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New story chapter is up ! #RWBY 3.0, featuring the return of familiar faces…

Fear2 by dishwasher1910

Fear-2-2 by dishwasher1910
Fear-0 by dishwasher1910…

Huzzah, new story for #RWBY 3.0 is up - "Reality"

This is will be broken down into 3 chapters, with chapter I available now
Woohoo new story is up : "Quiet"…

Discussing the events in the 3 images below, as well as more information about the Persephone project within in the
#RWBY 3.0 Universe oh the drama !

Bach-do-penny by dishwasher1910
Slap-sd by dishwasher1910



The sound of the alarm clock rang through out the room, sounding the start of a new day.


He opened his eyes, revealing a pair of blues that was still glazed over, simmering in the sunlight. Slowly, he got up from the bed, the sound of the sheets shuffling behind him, his arm reaching to turn off the clock with a hint of annoyance. Standing up, he let out a big yawn and began to stretch his limbs, easing off the stiffness that has built up overnight. Finally fully awake, he moved toward the mirror in the bathroom.


Jaune D’arc


He looked like a mess. His long blonde hair was disheveled, odd stranding sticking out here and there, being made only clearer by the sunlight beaming through the window. Bags underneath his eyes, though light but still noticeable, came as a result of last night endeavor in making a new training manual for aura control class. Along his jaw, light stubble has appeared, aging his face by a few years. Jaune stares into the image of himself, wondering how he even got to become a tutor in Beacon in the first place. Sure, he had played a great role in defeating Salem and briefly pushing back the Grimm, and his abilities has grown significantly since the time his aura manifested, but you know, looks counts for a lot nowadays. Not to say Jaune looks bad overall, in fact he looked quite the catch for his age, but among the people he’s been around with, he’s nothing. There’s Yang, fellow blondie with a bomb-shell figure and a rack that destroys men. There’s also Sun, another blondie, with girls chasing his abs up and down wherever he goes, which reminded Jaune of that time when he and Sun was caught by the female students in the middle of a practice duel which somehow ended up with them starting in a boy’s love novel fantasized by…


Jaune looked up toward the ceiling, his eyebrows raised, his eyes deadpan, as if questioning the intention of some mystical figure up there that’s making him have this train of thoughts.


With his mind now clear, he finished up the morning routine. Everyday was getting more and more similar to each other, but Jaune didn’t mind. His past adventure has given him an appreciation for the serenity and peacefulness of boredom. As a matter of fact, he quite enjoys being a teacher to new hunters and huntresses. Being appreciated and recognized for his achievement and knowledge, meeting new people every semester, as well as just having that nostalgia of his own time during his student years, all good reason to be happy about his job. On top of that, the students themselves are as diverse as it can be. He has witnessed them all, from natural born talents like Ruby to failing student like he once was and everything in between, all having a myriad of personalities and dreams they’re striving for. Some one wanted be the best hunter and huntresses like Jaune’s generation was, some wanted to go back to their home town to work, some just wanted something to pay for the meal on the table all, sharing one thing, an eager to learn and grow. As to Jaune, the most important thing is then being able to teach these students the experience he has gained throughout his life and train them to be better than he was at their age, knowing that with these skills, they will be able to achieve their dreams and someday if needed, they will be able to protect the people who meant the most to them- something that he himself wasn’t able to do then


“I guess I kinda know what you felt like now”. Jaune smiled to himself, lost in the memories of the past - a memory of red and gold, of something that no longer ache his heart, yet stubbornly refuse to leave the back corners of his mind for all these year, popping up once in a while like now just remind him of his conviction to make a difference in life, whether it is his own or somebody else.


Having said that, its not like that has been the only thing that have shaped his life in the past decade.


Looking into the mirror, Jaune looked like a teacher now. Long gone are the black bunny hoodies and jeans, in their place, a black blazer and vest combination with accompanying white gloves and t-shirt. Around the collar of his shirt, a red tie, made from part of the cloth that he has held onto for all these years, with the rest being made into a hair tie that is now holding his short wolf-like tail. This new sense of style coupled with the more defined features of his well-aged face, almost make him look like a dashing prince of a foreign country, attracting stares and blushes as he make his way across the street of Vale and the hall of Beacon. Interestingly enough, he himself never quite notice it.


