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Grimmed Snow
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Published: November 9, 2018
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Corrupted #RWBY
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Power & elegant, ‘The Grimm Snow’ is the most noble of the Daughters of Grimm’. Beautiful with a prefect form, even as her dark clothing roots itself into her pale white skin (which she shares with her new ‘sisters’), whilst thrusting her powerful lance at any that stand in the way of the will of her Goddess Salem.

After her awakening, the ‘Grimm Snow’ first target was her former family and company (which ironically was what formed her within her host in the 1st place). Jacques Schnee tried to bribe her back with everything he took from her. She took it all, after slaughtering him and torturing the heir Whitley and her former sister Winter; despite her desperate ply to break free and come home.

With the world’s most important resource at her finger tips; Grimm Snow has thrown the world back to the dark ages and has given the world on a sliver platter to her only love, Salem and her new sisters.

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So based on what I've seen from your Grimm RWBY pics, some of them have clothes fused to their bodies(Weiss) while others just wear plain clothes. Am I on the mark or am I missing something?
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Ultranova53Hobbyist Writer
A suggestion if I may, maybe one of a Grimmed Pyrrah?
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TheNewProtagonistStudent Artist
The Witch
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While I like the design of her outfit, turning Myrtenaster from a rapier to a... short lance thing... doesn't sit well with me.
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Grimmed Weiss... There's some major Dark Knight vibes coming from her.. I'm not sure if that is just me.. But something tells me that she is just going to fall in the Noble Demon category of Villain..

Though imagining Team RWBY being Grimm. While Yang is more crazier fueled with Bloodlust, While Ruby could be an adorable sadist; Blake could be more empty and melancholic.. Weiss may actually be the "Ice Queen" much more so than Winter and probably could be the most intelligent threat out of the Team..

If I were to pick. Grimm Weiss is the most dangerous one due to probably carry out tasks with ruthless efficiency: Especially where her ability to summon and command Grimm makes her infinitely more worse in comparison..!
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So what does that make Blake?
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An Assassin more than anything else? They kill their emotions and more focused on the practical solution to finish the job.. Though I ignored Grimm Blake to be the most dangerous one because her exploits wouldn't be as known compared to Grimm Weiss though I would actually place Grimm Weiss as more of a guard hidden by Salem's Side or whichever place goes into contact with her mostly because of that agile ability and shadow clone semblance as substitutions with dust elements. or possibly taking down high profile people such as Jaques Schnee, James Ironwood etc..

Though I think Grimm Weiss is more public enemy number one for the time being since

1. Only a few know of Salem's Existence before.

2. Weiss has a lot of open potential with her semblance and skilled control with dust on her weapon as well.

3. Creating a Boarbatusk, That knight in armor and Lancer [The Wasp] throughout the volume.. With Grimm Enhanced Semblance: There could be a possibility of creating unique grimm summoings from her semblance..

4. There is a possibility that she may know Atlas Military methods of operation and how to exploit them since they appear to be closely connected to the Schnee Dust Company for one given as one of the Heiress to that company.

That said I think Weiss and Blake would actually be the most dangerous to pair with because Blake being a ninja specializing with stealth and scouting out weaknesses. She could have Blake cripple communications while Weiss causing a riot and chaos entirely. 
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YagiMatsuHobbyist Digital Artist

This is badass! Great job!

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MartyrFanStudent Writer
I came across these on Pinterest. If your art is this high quality, you have yourself a new Watcher (that sounded pretty creepy, didn't it?). 

Weiss as a Grimm Human: Terrifying. I'm getting a very interesting idea from these. More on that later. Beautiful work here. 
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I just realized you forgot her scare
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Maybe the Grimmification healed it?
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SibArtsmenStudent General Artist
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Weiss makes for a pretty good Grimm girl. 
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Are you gonna do ones for Blake and Yang too? I like to see the whole team ^_^
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Kiwi-R Artist
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i want a close up of her weapon :D its all so awesome!

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She look awesome but when I see her weapon I can't stop thinking about her screaming "Giga Drill Break". Her showing so much skin is very good because white was always her color.

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She is basically a Vasto Lorde.
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Grimm and hollow looks similar but weapon is definitely a drill not sword.
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