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Atlantis: Sisterly Love Ch 3It was a dark and stormy evening by the time Milo and Julia reached their home. Because they didn’t have any vehicles, the siblings had no choice but to walk home. Things were not going well for either of them, because Milo’s proposal was rejected by the board, and Julia was called a ‘feeble-minded and delicate woman’ by Mr. Hartcourt.“A woman? Yes,” Julia grumbled as she and Milo came home, “But feeble-minded? No! If I had my way, I’d travel around the world and write up a brand-new edition of world history!”“Julia, it’s okay,” Milo said to her as he put his hand on her shoulder, “I don’t think you’re feeble-minded. I think you’re smart, and strong, and determined, and…”“Thank you, Milo,” Julia sighed; her expression was still disappointed as she continued, “Besides, what would I do without you?”“Well, you’d probably run out of insulin to inject, and then…” Milo started before sighing with sadness; if Julia didn’t inject insulin into her body every day, she would die.Julia hugged her brother as Milo dug around in his coat pocket for a key. They entered an apartment building and then went down a hall to find their home. Maybe tomorrow would be a better day for the Thatch siblings?The siblings soon arrived at their apartment, and Milo called as they entered through the door, “We’re home! Fluffy? Here, kitty!”“Kitty, kitty, kitty!” Julia softly called, looking for the cat.As the two of them walked further into the apartment, Milo turned on the switch to a lamp, but no power came on.“Hmmm,” Julia wondered as she saw no lights coming on, “Must be a power outage.”Just then, lightning flashed outside and illuminated the whole room; Milo and Julia soon found themselves facing a mysterious woman. The woman had a slim figure, blonde hair under a fur hat, a sleek, black dress under a large fur-trimmed coat, and black gloves. “Milo James Thatch and Julia Marianne Thatch,” the woman said as she looked at the siblings.Julia and Milo were both shocked and confused at the same time. How did this woman get in here? “Wait… who-who are you?” Milo asked the woman, “How did you get in here?”“And what are you doing in our apartment?” Julia asked with a defensive tone.“I came down the chimney,” the woman slyly said as she sat upon a chair and draped the collar of her coat down to her shoulders in a seductive manner, “Ho, ho, ho. My name is Helga Sinclair. I’m acting on behalf of my employer, who has a most intriguing proposition for you two. Are either of you interested?”“Who’s your employer?” Milo asked with a bit of scoffing.Julia looked at her brother with concern and whispered to him, “Milo, I dunno. There’s something about this woman that I don’t trust.”“Oh, don’t be afraid, my pet,” Helga smirked to Julia.“You’re dealing with a thirty-five-year-old woman, here!” Julia snarled under her breath.“Oh, I apologize about my sister!” Milo nervously smiled, “She has a few… issues.” His smile dropped as he remembered what Helga told him and Julia about the “proposition.” “Anyway, who are we gonna see, miss?” Milo asked Helga.---------------------------------------------------------Several minutes later, Milo and Julia were riding in the back of Helga’s car up to the gates of a stately mansion, while the thunderstorm continued through the night. As they entered through the gates, Milo and Julia looked up and saw a light post with a plaque that read, “Whitmore Manor”. Both the siblings were amazed. “I wonder who lives here, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?” Julia wondered out loud.A few minutes later, the car parked by the main door, and Helga led the Thatch siblings inside. A butler took Helga and Julia’s coats, while Milo took his own coat off and hung it.“This way, please!” Helga said to Julia and Milo as she led them to an elevator, “And don’t trip on the Caravaggio!”Julia cautiously minded where she stepped. Since she was diabetic, one wrong injury with her foot could mean serious trouble.