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RWBY - White rose

influenced by the style of ASK on Pixiv .Hope you enjoy it , please fave and comment if you do ^^
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This is really wholesome but um...are they gonna go up for air soon cuz it looks like they're so happy they don't even realize their UNDERWATER!!!!

(Love this BTW )

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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
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This picture certainly has much going for it, most of which is easily spotted at a cursory glance. I'm afraid I can only sing praise to it, as I see little in the way to criticize.

Initially, it was the setting and expressions that caught my eye. The looks of utter elation on their faces, despite the clearly uncomfortable and slightly dangerous surroundings. It brings to my mind the feeling of being hopelessly caught up in a passionate kiss. Though one is bereft of air and exerting oneself in the process, the urge to part lips is oft late to come. It is an intense and enchanting undertone.

Pulling further on their surroundings, I'd like to complement the style and detail with which the watery scene was crafted. I find the various styles of water animation, whether still or moving image, to be both fascinating and entrancing. Here, the slight fish-eye of the perspective gives the feeling that they are alone in their contact. By that, I mean that it gives me the feeling that our observer is not human, adding further to the intimacy felt here.

Beyond that, the bubbles seem very well presented. Their shapes are myriad and inconsistent, as physics would dictate, and their style and coloration keeps them from taking up the limelight. I also find it very well done the way they cling to the clothes, as would be the case in reality.

Which brings me to my next point, the smooth rendition of the clothing. It is somewhat muted, though this perception may just be my bad eyes, yet it pops all the same. I give this point to the realistic look of Ruby's cloak as the bulk of it floats upon the surface, much like a deployed parachute.

I'll wrap this up, since I could continue ad nauseam, by speaking specifically of their expressions. Though I'm aware I mentioned it earlier, it bears one final point to my mind.

This seems a minor point, perhaps, but most of the feeling I receive from this piece comes from the very character-faithful looks on their faces. Ruby seems utterly energized and thoroughly overjoyed to be sharing this moment with Weiss. She always seemed the overly expressive member of the team, nearly unable to contain her various emotions and thoughts. Weiss, in contrast, has a very muted look of inner happiness to her. It is clear how much joy this moment brings her, by way of the escaping smile, but it still seems she's trying to contain herself.

Overall, the only note of criticism I can find is originality. This scene feels just a tad familiar to me, but this is not enough for me to expound upon. Besides that minor remark, the artist deserves every bit of praise for this excellent work.

Its so pretty! Wiess and Ruby look so happy. I think their having a grand time!

Hmmm...reminds me too much of a certain Puella Magi Madoka Magica moment. :,(
oh my my esto es demasiado bello...una pena que solo tengamos la imaginación y fanfics y hencerforward y más imaginación...XD
que las hagan pareja lo veo difícil por más que EE.UU apoyará la boda entre el mismo sexo ;;
aparte quizás algunos digan que no es canon y de más cosas pero para mí siempre lo será en mi corazón ;3
Por cierto me encanta los detalles de la imagen, es un hermoso enamora.
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"I know..."

"Should we..."







"Ruby, DON'T."
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This is probably, my favourite ship of all of RWBY. And this is absolutely beautiful. Serious, the amazing details and hopeful expressions on both, are absolutely beautiful and sweet.
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But they aren't lesbian..

Nonetheless, amazing art.
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This should be painted on the ceiling of a cathedral 
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Looking at this heavily reminds me of the art from Puella Magi Madoka Magicka showing Sayaka Miki and Kyoko Sakura! Here's the image if you're wondering, but I really love how the 2 look similar! :) Keep doing what your doing!
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My OTP in RWBY! Great job! ^^
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BEAUTIFUL!!! I Love the art, strange...I'm not a lesbian myself or Bi, but I still find these pictures cute!Rwby Gif Ruby and Weiss 
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I'm getting strong And I'm Home (… ) from this. Great art.
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Reminds me of Strawberry Panic.
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I love this art! Can I feature it on my Tumblr…? I will credit you and there will be a link to this page.
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Outstandingly well done ! I'am at a loss for words .....
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Words cannot describe the level of detail and texture in front of me right now. A definitive and deserving favorite for White Rose shipping
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