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Celebrating everything from the wonderful world of Disney.
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Dec 11, 2003


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Spekpurr Featured By Owner 9 hours ago  New Deviant
Hey guys, nice to meet you all, i make ai art and sometimes make disney characters too. Hope you Enjoy 
Princess of the Sea - Ariel with green eyes by Spekpurr
firefl Featured By Owner 2 days ago
I’ve been looking for someone skilled in nonsexual RP, as a fellow animation enthusiast. It’s one of the ways I show my appreciation for animation.

I’ve been dying to exercise my creative muscles in RPing and I thought of this interesting one involving Charlotte’s Web where an abused 18-year old who’s escaped from his father ends up on Zuckerman’s farm where he meets Templeton under his trough. Over time, he finds he enjoys
Templeton’s corpulency and glutting and gets to know other animals on the farm.

I also have similar ones, most of them Disney themed, involving Toothless, the Sheriff of Nottingham from Robin Hood, Bering the Raccoon from Brother Bear 2, Tug from Brother Bear, Gideon Grey from Zootopia, the Gator King from All Dogs Go To Haven, Tantor from Tarzan, Louis from The Princess and the Frog, Alpha and Omega, The Fox and the Hound, The Lion King.

I was hoping to try all or at least one of these out with someone and am really hoping I can find someone interested.
UrDar16 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2023
MaryLazz Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2023  Student Digital Artist
Cinderella by MaryLazz  
928224376273737WO Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2023
Hey, I was wondering if any members of this group could do me a Favour.
Would you considering signing these petitions to bring back Disney Blu-rays and DVDs to Australia 🇦🇺
Your signature could help make a difference. 👍
Help save physical media for an entire continent
Then the world! 🌎
Sunnypoppy Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2023  Hobbyist Digital Artist
(Traditional Scottish clothing) - Merida by Sunnypoppy  
Iganym Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2023  Student Digital Artist
Albrecht Stein fan art by Iganym  
YiyaRoxie Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2023  Hobbyist General Artist
My Mirabel Madrigal plush by YiyaRoxie  
928224376273737WO Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2023
I just want to point out, I am not happy with Disney's decision to end physical media (DVDs/Blu-Ray) in Australia 🇦🇺🚫📀😡

So I'm begging all Aussie🇦🇺 members of this group we need to make a petition, "Bring back Disney Physical media to Australia."
Because physical beats digital

Plus, all the stupid changes they've done to all the classic Disney movies on Disney+

So, all the Aussie Disney fans out there should send their angry thoughts to actual Australian Disney website.
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