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Frozen: the Snow Queen Elsa by ZARINAABZALILOVA
Jack Skellington by Chrissyboyuk
Ariel by Anako-ART
Ariel by princesscleo91
Digital Art
Hank the Baby Octopus by Kozmotis
Big Hero 6 by Nscorpio13
Snow White by Visionary-Mako
The humiliation by Elendar89
Traditional Art
Briar Rose by DreamyNaria
Buddies by TwixyAmber
I Want Adventure -- Belle by faith--trust--dust
Lesson of Pinocchio by veeeester400
Official and Original Characters
watching time fly by by NBEM
Wilma Flintsone by tatianangfung
Kim Possible by tatianangfung
Idolize you by TopHatTurtle
Mixed Traditional Digital Art
Kimberly Anne by KPRS4ever
Prince Hans (Update) by spockjasperlokizuko
Elsa by JabberjayArt
Ariel and Flounder by Fulvio84
[Makeup-test]Sally from Nightmare before christmas by Yafirah
Hercules and Megara - Historical Disney Cosplay by Carancerth
Hercules and Megara, Greek Heroes - Disney Cosplay by Carancerth
Zootopia selfie cosplay by Firiat
Sleeping Beauty's Diamond Castle by NY-Disney-fan1955
Thank You! by JCproductions
Cinderella's Castle by whytheface92
Disneyland City Hall by NY-Disney-fan1955
Belle Doll by Sner2000
The Horned King Doll by Sner2000
Eilonwy Doll by Sner2000
Jasmine Doll by Sner2000
Under The Sea by illustrationsandme
Frollo Masquerade Cover by CyberRaven
TLK 2019: Simba Edit by Fainalotea
Zootopia comic - Stop right there - Part 3 by doraemonbasil
Digital Art CLOSED
Princess Tiana by SW-Art-and-Design

Group Info

Hey there! We are Disney-Love, and ready to spread the magic round dA! :D
After joining, you can submit anything Disney; from series (like Kim Possible) to 2D movies (like Beauty and the Beast), 3D ones (Bolt, for example) or even Stop Motion! (like Nightmare Before Christmas).
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Aug 6, 2008


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Art Collection

6,797 Members
5,369 Watchers
162,473 Pageviews

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Rapunzel 5 Disney Tangled by B-AGT Rapunzel 5 Disney Tangled :iconb-agt:B-AGT 5,235 232 Once Upon a Dream by airyfairyamy Once Upon a Dream :iconairyfairyamy:airyfairyamy 581 47 Dive Into the Heart of Mowgli by Naitsabes89 Dive Into the Heart of Mowgli :iconnaitsabes89:Naitsabes89 387 37 KPH Bicentenario de Mexico by PhysicRodrigo KPH Bicentenario de Mexico :iconphysicrodrigo:PhysicRodrigo 120 90 Green Tink by EddieHolly Green Tink :iconeddieholly:EddieHolly 902 46 Vincent - Tim Burton by 4gottenlore Vincent - Tim Burton :icon4gottenlore:4gottenlore 484 100 Poisoned by quartertofour Poisoned :iconquartertofour:quartertofour 241 99 Giselle by MissMikopete Giselle :iconmissmikopete:MissMikopete 538 56 The correct version by Myza-Lioness The correct version :iconmyza-lioness:Myza-Lioness 2,361 0 The Ten  Disney Princesses by YuiHarunaShinozaki The Ten Disney Princesses :iconyuiharunashinozaki:YuiHarunaShinozaki 297 38 Dors Bien, Ma mie by rfr67gal Dors Bien, Ma mie :iconrfr67gal:rfr67gal 156 119 evenings by HADETEATH evenings :iconhadeteath:HADETEATH 47 4 Magical Items by MrSunnyBlack Magical Items :iconmrsunnyblack:MrSunnyBlack 43 5 arielle sur la rock by loish arielle sur la rock :iconloish:loish 5,233 480 Ariel-Got s'mthing 4 u by Nippy13 Ariel-Got s'mthing 4 u :iconnippy13:Nippy13 1,100 220

