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This legitimately gave me the shivers when I noticed what exactly what was happening and with whom.

The artist certainly played up the shock factor with this one for those that are familiar with the series and who these characters are. What seems perhaps the culmination of a lot of people's shipping turns into something far darker via a few flashes of an eyelid.

The static version of this piece really lends itself to this work with how effective the transition from the intimate intent of the initial part of the character's expression to the suddenly vicious glee and the equally shocked to terrified look of the poor girl on the bottom as she realizes what is actually going on.

In terms of the colors used it is a very muted pallet but I think that really lends to the piece overall and helps the eye focus on the parts that are most important, namely the character's faces as their animations play through their course. The detail work on those faces is also spoke on and very clearly and directly conveys exactly what the character's are experiencing without needing any sound or text to distract from the overall artwork.
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This image and gif is very well made, the color is of the skin, clothes and the some what darken filter over this all make it look rather beautiful. The shift of eye color of Neo is good and the reaction from Ruby is all well done. If there is something that I found odd is Ruby´s eye color, I know that she had silver eyes and I don´t know how hard it its to make silver color. For me it looks like she has a light shad of brown or grey, however that is a minor thing that dose´ruin the image/gif. Its very well made and you have done a great job with the background and the details on the clothes and the characters face.
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There is enough to write a story with this scene, it makes me happy to see Neo take her petty revenge (although I like Ruby).

Argh, I love Ruby as much as Neo, it's not fair but it's great at the same time... I need an ice cream.
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First four seconds: Hot, hot, hot, hot...
Last Second: CRAP!
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Mistakes were made given the fact that Neo doesn't talk
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Not necessarily, it depends on the situation and only this scene gave us, we can think of something to get to that. Like, for example, Ruby was getting ready to go to bed and then "Weiss" came in and kissed her by surprise, shocking Ruby and pulling her back to stumble and fall on the bed.

After a heated session, Ruby wants to talk to Weiss but she puts a finger to the lips to silence her, and until she gets to that scene (boom, it's Neo).

Well, it was simple, it made me happy ;)
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Ruby's eyes tell the whole damn story, and the fact that her mouth doesn't move/is not animated I think is a positive feature in this (compared to Weiss's mouth change).  Her mouth matches both emotions her eyes show.  The timing of the blink is also spot-on for the shrinking iris/pupil.  Ruby's arched back, the shoulder straps of both hanging loosely make it very passionate (along with the fact that Weiss is damn-well straddling the girl). It makes it seem as though Ruby had taken in a breath and holding it while the two just exchange passionate (how many times can I say this in a comment?) gazes.  The reaction her expression gives to Weiss's change though is just... a heavenly animation.  The way you make those eye lashes so pronounced and brushed at first, but then hardening them and that lower black line vanishing to have white-on-skin coloring I think really makes the white pop-out MORE, which makes her shrinking eye even MORE expressed.  Of course, those damn eye brows are so fluent in each blink.  Very well done.

Now, on to Weiss's animation; love it.  I just love the full animation of that grin.  I literally want to take it frame by frame; from matching Ruby's expression to just, such a quick, frame-by-frame grin, matching those changing eyes. While her eyes don't change as drastically as Ruby's, it's obvious that they wouldn't; her expression, while changing drastically, is just that much more powerful, I think at least.  I think that's the thing with those 'soft expression turning twisted/sadistic expression' is that the eyes themselves, sometimes, don't change, but the mouth does; from soft, to that overly-widened grin that Weiss makes.

The pacing of the blinks are amazing for two reasons; one, Weiss's blinking is on point because she would be the calmer of the two; steady breathing, steady blinks.  Ruby, obviously expression a more timid/shy/surprised/beta-like expression and position, would breathe and blink more rapidly, so her double-blink then single-blink, followed by that eye animation really brings it all together.

Overall; absolutely amazing. I don't like to use the term "simple" when it comes to artwork, since I know when the term is used, the art itself is far more than just "simple," but the color palette you chose, the style of art and brush and line work just give off that obviously unanimated, still-life sorta, in-the-moment feel and the style of those eyes make it so the animation doesn't seem... what's the word, unnatural I guess, since I think maybe to me it feels almost like a water-color style kind of painting in a sense... maybe that's why I'm so drawn to it and styles like this; it seems simple because of that sort of softly-layered colors with no hard-striking lines or outlining that tends to come with "solid" animation.

(I've just been told in the comments below that this is indeed Neo acting as Weiss; that's awesome)
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I didn't see Neo's eye coming at all. 'XD
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So so sexy overall! I very much like the poses too!
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*clears through* Ooooh Myyyyyy.
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It was the very moment she knew: She is f*cked up.
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HetaliaAndFNaFloverStudent Digital Artist
Why you have to ruin the White Rose moment?!
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MetalSonic30Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Won't lie... I actually got scared for a second. XD
I was just caught off guard is all. lol
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Okay this is scary but damn it would be cool for something like this to happen. 
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I absolutely agree, not quite like that and not like Weiss, but chances are that Neo removes something like that.
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Its the... the one in the other side of the mirror...!? OMG
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Wait. What does that mean the other pics are..Oh SHIT!
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