Walking out of his room and down the stair, he sat down the kitchen table where two plates of food was prepared, one of just toast and honey, and the other, which was in front of him, of eggs, sausages and hash. Beside the latter also sat a big cup of coffee, hot steam still surrounding the rim indicating that it was brewed not too long ago. Jaune reached for the hot drink, smiling as he took in an small, satisfying sip. Its was a thing he needed daily now to start the day.


“You’re certainly early to day aren’t you”.


His eye turns to the direction of the voice. There, coming out of the kitchen and sitting down across him, was a girl with long red hair and emerald eyes.


“Hehe….Sorry about that, I stayed up really late yesterday to do some work”


“You have to be mindful about your own health you know, you’re making me worried…and you’re suppose to be the responsible one here.” She said, her tone half joking, half serious.”


“Yes Izi , I’ll be sure to remember. Speaking of responsibilities, have you finished that assignment I gave out yesterday.”


The girl who was beaming with confidence just now, hides her eyes behind the piece of toast she was holding, a visible bead of sweat down along her cheeks.


“Izi…. You know that’s due today right, I’m not covering for you again”. Jaune said in a stern voice, his cold blues eyes pierce the piece of carb covering their opponent, sending shivers down along the girl’s back.


Then all of a sudden, the toast moved away, revealing an equally stern pair of emeralds. The two shades stare down each other like they were preparing for a mighty war. The girl reach out her arms toward Jaune, suggesting what seems to be a handshake.


“I’ll get rid of all the latest copies of “Of Noble Knights and Devious monkey” circulating in our year right now and delay the release of the next volume, if you cover for me this one final time”.


Just as she finished her sentence, her small hands were quickly grasp by the larger ones of Jaune, and held in a firm manly grip.




Jaune said in a deep voice as his eyes focused, his face stoic as if he was negotiating a peace treaty between the SRED and the Liberation Front. Time seems to slow down to a stop as they remained in their pose, eyes still intensely starred at each other for what seems like to be eternity.




“Hah hahahhaha haa….”


Just like that, as quickly as appeared, the tension vanished, replaced by laughter and giggling, similar to that of a child who just heard his first dirty joke. As the girl wipe away the tear that formed around her eyes, Jaune, looked at her and softly smile, and then continued with the rest of his breakfast.


“The thing I do for my sister”


“Hihi… thank you big brother, you’re the best”


Izetta Arc, that was the red hair girl’s name. The first time they met was almost 7 years ago, when Jaune and the old team was still clearing out the last batch of Grimm. With Salem gone, there was no one to control the Grimm anymore, so they just wreak havoc across all kingdoms like a pact of hungry locust. Those were hard time. Damage similar to Beacon during the fall was experienced by many other places, fueled by the lack of experienced huntsmen and huntresses after the Salem crisis. Villages were destroyed, people died, displaced. It was during one incident that Jaune came across a small 7 year-old girl, with burn marks across her body and tears streaming out her eye, crying for the dead bodies of her parents before her. Jaune carried the girl away with much needed effort, as she was insistent on holding on to the bodies, even clawing up Jaune’s face in an attempt to escape. But alas, the building they were in finally gave in to the inferno around and collapse, burning away the bodies, as the girl cry out to them one final time. The incident was subdued eventually, but now Jaune faced another problem, the little girl he picked up now just won’t let go of him. Eventually He brought her to an emergency camp where he helped clean her up.

But just as he washed away the ash from her hair, a shade vivid red then began to appear. Only then, he took a look of the girl again, only to be started back by brimming emerald eyes. A wave of memory crashed against him as he looks deeper into those tiny gems- painful memories, something he deeply wanted to forget and move on, to a point that after that he would insist on avoiding the little girl at all cost, even once close to point of hitting her to scare her away. But alas, he couldn’t, not when he sees the emeralds drowning in tears and terror when he raised his arm, not when he hear the small whimpering, calling out to their parents next to him during the cold nights, and not when he sees her hand holding so tight to his that it redden his fingers. Eventually, Jaune took her in as a little sister. Everyone was worried of course, seeing how close the little girl Jaune took in resembled to someone all of them know, and how it will affect Jaune’s mental state. In the end, they all eventually gave their support, especially Yang and Jaune’s older sisters, who gave him all their child-raising knowledge they know. Soon, the girl was eating well again. She started playing, talking, laughing, crying just like any other little girl at her age, but one thing still remains to this day, she never grew out of her bond to the person who saved her. As for Jaune, instead of pain, he found hope with this little girl. Part of it was due to his own selfish wish of being able to spend time with someone that reminds him how things could have been then, but then, saving this little girl’s life and seeing her grow was like fulfilling a promise he has made to the person who cared for him in the past, a promise to grow and be the best that he can be, and to protect all that is around him. It was then that he fully embraced that promise by finally moving on from that past and strived to help other people as she had done for him, all the way up to his acceptance as a tutor Beacon and forevermore. And the little girl? She became the humanity that reminds him of both the tragedy of the past, and the brimming hope for what the future holds.


