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Disney Heroine of the Month - Jane Porter
Jane 03 +OLD+ 06.99 by LPDisney
Jane Porter from Disney's Tarzan by SavvyRed
Jane Porter: An Old Photograph by SavvyRed
Multiple Heroines from Movies and TV series
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year by Lady-Angelia-13
Merry Christmas everyone by Lady-Angelia-13
A Happy New Year! by Lady-Angelia-13
Just hanging out in the Dormitory by Lady-Angelia-13
Fan Fiction
The Green Light (Sleeping Beauty fic)People call me “Sleeping Beauty.”Though my aunts were desperate to keep it a secret that the curse on me was actually fulfilled, even to the point of putting the entire kingdom to sleep, it didn’t take long for me to mention how I didn’t know how I ended up in the highest tower’s bed or for Phillip to tell his father about how he fought a dragon to get to me.I don’t know who came up with the nickname “Sleeping Beauty,” but I hear it every time I talk to the servants in the castle Phillip’s father had built for us, every time we visit my parents or his father, every time I go to visit the townsfolk in our now-united kingdom.No one understands what happens to me at night.They all understand Phillip’s nightmares about thorns and fire and dragons, but no one can understand mine. No, they think it was easy for me. Just a few hours in an enchanted sleep and then awakened by a kiss from my true love. What could be simpler?They don’t know about the green light.Every night I lie in that large, warm bed next to Phillip, wrapped up in those soft blankets, and the green light returns, even before I close my eyes - if I ever close my eyes at all. The green light, softly calling me up the circling stairs, forcing me to follow.I’ve told everyone that I don’t remember what happened after my aunts gave me the crown. Even Phillip. Even my parents. Even my aunts themselves. After all, there’s already so much change that I’ve had to grow accustomed to. Living in a castle so large that I often get lost in it. Getting to know my parents and watching them shed tears over every day we spent apart. Finding out that my aunts were fairies. Even my name changed.Aurora. Sometimes I say the name to myself, trying to get used to it. Aurora. It’s a beautiful name - it feels like it would belong to a princess, but even though I carry out my royal duties every day, part of me still expects that I’ll wake up to the smell of wood and water back at the cottage and be Briar Rose once again.Of course, “wake up” implies that I get to sleep first instead of lying in the dark for hours, listening to Phillip’s sleep-breathing and trying to let that relax me and drive the green light out of my mind.I’m probably not supposed to remember the green light. In stories, whenever someone is put under a spell that controls them, they don’t remember it later. Was this part of Maleficent's revenge, ensuring that the curse would still follow me even if I awakened from that enchanted sleep?Maleficent might have been crafty enough to think of that.Phillip told me about how he was there when I was cursed, how he hid behind his father and wondered why Aunt Merriweather couldn’t completely undo the curse and if that meant good really wasn’t as strong as evil after all. I feel like I remember Maleficent even though I was only a baby when I saw her. Maybe it’s because my aunts have told me about her sinister face and sharp black horns and devilish mannerisms, but when I imagine her, it feels more like a memory than a creation. Is that another part of the curse?I wish I didn’t remember the green light and how it pulled me up those stairs as if I were a horse being yanked along by its reins. How I heard my aunts calling me but the light wouldn’t let me answer. How somewhere in the furthest reaches of my mind, I knew what was happening to me. The faraway part of me that was still me screamed through the light’s fog, tried to fight back, regain control over any small part of my body.“Don’t touch anything!”In that moment, urged on by the loving, terrified voices of my aunts, that distant, lucid part of me broke through, granting me control of that arm, but only that arm, and only enough control to pull back, yet in that single moment, I knew. I knew there was an evil force surrounding me, choking me, wanting something from me.No, no, I wouldn’t let it have me . . .