“Step lively!” Helga ordered the siblings, “Mr. Whitmore does not like to be kept waiting!”Once they were all inside the elevator, Helga turned to Julia and Milo and told them, “You will both address him as ‘Mr. Whitmore’ or ‘Sir.’”“Yes, ma’am!” Julia said as she straightened her dress out a bit.As Helga adjusted Milo’s shirt and glasses, she continued, “You will both stand unless asked to be seated. And keep your sentences short and to the point. Are we clear?”Milo nodded, swallowing hard.“Yes, ma’am,” Julia said, trying to sound dignified; she was actually very nervous deep down inside – not only for herself, but for her younger brother, too.Finally, the elevator stopped at the lowest floor in the mansion. When the doors opened, Helga finished to Milo and Julia, “And relax. He doesn’t bite… often.” Then, she closed the doors of the elevator shaft and disappeared back upstairs.Julia and Milo held hands as they walked further into the room. They looked around and saw many ancient relics and artifacts. Milo rolled his sleeves up and walked around with Julia until they saw a photograph of their grandfather sitting atop a fireplace. He seemed to be standing next to someone.“Grandpa?” Milo wondered out loud.“Finest explorer I ever met!” a male voice said.Julia and Milo turned around and saw an old man with a silver beard, wearing a blue bathrobe as he twisted his leg while sitting on a mat. “Preston Whitmore,” the old man said as he offered his foot to the siblings, “Pleasure to meet you, Milo and Julia!”Milo shook Mr. Whitmore’s foot, while Julia nervously grinned, “Uh, the pleasure is ours, sir!”Whitmore used his other foot to snap his neck into place and asked the siblings, “Care to join me in a little yoga?”“Um, no, no thank you,” Milo answered, “Did you really know our grandfather?”“We saw his picture up there,” Julia added as she pointed out the picture of Thaddeus Thatch.“Oh yeah! Met old Thaddeus back in Georgetown!” Whitmore said as he stretched his legs, “Class of ’66. We stayed close friends till the end of his days!” He cracked some of his toe bones as he continued, “Even dragged me along some of his dang-fooled expeditions! Thatch was crazy as a fruit bat, he was – he spoke of you guys often!”“Huh, funny,” Milo said, “He-he never mentioned you.”“Yeah, I don’t remember him ever talking about you in my life,” Julia added with a shrug.“Oh, he wouldn’t,” Preston said as he did a headstand, “He knew how much I liked my privacy.” While doing his headstand, Whitmore’s robe fell down.“Oh my!” Julia gasped with a blush.“I keep a low profile!” Whitmore grunted as he stretched his legs. He did some Tai Chi poses as he continued, “He brought that package to me years ago. He said that if anything would happen to him, I should give it to you guys when you were ready.”Preston handed Julia and Milo a wrapped-up package with strings tied around it. Milo undid the strings and unwrapped the package; when he saw what was inside, he gasped. It was a book with an Atlantean symbol on the cover.Julia also gasped with surprised. “Is that what I think it is?” she asked with awe.“It-it can’t be,” Milo said with astonishment, “It’s the Shepherd’s Journal!”Neither of the siblings could believe that their grandfather actually had the Shepherd’s Journal in his possession until his death!Mr. Whitmore was downing two glasses of water when Milo turned to him with amazement and said, “Mr. Whitmore, this journal is the key to finding the lost continent of Atlantis!”“Ha! Atlantis!” Whitmore laughed, “I wasn’t born yesterday, kids!” He then went over to a changing divider.“You have to believe this, sir!” Julia insisted.Milo opened the book up and said, “No, no, no, sir! Look at this! Coordinates, clues… it’s all right here!”“Yeah, looks gibberish to me!” Preston said as he changed clothes.Julia groaned with annoyance as she did a face palm, “You said you were friends with our grandfather!”“Well, that’s because it’s written in a dialect that no longer exists!” Milo cried.“So, it’s useless!” Whitmore said as he put on a dress shirt.“Useless?” Julia snarled as she frowned.“No, no! Just difficult!” Milo said, “My sister and I spent our whole lives studying dead languages! It’s not gibberish!”