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Thunderhead is beat girl.

Shadowgirlfan's avatar
Can't wait to see in the remake
urza-planeswalke5's avatar
This is amazing! I love seeing Tifa's wallmarket outfit! I hope you do more of her in this outfit, Aeris too!
Cloudyfan's avatar
Great work ! It reminds me my...

The Healthy-Looking Girl by Cloudyfan
Cloudyfan's avatar
Nice music ! ^^
Archanos's avatar
Ah, mrs.Thunder Head!
LadyYomi's avatar
This is so adorable!! :love: :giggle:
tron1112's avatar

i can feel the embarrassment from my side of the screen

Hirpina81's avatar
I remember this episode. Really well, indeed. Poor Cloud! He turned his head left and right, to not be seen in face, but it was useless. He was the best girl ever!!! ^_^'
I felt really uneasy for him, indeed!
DanomaruZenon's avatar
I don't know why those girls would be happy!  Cloud in a dress is what the Don chooses over them, REAL ACTUAL GIRLS!!!
LucyLumine's avatar
When I played, Don chose Aeris lol
thecucuyo's avatar
I guess the Don likes them T H I C C
GGkev's avatar
This NEEDS to happen in the Remake! It must happen. 
SibArtsmen's avatar
Is cloud wearing Violet Evergarden's outfit?
Rather the one he wore in the original PS One game at that time...
SibArtsmen's avatar
It just looks like it. I never played the original so I never new he cross dressed at some point.
Ay, it’s my girl Thunderhead!
GhostBear3067's avatar
She is going to BLOW expectations.
ShadowHinata's avatar
everyone likes grapes
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