“Touch the spindle. TOUCH IT I SAY.”The voice screamed into my spirit. Though I had never seen a spinning wheel before, wouldn’t have even known what a spindle was were it not for the voice, I knew I had to touch the spindle, there was no option not to touch it.Even though that tiny lucid piece of my mind screamed through the fog not to do it.I guess sometimes I cry when I dream of the light, since some nights Phillip wakes me, telling me I was having a nightmare. He never asks what the nightmare was about - he simply holds me and caresses me and kisses me, letting me feel safe in his arms until he drifts off again and I remember that the green light will return.Twice I’ve woken in the hall, lying in a heap on the stone floor, sore as if I’ve tripped and fallen. Each time my mind filled with panic, wondering if the green light returned for real and lured me out into the dark to kill me before the more rational explanation presented itself.Of course I haven’t told anyone about those incidents. Can you imagine the panic that would spread throughout the kingdom if they knew their future queen sleepwalked? Phillip and I frequently go out into the kingdom and visit the people, and though they call me “Your Highness” to my face, I always hear that nickname on their lips. “Ah look,” say the men in the tavern, “there’s the princess, Sleeping Beauty.”“Come on, sweetheart,” says a mother to her child, “let’s go meet the princess, Sleeping Beauty.”“Oh, doesn’t Sleeping Beauty look ravishing today?” say the women in the dress shop.I don’t mind the nickname, not too much, anyway, but every time I hear it, the irony bites at me and I wonder what they would say if they knew the truth about my nights.Sleeping Beauty is afraid of sleep.THE END
101 Dalmatians film series
Cruella cosplay by Lady-I-Hellsing
House of Mouse  bar by thearist2013
Cruella de Vil by pettingqueen
Scarlett Johansson as Cruella De Vil by TaroTram
101 Dalmatians TV series
Da Vinci by SegaDisneyUniverse
Spot with Open Wings by KBAFourthtime
A Bug's Life film
A Spider's Beetle by MagicalHyena-FanArt
A Bug's Life - Valentine's Day by MagicalHyena-FanArt
A Bug's Life - Slender, Beautiful Moth by MagicalHyena-FanArt
My Darling Sister! by MagicalHyena-FanArt
Adventures of the Gummi Bears TV series
Contest Entry: Gummi Bears (Early Medieval Style) by Tabascofanatikerin
Calla and Sunni Gummi Transformation - Commission by LadyKraken
Aladdin film series
Belly Dancer from Aladdin by SavvyRed
Aladdin TV series
Jasmine - I won't be silenced by kgfantasy
Alice in Wonderland film series
redraw Alice by Akfiel
American Dragon Jake Long TV series
SiBlings' Day 2020 - Jake and Haley Long by mickeyelric11
Amphibia TV series
Anne Boonchuy by DylanRosales
Annie TV movie
Annie - Transparent GIF by SavvyRed
Ant-Man film series
The Wonderus Wasp 001 By Jason Zheng by MrWonderWorks
Atlantis film series
Bambi film series
Sweet Miss Bunny by Fawnadeer
Beauty and the Beast film series
A match made in Heaven by barmybritishbird
Bedknobs and Broomsticks film
Disney Pets - 15 Eglantine by CheshireScalliArt
Big Hero 6 film
Disney Pets - 56 Cass by CheshireScalliArt
Billy Dilley TV series
Rainbow Girls - The Ratty Reporter by mickeyelric11
Black Panther film
Bolt film
Disney Pets - 42 Penny by CheshireScalliArt
Bongo short film
Lulubelle Bear by Erikoon
Brave film
Merida as a Wolfwalker by Twilightangel004
Brother Bear film series
Comission: Human Familly by Sonala
Buzz Lightyear of Star Command TV series
Mira Nova by Albatroswar
Captain Marvel film
DSCCaptainMarvelCarolDanvers by TULIO19mx
Cars film series
Cars Humanization by Chocolate-Pyrus
Chicken Little film
Abby Mallard with Ace Book by KBAFourthtime
Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers TV series
After a hard day of work (clean) by DrumSkunk
Cinderella film series
Cinderella Bride by Starfire-Productions
Coco film
Sleeping Mermaids by stardustpink
Deadpool film series
Domino by JoeRomano1997
Descendants TV series and TV movie series
Uma from Disney Descendants 2 by Toyboy566
Disney's Fairies film series
Disney Inspired Bow - Tinkerbell by aidahayou
Doctor Strange film
Attemping Marvel fanart... Disney Style by artycomicfangirl
Enchanted film
Disney Horses - 26 Nancy by CheshireScalliArt
Fantasia film series
Disney Horses - 23 Spring Sprite by CheshireScalliArt
Finding Nemo film series
Becky fanart by Kyu38
Flubber film
Hover by echOwOcha
Frozen film series
Anna as a Wolfwalker by Twilightangel004
Gargoyles TV series
Fairy Angela by HollyRoseBriar
George of the Jungle film series
Ursula Stanhope by WildWolfHipster
Gravity Falls TV series
Tomb Wader Crossover by DylanRosales
Guardians of the Galaxy film series
MantisC1 by TULIO19mx
Hercules film
Megara by herofan135
Hercules TV series
Medusa - Hercules the Series by avitha101
Inside Out film
Joy by Albatroswar
Inspector Gadget film series
Penny Brown by Godzilla2137
Into the Woods film
No One is Alone by M-Mannering