“Ah, it’s probably fake,” Whitmore said as he came out, fully dressed in an evening suit.“Excuse me?” Julia glared.“Mr. Whitmore, my grandfather would’ve known if this were a fake!” Milo argued, “I would know. I would stake everything I own, everything that I believe in, that this is the genuine Shepherd’s Journal!”“Yeah!” Julia added, “Our grandfather was a highly intelligent man, and we believed in him! So, if you won’t believe in me and my brother, good day, sir!” And she turned around, ready to leave.“Julia!” Milo called to his sister.“Wait a minute, Miss Thatch, don’t go!” Whitmore called to Julia, making her come back; she still donned an annoyed frown. “Alright, alright,” Preston said to the siblings, “About the Journal. What do you want with it?”Milo stammered, “Well, I’ll… I’ll… W-we’ll get funding. I mean, I’ll… the museum…”“They’ll never believe you,” Mr. Whitmore said.“We’ll show them!” Milo insisted with determination, “We’ll make them believe!”“Like you did today?” Whitmore asked, having heard about what happened at the museum earlier that day.“Yes! Well, no!” Milo said, lost for words. Finally, he shot at Preston, “How did you… forget about it, okay? Never mind! I will find Atlantis on my own! Even if I have to rent a rowboat!”“And I’m coming with you!” Julia said to her brother with determination.Preston just smiled with contemplation. “Congratulations, Milo and Julia,” he said, “That is exactly what I wanted to hear. But forget the rowboat, kids! We’ll travel in style!” He pushed a button, and then a platform rose up in the middle of the table. It revealed models of a grand submarine, trucks, diggers, dirigibles, transport vehicles, and planes. “It’s all been arranged,” Whitmore continued, “The whole ball of wax!”Milo picked up a model of a dirigible and looked at it closely. “Why?” he asked.“And how come?” Julia added as she studied some of the other models with curiosity.Preston looked at the siblings and told them, “For years, your granddad bent my ear with stories about that old book. I didn’t buy it for a minute! So, finally, I got fed up and made a bet with the old coot. I said, ‘Thatch, if you ever find that so-called journal, not only will I fully finance the expedition, but I’ll kiss you full on the mouth!’” He walked over to a framed photograph and smirked as he picked it up, “Imagine my embarrassment when he found the darn thing!”Milo and Julia looked at the photo of Preston wiping away his lips, with Thaddeus spitting after their bet. “Tell me you didn’t French kiss him!” Julia said with disgust.“No, I didn’t,” Whitmore smirked, “But I could have!” He regained himself as he continued, “Now, I know your grandfather’s gone, kids. God rest his soul. But Preston Whitmore is a man who keeps his word!” He went over to the photo of himself with Thaddeus and shouted excitedly, “You hear that, Thatch? I’m going to the afterlife with a clear conscience, by thunder!” He pointed his cane up and laughed as he stood by the fireplace. But then he heavily sighed, “Your grandpa was a great man. You probably don’t realize how great. Those buffoons at the museum… dragged him down. Made a laughing stock of him.”“I know that feeling,” Julia sighed with a sad look before looking at her brother; she remembered how Milo’s proposal was rejected by the museum’s board of directors that day.“Yep, died a broken man,” Preston continued about Thaddeus, “If I could just bring back just one shred of proof… that’d be enough for me.” He turned around and said as he changed the subject, “What are we standing around for? We’ve got work to do!”“This is all so sudden!” Julia said, feeling speechless, “We’ve got a lot of planning to do, you see!”“Mr. Whitmore, in order to do what you’re proposing, you’re gonna need a crew!” Milo added.“Taken care of!” Whitmore said as he pointed his cane to an envelope.Milo and Julia looked at each other with disbelief, and Milo stumbled a bit as he said to the old man, “You’ll need engineers… and geologists!”