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Rosaria #RWBY Fusion…
HD image and PSD file available on my Patreon
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This was so well drawn! All of the details have elements of both of them. I love the pole axe that you gave her, a perfect hybrid between the weapons of both of her mothers. This would definitely be a child of the two if 2 females could procreate. (Is that a pole axe? I forget what the actual name of the weapon is.)

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That was one GREAT fusion design! From the face expression, all the way to the design of the weapon [loved the detail of the firing mech of Myrtenester on the point of the scyte/halberd!]!

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Can you imagine the confusion she'd have for Jaune?

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Hands down one of the coolest pieces of RWBY art work I've ever seen! You combined the two perfectly, the outfit is fantastic and the weapon is cool beyond belief!!!

Hope you get the inspiration to do a Yang/Blake and Jaune/Pyrrha fusion some time soon, feels wrong to not have the complete set lol

Still, this is so cool, 10/10!!

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I want to see a fusion of Weiss and Winter
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that halberd tho
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(0o0)   Ive never been one for waifu's... but i am now
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ok seems no one noticed the two different colored eyes 
well one 
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Heroic pose, nice billowing of the cape, and really cool-looking weapon.

She leans a fair bit more towards the "Weiss" than "Ruby"-part of the combo, though I guess that seeing her getting all giddy in combat with some Grimm (or drinking coffee 'with blasphemous amounts of cream and sugar') would make the viewer go "Oh, wait, there's the Ruby!" 
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Or, you know, the two fusing and the fusion immediately going nuts over what a cool weapon they now have.
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great work! i really dig that shade of red with white you chose!
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With the discovery of a new type of Dust, a new weapon was created to fight against the Grimm: Combination. The Combo Dust is able to merge together two users into a single entity for a limited amount of time, fusing together their bodies, personalities, auras, semblances, and even weapons. While they're Merged, the users are twice as effective as a single huntsmen. The better the users know each other, the better the Merged fights and the longer they stay Merged.

Great work here!
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I love this idea! 😄
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You're welcome! 
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this looks wonderful!

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Oh GOD. Amazing work
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oh my ghash, this looks amazing T_T  ) / Ahh inspiration Shy emoji Artimist - Happy / Cute / Amazing / wow 
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I've always wonder: how do you manage to get such precise lines on your weapons?
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its all zoomin in real close and a steady hand 
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The combination of Ruby ROSE and WEISS Schnee could be named "Roseweiss" but it seems like that the "Honkai Impact 3" had already had a character named "Rossweisse". So, Rosaria is a nice choice after all! <3 
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I just made the 4200th like,10 more than 420. Holy frick man.
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