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A Little Twist

There, a new instrument.
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Y'know what? I think I prefer this instrument on Octavia, if only because you can see how she's holding the neck of it. Perhaps she uses the more traditional cello for the frou-frou performances, but uses her trusty melody-maker here back home and for private performances.
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Man, watching all these comments are inspiring me in vectoring again, damn TF2, it got me away from my vector basis....
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Used this vector here [link]
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I used the "Metal Octavia" vector that was done by deathaura40s. I saw that you were the original creator and thought that you should also know about my work using his version of your altered vector. I gave full credit to you as well as a link to your page. I hope you like it. ^_^

ObtuseLolcat's avatar
WOW! that's an amazing level of detail! just... wow!
Nice one, but instead of uploading such huge images, couldn't you upload svg files (given that it's a vector)? That'd be more favorable for everyone.
ShutUpSprinkles's avatar
That looks pretty nifty. o:

Invisible wood! :la:
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:iconreactionplz: Wait for it... :iconglarefaceplz: Wait for it!... :iconreaction2plz: ALMOST THERE... ... and :iconreactioncameplz: Done~
:icontrollfaceplz: Problem?
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Got to love those electric string instruments.
Brodys-Babe's avatar
So that's how DJ Pon3 is able to record Tavi's awesome talent digitally! lol
silentsteel's avatar
Ooooh, electric cello!
PinkiePocalypse's avatar
ELECTRIC CELLO :3 Ive always wanted one, but my wooden one is sho :3 :3 :3 :3 makes me feel important XD
MetaDragonArt's avatar
i wanna learn the cello and violin....

and HI PINKIE!!!! X3
KirbyfanNeox's avatar
Is that supposed to be an electric bass/cello or something?
rainbowpie83's avatar
Thats a pretty cool instrument :) isnt her cutie mark a diferent color now? IDK lol weird....
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