“Got ‘em all!” Preston said as he got out files of all the crew members, “The best of the best! Gaetan Moliere – geology and excavation. The man has a nose for dirt! Vincenzo Santorini – demolitions. Busted him out of a Turkish prison. Audrey Ramirez – don’t let her age fool you! She’s got more about engines than you or I will ever know. They’re the same crew that brought the journal back.”“Where was it?” asked Milo.Preston showed a photograph of the crew posing with the Shepherd’s Journal to Milo and Julia. “Iceland,” the old man answered.“I knew it, I knew it!” Milo cried.“Good job, little brother!” Julia grinned as she hugged Milo.“All we need now are experts in gibberish,” Preston continued, “So, it’s decision time. You can both build on the foundation your grandfather left you, or you can go back to your boiler room.”Julia thought long and hard about this decision. She and Milo were both great experts in languages, but this expedition seemed a little too exciting for her. But she wanted her brother and herself to be happy, so she nodded with determination, “I’m going on this adventure with or without you, Milo.”Milo was still in shock. “This is for real,” he uttered.“Now you’re catching on!” Whitmore grinned.“Alright… okay,” Milo said, “But Julia and I will have to quit our jobs!”“It’s done,” said Preston, “You resigned this afternoon. And Julia’s been let off the hook, too!”“Oh,” Julia said with a little surprise.“Um… our apartment,” Milo said as he remembered his and Julia’s home, “I’ll have to give notice.”“Taken care of!” Whitmore said as he trimmed a bit of his beard with some grooming scissors.“My insulins?” Julia asked, “I have diabetes, you know.”“I’ve practically a whole year’s supply packed up for you!” Whitmore smiled at her.“Our clothes?” asked Milo.“Packed,” said Preston.“Our books?” Milo added.“In storage!” Preston said before he spritzed some breath spray into his mouth.“The cat?” Milo asked.A soft meow was heard behind Milo and Julia, answering the question. Julia turned around and happily gasped, “Fluffy!” The cat had been hiding at the manor the whole time!“My gosh!” Milo gasped as he petted his cat’s fur.Preston looked at the siblings and said, “Your granddad had a saying, ‘Our lives are remembered by the gifts we leave our children.’” He smiled as he gave Milo and Julia the Shepherd’s Journal, “This journal is his gift to you two.” Then, he took the siblings’ coats. “Atlantis is waiting,” Whitmore told the siblings, “What do you say?”“I’d say… this will be… an adventure!” Julia grinned as she took her beige coat and put it on.“I’m your man, Mr. Whitmore!” Milo said as he took his coat and accidentally put it on backwards out of excitement, “You will not regret this! Boy, I’m so excited, I-I-I-I can’t even hold it in!”“I feel like a balloon about to pop with confetti!” Julia added.
Atlantis: Sisterly Love Ch 2Meanwhile, the head of the museum’s board of directors, Fenton Q. Hartcourt, was exiting the meeting hall. A few other men followed him, clearly relishing that Milo’s proposal was rejected. “I swear, that young Thatch and his sister get crazier every year!” one the men grumbled as they left the hall.“If I ever hear that word ‘Atlantis’ again, I’ll step in front of a bus!” another man growled.Another man laughed, “I’ll push you!”“As for that Julia girl,” a third man snarled, “She’s so boring with her languages and information on diabetes, that I might get that disease if I listen to her again!”“Um, I think you can only get it if you eat too much sugar,” a fourth man corrected.“Mr. Hartcourt!” a familiar male voice called.The members of the board turned around and saw Milo and Julia running after them. “Good lord! There they are!” the men cried as they scrambled to get away.“Members of the board!” Milo cried, “Wait!”“Come back here!” Julia added.In no time at all, each of the men – except a short and stout fellow – found doors to different rooms to hide in. The short and fat man, Mr. Hartcourt, had no other choice but to hide behind a plant.As Milo and Julia looked around, Julia pointed to plant with a familiar figure hiding behind it and cried, “Milo, look!”The siblings approached Hartcourt, and Milo said, “Uh, sir?”Hartcourt smiled nervously as the plant shriveled; he then opened his umbrella up to restrain Milo and Julia from him, then he ran off into the main part of the museum.The Thatch siblings chased after him, and Milo called out, “Wait, sir!”