheezy, voiced by old recordings of Joe Ranft (NEW VOICE LINES NEED A NEW ACTOR, my top candidate candidate being Jerome Ranft)2=>T-M - Stinky Pete the Prospector, voiced by Kelsey Grammar2=>T-F - Al’s Toy Barn Barbie Dolls, voiced by Jodie Benson2=>T-F - Tour Guide Barbie, voiced by Jodie Benson2=>T-M - Utility Belt Buzz Lightyear, voiced by Tim Allen2=>T-M - Emperor Zurg, voiced by Andrew Stanton2=>T-F - Molly’s Singing Barbie Dolls, voiced by Jodie Benson4=>T-F - Molly’s Other Barbie Dolls, voiced by Jodie Benson3=>T-F - Sunnyside’s Barbie, voiced by Jodie Benson3=>T-M - Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear a.k.a. “Lotso”, voiced by old recordings of Ned Beatty (NEW VOICE LINES NEED A NEW ACTOR)3=>T-M - Ken, voiced by Michael Keaton3=>T-M - Big Baby, voiced by old recordings of Woody Smith (NEW VOICE LINES NEED A NEW ACTOR)3=>T-F - Stretch, voiced by Whoopi Goldberg3=>T-M - Twitch, voiced by old recordings of John Cygan (NEW VOICE LINES NEED A NEW ACTOR)3=>T-M - Sparks, voiced by old recordings of Jan Rabson (NEW VOICE LINES NEED A NEW ACTOR)3=>T-M - Chunk, voiced by old recordings of Jack Angel (NEW VOICE LINES NEED A NEW ACTOR)3=>T-M - Chatter Telephone, voiced by Teddy Newton3=>T-M - Bookworm, voiced by Richard Kind3=>T-M - Sunnyside’s Monkey3=>T-M - Sunnyside’s Jack-in-the Box, voiced by Lee Unkrich3=>T-M - Sunnyside’s Emperor Zurg, voiced by Andrew StantonS=>T-F - Neptuna, voiced by Jane LynchT=>T-M - Billy’s Combat Carl, voiced by Carl WeathersT=>T-M - Billy’s Combat Carl Jr., voiced by Carl WeathersT=>T-M - Billy’s Old Timer, voiced by Alan OppenheimerF=>T-F - Angel Kitty, voiced by Emma HudakF=>T-M - Reptillus Maximus, voiced by Kevin McKiddF=>T-M - BattlesaursF=>T-M - Cleric, voiced by Steve Purcell4=>T-M - Melephant Brooks, voiced by Mel Brooks4=>T-F - Chairol Burnett, voiced by Carol Burnett4=>T-M - Carl Reineroceros, voiced by old recordings of Carl Reiner4=>T-F - Bitey White, voiced by old recordings of Betty White4=>T-M - Bonnie’s Old Timer, voiced by Alan Oppenheimer4=>T-M - Benson (with Red Bow Tie), voiced by Steve Purcell4=>T-F - Gabby Gabby, voiced by Christina Hendricks4=>T-M - Bensons (with Black Bow Ties), voiced by Steve Purcell4=>T-M - Bunny, voiced by Keegan-Michael Key4=>T-M - Ducky, voiced by Jordan Peele4=>T-M - Duke Caboom, voiced by Keanu Reeves4=>T-M - Lost Combat Carl Figures, voiced by Carl Weathers4=>T-M - Second Chance Antiques’s Tin ToyRETURNING HUMANS AND ANIMALS: CAMEOS:1=>H-M - Sid Phillips, voiced by old recordings of Erik Von Detten (YOUNGER VOICE LINES NEED A NEW ACTOR)1=>H-F - Hannah Philips, voiced by old recordings of Sarah Freeman (YOUNGER VOICE LINES NEED A NEW ACTOR)1=>A-M - Scud (Sid’s Dog)2=>H-M - Al McWhiggin, voiced by Wayne Knight2=>H-M - Geri, voiced by old recordings of Jonathan Harris (NEW VOICE LINES NEED A NEW ACTOR)2=>H-F - Emily (VOICE LINES NEED A NEW ACTOR)3=>H-F - Sunnyside Child Supervisor #13=>H-F - Sunnyside Child Supervisor #23=>H-M - Sunnyside Janitor, voiced by Bob PetersonT=>H-M - Ron, voiced by Stephen TobolowskyT=>A-M - Mr. Jones (Ron’s Iguana)F=>H-M - Mason, voiced by R.C. Cope (YOUNGER VOICE LINES NEED A NEW ACTOR)4=>H-F - Ms. Wendy, voiced by Juliana Hansen4=>H-F - Harmony, voiced by Lila Sage Bromley (YOUNGER VOICE LINES NEED A NEW ACTOR)4=>H-F - Harmony’s Mom, voiced by Patricia Arquette4=>H-F - Harmony’s Grandma, Margaret, voiced by June Squibb4=>H-M - Axel, voiced by Bill Hader4=>A-? - Dragon (Margaret’s Cat)CASTING BRAND-NEW TOY STORY CHARACTERS:BRAND-NEW TOYS: HUMANOID:5+>T-M - Woody’s Roundup Revival: Woody5+>T-F - Woody’s Roundup Revival: Jessie5+>T-M - Woody’s Roundup Revival: Stinky Pete the Prospector5+>T-M - Woody’s Roundup Revival: Teenage Cowboy with a Guitar (I named him “Chester”)5+>T-F - Woody’s Roundup Revival: Teenage Cowgirl with a Guitar (I named her “Maggie”)5+>T-M - Woody’s Roundup Revival: Child Cowboy (I named him “Rusty”)5+>T-F - Woody’s Roundup Revival: Child Cowgirl (I named her “Louise”)5+>T-M - Woody’s Roundup Revival: Woody’s Father, possibly the Sheriff before his son (I named him “Wallace”)5+>T-F - Woody’s Roundup Revival: Jessie’s Mother (possibly the Town Farmer (I named her “Hazel”)5+>T-M - Woody’s Roundup Revival: NEW Antagonist (Male)5+>T-F - Woody’s Roundup Revival: NEW Antagonist (Female)5+>T-F - Barbie Dolls (Modern)5+>T-? - Bobbleheads (Pop Funko Parody)5+>T-? - Clowns (Cute and Evil)5+>T-? - Construction Workers5+>T-F - Flying Fairies5+>T-? - Greek Gods5+>T-M - Jester5+>T-M - Ken Dolls (Modern)5+>T-? - Little People (by Fisher Price)5+>T-? - Marionettes5+>T-M - Medieval Knights5+>T-M - Military Soldiers5+>T-? - Ninjas5+>T-M - Nutcracker Soldiers5+>T-M - Pirates5+>T-F - Pocket-Sized Dolls (Polly Pocket Parody)5+>T-? - Police Officers5+>T-? - Poseable Wooden Art Models5+>T-? - Skeletons5+>T-? - Snow People5+>T-? - Superheroes (Marvel Parody)5+>T-? - Voodoo Dolls5+>T-M - Wind-Up Toy Soldiers5+>T-F - Witches5+>T-M - Wizards5+>T-? - ZombiesBRAND-NEW TOYS: ANIMALS:5+>T-M - Woody’s Roundup Revival: Bullseye5+>T-? - Woody’s Roundup Revival: Jessie’s Critters5+>T-? - Woody’s Roundup Revival: MORE Horses5+>T-? - Woody’s Roundup Revival: Farm Animals (Cow, Chicken, Duck, Goat, Pig, Sheep, and MORE)5+>T-? - Aliens (Bigger and Newer)5+>T-? - Bears (Panda, Polar, Build-a-Bear and Care Bears Parodies)5+>T-? - Birds (Blue Jay, Cardinal, Chicken, Chicks, Duck, Eagle, Geese, Nightingale, Ostrich, Peacock, Pelican, Penguin, Raven, Robin, Swan, Woodpecker)5+>T-? - Bugs (Ant, Butterflies, Caterpillars, Dragonflies, Ladybugs, Spiders, Tarantulas)5+>T-? - Cats (Kitten, Leopard, Lion, Tiger)5+>T-? - Cows5+>T-? - Dogs (Cocker Spaniel, Dachshund, Dalmatian, German Shepherd, Poodle)5+>T-? - Dinosaurs5+>T-? - Donkey5+>T-? - Dragons5+>T-? - Emojis/Emoticons5+>T-? - Foxes5+>T-? - Frogs5+>T-? - Gargoyles5+>T-? - Giraffes5+>T-? - Goats5+>T-? - Goblins5+>T-? - Hamsters5+>T-? - Hedgehogs5+>T-? - Hippos5+>T-? - Horses (Toys and Rocking)5+>T-? - Imps5+>T-? - Koala5+>T-? - Mice5+>T-? - Monkeys (Chimps, Gorillas)5+>T-? - Monster5+>T-? - Moose5+>T-? - Pet Plushies for Virtual Games (Webkinz and Neopets Parody)5+>T-? - Pigs5+>T-? - Raccoon5+>T-? - Sea Creatures (Clam, Crab, Dolphin, Jellyfish, Octopus, Oyster, Ray, Shark, Whale)5+>T-? - Sheep5+>T-? - Sloth5+>T-? - Turtle5+>T-? - Wolves5+>T-? - ZebraBRAND-NEW TOYS: VEHICLES:5+>T-? - Boats5+>T-? - Buses (Magical School Bus Parody)5+>T-? - Ice Cream Truck5+>T-? - Planes5+>T-? - RC Drones5+>T-? - RC Helicopters5+>T-? - RC Race Cars5+>T-? - Trains (Electronic, Wooden, Thomas the Tank Engine Parody)BRAND-NEW TOYS: INSPIRED BY INANIMATE OBJECTS (NOT MADE FROM REAL ONES): 5+>T-? - Board Game Pieces5+>T-? - Cash Register5+>T-? - Chess Pieces5+>T-? - Fans (Propellor-Based and Folding)5+>T-? - Fridge Magnets5+>T-? - Food (Apple, Banana, Burrito, Carrots, Chocolate Bar, Cookies, Cucumber, Dumplings, Grapes, Hotdog, Ice Cream, Lollipop, Milk Shake, Orange, Pickle, Popcorn, Popsicle, Potato, Pumpkin, Salt and Pepper Shakers, Squash, Sub Sandwich, Sushi, Tomatoes, Watermelon)5+>T-? - Lantern5+>T-? - Lawn Mower5+>T-? - Musical Instruments (Clarinet, Drum, Flute, Guitar, Piano, Saxophone, Tambourine, Trombone, Trumpet, Violin)5+>T-? - Planets5+>T-? - Plants (Sunflower, Dahlias, Venus Fly Trap)5+>T-? - Rolling Beans (Mighty Beanz Parody)5+>T-? - Shopping Cart5+>T-? - Suitcases5+>T-? - Teapot and Cups5+>T-? - Trash Can5+>T-? - Telescope5+>T-? - Treasure Chest5+>T-? - Work Tools (Flashlight, Hammer, Pliers, Saw, Screwdrivers, Tape Measure, Wrench, Handy Mandy Parody)5+>T-? - U-Shaped Magnet5+>T-? - Vacuum CleanerBRAND-NEW TOYS: GUEST CHARACTER CAMEOS (from Disney, Pixar, Studio Ghibli, Square Enix, and Nintendo):5+>T-M * - Abu5+>T-M * - Aladdin5+>T-M * - Aqua5+>T-F * - Ariel5+>T-M * - Arlo5+>T-M * - Art (the Monster)5+>T-F * - Aunt Arctic5+>T-M * - Axel5+>T-F * - Princess Aurora5+>T-M * - Baloo5+>T-M * - Bambi5+>T-M * - Baron (from Whisper of the Heart)5+>T-M * - Baymax5+>T-F * - Belle5+>T-M * - Bing Bong5+>T-M * - Boh (in Mouse Form)5+>T-M * - Bowser5+>T-? * - Brooms (from Fantasia)5+>T-M * - Calcifer5+>T-? * - Carpet5+>T-? * - Cat Bus5+>T-M * - Cheshire Cat5+>T-M * - Chip (from Beauty and the Beast)5+>T-M * - Chip (from Mickey Mouse)5+>T-F * - Cinderella5+>T-M * - Cogsworth5+>T-F * - Daisy Duck5+>T-M * - Dale5+>T-? * - Dalmatian Puppies5+>T-F * - Darby Steel5+>T-F * - Destiny5+>T-M * - Doc Hudson5+>T-M * - Donald Duck5+>T-M * - Dopey5+>T-F * - Dory5+>T-M * - Dug5+>T-M * - Dumbo5+>T-M * - Eeyore5+>T-F * - Elastigirl a.k.a. Helen Parr5+>T-F * - Elsa5+>T-F * - Ember Lumen5+>T-F * - EVE5+>T-M * - Experiment 626, a.k.a. “Stitch”5+>T-F * - Fa Mulan5+>T-? * - Fire Flower5+>T-M * - Flik5+>T-M * - Flounder5+>T-M * - Fozzie Bear5+>T-M * - Francis (the Ladybug)5+>T-M * - Gary the Gadget Guy5+>T-M * - Genie5+>T-M * - Goofy5+>T-M * - Giuseppe5+>T-M * - Grumpy5+>T-M * - Hamish (in Bear Form)5+>T-M * - Hank (the Octopus)5+>T-M * - Harris (in Bear Form)5+>T-M * - Heihei5+>T-M * - Heimlich5+>T-M * - Hercules (him OR his squeaky “action figure”)5+>T-M * - Hubert (in Bear Form)5+>T-M * - Hugo (the Gargoyle)5+>T-M * - Ian Lightfoot5+>T-? * - Invincibility Star5+>T-F * - Izzy Hawthorne5+>T-M * - James P. “Sulley” Sullivan5+>T-M * - Jangles5+>T-M * - Jiji5+>T-M * - Jiminy Cricket5+>T-F * - Judy Hopps5+>T-F * - Kairi5+>T-M * - Kermit the Frog5+>T-M * - Kevin5+>T-? * - Kevin’s Babies5+>T-? * - Kodama (from Princess Mononoke)5+>T-F * - Laverne (the Gargoyle)5+>T-M * - Lightning McQueen5+>T-M * - Luigi (from Cars)5+>T-M * - Luigi (from Super Mario)5+>T-M * - Lumiere5+>T-M * - Lumpy5+>T-M * - Machiavelli5+>T-M * - Mario5+>T-M * - Meeko5+>T-F * - Megara5+>T-F * - Meilin “Mei” Lee (in Red Panda Form)5+>T-M * - Merlin5+>T-M * - Michael “Mike” Wazowski5+>T-M * - Mickey Mouse5+>T-F * - Minnie Mouse5+>T-M * - M-O5+>T-F * - Moana5+>T-M * - Mo Morrison5+>T-M * - Monstro5+>T-M * - Mr. Incredible a.k.a. Bob Parr5+>T-M * - Mr. Mittens5+>T-M * - Mr. Ray5+>T-F * - Mrs. Potts5+>T-M * - Mr. Toad5+>T-F * - Ms. Piggy5+>T-M * - Mushu5+>T-F * - Nala5+>T-F * - Naminé5+>T-M * - Naveen (in Frog Form)5+>T-M * - Nemo5+>T-M * - Nick Wilde5+>T-M * - No Face (from Spirited Away)5+>T-M * - Olaf5+>T-M * - Pascal5+>T-F * - Peach (the Starfish)5+>T-M * - Pegasus5+>T-? * - Penguins (from Club Penguin)5+>T-F * - Pepita5+>T-M * - Peter Pan5+>T-M * - Philoctetes (him OR his squeaky “action figure”)5+>T-M * - Piglet5+>T-M * - Pinocchio5+>T-M * - Pluto5+>T-M * - Pikachu5+>T-F * - Pocahontas5+>T-F * - Ponyo (in Fish Form)5+>T-M * - Pooh5+>T-F * - Princess Anna5+>T-F * - Princess Atta5+>T-F * - Princess Dot5+>T-F * - Princess Jasmine5+>T-F * - Princess Merida5+>T-F * - Princess Peach5+>T-? * - Puffles5+>T-M * - Pumbaa5+>T-M * - Radish Spirit5+>T-F * - Rapunzel5+>T-M * - Red (from Cars)5+>T-M * - Remy5+>T-M * - Riku5+>T-M * - Rockhopper5+>T-M * - Roger Rabbit5+>T-F * - Rosie5+>T-M * - Roxas5+>T-F * - Sally Carrera5+>T-M * - Sebastian5+>T-M * - Sheriff (from Cars)5+>T-M * - Simba5+>T-F * - Sisu5+>T-F * - Snow White5+>T-? * - Soot Sprites (from Spirited Away)5+>T-M * - Sora5+>T-M * - Sox5+>T-M * - Squirt (the Sea Turtle)5+>T-? * - Super Mushroom5+>T-M * - Terra5+>T-M * - Thumper5+>T-F * - Tiana5+>T-M * - Tigger5+>T-M * - Timon5+>T-F * - Tinker Bell5+>T-M * - Toad (from Super Mario)5+>T-M * - Tow Mater5+>T-F * - Vanellope Von Schweetz5+>T-M * - Ventus5+>T-M * - Victor (the Gargoyle)5+>T-M * - WALL-E5+>T-M * - Wreck-It Ralph5+>T-M * - Xion5+>T-M * - Yakul (from Princess Mononoke)BRAND-NEW HUMANS AND ANIMALS: 5+>H-M - Andy’s Father (Andy Davis Senior)5+>H-F - Andy’s Grandma5+>H-M - Andy’s Grandpa5+>H-? - Andy’s Childhood Friends5+>H-F - Andy’s Girlfriend-Turned-Wife (I named her “Milly”)5+>H-? - Bonnie’s Kindergarten Bullies5+>H-? - Bonnie’s