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Speedpaint: Tired

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done in 2hours 45 mins

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This piece really caught my eye.
First thing I want to say is that I love, looove, the way you used light and the contrast of value is simply gorgeous.
The brushstrokes look so effortless and at the same time so... well planned, they are so rough in most parts of the painting but so detailed around the face and the tears are so sharp and the neck looks so good *sigh*

Honestly I dont know what to point out that could be improved because this is a speedpaint so it's meant to look kinda undone. Overall the only thing I see that needs a little bit of work are the legs, the anatomy. Nothing looks off at first but somehow I think the legs are too rectangular and big if you compare it to the rest of the figure (Not that you can really see much of the body anyways)

So, I think you should work a little bit with the anatomy but honestly this is a speedpaint so it doesnt really matter, if it was a finished painting Im sure you would have fixed. Another thing that you could look into (although, again, I love the piece and what I'm pointing out are just stupid things that you COULD work on if you felt like it) the color palette, maybe if you played a little with different hues you could enhance a bit the mood of the piece, make it more... striking.
On the other hand, your perspective and value are so on point it hurts my heart, the texture of the dust in the light, the way her (I think is a her?) hair flows and shines...

Great work, and keep it up♥
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I know that kind of tired.
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Poor my girl..
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Should I find it weird how Ruby's story is a completely tone from everyone elses? 
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Sorry, tone was supposed to be distinct 
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Yang...... *starts crying in corner*
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*Cries in the same corner*
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I hope Yang comes back in an awesome way with a kickass theme song blaring in the background when she gets her heroic wind back! XD
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Yeah ... i suppose this volume she's going to struggle with herself but when she gets her act back together she's going to be back with a Yang!

I regret nothing
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Of course! I hope to see that! 

Same here!
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I wish I could critique this, but I don't know much about speed paints. :/
Heartbreaking, but amazing. 
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Can't really understand why she is so traumtised. I mean yes she lost an arm ,that is pretty hard but for the rest. She pulled conclusions that only based on what she saw.
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she has abandonment issues
It certainly doesn't help with every other bad thing that happened during the Vytal Festival.
She must've been experiencing true fear and failure. Maybe that's why she crying. 
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