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Our pony shipping friends and just normal ones~

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So the group is kinda dead. Yeah I know. My shtuffz is never popular. *puts on beret and curls mane* Is it popular now?
Okay seriously.
If some of the bronies here could get some art into here(never said it had to be yours, just suggest the artist gets some arts in here), I will give you as many llamas as you like because you all love llamas. Geez thats cheesy but yeah. (As long as its under 30! I dont have that much time haha) I can NOT draw Discord. I'll try drawing Dislestia soon but sadly, I must actually LEARN to draw Discord. damn
So, kind of tl;dr: if you could fish out some Dislestia, I'll give you a few llamas.
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friends, we want to create a Dislestia week if you want to start until January or February. create fanfics, cosplays, pvv videos or new arts. all.
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 that sounds like a good idea we should advertise
ask this person…

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I have a few dislestia artworks
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