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Membership & Submitting Guidelines

Welcome to The Club!


:bulletred: Membership is open to all artists and fans of Disney.


:bulletpurple:We only affiliate with other Disney related clubs.


:bulletred:WE DO NOT DO QUALITY CONTROL.:bulletred: If your work is denied it's because you haven't followed the submission guidelines or because it's to mature. Continue reading for how to submit art and our submission guidelines.

:bulletgreen: You must be a member of the club to submit work.

:bulletyellow: To contribute art, all you have to do is click on the 'contribute art' button at the top of this page, it's going to be in a blue bar and then select the pieces from your gallery you would like to submit.

:bulletblue: All characters submitted must be FEMALE,from animated T.V or films and from Disney. Accepted deviations include:

:bulletred: Official Disney Princesses
:bulletred: Other Characters/Unofficial Princesses
:bulletred: Animal Female Characters
:bulletred: Female Villains
:bulletred: Photography & Cosplay

:bulletpurple: You may submit two deviations a week.

:bulletred: Don't submit your deviation more then once, it just creates hassle.

:bulletorange: If we don't approve right away, be patient and don't withdraw your piece.

:bulletyellow: We don't accept work that is gory or has vulgar language. We try to keep things PG-13.

:bulletgreen: Mature content is welcome on the very, very, very lower end of the spectrum. Pornographic content is not allowed. Keep it work safe. Remember, we have a younger audience. If you are unsure whether or not we will accept it, please feel free to note us.

:bulletpurple: Any work that has a mature content filter will be automatically denied.

:bulletblue: No flaming, spamming or harassing others! Keep the environment happy!

:bulletpink: No fan-fiction, for more information you can check out this journal-->disney-females-club.deviantart…

:star:PRINCESS LIST:star:

You may submit artwork from official Disney princesses to the princess folder. Official Princesses include:

:bulletred: Snow White
:bulletred: Cinderella
:bulletred: Aurora
:bulletred: Ariel
:bulletred: Belle
:bulletred: Jasmine
:bulletred: Pocahontas
:bulletred: Mulan
:bulletred: Tiana
:bulletred: Rapunzel

By: eglem & Birdette
This blog entry will track the progress of our icon.

A lot of the artist/volunteers have been asking about a due date.  I'm going to set August 20 as the due date, but if the frames are not done by that time we will allow you the time needed to finish.

The following list will show which frames are done, if the frame is done there will be a link leaded to the piece by the artist icon.

Snow White- :iconwhite-rain-angel: -…

Ariel- :icongrodansnagel: - -

Esmeralda- :icontheblacklotus92: -

Rapunzel- :iconchristadoodles: -…

Jesse- :iconoriginstory: -

Nala- :icondragonrider1001: - -…

Cruella De Vil- :iconbloona: - -

Text frame- :iconsmiley089: -…
Hey everyone! Summer is here, and we thought it would be a good time to put together a new icon for this club, since, and I bet many of you can tell, the old icon has been outdated for a while (and kinda warped).

We didn't want to do a contest, and decided that we would choose 7 Disney females that we felt represented the club at best and that we would ask you guys to make illustrated frames for them. These are the girls we chose and why.

Snow White- The one who started it all
Ariel- The one who started the Disney renaissance
Esmeralda- The non-princess heroine
Rapunzel- The new era of Disney animation
Jesse- The one from Pixar and 3D Animation
Nala- The non-human heroine
Cruella De Vil- The most realistically goaled villainess

Plus we need someone to make a frame that will contain the text Disney-Females-Club.

In case any of you don't know which movies these gals are from.

Snow White- Snow White
Ariel- The Little Mermaid
Esmeralda- The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Rapunzel- Tangled
Jesse- Toy story 2,3, and 4
Nala- The Lion King
Cruella De Vil- 101 Dalmatians

If any of these girls don't get a volunteer they will be dropped. =[

Please send us a note if interested! Please don't leave comments regarding which female you want to illustrate.

There are just a few rules to this project
1. No nudes please
2. All work must be digital to help keep the work coherent.
3. In the frames with the females there should be no text.
4. Must be 100x50 pixels
5. File size less than 15KB

Please no comments about how your favorite didn't make it to the list, mine didn't make it either. Unfortunately an animated Icon can have only so many frames.

Feel free to leave any questions in the comment area, or send us a note.

Finished product will be a animated icon with your art on it.
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