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Aurora by Alphaniah
Disney vs Marvel - Princess Battle Royale by steevinlove
how Sonic joined at Wreck it Ralph cast by twisted-wind
Disney Princesses by Ebae
1 Catch All Folder
Indiana Bones by Gilliland35
Symbiote scar by Gilliland35
Judy Hopps competing in a biathlon at olympics by WebDevArt
Lily Aldrin by MarioOscarGabriele
Into the Game Contest
Tangled: child's play by robins-egg-crayon
Tiana Raider by mchemfan
Hero of Time? by XxAllicatxX
Dj Agra-Beatz by steevinlove
Raver Jasmine by Skirtzzz
Jasmine by glimpen
Aliyadin and Princess Aliya Ababwa by RedJoey1992
Alice In Wonderland
dinah by terraaremar
Enchanting Wonderland by AndreeaLupsaNL
Heromachine: Alice Kingsleigh by ARTIST-SRF
Heromachine: The Mad Hatter by ARTIST-SRF
Kida by glimpen
Audrey Doll by Sner2000
Kida Atlantis by guardianarchangel
Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast: 2017 by daekazu
Beauty and the Beast: 2 versions by daekazu
Beaux and the Beast by AeneanX
Belle meets Belle by Glee-chan
Black Cauldron
Necromancer Eilonwy by Skirtzzz
Disney University - Taran by Hyung86
HoKi and Malefy ~ Just strolling by KrakenGuard
Child Eilonwy by MoonchildinTheSky
Lady Tremaine by glimpen
Cinderella and GodMother by daekazu
Cinderellas by daekazu
Cinderella and Belle by daekazu
Disney TV Cartoons
Harajuku Mabel by Shadowofjustice123
Disney Pirate: Giselle by Willemijn1991
Fab Five and Oswald
Cruel by Knowko
Fox and the Hound
Tod, Copper, Welcome to Los Santos by MellowSunPanther
Hunchback of Notre Dame
-Esmeralda- by the-FOOL-FACTORY
Megara by glimpen
The Incredibles
captain marvel jr tribute by Shadowofjustice123
Jungle Book
Oh, he'll be here in the morning.... by geekgirl8
Kim Possible
Commission - Jackie's Jackals by RetroUniverseArt
Lady and The Tramp
Lady and the Tramp by JabberjayArt
Lilo and Stitch
Lilo by Antych
Lion King
Simba Archer and Nala Kane by MellowSunPanther
Little Mermaid
Little Mermaid by Jeffach
Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins Inspired Shoe - Disney Sole by becsketch
Mulan by chorchori
Nightmare Before Christmas
Alchemist Sally by Skirtzzz
Peter Pan
You Got The Time by ARTIST-SRF
Phineas and Ferb
Candace Flynn dressed up as a reindeer girl by WebDevArt
Pirates of the Caribbean
Attack of the Black Pearl by ARTIST-SRF
Redraw: Colors of the Wind (Pocahontas) by galia-and-kitty
Princess and the Frog
Princess and the Frog Oil Painting by Shuli-Marie
Will you be my rescuer? by Alantka
Robin Hood
Patreon MG Commission: Tax Season 10 by CaseyLJones
Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty - Once Upon A Dream by Dreamvisions86
Snow White
Relaxing at a flower patch by rabbidlover01
Tangled by elara-dark
My Little Makucha by NostalgicChills
Toy Story
Somewhere along in the bitterness. by Lightyear90
Treasure Planet
Disney Clash 1 - Jim Hawkins vs. Merida by luxordrocks1995
BOXY and EVE by DiggerShrew
Winnie the Pooh
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Imparate dalla maestra squinzie by FaGian
101 Dalmatians
Cruella De Vil (turntable animation) by AEmiliusLives
Other Disney Movies
Request [Fox McCloud and Nick Wilde as vampires] by Scarlet-omega
Other Pixar
Joy: 'Hmmm, something's not right today...' by conradknightsocks
Disney Video Games
True Crystal Warmonger by Light-He-arth
Mixed Groupings
Jumping Rope by SapphireGamgee
The Parks
Achmed Manor by ARTIST-SRF
Disney Cosplay
Disney Princess - Wreck it Ralph 2 by Kioky-Chan
Non-Disney as Disney
Law Abiding Princesses by MU-Cheer-Girl
Crossover Contest - Disney and Disney
Mulan visits Alice by MastahAng
Crossover Contest - Disney and Non-Disney
The biggest Fans by NiciDraw
That Perfect Girl is Gone by glimpen

Recent Journal Entries

Figured that with how popular Frozen has gotten, it needs its own folder. So you can now submit your Frozen fusions there! :snowflake:

Apologies for all the expired submissions! We're really backed up at the moment because we have lives. If you'd like to help out with sorting the submissions, please leave us a note.

