Tokh! Our 10th anniversary is getting closer and closer.:iconkidaplz:
Someone posted the contest information so I thought maybe now’s the good time to announce our contest.:iconyeahplz:
Who can enter? ANYONE (you don’t have to be a member of this group)
Deadline? the 3rd of June 2011 (the release date of A:TLE)
What? fan art, fan fiction, cosplay, ….
Theme? 10 years of A:TLE e.g. it’s been 10 years after the crew discovered Atlantis. What happened in those 10 years? What are they doing now? Or you could see the character as ‘actors’: what do they think of the movie? Did they have fun making it? Be creative!=D
Prizes? more information soon ^^; there will be prizes
Of course, a simple contest isn’t enough to celebrate the 10the anniversary of this amazing movie!=D don’t worry we have other plans too, but new ideas are still welcome
We hope that many of you will enter=D and we’d appreciate it if you spread the word=D

Our affiliate group :iconall-disney-princess: is having an Easter Contest. more information: see its page

A:TLE facts

Everything you need to know about Disney's Atlantis the Lost Empire;-)No serious if you think this stuff's boring, don't read it. Just watch the movie and enjoy it,ok?

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