Friends5+>H-? - Bonnie’s Grade School Teacher5+>H-F - Bonnie’s Grandma5+>H-M - Bonnie’s Grandpa5+>H-? - Andy’s Friends, College Roommates, and Co-Workers5+>H-? - Andy’s Work Boss5+>H-M - Andy’s Son (Oldest Child)5+>H-M - Andy’s Son (Middle Child)5+>H-M - Andy’s Daughter (Youngest Child)5+>H-? - Human Villains (who wants to exploit something NEW about toys, possibly within Andy’s workplace)5+>A-? - Hamsters5+>A-? - Fish5+>A-? - Sewer Rats5+>A-? - Seagulls5+>A-? - Parrots5+>A-? - HorsesCASTING BRAND-NEW TOY STORY VOICE ACTORS:F ~ Abby Ryder FortsonM ~ Adam DriverM ~ Adam SandlerM ~ Alan CummingM ~ Alan TudykM ~ Alfred MolinaF ~ Alyson Leigh RosenfeldF ~ Alyson StonerF ~ Amanda SeyfriedF ~ Amandla StenbergF ~ America FerreraF ~ Amy AdamsF ~ Amy PoehlerM ~ Andy SambergM ~ Andy SerkisF ~ Angela BassettF ~ Angelina JolieF ~ Anika Noni RoseF ~ Anna FarisF ~ Anna KendrickF ~ Anna PaquinF ~ AnnaSophia RobbF ~ Anne HathawayM ~ Anthony DanielsM ~ Anthony HopkinsM ~ Anthony MackieM ~ Antonio BanderasF ~ Ariel WinterM ~ Arnold SchwarzeneggerF ~ Ashley JohnsonF ~ Ashley TisdaleF ~ Ashly BurchF ~ Aubrey PlazaF ~ Auli'i CravalhoF ~ Bailee MadisonM ~ Ben BurttM ~ Benedict CumberbatchM ~ Benedict WongM ~ Ben MendelsohnM ~ Benjamin BrattM ~ Bill FagerbakkeM ~ Bill FarmerM ~ Bill MurrayM ~ Billy CrystalM ~ Bill NighyM ~ Brad GarrettM ~ Brandon ScottM ~ Brendan GleesonM ~ Bret IwanM ~ Brian StepanekF ~ Brie LarsonF ~ Brittany SnowM ~ Bruce CampbellM ~ Carlos PenaVegaF ~ Carolyn LawrenceF ~ Catherine KeenerF ~ Catherine O'HaraF ~ Cate BlanchettM ~ Chase AustinF ~ Chloë Grace MoretzM ~ Chris EvansM ~ Chris HemsworthM ~ Chris PineM ~ Chris PrattF ~ Christina RicciM ~ Christopher LloydM ~ Clancy BrownF ~ Claudia BlackF ~ Cobie SmuldersM ~ Corey BurtonF ~ Cree SummerF ~ Cristela AlonzoF ~ Daisy RidleyF ~ Dakota FanningM ~ Danny DeVitoM ~ Daran NorrisM ~ David GallagherM ~ David SchwimmerM ~ David TennantM ~ Dee Bradley BakerF ~ Demi LovatoM ~ Denis LearyF ~ Diane LaneM ~ Dick Van DykeM ~ Domhnall GleesonM ~ Donald GloverM ~ Donald SutherlandM ~ Don CheadleF ~ Donna MurphyM ~ Doug LawrenceF ~ Dove CameronM ~ Drake BellM ~ Dwayne JohnsonM ~ Eddie MurphyF ~ Edie McClurgF ~ Elizabeth BanksF ~ Elizabeth OlsenF ~ Elizabeth PerkinsF ~ Emily BluntF ~ Emily MortimerF ~ Emily OsmentF ~ Emily RoseF ~ Emily VanCampF ~ Emma BermanF ~ Emma StoneF ~ Emma ThompsonF ~ Emma WatsonF ~ Evangeline LillyM ~ Ewan McGregorM ~ Finn WolfhardF ~ Florence PughM ~ Frank OzM ~ Frank WelkerM ~ Freddie HighmoreM ~ Fred StollerF ~ Gal GadotM ~ Gary OldmanM ~ Gaten MatarazzoM ~ Geoffrey RushM ~ George LopezF ~ Glenn CloseF ~ Grey DeLisleF ~ Gwyneth PaltrowF ~ Hailee SteinfeldM ~ Haley Joel OsmentF ~ Haley TjuM ~ Hank AzariaF ~ Hannah John-KamenM ~ Harrison FordF ~ Hayden PanetierreF ~ Hayley AtwellF ~ Helena Bonham CarterF ~ Helen MirrenF ~ Holly HunterM ~ Hugh JackmanM ~ Hugh LaurieM ~ Hugo WeavingM ~ Ian MacKellenF ~ Idina MenzelM ~ Idris ElbaF ~ Imelda StauntonF ~ Irene BedardF ~ Isabela MercedF ~ Isabelle FuhrmanM ~ Jack BlackM ~ Jack Dylan GrazerM ~ Jackie ChanM ~ Jack McBrayerM ~ Jacob BatalonM ~ Jacob TremblayM ~ Jake GyllenhaalM ~ James Earl JonesM ~ James FrancoM ~ James MarsdenM ~ Jamie Campbell BowerM ~ Jamie FoxxF ~ Janeane GarofaloM ~ Jason DohringM ~ Jason GriffithM ~ Jason IsaacsM ~ Jason LeeM ~ Jason MomoaM ~ Jay BaruchelF ~ Jayma MaysM ~ Jeff BennettM ~ Jeff GoldblumM ~ Jeffrey TamborF ~ Jenna OrtegaF ~ Jennifer AnistonF ~ Jennifer HaleF ~ Jennifer LawrenceM ~ Jeremy RennerM ~ Jerome RanftM ~ Jerry TrainorM ~ Jesse EisenbergM ~ Jesse McCartneyF ~ Jessica AlbaF ~ Jessica DiCiccoF ~ Jill TalleyM ~ Jim BroadbentM ~ Jim CarreyM ~ Jim CummingsM ~ Jim GaffiganM ~ Jim ParsonsM ~ J.K. SimmonsM ~ Joe KeeryM ~ John BoyegaM ~ John CenaM ~ John CleeseM ~ John C. ReillyM ~ John DiMaggioM ~ John GoodmanM ~ John KrasinskiM ~ John LithgowM ~ Johnny DeppM ~ John OliverM ~ Jonathan GroffM ~ Joseph