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🔥🔥 #GenshinImpact  #原神
HD image is now on my Patreon and Fanbox :…
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albedo wtf have you done?


great picture!!

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well, according to twitter he’s removed ):

awesome work btw

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Very good work :D

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character: zhongli (genderbent version) from genshin impact

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She will have order!

What franchise did she came from?

I suspected it's she

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Sadly, he's actually a guy, well he's currently using a male body, he can be a guy or girl. But he's from Genshin Impact, a game from miHoYo
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Friking Beautiful ✨✨
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He's weak as crap. Don't invest on him.

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*looks at 250k Crit damage Meteor* yeah keep lying to yourself Bud

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People are not happy that Childe can do 500k damage with hits like that so that makes Zhongli "weak" even thou its not like that.

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I'm just mocking those people on forums who aren't satisfied with everything in the world.

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Outisde of tier lists, does anyone ever go to a forum to praise a character?

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When a certain character was considered as OP, if you count that as a praise.

stunningly gorgeous

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