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Weapons of RWBY

#newships #MOREships . oh crap , now the Ember twins are goin to have to be bombshell babe with massive bazzongas aren't they.
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Where are the other weapons please do the other ones

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Alright people, double time, we need ship names this instant

Very cool! Now I have an amusing image in my head.

Ruby "...Its also a gun...*and a girl*"

Jaune "wait what"


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What about gambol shroud?
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Is Ruby holding a Halo sniper rifle
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Its not Ruby ( I think)
But rather inpersonation on her weapon(?)
Idk either
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Well it's still awesome anyway
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Just took a quick look at your gallery for the twins and couldn't find them. Are you planning on drawing them as well or were you just playing in the description?
Crescent Rose looks like she'd be firing that sniper rapidly and maniacally. While laughing. Basically, she looks like a psycopath. I like it
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Crescent Rose looks so badass and hawt Nosebleed 
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will you make ember celica and gambol shroud? or maybe future weiss and blake?
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so. when are you going to work on the other weapons? i would love to see ember celica and gambol shroud. and maybe even magnhilde and so on.
I need to see how will Ember Celica and Gambol Shroud look like
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... Crescent Rose is giving me serious Revy (Black Lagoon) vibes right here...

Myrtenaster, on the other hand, looks like she's just as ready to play security/bodyguard as she is going to a battle.
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How did I miss this one? XD This is just amazing! :D
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Guess you're still working on the others?
What about team JNPR weapons?
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I'm feeling like I should be making characters in my RP based off the humanised-Crescent and Myrtenaster.
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Hey, when will we see Gambol Shroud and Ember Celica?
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Beautiful work. As for Ember and Celica, I thought of…, in which the twins are Lolis.
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That seems suprisingly fitting.
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