Gordon-LevittM ~ Joseph QuinnM ~ Josh BrolinM ~ Josh GadM ~ Josh HutchersonM ~ Jude LawF ~ Judy GreerF ~ Julia Louis-DreyfusF ~ Julia RobertsF ~ Julie AndrewsF ~ Julie WaltersF ~ Kaitlyn DeverF ~ Kaitlyn RobrockF ~ Karen GillanF ~ Kate HigginsF ~ Kate WinsletF ~ Kathryn NewtonF ~ Kath SoucieF ~ Keira KnightleyF ~ Kelly MacDonaldF ~ Kelly Marie TranF ~ Kenan ThompsonF ~ Kirsten DunstF ~ Kristen BellF ~ Kristen StewartF ~ Kristen WiigF ~ Lara Jill MillerF ~ Laura BaileyM ~ Laurence FishburneF ~ Lea SalongaF ~ Leslie MannM ~ Lewis BlackF ~ Lexi RabeM ~ Liam NeesonF ~ Liliana MumyF ~ Lily TomlinF ~ Linda LarkinF ~ Lindsay LohanF ~ Lisa KudrowM ~ Lou RomanoF ~ Mackenzie FoyM ~ Mads MikkelsenF ~ Mae WhitmanF ~ Mandy MooreF ~ Marisa TomeiM ~ Mark HamillM ~ Mark RuffaloM ~ Martin FreemanM ~ Matthew ModineM ~ Matthew PerryF ~ Maya HawkeF ~ Maya RudolphF ~ McKenna GraceF ~ Meaghan MartinF ~ Meryl StreepM ~ Michael B. JordanM ~ Michael CaineM ~ Michael ChiklisM ~ Michael DouglasM ~ Michael J. FoxM ~ Michael PeñaF ~ Michelle PfeifferM ~ Mike MyersF ~ Mila KunisF ~ Millie Bobby BrownF ~ Mindy KalingF ~ Mindy SterlingF ~ Ming-Na WenF ~ Miranda CosgroveM ~ Mitchel MussoM ~ Morgan FreemanM ~ Nadji JeterF ~ Nancy CartwrightF ~ Natalia DyerF ~ Natalie PortmanM ~ Nathan FillionM ~ Neil Patrick HarrisM ~ Nicholas CageF ~ Nicole SullivanM ~ Noah SchnappM ~ Nolan NorthF ~ Octavia SpencerF ~ Olivia RodrigoM ~ Orlando BloomM ~ Oscar IsaacM ~ Owen WilsonF ~ Paige O'HaraF ~ Pamela AdlonM ~ Patrick StewartM ~ Patton OswaltM ~ Paul BettanyM ~ Paul GiamattiM ~ Paul RuddM ~ Peter DinklageF ~ Peyton ListF ~ Pom KlementieffM ~ Quinton FlynnF ~ Rachael HarrisM ~ Ralph FeinnesM ~ Rami MalekM ~ Randall ParkM ~ Raymond S. PersiF ~ Reese WitherspoonM ~ Robert Downey Jr.M ~ Robin Atkin DownesM ~ Rodger BumpassM ~ Roger Craig SmithM ~ Ryan ReynoldsF ~ Sadie SinkM ~ Samuel L. JacksonF ~ Sarah Michelle GellarF ~ Sarah SilvermanF ~ Scarlett JohanssonM ~ Sean AstinM ~ Sebastian StanF ~ Selena GomezM ~ Seth RogenF ~ Sigourney WeaverM ~ Simon PeggF ~ Sofía VergaraM ~ Stanley TucciF ~ Stefanie ScottM ~ Steve BuscemiM ~ Steve CarellM ~ Steve ZahnF ~ Susan EganF ~ Susanne BlakesleeM ~ Taika WaititiF ~ Tara StrongF ~ Tessa ThompsonM ~ Thomas Haden ChurchF ~ Tilda SwintonM ~ Tim CurryF ~ Tina FeyM ~ Tobey MaguireM ~ Toby JonesM ~ Tom CruiseM ~ Tom HiddlestonM ~ Tom HollandM ~ Tom KennyM ~ Tommy Lee JonesM ~ Tony AnselmoM ~ Travis WillinghamF ~ Tress MacNeilleM ~ Troy BakerF ~ Uma ThurmanM ~ Vin DieselF ~ Willa HollandM ~ Willem DafoeM ~ Will FerrellM ~ Will SmithM ~ Woody HarrelsonF ~ Yvette Nicole BrownM ~ Zachary GordonM ~ Zachary LeviF ~ ZendayaF ~ Zoe SaldanaF ~ Zooey DeschanelAnd, Pixar………… if NOTHING ELSE that I’ve suggested in this entire pitch EVER happens in Toy Story 5’s final script………………….. I WOULD still love to see at least 5 (or at the BARE MINIMUM, ONE) of these VERY-TALENTED ACTORS that I’ve been following since childhood FINALLY join the Toy Story voice cast someday (JUST so that I can finally die HAPPY, alongside the entire Toy Story series itself)! And PLEASE, Pixar…………………… DO NOT just hire ANY super-popular celebrities again PURELY for the sake of marketing Toy Story 5 ALONE (in the SAME WAY that Toy Story 4 only hired Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, and Keanu Reeves based on their MASSIVE popularity, ALL WITHOUT ANY REGARDS to Ducky, Bunny, or Duke Caboom’s ACTUAL “plot relevance”)! In regards to Toy Story 5’s POTENTIALLY HUGE NEW CAST of OLDER and NEWER actors, as well as ALL of the OLDER and NEWER characters that Toy Story 5 will most likely include as the potential TRUE FINAL INSTALLMENT………………………………….. ALL I’m hoping for is ONE SOLID, HEARTFELT, and LOGICALLY-SOUND SCRIPT that will FINALLY allows the ENTIRE Toy Story 5 cast (especially the CORE cast members who’ve been around since 1995) to carry the Toy Story franchise to its PERMANENT ENDING ONCE AND FOR ALL!So……… Yeah. THOSE are ALL of my BIGGEST and BEST IDEAS for the potential plot of Toy Story 5 (a.k.a. What I hope and PRAY TO GOD will be the VERY LAST Toy Story movie to FINALLY CONCLUDE the ENTIRE TOY STORY FRANCHISE). As for how I’d imagine Toy Story 5’s ending (a.k.a. Potentially the LEGITIMATE FINAL CONCLUSION to the entire Toy Story franchise)…………….. Well............ I’m pretty sure what ANYONE wants to see in a new Toy Story movie at this point, ABOVE ALL ELSE..........… is the PRACTICALLY INEVITABLE REUNION between Woody, Buzz, and the rest of our favorite Toy Story characters, REGARDLESS of whether it means Buzz and the gang ALSO become lost toys along with Woody (which would almost 100% be a TERRIBLE IDEA in terms of the Toy Story franchise’s morals), OR Woody FINALLY rediscovers the MAJOR IMPORTANCE of loyalty to a child by returning with Buzz and the gang to Bonnie’s room (something that I’m sure even the most HATEFUL Toy Story 4 haters probably wouldn’t mind seeing). The latter option seems MUCH MORE REASONABLE in my opinion………. and HEY, if the writers REALLY DO want to implement the idea of Andy having a new family into the story..................... MAYBE a few MORE years later, once Bonnie is older and ready to go off to college herself (possibly having grown out her hair and/or needing to wear glasses just like her parents, just to emphasize her growth)................ Bonnie could return all of Andy’s old toys to Andy’s house (for his mom to send back to Andy), cheerfully tell Andy’s mom that she wouldn’t mind working for Andy’s toy company in New York someday (if the writers even have something REMOTELY RESEMBLING my “older Andy working in New York” idea), and then start working at Sunnyside Daycare along with her mom in the meantime until she’s ready to move to New York City too, while ALSO donating her own old toys to Sunnyside (unless Bonnie doesn’t mind giving HER OWN older toys to Andy’s new family). Of course, to make this ending TRULY WORK..........… Woody would need to find a way to replace his missing voice box BEFORE returning back to Bonnie (YET ANOTHER MAJOR REASON why I believe a Woody’s Roundup revival AND a new set piece in a toy factory producing new Woody dolls might be SUPER NECESSARY)......... and then..............… once Bonnie FINALLY DOES return Andy’s old toys to him (if the writers even WANT Bonnie to do that by the time SHE fully grows up)...........……. This would result in ALL of Andy’s old toys, Woody included, FINALLY living HAPPILY EVER AFTER in New York City under the loving care of Andy’s own kids, while also STILL living within close proximity to Bo and the other lost toys, who MIGHT also choose to start a new life in New York within ANY underground lost toy civilizations they may have found in the main story.With this ENTIRE HYPOTHETICAL ENDING being said though........................................... I ALREADY KNOW VERY WELL that this ENTIRE PITCH of Toy Story 5 will most likely NEVER HAPPEN. That and I’m probably just BLATANTLY setting myself up for MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT, as I’M ALREADY SURE most of us often DO when it comes to most modern Disney and Pixar movies. But........... AGAIN, in spite of ALL of my ideas for Toy Story 5 here being PURE FANFICTION.................... I DO still HOPE and PRAY TO GOD that Toy Story 5 WILL FINALLY CONCLUDE the entire Toy Story franchise ONCE AND FOR ALL, HOPEFULLY in a TRULY REMARKABLE WAY that FINALLY SATISFIES EVERYONE (BOTH Toy Story 3 worshippers AND Toy Story 4 haters ALIKE)! And for those of you who STILL HATE the very IDEA of Toy Story 5 even EXISTING………… PURELY based on IRREFUTABLE TRUTHS, such as Toy Story 3’s NEAR-PERFECT ending, Toy Story 4’s ending apparently “ENSURING” that NO MORE STORIES can be told (an excuse that makes some Toy Story 4 haters sound HYPOCRITICAL), Disney’s RELENTLESS