Jaune opened his eyes from his reminiscent. Looking at the small figure in front of him nomming away at her piece of toast, a larger figure started to appear from behind, her, one that shares a similar and nostalgic red hair and emerald eyes. The figure smiled softly at him, and he also returned the gesture with a gentle smile of his own.


“Thank you, Pyrrha”


The figure nodded and shined one last smile at him before slowly fading away.


“What you looking at me like that for, I’m not Sun you know” Izetta giggled.


“Hey now, I though we went through this already, remember I gonna help…”




Jaune sentence was interrupted by a call. It was from Oscar,

“ Hey Oz, sorry I’m a bit late , I’m on…”

“Jaune we have a situation … Its Ruby…. Something happened”.




Ruby : A Full-fledge huntress, she’s highly regard for her achievements during and after the Salem crisis, and join her former classmate Weiss Schnee in the Atlesian SRED as a prominent field agent. However, in an incident where facing a new-type Grimm, she lost both her legs which were replaced with the help of Weiss and SRED’s resources. However, the incident left her suffering from night terrors and weaken her mental state. 

-Personality : Cheerful and positive as her younger self, but hiding the fact she feels powerless and scared at times. In time like those, she usually turn to Yang for council. Still addicted to cookies, constantly bothering Weiss in the office. Likes to make fun of Weiss’s height and hat. 

Weiss : Following her sister’s foot step, Weiss joined the Atlesian military and quickly rose through the ranks (for her abilities and her achievement during the Salem crisis.) . When the new-type Grimm appeared, She was given Ironwood’s command to form the Special Research and Extermination Division (SRED) specifically to tackle the new threat. Calm, careful and effective, (and funded partly by the Schnee corporation). She led the SRED to be the leader of military technology and Grimm elimination. However, the more experience she gain in her military career, the more she realise, sometime, you need to be the bad guy to make real changes.

-Personality : Head strong and smart, she’s very serious about her goals and mission. Still a bit of a Tsundere, but are very open to her close friend. She sometimes clash with Blake due to their differences in ideal. 

Blake : Now chief of Menagerie and leader of the new White Fang and prominent member of the Faunus High Council , Blake strive to rid of the organization’s past under Adam and dedicate herself to the protection of Faunas across Remnants, as well as more cooperation with the human population, and for that ,she is very much highly-regarded. However, remnants of animosity remains, and former followers of the Adam leadership now regrouped into the new The Liberation Front, and started conducting terrorist plot and threatening civil war. Blake matured under these circumstances and soon learns the dirty business of politics and justice.

-Personality : Kind-hearted and Idealistic, she remained close to her former team members , as well as people like Sun and Ilya who now works as her advisor. However, she is highly suspicious of the new SRED goals and morals, which sometime cause her to clash with Weiss. 

Yang : After the Salem crisis, Raven vanished . Yang, still very much wondering about their relationship went to travel the globe in search of Raven or anything to answer her question, taking Grimm and crime-hunting job here and there until eventually, she got a reputation for being one of the best huntress for hire out there. No long the rash and inexperience blonde of her younger self, Yang now is a wise and highly effective beauty of destruction, with a signature skill of charming her opponents before going for the kill. She turned down an invitation to join the SRED from Weiss, feeling she would be tied down too much and regulations and formalities, but do sometime receive “jobs” from them. When Ruby lost her leg, Yang for a short period of time blame Weiss for putting her sister predicament, and remain closed to Ruby to care for her, but as time pass, her anger dissipated, and once again, she’s travelling the world, with the new aim of destroying the monster that has cause her sister to suffer like she has.

