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Halloween Disney Witch Rapunzel by Lighane
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Ariel by Mlle-Pirate
Snow White with a Twist~There was a supposedly timid knock on the door upon a sudden."Is anyone home?" came an all new, cracked voice.Snow White instantly startles at the sound. "Oh dear!" she gasped, alerting Grumpy nearby, who was carving."I knew my corns were right~" he grumbled, instantly dropping the block, going straight to the girl's side. "Get away from the window~""Grumpy, no... it is only an old lady~" Snow White remarked, dearly confused."I have some apples, that would make the menfolks mouths waterrrrr~" cooed this old, strange voice."Old lady, gah! You, a princess, had told us that she were lookin' for ya, I sure ain't lettin' up. Under the stair, get - Now…""Oh Grumpy~ I-... I trust you, but please please, do be careful~""Whatever ye might hear, do not come out - ye hear me?""I do~ please come back." the sweet Princess cooed.To his surprise, she softly took his hand. It was an action that melted his old heart, just like before from that mere peck on the head."I - aye - I will, Princess…" he promised her, gruff and sincere to the lady before he went through the back way with his pickaxe."Sellin' apples, what do ya take us fer? There ain't no orchard 'round here on the seventh…"He silently sneaked along the side of the cottage, peeks to see this hunched over hag in a black robe.* As wrinkled as an old boot, I see...Some of the birds who felt the danger to all softly twittered at him from the pines. "Ah, yer onto her too, heh? Figures. Knew those fools be too trustin' for leavin'... The mine can wait, but egh~!"Looking over, he saw a bucket of water and fair few pine cones...The Hag seemed to believe that the princess was all alone but apparently the cottage was quiet. The girl was smarter than she thought. Although smarter than those men who left her alone for her picking... or so she thought.Something sharp hit her right on the head, that was so sharp that it made her drop of her basket of apples. They all rolled about on the ground in different directions... the one she favored rolled at the feet of one lone Dwarf…The Hag looked stunned to see one of the Little Men, when she thought they all had left for that Mine. But one did not…"Oh, it is a little man. A beastly little man~" she seethed with hatred and disappointment.Grumpy's eye caught onto the blood red apple that rolled close to him. Something about it roused the worry in the birds and the squirrels, warning him to not touch it. The hag seemed to be unhinged, eyeing the specific fruit, trying to look kindly and sweet. Grumpy sharply winked, a sign that he was on edge. He had his pickaxe set and held tight."Yer trespassin'." he warned."N-now be kind to ol' granny. I-I was just seeing if you wanted to try one of my apples. Would you like one?""I ain't that stupid." he snapped. "Yer on Dwarven land, and ye need to leave. Don't care what you mean by it, we want nothin' — Git! Or meet my pick!"The Hag seemed to snarl, eyeing the red apple near him and he picked up on that right away. He took the back end of his pick and smashed the red fruit into pieces. The Hag screamed out in rage. As he feared, there was green slime slipping out of the pieces of white apple. Slime leaked around on the grass, killing a patch instantly. Grumpy jumped at the sight, realizing fully."Poison!"Inside the cottage, the poor sweet Princess, Snow White listened to what was going on outside. Covering her mouth, tears welled up in her eyes… yet she had to keep quiet for Grumpy… He was so brave. He truly did care for her. Just as brave as the Huntsman who told her to run into the woods… Where she was protected…"So smart, aren't you, little Dwarf~?" she heard a change in the Hag's voice. It sounded deranged. "I know you are hiding her. You do not know who you are dealing with, you little fool!""Ye want her, come get her…" she heard Grumpy's threat. His voice was different too. Somehow, it felt like the Huntsman had returned.There was a thrash when the old Hag attempted to throw a stone at him; one he easily dodged before she tried to run. Foolhardy, he charged after her as soon as there came the chorus of charging fellow Dwarfs coming from the glen, among a herd of deer and those birds, and squirrels.Doc, Happy and Bashful were first to charge out, seeing their comrade take first charge before they all clambered to follow. Chasing after the terrible disguised Hag toward this barren mountain side. As the sun became hidden behind darkened clouds, there came a mighty bellow of thunder. Doc and Happy saw their dear charge open the door in fear…"Princess!" they cried out to her, running up in tears of relief that she was unharmed."Oh, Happy! Doc! Oh!" Snow White wept, embracing the two in sobs."Are you ha-harmed, my dear!? Doc's voice naturally trembled in her ear."No~ no, I am not! Grumpy, he-he chased the old woman away~ He told me to stay inside…""And inside, you will say-stay! Happy, guard her well~""Not movin' an inch, Doc~" Happy nodded., As for the rest of the Dwarfs, they were not letting this go. As Grumpy was first on the climb, his brethren followed quick, throwing whatever they could find at the fleeing Hag. She tried to climb, higher and higher, even as the rain fell harsh and sharp upon the rocks."There she goes! Don't let her get away, men!" Grumpy cried out as they soon reached the nearest peak where she found herself trapped by a tight ledge looking over the valley below."Watch out for that rock!" Doc cried, just in time for them to duck and cover as rocks began to roll down."She's pushing them all on us, get aside - Aside!" Sneezy cried."Surround her, surround her!""You insufferable little fools!" they heard that Hag seeth at them from above. "You think you can catch me! The Fairest in the Land! You cannot protect her forever, None of you! Follow me, if you dare!" this crazed Witch kept cackling to the point that she could easily fall.Grumpy, being the farthest ahead, had his eyes set on the mighty boulder that was beginning to teeter over them… Her shadow could be seen as lightning began to threaten the ledge. He was determined, seeing her distracted."I'll get ya! I'll get ya! I will crush your bones!" she cackled, as Grumpy was first to reach the highest rock.To the horror of the five other little