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Kali Belladonna ?


Basically a young version of Kali based on a painting on the wall in episode 10 

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You've used a frankly beautiful colour palette here and have drawn really good lighting, shading, and brushwork, so that's all basically perfect. The facial features seem a little off-putting, though, what with the detailed texturing being mixed with an anime-based style. Still, most of those things can slide, like the mouth, the jawline, and the nose, as well as the neck. The eyes, however, just seem too big for her head; too wide to be precise. Again, it's based on anime, so this is an extremely subjective criticism, but I still think scaling down the eyes a bit will improve the work overall.
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Lovely art piece,it's mostly the face that captures you and you don't know how you should feel from it either,which I kinda like,I don't know if I should feel happy cause she looks relaxed and calm or I should be concerned cause she looks a bit sad. Only thing I would point out a bit is her eye,great to help bring it together but maybe more detail into the iris bit more. All and all it's still an amazing art piece to look at you'll get lost or admire it for a couple of minutes with it's beautiful soft atmosphere.
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Beautiful. Love the sephia and sunlight shading!

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She's so beautiful!! :heart:
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Wow this is incredible
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;n; Oh my <3
Hmm, I think it might actually be Blake's grandmother, cause the man next to her has the cat ears trait, but I could be wrong and it could just be Kali standing with her Father or something. Either way, it's someone related to Blake, and your art is beautiful regardless!
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she's beautiful but in my opinion she's more beautiful older
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Next up: A grieving Hazel?
huh. i never noticed that before. nice.
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Ah wow she looks just like Blake in the painting.
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fav! very beauty!
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may i share this amazing piece O: 
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The shading  is just perfect, its just enough. The lighting is top notch as well! I love the details, I thought it was a photograph at first. :heart:
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This is beautiful! at first, I thought it was a picture! I love the detail, I can't wait to see more! :)
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Fantastic! The way this piece looks is super great! Your style is cool to look at too! Keep making more alright?
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It feels as though the chin is way too short and not sticking out much. The technique of this piece is on top, unique, yet fits into a sort of Imperial Japanese portrait.

Can't fill up the 100 words minimum for writing a critique.
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I wasn't really bothered by the chin. It was the eyes that hit me; I get that this is based off anime, but those eyes just look too big to me.
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Good eye for detail!
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