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Unseen tragedies
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Published: September 27, 2018
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Spiria7634Hobbyist General Artist
Pardon me, but the dad reminds me of Shiro--
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me too. like someone fused shiro and ironwood into one man
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Gimini12Hobbyist General Artist
Noo F*** T-T
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You damn ninjas.

Those onions were unnecessary.
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clockwork-willowHobbyist Digital Artist
why does her dad remind me of great uncle ford from gravity falls
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episode 9 of volume 6 brought me here.. i rememberd this piece.
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MartyrFanStudent Writer
First of all, this is both very sad and very beautiful. This scene should have been in Volume 5; Jaune returning their daughter's sash with bad news would have been major show and character development. Great work here.

BTW, harkening back to your more recent Grimmverse pieces, if a resurrected and Grimmified Pyrrha showed up on their doorstep, it's not too hard to see Mr. and Mrs. Nikos joining with Salem and their daughter.
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AlexielKrystallionHobbyist Traditional Artist
your art is beautiful, but i didn't ask for feels today, so i'm gonna cry in a corner. 
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Seeing this picture make me more sad and guilt of what happen to Pyrrha.
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A.) The team is gonna meet the Nikos Family in Argus (Which I heard was a place just off the coast of Anima that the group was going to via the Argus Limited in order to get closer to Solitas) and we'll get our closure there.

B.) The Nikos family isn't even in Anima anymore, and they either went to Vale to look for Pyrrha, or went to Atlas for some reason which will set up a future confrontation.

C.) Pyrrha's Parents aren't around anymore. At least one of them is either dead or missing. (Keep in mind that there currently has been no mention of Pyrrha's father.)

D.) (My personal Headcannon inspired by Thor Ragnarok.) Pyrrha has a badass gladiator sister in Vacuo. She only heard of Pyrrha's death and isn't sure whether or not it's true. Once we get to Vacuo she'll confront Jaune and that's when we'll finally get closure.

E.) Mrs. Nikos is in a coma and Mr. Nikos is one of Mistral's huntsmen who went MIA or KIA. We get a scene where Jaune leave's either Pyrrha's sash or her circlet in her hand before leaving and some time afterwards she wakes up. After hearing about everything that has happened since she first fell into that coma, including what happened in Vale, what happened to her husband and what happened to her daughter, she's devastated and Salem tells her that it was all because of Ozpin and his inner circle and that the only way to bring back her family is through the four relics, one of which is currently in the possession of RWBY and Co. This will result in her going after their relic along with the other three, filling in for Cinder in Salem's inner circle, and going on a personal manhunt for Ozpin and the other headmasters, minus Leo of course. Mrs. Nikos may even get help from some of Pyrrha's old friends from Sanctum. It would also be interesting for Salem to throw Cinder under the bus too by telling Mrs. Nikos that it was Cinder that landed the killing blow on her daughter. This would be Cinder's punishment for how royally she f**ked up back in Haven due to her own selfishness.

As far fetched as this seems, i really want Scenarios D and/or E to happen. Such scenarios would not only give us more backstory on Pyrrha, more developement for Jaune and Ozpin, a new antagonist, and more conflict, but it would finally give us closure on the rest of the Nikos family and show us more of the consequences of what happened in Vale.
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MartyrFanStudent Writer
Scenario E would be absolutely amazing. Mrs. Nikos and Pyrrha's old friends from Sanctum joining up with Salem. Brrrr.
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You think that's bad, imagine Jaune becoming a turncoat and joining them. He already distrusts Oz without knowing his past. If he finds out that Pyrrha died in a big game of keep away he's gonna go ballistic.
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MartyrFanStudent Writer
No kidding. He hasn't told them about that particular part of his past; Jinn should have mentioned it. Nora and Ren are also going to be mad at him.

If you're familiar with the dishwater1910's Grimmified Team RWBY, which I theorize to be a possible future of theirs, then it's not hard at all to imagine Team JNR following down that path to be reunited with Pyrrha. Grimm RWBY might be Salem's favorite, but there's a strong chance that Team JNPR would be her first complete Grimm Huntsmen team.
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To be honest, I wouldn't go as far as to say that ALL of JNR would go turncoat. Ren and Nora might be angry and would probably lose their trust in Ozpin like everyone else but they wouldn't betray their friends or the world they are sworn to protect. Regardless of the odds, they aren't gonna hold a pretty grudge and let all those deaths be in vain. They're probably gonna stick with Ruby if anything, especially if they find out that Ruby is basically the Anti-Grimm.

The reason I mentioned Jaune specifically is because he isn't really that stable emotionally. He's the only one besides Ruby whom hasn't gotten over Pyrrha's death, and he's far more open about that.

The betrayal won't be immediate. Ruby will most likely defuse the situation and remind everybody what they're fighting for. JNR will come to their senses and follow her from then on, but Jaune will basically be a ticking time bomb, with the only reason he's keeping his cool being Ruby.
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MartyrFanStudent Writer
Sounds right to me. You know, I always wondered if Jaune is going to face an end like Pyrrha's because of his namesake (Joan of Arc) just as Pyrrha suffered the fate of hers (Achilles).
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Definitely not gonna be the circlet, as he used that to reforge his sheath/shield...  I think.
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There's no way that the circlet was enough to upgrade crocea mors. He could've just used the remains of milo and akouo. 
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CoolioHorseHobbyist General Artist
oh no
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THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE SHOW! even if it was just like five seconds with no dialogue. i mean it's a very juane thing to do.
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POPTART117Hobbyist Artist
100% agree with this. 
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Will you tall us the significance, if any, of the number 11?
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I hope RT will show something along those lines 
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I'm so sorry, there was nothing we can do.
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ShonataBeataHobbyist General Artist
Oh my god! The designs for Pyrrah's parents are lovely and REALLY good...but oh my god...this just tears out my heart! It's so sad but I fell like if they did handle a scene like this in RWBY, I believe this is how it would go down. Well done on this! It's incredible 
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