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First Rebirth

I've rewatched that episode so many times and can't help but wonder if the Princesses felt the same way the first time Philomena blew up and flew out of its ashes. Considering if they didn't know it was a Phoenix. I guess.

Blargh now sure how I feel about this one completely, maybe I'll go back and fix stuff and stuff and stuff
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Luna: and is how Me and my Sister fond out Philomena is a Phoenix!

Celestia: is Star swirl who a tell us!

Twilight: Oh wow!

Fluttershy: So Philomena do the same to you too!

Luna: Yes Fluttershy!

Celestia: And is part a long list of poor pony victime of this, everytime she most reborn, she do this to somepony but give them one of her new feather!

Luna: Yes, here, the two first feather she give, one to her owner and to me! so Us are not the one and you are not the only one she will do it!

Celestia: Luna i am surprise you a not say We or Us when you talk of your self!

Luna: I do it when i want, We are like Sister but i am still surprise of you have this my phoenix feather but how?

Celestia: Is sample, i put it only magic box to make sure is safe for your return!

Luna:......thanks sister...(she look Philomena) and thanks again for this treasure old friend!

Philomena: Craww!

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heywe need a comic of this of celestia and luna fond the phoenix reborn form ashes! hehehe will be good and is starwild who tell them of what is a phoenix! man i imagine luna run aroud the castle to gatch philomena but this ashes thing and the reborn thing! man will be good to see!
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imagine the number of pony see philomena do this and cry like on the episode! yeah! celestia make a mistake to not tell is a phoenix but celestia think first fluttershy know is a phoenix but she dont! but i think celestia and luna dont know phoenix do this and both fond it and is starwild who tell them of what is a phoenix!
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wow luna looks scared i wouldn't blame her
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i know but if you look closer it looks like she was crying because she thought she did something to kill her
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yeah i see it now she could just be scared
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Say your sorry,  Young Lady!
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OMG this picture should in a museum of art this is a beautiful picture!
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Even if they knew it was a phoenix, it'd still be pretty scary to see it happen the first time. Especially if Philomena did what she did to Fluttershy. Which is very likely.

Cute picture. Very nicely rendered.
that bird has lived through EVERYTHING
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This is beautiful!
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She probably freaked out harder than Fluttershy! XD
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:iconprincesscelestiaplz:: Wow, Philomena, you sure like making a big entrance!
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I wanna hug your teary-eyed Luna so badly!
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Very beautiful job you did. :wow:
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this is adorable
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Sweet! Man if phoenixes were real, we all want them! :iconphoenixplz:
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Aw, little Luna was crying just like Fluttershy did over 1000 years later. :iconomgsocuteplz:
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awww it's so cute but at the same time so cool! I love the effect you used for the ashes!
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Everything about this is simply marvelous.
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