Kim Possible TV series and TV movie series
Valentine for kim and Ron by aliciamartin851
Lady and the Tramp film series
Lady Vector by Adean-Eris-Micheals
Lilo and Stitch film series
Lilo the Shadow Girl by DylanofDisney
Mary Poppins film series
Heroine Portrait - Mary Poppins by AmadeuxWay
Meet the Robinsons film
Milo Murphy's Law TV series
.:COM:gokhan16 - Melissa and Milo Summer Fun:. by Blizzard-Chill
Miraculous: Ladybug and Cat Noir TV series
Gabenath by DylanRosales
Moana film
Te Ka Emoji by SavvyRed
Monsters Inc film series
AT -  Stylish Debbie!  by Erikoon
Mulan film series
Concept Art of Mermaid Cure Honor by Twilightangel004
Oliver and Company film
Gorgeous duo by Albatroswar
Once Upon a Time TV series
Cruella by MirY-unicorn
Onward film
Onward: Arcade Players by SonicClone
Paperman short film
#9 Single Colour by giuliadrawsstuff
Peter Pan film series
TinkerBell fairy by Ulsoo
Phineas and Ferb TV series and TV movie
Phineas and Ferb in my style artwork. by american069
Pinocchio film
Pinocchio and the Fairy by DylanofDisney
Pirates of the Caribbean film series
Dimensional Horizons by Tessas--ART
Pocahontas film series
Worthy by Gilliland35
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time film
Princess Tamina_POP by Smiley1starrs
Ratatouille film
Disney Pets - 41 Colette by CheshireScalliArt
Recess TV series and TV movie series
Ashley Spinelli by DylanRosales
Robin Hood film series
Maid Marian by yora-nighten
Sky High film
Snow-Queen - Magenta Queen by autumnrose83
Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent film series
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs film
Anniversary Commission: Snow White And Dopey by Starfire-Productions
Sofia the First and Elena of Avalor TV series
sofia the first-teen by temus
Spider-Man film series
Web In The Water by DylanRosales
Star vs. The Forces of Evil TV series
Pony Head by DylanRosales
Star Wars film series
Princess Leia Organa (The Empire Strikes Back) by Starfire-Productions
Strange Magic film
Sun Dust by Yohiri
TaleSpin TV series
Multirole amphibian by YuryMilovidov
Tangled film series
Wedding Commission: Best Day Ever by Starfire-Productions
Tangled TV series and TV movie
The Rescue by BluuLeopard
Tarzan film series
JanePorter duck version by NoisyMary
The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad film
Disney Horses - 04 Katrina by CheshireScalliArt
The Aristocats film
Disney Horses - 10 Adelaide by CheshireScalliArt
The Avengers film series
Black Widow photostudy by TaroTram
The Black Cauldron film
Eilonwy by BeleafCosplay
The Chronicles of Narnia film series
The Lion and the warrior by TaijaVigilia
The Emperor's New Groove film series
Disney Gals: Chicha by herofan135
The Emperor's New School TV series
Malina by SavvyRed
The Fox and the Hound film series
Disney Pets - 18 Widow Tweed by CheshireScalliArt
The Great Mouse Detective film
Disney Pets - 39 Olivia by CheshireScalliArt
The Haunted Mansion film
The Beating Heart Bride by misskaiteyquill
The Hunchback of Notre Dame film series
Esmeralda by DylanRosales
The Incredibles film series
Violet Parr by DylanRosales
The Jungle Book film series
Jungle Girl: Shanti by Glee-chan
The Lion Guard TV series and TV movie
Makini Fingerpaints for Landry Bender by KBAFourthtime
The Lion King film series
Bedroom Eyes by Fawnadeer
The Little Mermaid film series
[CHIBI] Ariel Mermaid by mihmosa
The Little Mermaid TV series
Disney MerMay Contest: Gabriella by Tabascofanatikerin
The Lone Ranger film
Red Harrington by DouglasBunny
The Nightmare Before Christmas film
Sally - A Nightmare before Christmas Cosplay  by AlexisDames
The Nutcracker and the Four Realms film
Clara and Phillip - Nutcracker Four Realms  by SonicClone
The Owl House TV series
Taiream Week 2022 Day 4: Fantasy by DylanRosales
The Princess and the Frog film
Design for Sale - Tiana n Naveen by tiffanymarsou
The Princess Diaries film series
Art Jam: The Unlikely Princess Diaries by JaviDLuffy
The Replacements TV series
Rainbow Girls - The Rizzle by mickeyelric11
The Rescuers film series
Rescue Aid Society by aminteitha
The Sword in the Stone film
The Sword in the Stone by WormholePaintings
Thor film series
ValkyrieC1 by TULIO19mx
Toy Story film series
Watching Nightfall in the Wild West by MagicalHyena-FanArt
Treasure Planet film
Captain Amelia by HornedVeles
TRON film series
Week 17: Quorra by Starfire-Productions
UP film
Up by EleanaPf
WALL-E film
Eva by DylanRosales
Wander Over Yonder TV series
Sylvia huevember day 20 by Winsenta
Whisker Haven TV series
Seashell by whisperfillies
Who Framed Roger Rabbit film
Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin film series