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(not sponsored by Dominos)

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And also its real (i think) 

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Can't get someting similer to this girl that can be putting on wallpaper?? If its this girl then it will be perfect.

excellent artwork!

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Would go to Dominos merely because of this ad.

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Domino's Pizza is now having a Tsundere Pizza for just 19.10 Special Offer with some Baka Sauce

Now this is Domino's

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I would waifu her if she wasn't a Tsundere.
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I just started working at Domino's!
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She doesn't look too thrilled to be doing this! 
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Tsundere pizza?
Takes a while to heat up and even then it's not certain that the sauce is passable? Stabbed with a Fork! 

*Taking the girl instead and heading for a REAL pizzeria* Shh
I'll only return her should she not melt for my charms...   
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indeed not sponsored by domino's that outfit is not there official uniform, interesting scene how can I have my slice of pizza if the cheese slides off? excellent humor in this scene
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Its not like she likes you or anything...
is she modeled on Hilda from Cross Ange?
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That is cool, hilarious and hunger-inducing all at the same time.
Not gonna lie, I'd probably chomp that slice like a fish to a baited hook; I like jalapeños.
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the thing costs $40 bucks, for that price I better taste the effin tsundere
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Now I just want pizza god damn it
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Don't eat that pizza. You never know what a tsundere can do to hurt you
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I learned something new today
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Um...I can just pick those off, right?
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I mean you could, but that Jalapeno juices are baked into the pizza.

Back when Dominos was still kinda crap, we ordered a cheeseburger pizza, which came default with pickles, and asked them to not put pickles on it. They ended up putting the pickles on anyway and picked them off before sending it out. It was nasty eating a cheesy beef pizza that tasted like pickles that shouldn't have been on there.

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Perfect work 💖 Have a nice day! :D
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