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Bioshock Infinite

Damn, this took wayy longer than it should have....but there it is .Hope you like it . leave your comments !! ^^
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Please tell me you have prints of this. 
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Llama Emoji-17 (Sweating) [V1]  What is this gloriouse work of ART!!!!
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This is it^^
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And yet, it's cool! =D
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this is cool keep it up
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So damm awesome :D <3
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Nice lighting, and I like how you've got the Lutece twins in the background like that.
Ponyshock Infinite
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Dude, this is mind-blowing! Lol I'm going to have to watch you now.
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Great drawing :>
May I suggest for the next one a classic of some sort like "Portal" ? ^^
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I know why Booker looks so intense... am I going to shoot this gun with no fingers?
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oh god this is everything I've ever wanted and more omg
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Ok, I'm starting that fic, finally. I'll alert you when it's out.
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If something exists, there's pony version of it. No exceptions.

Dude, it's awesome :D I've cut it a little bit and now it's my wallpaper.
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Holy wow.



I love this game, I love ponies. You just combined them so beautifully. Thank you.
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This is flooring. Even better than the original cover, I think. In fact, when my brother finishes the game I might take the case back, print this out, and put it in their for display on my shelf of nerdiness.
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trying to process the ending to this was :explosion:
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True. My brain still hurts.
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