attempts to keep milking their older franchises, AND/OR Disney actively LAYING OFF 7000 workers JUST to save money.............................. Here’s the thing: I WON’T EVEN TRY to refute ANY of those statements, because they are ALL TRUE. Outside of subjective things, like everyone’s personal feelings about the current state of the Toy Story series…………………….. I think it’s WAY MORE THAN OBVIOUS that the Walt Disney Company has become A LOT MORE VISIBLY CYNICAL and DESPERATE for attention AND personal profits than they’ve EVER BEEN in the last decade or 2. Disney’s EXTREMELY CONTROVERSIAL “creative” business decisions in the last few years (OR EVEN MONTHS) have NOT been helping matters either (such as the UNDENIABLE “woke” CONTROVERSY and RAGE surrounding Disney’s newer live action remakes)……………. and even I CAN’T DENY that the ELIMINATION of 7000 Disney jobs in February 2023 (in a DESPERATE ATTEMPT to “save money”, regardless of whether or not that WAS only 3% of Disney’s workforce) IS TRULY REPREHENSIBLE and UNFORGIVABLE. In the words of Greg Baldwin on Twitter.......................... Those 7000 employees ABSOLUTELY need jobs WAY MORE than the world needs Toy Story 5 (as well as Frozen III, Zootopia 2, or ANY of Disney’s currently-scheduled sequels and/or live-action remakes)! That and it’s also VERY UNCLEAR if Disney will EVER WISEN UP and start focusing on creating ORIGINAL STORIES, rather than JUST “playing it safe” and DESPERATELY MILKING the “nostalgia” of their older properties into OBLIVION.Unfortunately…………………… whether we ALL want to admit it to ourselves or not..........……... Toy Story 5 is OFFICIALLY REAL. Whether you like it or not, IT IS COMING. I honestly think that the “discussion” regarding the “necessity” of ANYMORE Toy Story sequels will ALWAYS be CONTROVERSIAL TOPIC among lifelong Toy Story fans……………….. But, when talking strictly about the quality of Disney and Pixar’s storytelling track record since Toy Story 3………………….. I think even the MOST PASSIONATE Toy Story fans out there can ALL AGREE that Toy Story 4’s ending DID NOT SATISFY EVERYONE, especially when it ACTIVELY UNDID the UNANIMOUSLY SATISFYING ENDING of Toy Story 3, as well as ALL of the loyalty morals that the Toy Story franchise ITSELF set up. On top of that…………. You DO also have to admit that Toy Story 3’s ending (as UNANIMOUSLY WELL-RECEIVED as it was back in 2010) ALSO may NOT have fully satisfied everyone (YOURS TRULY included to some degree, in spite of me at least TOLERATING IT now). REGARDLESS of your own personal stance on the current state of the Toy Story series though (AND/OR Disney’s DESPERATE ATTEMPTS to keep milking the franchise for ALL THAT IT'S WORTH)...............… like it or not, Toy Story 5 IS STILL COMING……..… and there IS still a VERY SMALL CHANCE that Disney and Pixar WILL be able to take us on ONE LAST TRULY GREAT ADVENTURE that we can ALL be satisfied with! So again, REGARDLESS of how you personally feel about the announcement of Toy Story 5…………… in the words of one Buzz Lightyear………….. Let’s get our parts together, get ready, and GO OUT ON A HIGH NOTE (Which is YOUR CUE to be like Hamm and say something like “Come on. Let’s see how much Toy Story 5 will go for on Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes.”). Just KNOW that, whatever happens, it'll at least be good old Toy Story, through and through. For infinity and beyond.So…………… YEAH! Those are ALL of my personal thoughts, feelings, and ideas regarding the recent announcement of Toy Story 5! Are you guys as excited as I AM to actually see our favorite toys return to the big screen ONE MORE TIME?! And if so, do YOU have any ideas regarding what Toy Story 5 should even be about? I’ve ALWAYS been a VERY PASSIONATE Toy Story fan for as long as I can remember, so please feel free to let me know in the comments below! Until next time, HAPPY TRAILS, for INFINITY and BEYOND!