- Personality : Quick-witted and always full of jokes, Yang remains the center of attention wherever she goes, if not for her beauty , then for her skill. Extremely closed to her sister , Ruby, Yang serves as a mentor for her. Despite their clashes during Ruby’s incident, she remains close to Weiss ( it was her that first made joke about Weiss’s hat to Ruby) and regularly keep check on her and Ruby. The same goes for Blake, who she regularly drop by and visit, as well as taking personal request from her dealing with the Liberation Front 

With this you can get in contact with me easier, as well as keep up to date with what is happenning , hope you guys can all support it and thank you very much !

new commission policies 

As you may have heard , I'm starting uni this year ,so I'll definitely need a stable income from now on . The good news is , that will mean this batch will be open for more or less, forever until i decide to stop it . 

BAD NEWS is , since Im studying Animation , which is a really intense course , I've have a very limited time per week to do personal stuff. And since the new RWBY season is coming up , I'd also like to take some of those free time to do the fan arts that have given me so much today , so the fact is that 

1-2 COMMISSION per WEEK only 

to help with this problem ,when reviewing the price chart,  I ask all of you to simplified your commissions order, and to go for the simplified style , as it is not only cheaper , but will be faster to pushed out . The faster it is, the MORE commissions I can do ( which mean more income for me and more commissions done for you guys). But if you realllllllyy want a detailed painting , be cautious of high prices but moreover , of the time it will take , as it can range anywhere from 2 weeks to a month and more .!!!! Personally I hate keeping people waiting so if the situation calls for it , I might have to decline your order

**PRICE CHART :     1ST COMMISSION OPEN!! - RWBY SPECIALS -This 1st batch of commissions will be reserved only for rwby-related request (and yes, OCs too). Pricing of the commission are done in British pounds (GBP) and will break down into 2 parts :
The characters and the background.
I have prepared a nice little table here for viewing:
                                Characters                      Background                           Total 
Lineart                              5                                     5                              

Commissions will be received through notes, as usual . You will know that your commissions is being worked on if I've replied to your order , if not , that means I'm still working on other things .( this will eventually lead to the lost of orders in the piles of notes that I may get , so unfortunately I can't do much about that , other than to take you all back to the point of having your commissions be more simple) . Orders that are declined will know this as I will inform you of that fact.

*a nice tip I can give you on how to get your place in line for the commission is to become a patron on my Patreon

being a Patron will enable you to see the WIPs as an order is being done, which then allow you to time your note at the right moment (right after I just had finished the order and posted it on here since I will view new orders right after I finish posting). Also , you can get discounts if your a Patron for 25$ or above , and have access to non-watermarked and HD files of my gallery

hmmm.... other than that ... nothing else  , Sorry for all of this rules and stuff , but the realistic situation demands , so all of us can have a good time and all. and you know , STUDIES comes FIRST , especially me who is paying alot to study abroad. I hope you guys can understand, and please dont be discouraged if your order didnt make through !! , keep at it !!, cause just like art , you bound to get it sometime sooner or later  :))) 
that's it guys ! 
2nd batch of commission will start now . please refer to my price board on the main profile page . 

** QUICK NOTICE : learning from the batch , I'd like to give you guys a headsup , the time taken to finished each commissions can varied heavily and can be anywhere from 2-3 days to a week or two . Therefore, I'd usually do 4-5 commissions each time only, and not in the order I received them but in the order I see as most efficient, as to keep the waiting time as short as possible for the commissioners .rest assured,  There won't be any charge or deposit needed until you have received the lineart for your commission. On the other note , the price for each commission will still generally be the same, apart from the most detailed requests. For those, the price will be up for discussion but will generally be around the same area.

and thats about, hope you guys enjoy.

PLEASE read the price chart carefully and be clear with  your information as to keep the process as smooth as possible. remember ,the price chart is in POUNDS (GBP) , please make the convergence to US/ AUS / CAN dollars or any other type of currencies yourself. You lads in the might benefit quite a bit from the whole Brexit thing

**UPDATE: commission closed
This 1st batch of commissions will be reserved only for rwby-related request (and yes, OCs too). Pricing of the commission are done in British pounds (GBP) and will break down into 2 parts :

The characters and the background.

