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as requested in the comments , i have done a ponified rapunzle from Tangled... This ....wreck havoc on my laptop's memory drive . this must be like 1 gb . but yes , its worth it . funny thing that drawing this was a pain in the ass really , during the process , i lost the file so i had to re-do the whole background...but yeah , well hope you enjoy it , leave your comments ^^
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This is absolutly GORGEOUS <33 Tangled X MLP ISH JUST THE BEST !!! X3c
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Oh wow, this is beautiful, not meaning to diss the original, but I think that this image is better than that of the actual movie, and I can see why this image it be causing havoc on your computer, it looks like you put a lot of work into this and therefore that detail will take up space on your computer!! But to be totally honest wit you it just looks down right gorgeous, excellent job.
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it looks so beautiful! *u* Tangled crossed with MLP looks absolutely wonderful, plus your style looks amazing X3
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awesome! i absolutely loved tangled!
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i love the way you draw the background ~ and tha hair ~~ omg xD tutorial please ~
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Lovely, lovely!
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Pretty amazing
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It was defenitely worth it.
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This. Is. Awesome!!
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Never seen the movie, but I approve the cross-over.

Amazing work
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*gasp* You haven't seen Tangled? Go watch it. Now.
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I haven't watched a lot of movies those past two years. Reason? Money and ponies.

But that's not in my priorities. I'll watch it eventually.

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WOW! this is amazing!
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Rarity would have such a fit. XD
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This is beautiful!!!
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omg god-tier. well deserved 1# spot
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this is so lovely and good. Great job in this one.
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Weirdly, Tangled was a story that I thought was ripe for a pony crossover. Why? The kingdom had the very same sigil as Celestia's Cutie Mark, and it was themed around the sun. A pony version of it wouldn't be Canterlot, but it would be a kingdom that nonetheless had close ties to Celestia.

Not to mention the "drop of sunlight" could very well have been one of Celestia's own tears. There's a reason, after all, she keeps a phoenix around as her familiar! (Phoenix tears are said to have the same sort of healing properties as Rapunzel's tears turned out to have).

Beautiful job with a highly apropos crossover. :)
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love the movie
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She's so leggy!
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Lovely! The light and colors go together absolutely perfectly! This was well worth the effort you put into it, I assure you. Love it!
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