“Mr. Hartcourt, bring your fat little tush right back here!” Julia added.Hartcourt went out the main door, and then the siblings followed down some steps right as he got into his motorcar. “Please, Mr. Hartcourt, STOP!” Milo cried as he and Julia caught up with him. Milo shoved some maps into the car window as he held out a map and tried explaining his Atlantis theory.Mr. Hartcourt frowned at the siblings, “This museum funds scientific expeditions based on facts! Not legends and folklore!” He threw the maps out the car window and Julia and her brother caught them in their arms. The fat man gently took Milo by the cheek as he grinned, “Besides, we need you and Julia here. We depend on the both of you!”“Oh, really?” Julia asked with a raised brow.“You do?” asked Milo.“Yes,” Hartcourt answered, “What with winter coming, that boiler’s going to need a lot of attention.”“Boiler?” Milo asked, dumbfounded.“As for you, Miss Julia,” Hartcourt grinned at the brunette, “People need entertainment come Thanksgiving and Christmas. When those shelves go empty, you will have to reorganize them.”“Shelves?” Julia questioned, “Entertainment? Holidays?”“Onward, Heinz!” Hartcourt commanded his driver. The car soon sped away.Milo didn’t let a speeding car stop him as he ran after it. “Milo, wait for me!” Julia called after him.“But the…” Milo started before a map got into his face; he took the map off as he kept insisting to Hartcourt, “There’s a journal! It’s in Iceland! I’m sure of it this time!”Mr. Hartcourt just closed the windows of his car window. Just then, he noticed Milo jumping onto the roof of his car!“Milo, be careful!” Julia called to her brother with concern.“Not to worry, Julia!” Milo called to his sister. He looked through the front window of the car as he begged, “Sir, I really hoped it wouldn’t come to this, but this is…” He thrust a piece of paper with writing on it and continued, “A letter of resignation! If you reject my proposal, Julia and I will…” He was thrown off the car and onto the street. “I’LL QUIT!!” Milo yelled at the car as Julia ran over to check on him.“Oh, Milo, are you hurt?” Julia asked as she felt around Milo’s ankles.“I’m fine!” her brother breathed, “Honest!”The car, meanwhile, came to a halt, and then slowly backed towards the Thatch siblings.Julia helped Milo up to his feet, just as the car stopped by them. The window’s curtains were pulled back, and Mr. Hartcourt looked at the siblings with a glare. Milo took his letter up and warned, “I mean it, sir! If you refuse to fund my proposal, I’ll…”“You’ll what?” Hartcourt demanded to know, “Flush your career down the toilet just like your grandfather?” He gave Milo a cuckoo face at the last few words.“Don’t talk about our grandfather that way!” Julia glared at the fat man.“Silence, Miss Julia!” Hartcourt ordered; Julia kept her glare as Hartcourt continued to Milo, “You have a lot of potential, Milo. Don’t throw it all away chasing fairytales!”“Fairytales?!” Julia muttered under her breath.“But Julia and I can prove Atlantis exists!” Milo insisted.“We have evidence!” Julia added.“You want to go on an expedition?” Hartcourt asked; he tossed a quarter to the siblings and scoffed, “Here! Take a trolley to the Potomac and jump in! Maybe the cold water will clear your head!”“How dare you speak to us this way?” Julia growled.“As for you, Miss Julia,” Hartcourt frowned at her, “You’re only a woman. Feeble-minded and delicate. You should be in a library, dusting shelves and polishing your precious language books!” He then ordered his driver as he pulled the curtains again, “Heinz!”As the car drove off, a tire hit a puddle of water, and the water splashed right onto the Thatch siblings. Milo looked at his soaking letting with disappointment, and Julia crossed her arms and huffed. Thunder could be heard off in the distance as the two of them stood up and prepared to go home.