I have prepared a nice little table here for viewing:

                                Characters                      Background                           Total 

Lineart                              5                                     5                                     10

Simple colour                6 - 8                               6 - 10                              10 - 18
(black and white)

Simple colour                5 - 10                             10 - 15                              15 - 25

Detailed                         8 - 15                            15 - 30                               23 - 45
(black and white)

Detailed                        10 - 30                            20 - 40                               30 - 70

* If you request a piece with 3 or more characters there will be a reduction in price for each of those character
3 characters : 10% reduction
4 characters : 20% reduction

* Anymore than that will be up for negotiation

Example of how this model would work can be demonstrated through my latest piece "Goddess"
RWBY: Goddess by dishwasher1910

An example of the best I have to offered , its a fully-coloured detailed drawing, hence earning the highest prices for each part, 30 pounds for characters and 50 pounds for background. Since there are 2 characters, the 20% reduction comes into play, reducing it down to 24 for each one, making the total price for the entire painting :

88 pounds.

I hope that with this system, you can have a clear idea of what you want, making the transaction between me and you go a bit smoother.

After you have made up your mind, please send note to detailing your request . All commissions will be the done in the order I receive them in my notes ( which I would post when the it is closed ). 

As for the payment process. Payments are done through paypal (which if you don't have an account is fine, I'll send an invoice through you email). After I've received the request, I will begin making a basic sketch and lineart. At that point, I will send it to you to make any final alterations / additions. Before moving on to colouring, I will request that you send 50% of the payment first .( the deadline for this would be 2 weeks counting from the day the invoice was sent, failure to meet this deadline will result in the sketch being scrapped and the commission canceled). After the piece is completed, I will request the rest of the payment and also discuss whether or not you would want it sent privately to you or posted on my page here .

And that is it. If you have any question ,please list them in the comments. With that said let the drawing begin !! 

Example of pricing tiers :

1. Lineart (5-10 pounds)

RWBYxHalo : Coco and Velvet - SPARTAN armor (WIP) by dishwasher1910 RWBY- Ruby - SPARTAN armour (WIP) by dishwasher1910

2. Simple colours (10-30)

Doodle : Ruby Rose the homeroom teacher by dishwasher1910RWBY : Dew Gayl by dishwasher1910

RWBY : Holiday season by dishwasher1910

3. Detailed (40+):

RWBY: Goddess by dishwasher1910RWBY : Summer Rose by dishwasher1910

RWBY : Future Ruby Rose v.2 by dishwasher1910
 Coco , Velvet , Pyrrha and Nora for the British Armed Forces . Cast your vote now for what vehicles you want them to represent , favorably , 1 ship , 1 tank ,1 prop plane and 1 jet . (WWII to early Cold war era)

heres the earlier example : 
RWBY-Military girl collection : F-86 Sabre by dishwasher1910   RWBY-Military girl collection : USS Iowa by dishwasher1910
Well im joining this design contest for a game ,and public voting just started around yesterday . So now , I'm hoping that you all, the community can support me with your vote if you dont mind . Thank you for you time ^^…
It's has recently been brought to my attention that my latest work "RWBY Und Panzer" has have much controversies and historical inaccuracies that may have been seen as insulting or distasteful to a a number of people .It is why that they should know that they have my deepest apologies , and my guarantee that no future mistake will be repeated . Again , I am truly sorry and I hope you all can forgive and continue supporting me . Thank you
Hi guys , lately a lot of requests have came up asking for me to continue with the SPARTAN-RWBY line , and I'm happy to say that It certainly will, which brings us to the 2nd question , which one should i do , please vote ^^ thanks
add me on steam : mlpmorphine , if you are interested in a game 
I'm currently currently available for concept art designs ( mainly characters and machines ) . If you are interested , please contact me . thank you ^^
I'm looking for artists who are interested in a collaboration with me, helping me color my "RWBY Concepts" as  I'm really busy yet dont want to leave a painting unfinished ,So if you're interested ,please send a note to me , if not , help me spread the word , and dont worry , I'll be ABSOLUTELY SURE to credit your help in the final product 
I know this is not related to art in any shapes or forms but , anyone interested in playing Team Fortress 2 with me ?
Greetings fellow deviants ,we're looking for animators for our upcoming project Cardisia, if anyone is interested in doing it ,please contact me