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"This is not the end, we can travel even further, to where none have reached before. So come with me Commander ! "

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Can you make an Azur Lane Of the SSD Executor from Star wars?:meditation:

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Fortress Tiberius shudders, confused at this revelation.
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hope you will draw the CVN 80 :D

Arbiter: *Angery*

Also Arbiter: *Secretly interested*
"Outta way, Goddammit Nazi Hulk!
Tom Yelled as he blasted Ubersoldaten head with his plasma rifle.

It's an event in the one of fierciest operation ever launched by Alpha mining and PMC corp.

Operation Entente
Brief:The USS Entente and USS Midway have been lost in badlands as the TempCom tracing the trail of temporal anomaly,as they fearly predicted.
It led both of them into the timeline that an individual named Edith Keeler survive the car crash
Led to her action keep USA out of WW2.
Without support the Allied nations fall 1 by 1 with nazi superior technology and tactic.
It's too late for USA as in WW3 nazi finally conquered World and Galvanized the Star and forged alliance with Romulan and Klingon.

The Main Objectives
1.Discovered what happen to both the USS Entente and USS midway.
2.Recaptured Both of the Kansens and the Ships.
3. Rescue 50% of the Crews include the bridge crew.
Additional Objectives
1.Rescue all Crews.
2.Crippled or Exterminated the Hostile Forces.

Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of starship Enterprise. It's five-year mission:to explore strange new live and seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no one has gone before!

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Star Trek and ship girls, who knew? Do some Klingon and Romulan designs
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I see that suggestion, and raise Tholian ships, as presented in STO. Given their Starfleet reporting names, spider-girls (ala MM's Rachnera) would be naturals...

In fact, the Tarantula dreadnought, which is often used as a command ship, could easily be visualized as a spider-girl version of Saber - the default color scheme is spot-on, and two of the three 'leaves' would be her armor 'skirts', with the third being a shield...

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Scotty will insist on being her Father and have some serious words with every guy that gets close to his dear girl :XD:
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"I'm almost there Scotty! Just a little more!"
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Found Kirks dream girl. 
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I wonder what the Galaxy-class Enterprise would look like.

I was also thinking of what Voyager would look like.

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I also thought it might be cool to see the Battlestar Galactica from the 2003 series. That would be a cool ship to make one of.

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Galactica Chan
Battlestar Pegasus x Kantai Collection Commission
Kantai Collection x BSG Cylon BaseStar

Maybe you'll like these?

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BY THE LORDS OF KOBOL! Thanks for the share!

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Perhaps even the Discovery 
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