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22/768 - Klax by DiskJoshy 22/768 - Klax :icondiskjoshy:DiskJoshy 3 0 21/768 - Happy (Dudes with Attitude) by DiskJoshy 21/768 - Happy (Dudes with Attitude) :icondiskjoshy:DiskJoshy 1 1 Bitcrushed - Album Art by DiskJoshy Bitcrushed - Album Art :icondiskjoshy:DiskJoshy 2 0 20/768 - AFC Blinky (Bucky O'Hare) by DiskJoshy 20/768 - AFC Blinky (Bucky O'Hare) :icondiskjoshy:DiskJoshy 1 0 19/768 - Big Bird (Big Bird's Hide and Speak) by DiskJoshy 19/768 - Big Bird (Big Bird's Hide and Speak) :icondiskjoshy:DiskJoshy 0 0 18/768 - Mini Stegosaurus (Color a Dinosaur) by DiskJoshy 18/768 - Mini Stegosaurus (Color a Dinosaur) :icondiskjoshy:DiskJoshy 1 0 17/768 - Mick (M.C Kids) by DiskJoshy 17/768 - Mick (M.C Kids) :icondiskjoshy:DiskJoshy 0 0 16/768 - Bubblegum Rosie (Action 52) by DiskJoshy 16/768 - Bubblegum Rosie (Action 52) :icondiskjoshy:DiskJoshy 3 0 Happy Valentine's Day! by DiskJoshy Happy Valentine's Day! :icondiskjoshy:DiskJoshy 1 0 Bing by DiskJoshy Bing :icondiskjoshy:DiskJoshy 0 0 15/768 - Namakubi (Zombie Nation) by DiskJoshy 15/768 - Namakubi (Zombie Nation) :icondiskjoshy:DiskJoshy 0 0 14/768 - Figure Skater (Winter Games) by DiskJoshy 14/768 - Figure Skater (Winter Games) :icondiskjoshy:DiskJoshy 0 1 13/768 - Kickle (Kickle Cubicle) by DiskJoshy 13/768 - Kickle (Kickle Cubicle) :icondiskjoshy:DiskJoshy 1 0 12/768 - Tom (Snow Brothers) by DiskJoshy 12/768 - Tom (Snow Brothers) :icondiskjoshy:DiskJoshy 1 0 11/768 - Hockey Player (Ice Hockey) by DiskJoshy 11/768 - Hockey Player (Ice Hockey) :icondiskjoshy:DiskJoshy 0 1 10/768 - Dana (Fire 'n Ice) by DiskJoshy 10/768 - Dana (Fire 'n Ice) :icondiskjoshy:DiskJoshy 1 0


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22/768 - Klax

This game was requested by :iconquirbstheepic:.

Holy Hell, THIS was a long one! However, I think the hard work payed off here. This is drawing of Klax, one of my personal favorite games on the NES and one of the best falling block type games on the system (I don't count them as puzzle games don't @ me). Now, since Klax doesn't really have any characters, I decided to come up with a rule for games like this. From now on, if a game doesn't have any real characters, I'll draw a screenshot of the game in my own crappy hand drawn style. This will mostly be done for puzzle and strategy types. Anyway, I'm really tired and my hand is all sore. So, I'm going to rest and let you guys enjoy the art!

Suggestions are currently not open at the moment, but don't worry. Once I finish my next few entries, suggestions will be open again!
21/768 - Happy (Dudes with Attitude)

I'm glad to announce that NESDraw is finally back! This entry was a fun one to draw. This was sort of an accident, but the way I colored the purple jewels and the red hearts kinda gave them a bit of shiny, gem-like texture, which I thought looked cool. Other than that, there really isn't a whole lot more to say about the drawing. As for the game itself, it's a pretty unique puzzle game. It's very similar to Hazumi on the 3DS, if it was made 20 years prior. While it may not be the best looking or sounding game, I definitely recommend this title to anyone who's a fan of puzzle games.

I haven't decided the next game to draw someone from, yet. So, feel free to leave your suggestions for what game I should do next. Here's a list of all of the games that are open for suggestion.
Bitcrushed - Album Art… Link to download the album

I haven't posted on here in a while. So, here's this for now. NESDraw will probably be coming back in like a week or so. I might upload another drawing here soon too if I feel like making it.
20/768 - AFC Blinky (Bucky O'Hare)

This game was requested by PuffyTrousers.

We have reached entry number 20 and we're finally at the last request for this week! There really isn't much to say about the actual drawing itself. It's about the same quality as my previous two entries. However, I can talk about the actual game for a little bit. So, before I started drawing, I wanted to give the actual game a try to see what it was like and it's actually pretty hard. It's basically like a much more fast-paced Mega Man but with better graphics and music. The game also has a good level of challenge to it. The red planet was especially hard for me, but I did manage to beat the green planet and unlock Blinky. The only real problem that I have with the game is the cast of characters. I found most of their designs to be kinda ugly, to be honest. So, trying to find a good character to draw from this game was a bit of a challenge. So, I went ahead with Blinky because he's a robot and I like robots. Anyway, I'm glad that I finally finished this week's requests and I hope you all enjoy this drawing!

Suggestions are currently not open at the moment, but don't worry. Once I finish my next few entries, suggestions will be open again!
19/768 - Big Bird (Big Bird's Hide and Speak)

This game was requested by Tobikomi and I_ARE_PABLO.

Yep, we're drawing another little kids game today. Surprisingly, like my Color a Dinosaur drawing, this is also one of my best drawings for the series so far. I made a very kawaii Big Bird :3
But uhh, anyway, there are some weird little errors that I made with his drawing. For one thing, his mouth outline is kinda thick, which is because I didn't draw the originally mouth correctly. By the time I noticed that though, I had already inked it and I didn't have anything to erase it. So, I just had to fill in that above left space of his mouth with black. Also, I had to do a bit of "surgery" to this drawing, as you can tell by the barely visible tape. Basically, the first attempt at drawing his legs was really ugly. So, I cut it off and taped a piece a paper to the drawing so I could draw new legs. You can kinda see the tape and where I made the cuts. However, it's not so blatant to the point that I think it ruins the drawing. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my drawing of Big Bird!

Suggestions are currently not open at the moment, but don't worry. Once I finish my next few entries, suggestions will be open again!
What's this? 2 journal entries in one day? Woah, wacky! Anyway, for this journal entry, I wanted to sort of advertise some things that I've been working on. Despite this site being wore about visual art and what not, I'm actually more about making music, specifically chiptune. And while DeviantArt doesn't really have a way to submit music, doing a journal post about it will do for now I guess.

NSF collection:…
Battle of the Bits page:…
Playlist of all of my music stuffs:…

To explain what each one of these things is, the NSF collection is a giant folder of most of the songs me and my friends have made. The collection contains soundtracks for games, demo tunes, covers, and even weird NSFs like "Hi, I'm Paul.nsf". The Battle of the Bits page is just the page for my account on Battle of the Bits. For those who don't know what that is, it's basically just a chiptune compo site. There isn't that much good stuff on my account, but you can still look through it if you want. Finally, the YT playlist contains all of the FamiTracker music that I have uploaded to my YouTube account. That's really all you need to know.

Oh, and one more thing before I go. Back in 2016, Quirby, Jason Blue, and I made an album together called The Meme Squad Album. Here's the link if you want to listen to the full album. 

That's all I got for now. Hopefully in the future, DA will implement some way of submitting music to the site. And if they don't, well I'll figure out a way. See you later!


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