men, there was a flash of lightning that struck at the feet of the Hag. All it took was a blink… A single moment passed and there came a shrill scream that faded into the billowing thunder's roll…The Dwarfs were all too frazzled for a moment as the massive stone at the peak was teetering dangerously over them. All it took was a moment until it began to roll down the mountain side. Doc lost sight of Grumpy, however~"Aside, men! Aside!" he cried as the boulder rolled quick.Sneezy, Bashful, Sleepy bounded the safest spots they could find aside to get out of the way. Dopey dove between two rocks as the thing sped down in a tumble all the way to the bottom.There was a bone chilling sound that Happy and the Princess could plainly hear from the cottage… A crumbling roar as the boulder landed deep into the mossy ground, that was so heavy that the ground shook from its might… Soon, all there could be was the sound of drumming rain…Among the rocks, the four all cautiously climbed from their hiding, breathless. Doc had to shove some rocks in order to free himself… His spectacles were missing but other than that, he was only fairly bruised."Men? Men! All right?" he called up to them. "Bound - Sound off~ Dopey, where are ya?" he feared but was glad to see the mute youngin' gladly climb his way down with a plop beside him."Can't believe she tried to smash us like grapes…" Sneezy panted, sniffling."She fell~ Could hear her scream all the way down…" Bashful shivered. "She's gone…""Fool- Good riddance~" Doc gave a curt nod. "Never mess with the likes of us, I say… Right, Grumpy?"There was no response. There was no sign or sight of Grumpy… Not even close to them."Grumpy?" Doc began to feel frantic.The others gasped."Thought he'd be~ He was at the top…" Sleepy uttered, sputtering."At the — No no, it can't be… C-come on, come~!"After hearing that terrible collision, Snow White could not bear it any longer and ran out into the rain, quick."Please, keep my friends safe — They are so kind and so good, please let no bad happen…" she prayed, tearfully aloud despite Happy's protests."My lady! Princess! Please, come back~"When they reached the bottom of the mountain side, Doc and Bashful returned up to the top where Grumpy was last seen, frightened that he may have taken the fall with the Hag as well. There was a small flat stone that they almost missed where a crimson tunic caught their gaze. Bashful gasped so loud that he had to cover his mouth to keep from crying out… "D-d-d-Doc?" he stammered… heartbreak was evident.Doc was speechless when there, before them, was Grumpy, lain in the rain on that flat rock… as still as stone and doused. His cap was gone, he was so laxed with a sort of rare, cold calm over his face… it was enough to chill the two down to their core."Grumpy!" Doc sobbed, immediately jumping down to his side. "… grumpy?" he softened then, gently nudging Grumpy's shoulders. With care too… because there was a deep cut that he could see now that he was close… on Grumpy's right arm. "It's me, Grumpy… please, speak to me…" Doc trembled.It was like a spring song to them when Grumpy's face soon tensed up after an eternal minute, and moaned~ waking up to one of the worst headaches known."y'mind? Ah~ stop pettin' me. I ain't a shot doe…" he weakly snapped at Doc."… you kinda look like one…" Bashful laughed through his tears.Grumpy sharply winked as he tried to rise up, against their wishes."Ray - I mean stay down, stay down, you took quite the blow from that boulder." Doc advised."I can talk, can't I? And-and Snow… Snow White. Is-is she?""She's all right~ Safe a-and - and sound. Thanks to you."Upon hearing that, Grumpy's knees buckled and he had to lean down again, clutching his right arm, tight. "…a fine kettle of fish~!""Just sit down, you warthog." Doc scoffed. "Bashful… Go and fetch the men. Tell em' all's well. Might need some help to get down."Snow White was relieved to have four of the Seven Dwarfs all come to her side, all shocked and tired, of course. Three were missing…"Where are they? What's happened to them…?" she asked, emotional."That old witch is gone, good lady~ She took a long fall…""… Grumpy. He knew something would go wrong today." she feared."Sure glad he stayed behind… If somethin' happened to ya, we~ we wouldn't know what to do. We all love ya." Sneezy got all misty as he spoke, rubbing his eyes. Dopey tried to hug him only to get batted away. "Oh stop it, it's just my hayfever!""I prayed for all of you yesterday… that you've been so kind to me. And it all came true… All of you are the best I've ever had."One appeared from above, climbing down with care and haste that sent chills of anticipation to the group. It did not look good…"Bashful! Doc and Grumpy… where are they?" Happy worried."At the top! Grumpy got hit somethin' fierce, but he roused up." Bashful explained, and the Princess shuddered. "He got hurt mighty bad~ We need some help to get him down…""This is my specialty~!" Happy piped up, determined. "Lead me to 'em!""Oh! Oh Grumpy! Do be careful, please!" Snow White stammered.She did not dare to go back to the cottage just yet because she had to be sure all of the Dwarfs were back, safe. Her little warm heart calmed when she saw Happy and Doc help Grumpy down to them… She ran to him as he was helped down and took her own red cloak off and covered him with it."… I- - don't~ don't cover me with that~" he tried to retort, but he was too weak to press it again. " — f'rget it…""You are cold as ice…" her sweet voice was an honest relief. "… you saved me, Grumpy…""Told ya to stay inside the house. 'Course y'didn't~fine by me…""… you did promise me you will come back. I wanted to make sure you did.""Well. Aye, I ain't agin that…" Grumpy's voice laxed more, as he felt warm in her embrace with his fellows gathered around him.He felt a strange dizziness as his arm sharpened with a stabbing pain — Dizzy and worn, Grumpy rested in the Princess's warm, gentle arms. Everyone's voices faded from him, as did the thunder., Inside the dry, warm cottage of the Seven Dwarfs, with the Wicked Queen gone and done for… there was a quiet that came over the sweet little home in the Glen. There, the Princess Snow White took it on herself to stay at her friend's side as he regained his strength, along with the six other little men who sought it important to keep sharp guard over the Glen. Never had there ever been a safer place since…