Feel free to resubmit your expired deviations again.
Thanks for your patience!
More Journal Entries

Once Upon a Time...

~~~Submission Rules~~~
Follow these rules and your art will be more likely to be accepted. If you were declined take a look here and maybe it will answer your question.
  1. Because of the many fantastic submissions we get a day (yay!) we have had to limit the number of submissions to two a day per person. This gives us a chance to better review your art and make sure we're not passing something up that SHOULD be in the group.
  2. We want to make sure everyone's art has a chance to shine so if you've submitted a lot of similar pieces of the same character we may skip your art this time to allow someone else's art to get a little of the spotlight. Since you're all so cool, we know you can understand that! :D
  3. Make sure it's Fusion! If you're unsure as to what we consider a fusion, please use the guidelines below.

What do we consider a Disney Fusion, you ask? We're looking at art that takes the world of Disney towards a different direction. We're not just looking for crossovers, but the melding of Disney with different ideas, concepts, and designs.

:What qualifies as a Disney Fusion:
to give you a better idea as to what we're looking for

  • Art depicting Disney Characters dressed up as characters from different worlds, or universes. And vice versa.
    ie: Mickey as Spider Man or Alf dressed as Cinderella

  • Disney related art inspired by a style of art outside of the normal realm of Disney.
    ie: Anime, Comics, Deco, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, ect.

  • Art or stories depicting characters or themes in worlds outside of their own, keeping the subject matter Disney related.
    ie: Mario in Wonderland or Bambi in Metropolis

  • Art depicting characters mixed with something they are not, AKA hybrids.
    ie: Goofy-Sandwhich or Donald Mermaid.

These "rules" ... or "guidelines"... are not definite and there are always exceptions, so don't be afraid to contribute, we'll let you know if it fits or not. This is meant to be fun, and we hope to get ideas brewing, and fusions... fusioning...


All are welcome to join, and feel free to submit even if your not a member... we'll still have to accept the images to make sure they fit our scheme, but the group is open to everyone.

There is no limit as to how many images you contribute so please feel free to show us all your works! We'll add folders and organize as we go.

Feel free to ask us anything, we are Disney fanatics and we are really into a wide range of arts.(betherella is more of a Disney fanatic than steevinlove is but... you know.. whatever)






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EVAUnit4A Featured By Owner Edited Oct 27, 2018
Dead group is dead.

No submissions admitted, no new pictures except maybe once every six MONTHS.  None of the staff/contributors respond to even private messages...

Dead group is dead.
tcr11050 Featured By Owner May 30, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
What if it's art that's remaking a sceenshot of a film from Disney, but with your own designs?
1Unicorn-on-the-cob Featured By Owner May 9, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What's going on with this group? Is this just an inactive period or what?
EVAUnit4A Featured By Owner Edited May 10, 2018
A - They only allow three submissions PER WEEK, meaning there's very little intake for new content and loads more that gets forgotten or left behind.
B - I get maybe one BIG update from this group about once per month, roughly 10-20 drawings in a single post.
C - They claim life gets in the way, but they never find anyone else to help out, and never respond to notes.

The group itself is big enough.  It's just that the administration has either forgotten this existed, or are really Really REALLY busy irl.  Either way, unacceptable.
1Unicorn-on-the-cob Featured By Owner May 11, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*nods* I've tried submitting stuff here before and it seems like most of it expired if I'm remembering rightly. It'd be be great if there was someone who could start a new group with the same theme (I know I can't do it because I haven't either the time nor the patience).

Hey, DF admins, mods? If you guys are reading this, maybe you should hand the club over to someone else?
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