Phoebus OOAK doll by CyberRaven
Comfy Elsa | Disney Doll Repaint by the-art-of-claude
Disney Holiday Ariel | Doll Repaint FOR SALE by the-art-of-claude
Queen Anna of Arendelle | Disney Doll Repaint by the-art-of-claude
I'm Sorry Secret Siren| Frozen 2 Elsa Doll Repaint by the-art-of-claude
Frozen II Elsa | Concept Art Inspired by the-art-of-claude
Dive Down Deep | Elsa Doll Repaint by the-art-of-claude
Mickey Mouse and Friends
Mickey as Dr. Brewer's clone Goosebumps 5 by Hedging
Mickey as Dr. Brewer's clone from Goosebumps 4 by Hedging
Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse! by WishExpedition23
Mona (Christmas) by Rapper1996
Live Action Movie
repainted ooak emma watson as peasant belle doll. by verirrtesIrrlicht
repainted ooak emma watson as peasant belle doll. by verirrtesIrrlicht
repainted ooak lily james as cinderella doll. by verirrtesIrrlicht
repainted ooak limited edition wedding cinderella. by verirrtesIrrlicht
Disney Shorts
Disney's OFA Anna OOAK Doll Repaint by DaisyDaling
Disney Rapunzel Repaint by Pinkie-Perfect
Disney's Tangled Rapunzel OOAK Doll Repaint by DaisyDaling
Rapunzel with Flynn by MINAcoco
repainted ooak singing rapunzel doll. by verirrtesIrrlicht
Lady Tremaine OOAK doll by RYfactory
Lady Tremaine OOAK doll by RYfactory
Cinderella OOAK doll by RYfactory
Cinderella OOAK doll by RYfactory
Other Movies
The Stone Throne by CyberRaven
Claude Frollo Doll: new head detail by CyberRaven
repainted ooak brigdet as odette doll. by verirrtesIrrlicht
repainted ooak ariel's daughter melody doll. by verirrtesIrrlicht
Sleeping Beauty
Princess Aurora / Briar Rose by LornaKelleherArt
repainted ooak sleeping beauty doll. by verirrtesIrrlicht
Beauty and the Beast
Disney's BatB Belle OOAK Jewelry Holder Doll by DaisyDaling
Snow White
Evil Queen Doll by CyberRaven
other Disney Movies
Gaston ooak doll by CyberRaven
200 Watchers! THANK YOU! by WishExpedition23


Saleen the mermaid by metal1416 Saleen the mermaid :iconmetal1416:metal1416 58 9 Ariel by metal1416 Ariel :iconmetal1416:metal1416 95 24 Saleen mermaid from aladdin by metal1416 Saleen mermaid from aladdin :iconmetal1416:metal1416 58 9 Star Melody by FlyingPrincess Star Melody :iconflyingprincess:FlyingPrincess 77 10 FOR SALE Disney LE Elsa Ooak Doll Repaint by DaisyDaling FOR SALE Disney LE Elsa Ooak Doll Repaint :icondaisydaling:DaisyDaling 19 0 Disney's Frozen Queen Elsa Ooak Doll repaint by DaisyDaling Disney's Frozen Queen Elsa Ooak Doll repaint :icondaisydaling:DaisyDaling 22 17 Mickey Mouse-Runaway Brain 20th Anniversary by WishExpedition23 Mickey Mouse-Runaway Brain 20th Anniversary :iconwishexpedition23:WishExpedition23 42 22 Disney's Frozen Anna Limited Ooak Doll Repaint by DaisyDaling Disney's Frozen Anna Limited Ooak Doll Repaint :icondaisydaling:DaisyDaling 27 4 repainted ooak warrior elsa doll. by verirrtesIrrlicht repainted ooak warrior elsa doll. :iconverirrtesirrlicht:verirrtesIrrlicht 142 35 repainted ooak designer snow queen elsa doll. by verirrtesIrrlicht repainted ooak designer snow queen elsa doll. :iconverirrtesirrlicht:verirrtesIrrlicht 259 80


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