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Blake Belladonna - Future 3.0

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Follow the link for more close up HD shots :…
Full size files and extra material will be available for patrons tomorrow ! :
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 Those are some massive heels
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Now THAT's a katana.
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blade heels for kick slice
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I'm not sure whether or not you reply to comments like this or not, but I will do you the courtesy of actually putting this out there. 

Like a lot of people, I don't normally make my own art for the Fanfictions I write and sometimes just kinda...take from others and then credit them as best I can. This is the first time (kinda) I made an account here and I'd like to let you know I'm using this as the coverart for a Fanfiction called "Kitten Tail (REMADE)" since Blake is the starring character. I'm crediting you in the cover summary, but if you'd like me to take it down, I certainly will. Just saying.
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She looks like her Mother in this picture.
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Does the sheath of the gun and sword become a big rifle? That's what it looks like to me.
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Kinda looks like Blake disarmed/killed Adam, lost her weapon in the process, and took his to replace. Ruby then went to town on its upgrade, and the finished product is here.
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this is awesome thank you for sharing
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She really looks like a cat that can scratch. i love the sharper feel about her.
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Interesting design.  Are those fold-out blade on the back of her shoes?
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That makes sense.
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Yes! Lace suits her soo well ♥
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I like the overall designs.  The sharp lines and neutral colors as well as her facial expression give the impression of a cold, business-oriented demeanor.  The only issue I take is that it seems such a contrast to her canon character.  It's your character but this contrast is a bit jarring.
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Another amazing work, good job! This will never gets old.
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Incredibly well drawn and super original! 
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1. This is awesome.
2. Love the weapon.
3. So many Nier: Automata vibes.
4. Those Bayonetta heels
5. did I mention how awesome this is? Because it is awesome.
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I like to imagine that's Adam's Katana that she took and retrofitted for herself after defeating him once and for all, like a trophy.
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“Now that’s a katana.” Lol
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Gambol Shroud as a katana? Niiice~!
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In my opinion, this is the best of the four "Future" pieces. 
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This design is really cool. I'm getting a bit of a Bayonetta vibe from the heels.
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Blake looks older and wiser in this... I like it.
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