Submission Rules

:star:RULES :star:

:bulletblue: No erotism or excessive violence. We strive to keep our content appropriate for Disney fans of all ages.
:bulletblue: You may submit anything Disney; from series (like Kim Possible) to 2D movies (like Beauty and the Beast), 3D ones (Bolt, for example) or even stop motion films (like The Nightmare Before Christmas). This group is dedicated only to official Disney characters, therefore works containing characters from ABC, Studio Ghibli and Touchstone are not accepted.
:bulletblue: We will accept crossovers with non-Disney characters but only if the featured Disney characters equal or outnumber the rest.
:bulletblue: Characters from Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas" as well as the 2010 "Alice in Wonderland" film are accepted in addition to characters from Jim Henson's "The Muppets" movie.
:bulletblue: You can post up to 3 deviations per member, every week.
Make sure you submit to the proper folders or your deviation will be declined!
:bulletblue: Submit only your best finished works. That means no quick sketches, drawings on lined notebook paper or poorly photographed works, etc.
:bulletblue: We do not accept works which were made using "doll bases" or "doll makers."
:bulletblue: No disrespect towards other club members.
:bulletblue: No self-insertion, with the exception of cosplay photographs only (again quality and decency in subject matter is still required.)
:bulletblue: We do not accept photographs which primarily focus on individuals vacationing at any of the Disney parks (e.g. family photos, photos taken with cast members); the exception to this rule is if the photographed individuals are cosplayers or cast members themselves.
:bulletblue: No screenshot reproductions (e.g. copied or traced still frames from films or pages of colouring books), unless you choose to enhance them (by making them look painterly, for instance).

Due to the large number of submissions we get each day, we will now be more demanding regarding the deviations we receive, meaning we'll be looking for a certain quality, just to make sure our members don't get flooded by our deviations. I know quality standards can be annoying for people trying to get started and everything, and that's why we will not accept only the very best works. Our staff will vote according their own definition of what is what is good enough to get accepted and what is not. Hopefully we will balance each other and get a somewhat fair way of voting. Thank you for your understanding.

Important: What doesn't fit in our main categories can be submitted to the Miscellaneous folder, so long as it follows the previously stated rules.


A quick reminder of what you can and what you cannot submit to each folder:

-Featured: you can't submit anything here at all, only admins can move deviations here. It mainly contains winning deviations from our past contests, or deviations we feel are so good they should be highlighted.
-Digital Art: Just as the DA categories, anything digitally/computer-made.
-Traditional Art: Here again, consider the category in which you submitted your deviation. Did you use pencils, watercolours and felts? Then it probably belongs here.
-Mixed traditional and digital art : Your art contains both techniques (hand drawn lines, computer made coloration for example)? This is where it belongs.
-Official and original characters : If there's an OC on your pic along with at least one official character (and ONLY in this case), this is where you should submit it.
-Cosplay: This folder is for YOUR cosplays, or your friend's/the ones you saw in conventions, but in any case, not for official cosplay such as characters from the parks.
-Photography: Photographs of the Disney parks, including characters, statues, decors and figurines should be submitted here.
-Crafts: This folder is for all of your Disney-inspired hand-made crafts which include nail art, origami, plushies, key rings, necklaces, textiles, statuettes and figurines.
-Miscellaneous: Anything that doesn't belong in the other folders: animation, stamps, desktop wallpapers, gifs, etc. ...
-Comics: Any multi-panelled illustrated narratives (regardless of whether they are drawn digitally or traditionally) belong here.

I think the Fanfics and Contest folders are rather self-explanatory.


We don't explain why a deviation is declined but you can ask in the deviation submission correspondance box, NOT on this page nor via notes, and someone will answer you. Often it's just a mistake (wrong folder and such).
Don't be mad at us if your deviation is declined because we felt it didn't reach our quality standards, it requires three votes to get accepted and sometimes contributors have a different opinion on what is good enough and what is not (that's why a submission requires 3 votes to get either accepted or declined), just keep improving yourself and submit, again and again! :)





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