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you gave the roman guy a kinda of a derpy head shape but that's my opinion this is awesome and also is there a fanfic of this also the leader looks really amazing and the fact that he is a speed freak and a thrill taker is something that makes me think that he could be the best of friends with ruby his sister looks a little bit like Hatsune Miku is that who she is visual based off of? the leaders foot looks like its disappearing some of their hands look just like blobs rather than actual hands but all in all this is a good picture and I hope you do more like this
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Do you have any profiles on these OC's?
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You did a good job here. The OC team look like interesting people with a linking theme, not just 4 random awesome combat youth. :)
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RWBY: Fairy tales.
JNPR: Legendary warriors who cross-dressed.
CRDL: Birds. Cardin alludes to Henry Beaufort in addition to the Cardinal.
CFVY: Sweets. Velvet alludes to the Velveteen Rabbit in addition to Red Velvet Cake.
SSSN: Monkey King from Journey To The West (and Aladdin and Son Goku), Peter Pan, Aesop's Fables, and -ironically enough- the Roman god of the sea.
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Yes dear, you have learned your lore well. Yummy pie!  I was complimenting dishwasher1910 on the name and color arrangement for the team, which is not as easy as it seems.
You know, this is probably the best RWBY OC team I've seen? They actually look like characters we could see in the show, instead of super-powered Mary-Sues.
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the one all the way on the right is my favorite he looks really 
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So we have a guy with great fashion sense.
A dude with a sword/spear thing that may or may not be like the cane from bloodborne.
a chick with a scimitar and seems to love the ocean.
Then we have another girl who looks like she would be the M.C. in a Hong Kong action film
I reeeeaaallllyy like this team. Is there a backgroundstory to them?
I love the red girl.
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Can we really not get any more information about these characters?
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you can ask the guy who ordered them
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I did. 24 hours ago. Still no answer though. Which is funny, since the commissioner of the other piece does go to the comments and answers the questions people make.
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I'll throw a comment here too. Sorry about being late, I'll put the link here because other people seem to want it.…
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Okay. Thanks, and sorry for my general attitude.
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Are you taking any more? Because something like this is something i'd sink $35 into for sure!
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Freaking hell that dude got a nice taste
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Love the OC's design and their weapons!

Their facial expressions really shows their characters well, and I love the costumes!
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sono grandi, ahmm 3 di loro hanno una somiglianza con personaggi originali
il primo ragazzo è come nettuno
il secondo ragazzo è come Yatsuhashi
L'ultima ragazza è simile al rubino
la vostra tecnica è molto buona e dà un grande impatto
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Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice ice  :)
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Wow. This is really making me wish I wasn't broke and could afford to commission my OC.
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Is this a simple colored or detailed colored?
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Its amazing like this...can't imagine how great a detailed one would look o3o
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