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Why is a raven like a writing-desk? by Lythara
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Alice in Wonderland tarrant work in progress by megacraze
Tarrant Hightopp Pics
CAKE IS A LIE by luiganddaisy
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Mad Hatter work by kagofan34
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Mad Hatter by kareid14
Burton's High School:Tarrant and Alice by luiganddaisy
Madness Rising_colored by Lorelei2323
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Wonderland Writing
Why is a Raven... Stamp by EmmaL27
A Very Merry Unbirthday by EmmaL27
You're All Late for Tea by EmmaL27
Time Can Be Funny in Dreams by EmmaL27
Tarrant's Fans and Real Friends
What is the Hatter with Me 2 by linkthehylianhero
What is the Hatter with Me 3 by linkthehylianhero
What is the Hatter with Me by linkthehylianhero
Mad Hatter top hat by PandoraLuv
Other Hatters
Mad Hatters by SavanasArt
Alice is mad_ver1 by Lorelei2323
Tea Time in Wonderland by SavanasArt
Mad Hatter Teacup by PandoraLuv

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This is basically the New Mad Hatter, But do add or suggest any Disney Mad Hatter piece you feel is a Work to Behold ;)

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All Things Mad Hatter, Disney Animation to Tim Burton Live Action, Please Feel free to post art of all kinds, Pictures, Costumes, or Anything related to the Mad Hatter.
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These are Friends of the Hatter! Please Support them As Well :D

Group Rules

Hello and Welcome to the Tea Party of a Life Time, I say that of course cause once you start, there is no end to the fun. But to have fun rules must be followed! So take this time to read this and we can get on with some Tea.

Become a Member/Admin:
- Becoming a member is Super easy,all you have to do is click "Join Group" and it's done. Then you can submit your works.
- Becoming an Admin however is a bit tricky. This is a reward for effort put into this Group. So here are some tips to get you on your way:
A) You must surpass and submit and get accepted 50 works! But because I can't simply make everyone who does that an Admin, it'll be the first 3 people to reach this goal.
B) You can always write to me and explain, in detail, how good of an admin you really are! AND References make a HUGE Difference and brings your chances WAY Up!

* To Be a Co-Founder, You must submit a donation of any sort. It's Much Appreciated!!! :D Here's some tips:
A) Donating a Prize when contests and are going on
B) MadDeppBurtonHatter.deviantart… Points So I can upgrade this Group to Super!
C) Or Upgrade this Group to Super yourself!

Submit Your Works:
- This is a MAD HATTER Group, mostly Based and Revolving around Tarrent Hightopp from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.
- BIG RULES (For Pictures) :
A) The Hatter MUST Be in the Pic! No Hatter, No Chance!
B) Content Blocked Works are Not Welcomed!
C) Also You can not Re-Submit a piece if you colored it or added text, if this happens, I will delete previous versions of that piece and only the most recent will be submitted.
D) Memes are No Longer Welcomed, I'm keeping the ones I have now, but that's not a Group Worthy submission. However you can add to our Faves List.

(For Writing) : Due to an overwhelming number of chapters, Any story gets support of an Intro and 2 - 3 Chapters! However, chapters passed that will be able to be Faved.

*IF THE PIECE IS NOT TARRENT: then it'll have to be astounding or else you may submit it to Faves.


* To Add to our faves is the best way if your work was denied or does not follow guidelines. It's pretty Rough to get a fave request booted.

- Have fun, Don't get off topic and be rude to others. Being Rude to others or myself will result in a Boot from the Group.

To Affiliate With Us:
- To do this, YOU must request US to affiliate, I will not do it myself, unless I intend to. Don't ask and not do. ALSO No Groups that have nothing to do with the Following:
A) Tim Burton
B) Johnny Depp
c) Mad Hatters
D) Alice in Wonderland
E) Dinsey
any other groups will not be accepted, I am sorry.

So that's it for Now!!! Let me get the Tea for you :-)

Mad as a Hatter Forever,
- :iconmaddeppburtonhatter:





Then I'd like to welcome to my Tumblr Role Playing Group, Burton Believers: burtonbelieversroleplay.tumblr… We have tons of characters to Role Play as, from all of his films! I myself play Dr. Julia Hoffman and Willy Wonka. If you don't know what Tumblr Role Play is, it is by far the easiest way to Role Play on the web with multiple people and discover the wonderful fandoms worlds. My group is designed to have all of Tim's wonderful character brought to life and explore! In fact, we have Role Played with Star Wars characters, The Justice League, Dr. Who, Marvel Comics, and Disney characters. If you have any questions, please ask where you feel you can get reach me at (Either here or on Tumblr!) and even if you do not wish to role play, then please be sure to follow us!
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