Atlantis OCs and gender bender
ATLE: An Explorers Dream by EmilyDfan
ATLANTIS OC: Claire Carmichael by EmilyDfan
Hendaokash Akim by Mead1992
Native Princess Meela by MagicMovieNerd
Sketches and Lineart
Milo and Vinny from Atlantis [fanart|sketch|old] by Az-Drus
Lieutenant Helga Katrina Sinclair by redsonya131313
Helga Sinclair by Valaurelius
Helga Sinclair - Inks by Jon-Moss
Milo and Jane Family Christmas  by simpsonsquire
Crystalized Princess Peach by Mead1992
Crystalized Jasmine by Mead1992
Crystalized Bobbie Looey by Mead1992
Helga Sinclair Cosplay 2 by EmilyDfan
Helga Sinclair Cosplay by EmilyDfan
Helga Sinclair Cosplay Close up 2 by EmilyDfan
Helga Sinclair Cosplay Close Up by EmilyDfan
Memes, icons, fun stuff
Milo watches Sonic X by JAMNetwork
Rourke reacts to 'The Mad Scientist' by JAMNetwork
Clyde in love with Kida by JAMNetwork
Milo watches My Little Pony by JAMNetwork
10th anniversary contest
Dog days are over by viciousletters
10 years, Contest Entry A:TLE by atlandim
group pics with characters from other movies
Disney Ocean Videos by JAMNetwork
Kida by Bee-chii
Minecraft art
The Hidden Ones by ExitMothership


The Chosen One by AlexAceves30 by Raphaluck The Chosen One by AlexAceves30 :iconraphaluck:Raphaluck 20 4 Matim (Part 3) by AlexAceves30 Matim (Part 3) :iconalexaceves30:AlexAceves30 67 8 Mrs Brisby in Atlantis (illustration concept) by AlexAceves30 Mrs Brisby in Atlantis (illustration concept) :iconalexaceves30:AlexAceves30 28 1 Bianca in Atlantis (illustration concept) by AlexAceves30 Bianca in Atlantis (illustration concept) :iconalexaceves30:AlexAceves30 18 1 Isabella as Kida by AlexAceves30 Isabella as Kida :iconalexaceves30:AlexAceves30 46 6 Mabel Pines Ascending by AlexAceves30 Mabel Pines Ascending :iconalexaceves30:AlexAceves30 33 10 Kida Returns (Powerpuff version) by AlexAceves30 Kida Returns (Powerpuff version) :iconalexaceves30:AlexAceves30 27 7 Mabel Pines (Atlantis AU) by AlexAceves30 Mabel Pines (Atlantis AU) :iconalexaceves30:AlexAceves30 43 8 Cadpig Kida ready to strike (PNG) by AlexAceves30 Cadpig Kida ready to strike (PNG) :iconalexaceves30:AlexAceves30 51 7 Bianca's relaxation by AlexAceves30 Bianca's relaxation :iconalexaceves30:AlexAceves30 39 18 The Crystal Chamber (Atlantis) (feet)- Gadget by AlexAceves30 The Crystal Chamber (Atlantis) (feet)- Gadget :iconalexaceves30:AlexAceves30 35 11 The Crystal Chamber(Atlantis)(Feet)- Babs updated by AlexAceves30 The Crystal Chamber(Atlantis)(Feet)- Babs updated :iconalexaceves30:AlexAceves30 37 10 Matim (Part 1) by AlexAceves30 Matim (Part 1) :iconalexaceves30:AlexAceves30 80 5 Matim (Part 2) by AlexAceves30 Matim (Part 2) :iconalexaceves30:AlexAceves30 92 10 Cindy Bear as Princess Kida by AlexAceves30 Cindy Bear as Princess Kida :iconalexaceves30:AlexAceves30 37 5


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