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RWBY : Lost

doing this while listening to clannad OST has been one of most 'feel' moments of my drawing career , I think I'm gonna lie down now @@
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This is so powerful and touching....

A heartbreaking piece, but a great one nonetheless. But I think Summer might actually be alive. Qrow pretty much confirmed in Volume 7 that her body was never found.

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So. Where to begin, really. The technical skill is, as ever, flawless. As with most of your work, finding ways to compliment it that seem even approaching sufficient is something of a wasted exercise. I especially love the way that Summer is faded compared to Ruby, as if she's actually there in ghost form.
Emotionally speaking, I both do and don't want this scene to actually happen someday (although I suspect it has off camera at some point). I do because it would automatically be the most powerful and emotional moment in all of RWBY, and I don't because seeing anyone, especially Ruby, suffer like this is quite literally heart-wrenching. Upon seeing this, I immediately want to draw myself into this picture, grab Ruby in the biggest, warmest hug she's ever received from anyone and hold her tight until she stops crying. Speaking of, how could you make her suffer so?! As good as this is, you, along with me and most of my friends (for various, unmentionable reasons), have probably secured your seat in hell for this emotional torture.
And the message: forgive me. I suspect I know who's saying it to who, but the implications of the reverse add so much gravitas to this I can't bring myself to be certain of it.
So, this piece in a nutshell? We are unworthy. Someone, somewhere, sometime did something truly amazing for us to be graced with such talent. Oh, and when you get to hell, meet me at the bar. You've earned a drink for this one.
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"Oh, and when you get to hell, meet me at the bar. You've earned a drink for this one."

HA!  Mass Effect 3 reference. Nice.
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Well im not going to lie, it's a great piece. The lighting is spot on, the tears are amazing, and the overall feel of the piece is very impacting; however, the eyes and eye brows on Ruby are painted over her hair, that's a very prominent problem, the hair colonization of Ruby' s hair is off ( where's the red?) and the other person's (don't know her name) ear is has no lobe along with the fact that she looks a little out of place I don't know if you ment to do this to make her seem ghost like but I just wanted to point that out, also, the hand that is on Ruby' s head (forgive me if I'm wrong) doesn't match the woman's skin colour. Just a few minor problems most people will probably miss those if they aren't looking for them. Great piece.
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I hate sad scenes it makes me feel depressed and like crying😢😭
I can just hear Ruby screaming. AUUGHH! My heart! 
right in the feels.
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See, heart? I told you I didn’t need you!
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Damn bro that's fucking beautiful and sad I'm wondering if you could do one like this for me
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…oh god the feels! This is so painful and yet, so incredibly beautiful. Amazing work, on the symbolism and details here. It looks almost realistic at points. The colouring and lighting, are also phenomenal. This might be, one of your best work yet.
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"I miss you My Sweet Cookie"
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T-T Really Sad Really Sad Really Sad :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: 
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The Hamilfeels made me sensitive now I crying again great
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The feels are strong with this one
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At least he gets to cry with someone on the tope of that a girl


I love the art :)
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This is so amazing and it breaks my heart :'(
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Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! 
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Someone may or may not have stolen this image.…
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That doesn't look stolen, it's way different. 
Just because they're in a similar position doesn't mean it's a stolen piece.
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No need to apologize, just try not to think that pieces are stolen because they're in a similar position in the future.
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