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Genderbend Ironwood and Qrow

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Frostwolf223|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I laughed when I noticed the robot boob.
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Pretty cool! Yeah nice one making this! Keep doing more like this here! More and more okay?
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-insert "those are fake" joke here-
at least Genderbent Qrow ain't a drunkard from the looks of it? Xd
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Zoe0Shockwave0's avatar
alcoholic popsicle
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FallenAffluence's avatar
FallenAffluence|Hobbyist General Artist
Alcohol, at least good alcohol, doesn't freeze.
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:) (Smile) :) (Smile) :) (Smile) Clap Clap Clap Devilish Devilish 
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I was so confused until I read the description lol  At first, I thought it was Ruby and the arm made me think Yang, but the black hair threw me off.  Then I thought Raven and Summer, but the arm didn't make sense....that's why it's good to read things.

Well, we know Qrow already looks good in a skirt, so boobs should be no ish for him.  XD
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This genderbend version continues to impress, as it is proven that much (if not all) of the cybernetic augmentation is present. Fem-Qrow looks right too in terms of physique and personality. 
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WBxWD|Hobbyist Artist
Female version huh? Never suspecting this but...Nice work Dishwasher1910
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UEDFMARINE|Student Traditional Artist
NICE WORK! Moar RW3Y also ples!
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glad they're getting time to rest and unwind; a great image
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The fact that genderbent Ironwood has her entire arm and probably half of her chest (including her breast) replaced means she must have been nearly bisected by whatever incident that had caused her to have so much mechanical parts. 

Nice work on the character posture and expressions. I like how you do the metal sheen and the skin colours to make them look natural.
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Hehehe Robo-boob XD

Gentlemen we have the technology. We can rebuild it XD
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Firestarthecat1|Hobbyist General Artist
Why did I get a feeling that I would find this in here?
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Hehehe to robo-boob XD
Gentlemen We can rebuild it we have the technology.
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MinawaSeiko|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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nichodo|Hobbyist Artist
Looks like Ironwood has got more robo things then Yang got :D
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Nicely done.
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I know my arm will get broken if I try, but I wanna touch the robo-boob.
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Kazene-Ame|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This reminds me of Matthew Ridgway a General who, in the Korean war, would wear hand grenades on his chest. This habit gave him the nickname, "Old Iron Tits".
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dragoonattack's avatar
Is that true? If so, that's hilarious!
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SjoticanhasV|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
yes, it's cute.

why's Ironwood 'ave a robotity?
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