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Poor Unfortunate Hekapoo by CecaeliaFanatic
Desperation by Sukala-AP
Halloween and other Holidays
Halloween Jack and Kantokusei by InazumaV
That's So Raven: Party 'Til The Cows Come Home by mysteryguy248
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TSR: Cow Courting (Cow TF) 7 of 7: By Rex-equinox by mysteryguy248
Disney of the Undead
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Bruce -minimal- by Arnumdrusk
AUTO -minimal- by Arnumdrusk
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snow white lost by Shadowofjustice123
Tarzan Cosplay 2 by Evolutionfactory
A Royal Pain by Sukala-AP
Couples, Romance, Sexy
Scarcissism  by Sukala-AP
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fairytale style carrie by Shadowofjustice123
Star Princess's
Carbonite frozen Aurora by pushfighter
Hero Forge: Sandy Claws by ARTIST-SRF
Catch Net
PLUTO by andretapol
Insanity Wonderland by C-Yen
Pirates and Marvel Villians
Hero Forge: Pirate Minstrels by ARTIST-SRF
Frozen by CristianoReina
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Please smile for me by mangocat21
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Twisted Ariel by Kasami-Sensei
you don't wanna be like me by triangular-delight
Tutorials and comics
Commission A Genie In Wonderland Page 1 by sunnyday2000
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repainted ooak designer lady tremaine doll. by verirrtesIrrlicht
Heart of The Shebot by Mustache-Twirler
PhotoShop Manipulation
What If Diane Was The Real Villain by ARTIST-SRF
Capitulo 3 by Star28Black
Yaoi Yuri Slash
Our Blood_Lethargica by cracked139
The Monster That I Have Become by Leeanix

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I cannot believe how big the group has gotten. It's wonderful to see people finding and sharing their art, especially on this topic.

I'm back for a bit and will work on making this group even better. This group is still active :)

I do get busy with my life outside and sometimes forget about this group. But I always come back to it.

Just a reminder to follow the Gallery/Submission Rules please!

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!
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